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Crabby Estate Salers

Life has been a bit difficult the last few weeks.  I started a new job that insists I work on Fridays.  I tried mightily to explain that it was not my first choice, and yet here I am.  At least … Continue reading

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Jewels that Jiggle or En Tremblant

Look how fancy I am.  You just got about half of my French.  OK, maybe not that bad, but I don’t know a lot.  Today we are going to talk about jewelry with a little wiggle in its walk.  Both Deb … Continue reading

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More From The Summer Scrap Heap

We’re still writing about our summer finds, but out the window it looks more like fall.  The temperatures are mild, so people are still having garage sales—yay!  I’m glad that we will have a little bit of extra stored up for … Continue reading

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We Light You Up

Well, it’s been an eventful two weeks for me: I helped throw my 80-year-old mother her first ever birthday party, got to reconnect with lots of friends and family, and drove nearly 3500 miles with my sister’s company.  Throw in … Continue reading

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Estate Sale Madness

I am going to have to admit that almost all the photos in this week’s post come from one sale.  It’s not that I am lazy (well, it might be, but not in this case), it was just such a … Continue reading

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Four Years and Counting

It’s our fourth anniversary (fruit and flowers), but you’re the ones who are in line for a present!  Leave a comment here or on Facebook, and you’ll be entered to win one of these flower pins.  Contest ends a week … Continue reading

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Cupid Strikes Again

Ah, it’s that time of the year again.  The time when all good sense flies out the window in the face of the desperate search for that perfect Valentine gift.  I think the biggest problem is the general sneakiness of … Continue reading

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