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Say Boo and Scary On

We had our first taste of winter (kind of like the Hobbits have first breakfast) last week.  It snowed more than expected and we had sub-20° temperatures.  Now it’s back to fall; today was sunny and in the low 60s.  … Continue reading

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Glass Act

Summer seems to be winding down; I have no idea how that happened.  There is the usual flurry of back to school sales, and for the first time in 13 years, I don’t have to go out and buy pencils.  … Continue reading

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Danger, Women Shopping

There is quite a bit going on this week.  Kathy still isn’t feeling great, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t getting stuff done.  I’m on the cusp of another sister trip; this time we’re going to New York and taking … Continue reading

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No Art At All

I am going to start off by mentioning that I am unusually crabby today.  We managed to get the Summer Intern graduated from high school and had the gigantic party in the back yard with nary a rain drop or … Continue reading

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Crazy and Not-So-Crazy Craft Patterns IX

My goodness, when I was trying to figure out the title, it struck me that we were getting into Super Bowl looking numbers.  If you like bad crafts, and haven’t read the eight (!) crazy craft posts, well, your weekend … Continue reading

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A Rummage of Friday Finds

Not much new in our neck of the woods.  It’s been warm, then really cold and snowy, and now it’s warming up again to get ready for snow this weekend.  You know, a typical January week.  It seems that the … Continue reading

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M is for the Many Things Goodwill Gives Us

That’s right, this is another Goodwill bin post.  Even with garage sales, we just can’t stay away. First, though, we have a giveaway.  Kathy found several packs of these Arm & Hammer bird cards that were premiums.  I love the … Continue reading

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