Where is Peter Pumpkin Eater When You Need Him?

It’s been an up and down week here in CO. Kathy has been sick with a cold, so that’s bad, but my jury duty (on Friday, no less) was cancelled, so that was good! The weather has been cooperative, so no complaints there. It’s been such a prolonged fall, with no early snows, that the leaves are very colorful for a change. Lots of times in CO we only get yellowish gold colors before the leaves blow off the trees. My burning bush is pretty reliably bright, and this year is no different:

It’s a bright spot during an otherwise boring time in my yard. Maybe I should plant more burning bushes in the yard so I have something to look forward after the summer color is gone.

We have been enjoying some fun yard decorations. I saw this tremendous pumpkin while driving home and just had to stop and take a picture:

I’m huge!

It’s nearly two stories tall, for those of you keeping score. It was super windy the day I took this picture; I’m amazed that it wasn’t blown up, up, and away. I admire people who go big and go home!

I wouldn’t cry if a stiff breeze carried this pumpkin away:

Does this pumpkin make anyone else think of Miss Haversham?

It’s hard to know where to start with this. I can’t imagine why a white pumpkin with a crocheted doily on its top would be scary, but this feels slightly unhinged to me. That might be a whole ’nother level of scary trimmings—the insane decorations. If someone set this out on their porch along with a doll’s head with no eyes, I would not trick or treat there even if they had full-sized candy bars!

This homemade project isn’t much better, but it is much less scary:

Oh God, make it go away!

Just what is the point? It’s not scary or decorative, which just makes it a waste of time and material. I’m not impressed by the round green hands or the stars on its belt ties. If it had been six inches tall, I might have given it a pass, but at this size the whole thing is an incoherent Pinterest mess!

I’m torn about this next pumpkin:

If I only had a body!

I’m grateful that it’s only a head; goodness only knows how he might have been dressed. It’s well done and has a Wizard of Oz vibe; that mouth is pretty ghoulish, which is probably the goal. The checked scarf and the hat are not ghoulish, so Jack Pumpkinhead is sending mixed signals. A side note to the maker: spiders with webs, or little bats would have worked much better than berries and leaves on the hat. That inconsistency probably explains my contradictory feelings about it. I just now noticed the embroidery under the button eyes. Is that the crafty equivalence to teardrop tattoos that people wear for various reasons?

Kathy kind of liked The Vampire LeCat:

He is pretty cute and I’m sure he would strike terror into the hearts of mice and bunnies everywhere. I’m not worried about his friend realizing that he has drawn the short straw in this relationship—his head has been emptied of even the kernel of a thought. I’m hoping that the moon has a bat flying in front of it because in the picture it looks like a wandering mustache.

I bought this set of Halloween cards to send out:

I’m not sure why they weren’t used because all four of the designs were super cute. I dropped them in the mail this week because I needed to do something fun and sending Halloween cards is ever so much easier to than Christmas cards. No racking my brain trying to remember what happened over the last year, just a simple “Happy Haunting!” or “Have a boo-tiful Halloween!” and boo-yah, you’re done!

I’ve added a couple of fun non-pumpkin Halloween things to sandwich and make up for this next blog entry:

Not on your life!

The kid clowns are okay, but even being near Big Daddy, the Insano Clown, is sure to scar them for years. The costume is so misleading—all red, white and blue patriotism. Then you look at that face and wonder what weirdo would go out trick or treating looking like that. Imagine hearing, “Trick or Treat!” and the opening the door and seeing that on your porch, or even worse, on the sidewalk coming out of the darkness. He is looking at those kids like they were Snickers bars and he hadn’t eaten in a month. Nothing good will come of this, and that is my problem with creepy clowns! By the way, this pattern was gone the next week! I wouldn’t bring that bad juju into my house on a bet.

One final cute thing to wash the clown right out of the post:

These skull plates couldn’t be cuter with their white Good & Plenty teeth. I would totally use them for creepy goodies at a Halloween party. I’m not sure why the male has a tiny pilgrim hat or the female has two little ears or a bow as B.H. theorizes. It’s not like they need costumes to make them more Halloweeny! I really like the spider webs though, and am willing to just ignore the parts that I don’t understand. These two are prime examples of why we like to shop at thrift stores—there are some cute things at decent prices that you can use once and send back without feeling guilty!

Hopefully this post will get you in the mood for the best holiday ever! Stayed tuned for another spooktacular post next week!

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