It’s that time of year. I wait, not so patiently, all year for this:

The annual parade of my hibiscus bushes. The blossom on the left is a solid 10 inches in diameter! And the bush has been loaded with ones that size for about a week now. The one on the top right is more of a dusky rose color than it shows, and the one on the bottom has lovely stripes. I planted it near a window, so we can see it clearly from inside the house. I have to go out every morning and tell them how pretty they are, but I think they know it. This is why anyone who gardens slaves for hours!

Today we have some crazy jewels for you and a cute little craft pattern that is pretty easy for even a beginner!

Let me say again, we LOVE jewelry. If you put our collections together, it would look like Aladdin’s cave on steroids. We actually met when Deb used to come into my antique store and buy jewelry from me! On the other hand, we are not crazy:

Not one, but two clown pins? No, no, no. I have seen worse, but I really don’t think we need to set a precedent. Plus, would you pay $5.99 for that Phantom of the Opera reject on top? They should be paying us to take clown pins off their hands. I have a jeweler’s torch available, so I could melt these babies right down.

Rhinestones are good, sometimes:

Not so good here. Honestly, no beefs about the color or the cut, but these are giant clip-on earrings, and as such, a bit much. They were pretty cheap five and dime type earrings as well, so nothing to write home about on the quality, but yet again, the thrift store thinks they are fantastic. I have to quit beating a dead horse about the prices around here, as I understand they are not a whole lot better in other parts of the country, and folks are pretty ticked about it. I thought they called them “thrift” stores for a reason. Not feeling very thrifty.

This pair of earrings are a fairly odd color:

Definitely summer jewelry, but that must have been a heck of a dress that they matched. I am going to hope she had a bright cherry red dress for them instead of that crazy yellow. There is a limited market for clip earrings, but it is nice for folks that can’t or don’t want to get their ears pierced.

Now this pair is pretty cute:

There are tiny little yellow birds in there. If they had been fully 3-D cages, they would have been irresistible, but as it was, we resisted easily. Back to some dime store construction as well. I have no problem with that, and some vintage dime store jewelry is super high dollar now (think carved Bakelite) but these should go for a couple of bucks at most.

Here is another entry into our pretty china pageant:

Imagine your whole table set with this dainty little pattern. Put it all on a pale pink tablecloth with mint green napkins and you have the perfect table for spring. Can you not feel your little pinky raising from the teacup? We have been seeing a whole lot of china recently priced individually at $1.99 or more a piece. I saw one that worked out to almost $20 bucks a place setting. They have been moving, very slowly, so I think they are going on half price day and maybe getting sold back to a replacement china place. Only thing I can think of, as no one seems to want to mess with china these days.

We came across this fellow and laughed:

I am not a snake fan, but I started humming Sneaky Snake by Tom T. Hall, and was amazed that Deb had never heard it, so for all of you that need a little smile, click here. I think this is the only good thing about snakes. Apologies to all you reptile fans out there, but they scare the crap out of me, so just UGH.

On the other hand, I like cows:

This one made us giggle. We think she is the Corgi of the cow world. I hope she doesn’t have to climb over many rocks, as the danger of getting high centered is a real problem. God forbid she have any kiddos, as there is no way they could nurse without some serious yoga involved.

Deb likes needle books. She mostly collects commercial ones, but there is something about a homemade one that touches our hearts. Many were made as gifts for mom or special friends, so they are all made with a lot of love. I found the blue one on the right in a bunch of sewing stuff I purchased recently, and the red one was cut out, but not finished, so I decided to polish it off:

It came out cute as can be and was super easy, so I thought I would share;

Here is the pattern:

  1. Print the pattern.
  2. Trace pattern onto the dull side of freezer paper, then lightly iron it onto your felt. Do one for the whole doll and one missing the lower skirt/feet.
  3. Cut out both pieces.
  4. Sew the lace on the bottom part of the skirt, above the feet for the pantaloons and in a circle for her bouquet.
  5. Embroider the little roses using french knots and lazy daisy stitches for the leaves.
  6. Cut a small piece of cotton fabric or flannel for the actual needle part and baste on the back piece of felt so it sits completely inside the book. I like to use a folded piece, so you have more room for pins.
  7. Blanket stitch around the hat to hold the whole thing together and there you have it.

Hope you give this a try, and have fun. Feel free to share those garden pix with us, Ours make us happy, but so do other peoples!

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2 Responses to Glitterati

  1. OSS says:

    LOVE your hibiscus blooms! Hibiscuses? Hibiscusai? lol And I’m loving my recent acquisitions from your Etsy store. They both just make me SMILE. Hugs, ladies!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Aren’t they beautiful? So well worth the wait! Thanks for the kind words about my shop, I’m soooo glad you liked it! Hugs right back at you! Kathy and Deb

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