Meow Mix

Halloween is over, and I am seeing the whites of Thanksgiving’s eyes. That means any moment now we will be going full tilt into the holiday season and I am not sure I am ready. I have gotten behind on everything, as my father has had to have cataract surgery this last month. It has meant many an early morning trip across town to the eye doctor, as for about half of his appointments, he can’t drive himself. I have also spent an inordinate amount of time trying to explain to him in what order and when to take his eye drops. Who knew it would take a rocket scientist to both explain it and make sure he gets it done. I have taken to drinking on a regular basis.

Luckily we have still made time for the thrift store, as that is an absolute necessity for my personal well-being. Lucky you, you get to see what we found.

We always start with the jewelry, as that is what we come to when we first walk in the door of the thrift shop. Usually it is just a whole lot of plastic and cheap metal junk. Not sure this is a whole lot better, but it gets brownie points for being large:

It’s slightly better quality than usual, as the stones are prong set and glass, but what we really couldn’t figure out was the back.

I get that a pin this big might need some backup to keep it in place, but why a clip? Most folks do not wear their pins on their sleeves, or their collars. Somewhere in the middle of your shoulder is just not going to work, unless you are supposed to put a big old hole in your shirt. Maybe just buy a dedicated sweater and sew it on.

I think we did some of these a while back, but there were several pieces of handmade crocheted jewelry:

While I applaud the skills, why do these always have to be made out of plastic beads in tacky colors? Honestly, some really pretty stone beads in nicely coordinated shades would look spectacular. Well maybe they could skip the patently faux Naja (horseshoe shaped decoration on the end), but otherwise, it could work. And four bucks apiece is highway robbery.

We are not sure where they were going with this:

Maybe they were trying for the ultimate yarn stash buster, but couldn’t they come up with something with some sort of artistic merit? A bunch of yarn tied onto some rope in a vaguely color-sorted way just ends up looking like a giant cat toy to me. I think I have spend too much time around my cat!

Speaking of cats. Deb saved this photo for me. I have to admit that both of us, plus the summer intern, had a huge laugh with this:

We think it was a cake decorator who had been encouraged to branch out into other crafts. She just can’t seem to put down the Wilton star tip, though. The figure is about a foot tall and seems to be some sort of papier-mâché. We have no idea what they made the “frosting” out of, as it seems to be pretty tough. Most of it was still intact after who knows how many years. Just in case you can’t get enough of this, here is the back:

Wouldn’t want to miss that sugar tail would you? Imagine this as a cake, and it gets a whole lot better. Maybe she was just advertising her business? Let’s hope so.

While we are “catting” around, we kind of liked these:

The cat, in particular, has kind of a ’70s mod vibe. He disappeared right away, but his owl friend hung around at least another week, maybe he can go party with the frosting cat? My only problem with these, is that I sort of want them to be psychedelic colors. I am sure if they were, we would make fun of that too, so there is really no pleasing us.

We love one another, we just don’t love your sign:

Now we expect moms to love their kids, well, most kids, but why is the deer family exhorting the rest of us love one another, and why it is such an ugly sign? If I had to look at this every day, I would probably go around hating on everyone just because. We don’t think it was improved by the junior artist with a Sharpie either.

Isn’t this fellow just groovy:

We are positive this guy is our age, just from the hairdo. Apparently, mom disowned him and hauled his school pix to the thrift store. Either that, or this was ejected to exorcise the ghosts of haircuts past. I always feel bad when someone tosses a frame with the original photos still in it. Of course, I don’t feel bad enough to adopt this one!

While cruising the pictures, we came upon this collection:

Surely that whole top row must have come from the same household. At least we hope there is not more than one person with that much execrable taste. Our cowboy prayer was that all cowboys, clowns, lovesick dogs, and charging buffalos would disappear from our world forever! It’s pretty crazy that the muscle-bound torso on the bottom row is a breath of fresh air. The top row doesn’t even have the excuse of a good frame or two in the mix. Looks like just plain firewood to me.

Hopefully the dash to the holidays will take it easy on you, too. Stay tuned for our annual Giant Turkeys Award post next week, and hold on to your gobblers, Christmas is right around the corner.

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2 Responses to Meow Mix

  1. Stephanie J Gazell says:

    Fun stuff – love the white owl and I feel so sad about the school pictures of that boy – how to part with something like that! It’s the sort of thing my MIL would have slipped to me on the sly and I would have loved with all my heart. *sigh*

    • kathy & deb says:

      We feel sad about those family pictures that no one loves. We saw a mug today covered in little kid photos. Who would get rid of that? We sigh too, sadly. Hugs to a fellow sentimental softy!

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