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Deadline, Shmedline

OMG it’s 8:30 pm on Thursday night and I’m just starting to write the post.  That’s what this week has been like!  I swear that when the weekend gets here, I might not even get dressed!  For sure I should … Continue reading

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From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

The title of this post seems a bit out of my league, like I might be writing above my pay grade (considering our pay grade is zero, I would say that is a definite yes!), but looking at the list … Continue reading

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We Will Survive!

I was singing my version of the great Gloria Gaynor anthem last week during the blizzard.  I was thinking of my poor snowdrops, which had already been snowed on and endured subzero temperatures a couple of weeks before.  When the … Continue reading

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Happy Days Are Here Again

What are we happy about, you ask?  We have been visiting the Goodwill backroom bins, and they are FUN again.  They have all sorts of things in them, not just clothes, and they still have the same pricing, 99¢ per … Continue reading

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A Trove of Trashy Treasures

I don’t know what it is about alliteration (beginning with the same letter) that amuses us humans, but I just spent ten minutes coming up with that title, and I am semi-proud of it.  Of course, after you have written … Continue reading

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Travels in Thrift Store Land

I gotta say, we have been having a pretty mild winter here in Colorado.  Apologies to the rest of the country suffering through the polar vortex, the snow in Seattle, the snow and wind in Hawaii, and the general craziness … Continue reading

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Love is a Battlefield

I’ve always wondered how and when Valentine’s Day started.  Apparently, it was a Roman holiday, Lupercalia, a celebration of spring and fertility, which was appropriated by a pope in the 5th century.  (We can’t have those pagan fertility rituals being … Continue reading

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