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I’ve Got Some Lemons, Let’s Make Lemonade!

Just like everyone out there it’s getting hard to keep myself to myself!  I really want to go garage saling or to the thrift stores.  I was thinking that Kathy and I should set up a goody bag swap for … Continue reading

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Boredom Busters #9

Here we are, still churning these out.  Now you know why Deb and I are never bored—missing thrift stores and garage sales, but never bored.  There is always the next flower bed, the next craft, the next book or movie, … Continue reading

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Lockdown Soap Opera: Where the Mind Wanders

I wanted to start this post out with a timely reference.  Those of you who have watched the “Tiger King” on Netflix might be interested to hear that 39 of Joe Exotic’s tigers have been rescued by The Wild Animal … Continue reading

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Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

OK, folks, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.  I am doing it right now, right here at the beginning of the post.  Yes, there are clowns in here.  Enter at your own risk.  I am not saying they are … Continue reading

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Bling Is Our Thing

I was thinking just the other day that we don’t post a lot about jewelry and wondering why.  Then it hit me—we almost never think jewelry is weird!  And if we do, well, then we are just as likely to … Continue reading

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It Must be Spring

Forget the Farmers’ Almanac or the calendar, we have our own signs of spring. If our crocus are blooming in snow, it’s early spring.  This happens every year in northern Colorado!  It’s worse when it’s daffodils or tulips; those two … Continue reading

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Kathy and Deb’s Excellent Adventure, Part 1

Normally, we bombard you with the weird and crazy, but this week, due to an amazing day of yard/estate saling, we are going to bombard your with the weird and wonderful.  And yes, every bit of this stuff made it … Continue reading

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