Friday Finds: This and That Leftovers

Well, Kathy had her pick of the pictures last week and this week we’re having leftovers!  It’s either that or I could post the clown collection I saw at Goodwill last week while shopping on my own.  Of course there are pictures; while I was taking pictures, I could postpone noticing the full horror of this clown posse (is that what we should call a collection of clowns?)  I never realized that we shopped together for fun and mutual support.  You should probably buddy up; I don’t recommend dealing with some of these finds on your own.

We had the Fun Fur monkeys last week.  I much preferred them to this chimp:

The Doctor is in I’m not sure if this is a general condemnation of the medical field or just an innocent act of dress-up.  Maybe it’s part of a larger set of “professional” apes dressed as lawyers, teachers, etc.  I guess it could be part of a Planet of the Apes homage, but that’s pretty weak.  Whatever was the driving creative force behind this ceramics project, I want no part of it!

While bulldogs as a breed usually make me smile:

Slobbery cookiesI would never, ever, make the mistake of letting them hold on to a cookie for me!  Even in a ceramic state, I’m pretty sure your goodies would come out of this canister a little slobbery.

Better a bulldog cookie jar than this one:

Flat foot cookie jar

We couldn’t figure out how the head fit onto this cookie jar.  It was a mercy that the store just taped the head to the jar instead of sitting it upright.  There couldn’t be enough neck there to lift the chin over the collar.   And, even with a normal body, I don’t think I would invite the food police into my kitchen to guard my cookies.

While we’re doing a bad ceramics riff, here’s a shelf that sort of recreated The Village People:

Ceramic village peopleI have to admit to scooting the Native American over to join this grouping, but she plainly belonged here anyway.  I’m not sure I can finish the post with YMCA going playing in my head but I have no one to blame but myself (don’t you hate that?)

This set is resin, not ceramic, but at least it’s fun:

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No EvilWe’re pretty amused by See No Evil sets, although they have no practical value that’s ever been detected.  The fantasy world now can rest easy with their entry into the nonobservation of evil world.  As a side note, I still think that speak no evil looks more like smell no evil.

Judging from her spotless state, the recipient of Grandma’s knitting skills wasn’t too attached to this gift:

Knitted doll is a hot messEven the fact that the knitted jeans had a fly doesn’t help this poor doll a bit.  Just give your granddaughter a Cabbage Patch knockoff or a Barbie.  This doll is a colossal waste of time, material, and a gift-giving event.  I pity the child who had to act excited about getting this dolly for Christmas.  “Oh Grandma, you shouldn’t have!” would be both a tactful and truthful statement.

It was a bad day for dolls:

A bad day for dolls

Since we found this beauty was standing near Miss Knittypants.  There was an incredible amount of work put into the costume, but it’s pretty much all for naught.  I wonder if this was a copy of a historic costume, or made up from the creator’s mind?  I do know that the thrift store is out of its mind to be asking $49.99 for her.

Here are some fun napkins to restore balance to our brains:

Fun Napkins

Shoe lovers can use the bottom saying to justify their Carrie Bradshaw/Imelda Marcos shoe collection.  Can’t argue with facts!

Another entry into the fun and adorable category is this pig:

Adorable Piggy Bank

Something about the pink glasses and crossed eyes moved it from mundane pig to adorkable porker.  I wouldn’t have been able to break this piggy to retrieve my savings, no matter how urgent the need.

Here is an entry I call: A Tale of Two Lamps:

Feather lamp           Bead Fringe Lamp

Who would have guessed that feathers would enhance a lamp better than beads, but here’s proof positive.  The shade on the left is elegant and fun; the shade on the right appears to be a misguided attempt spiff up a plain jane shade using an unimaginative string of plastic beads.  The blue rectangular shade doesn’t enhance the pink lamp in the first place; adding the beads is like throwing lighter fluid on a smouldering pile.

Just like the lamps, here’s a tail of two birds:

Wooden Quail?      For the birds3

We think the left bird is an interpretation of a quail.  Does anyone have a more informed opinion?  The beak is wrong, but the little  topknot and tail seem right.  The whole thing works in a strange sort of way, especially if you like birds.  Now, the glass bird thing on the right, is so bad that we couldn’t even figure out what it was in person.  Here are two more pictures that don’t convey any more information than the first:

For the birds3     For the birds

I’m hoping that this was made by a person who has never seen a bird!  How else can you explain a red head and bill?  Eeek!  Also, are we to believe that there is a bird out there that makes nests that look like baskets with a handle?  Really, this is a minor problem compared to everything else.

I’m not sure what comfort powder is, but the vintage tin is mighty interesting:

Vintage Tins

I’m not sure why the two are together–comfort for the body and engine?  I do like the slogan around the PD at the top–medicamenta vera which translates to “true medicine”.  In this case it appears Parke-Davis may have been telling the truth; the powder contains talc, cornstarch, zinc and alum which probably is comforting on itchy rashes.

Just for laughs:

Big ol stuffed Homer in a bathing suit!Why would anyone want a giant Homer in a bathing suit with a cute little crab hanging from his ear?  Once a week is more than enough Homer for me.  D’oh, too bad it wasn’t Lisa!

Hold on to your hats, it’s getting to be Halloween season and I’m sure there will be a couple of posts on Kathy’s favorite holiday coming up.   Until then, Happy Shopping!

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6 Responses to Friday Finds: This and That Leftovers

  1. Oh dear… it was a bad week for thrift stores. However, the piggy bank is adorable. I think the glasses take it from plane jane to cute.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Since most of this came from one shopping trip (an estate sale and couple of thrifts) it was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!

  2. Andrea says:

    I had Doctor years ago that I would have loved to give that monkey to! That is exactly the way he stood and looked at his patients!
    I’m sure we could all use some ‘Comfort Powder’.

    • kathy & deb says:

      There–a use for Dr. Chimp! My hubby had a md named Codd that pushed his lips together like a fish–very unfortunate! I should have bought the comfort powder just to hold on to in times of trouble! Thanks for the smile Andrea!

  3. Steph Gazell says:

    I’m so happy I saved this to read this morning, instead of Friday, when I sometimes can’t help myself and rush ahead to read it. So many marvelous(ly bad) things to comment on this week! Monkey Doc looks very wise and patient, but the feet…they really would throw me off if I were his patient. Is the Bulldog wearing a baseball hat and holding a ball? *scratching head* Could he be some kind of mascot who’s been relegated to the kitchen as some kind of cookie-holding-but-not-eating punishment?

    Love the knitted doll! It’s a good thing I didn’t happen across her, because she’d come home with me. WHY do I have this penchant for dolls with yarn hair?! I only have a couple, but there was an undeniable attraction to them. Also, her jeans have beltloops!!! My dolls here want her jeans, just for that reason. And the two-tone shoes….very cool. ;>)

    That looks like a Quail to me, and my Dad would have bought it and given it to one of us kids and we’d have it on our mantel. Sending a mental smile up to Dad, with a little picture of the Quail.

    Thanks for the smiles and giggles this morning! As always, you girls bring so much sparkle to my week! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • kathy & deb says:

      Steph–thank you sooo much for your comment! It makes OUR week when we get such a nice note.
      :- D

      If you have a yen for the yarn doll–just for the jeans and shoes ;-)–let us know and we’ll see if it’s still there. She needs to go to someone who will love her, or parts of her.

      Thanks for the Quail info too–it seemed Qualish to us.

      Hugs Deb and Kathy

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