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Horsin’ Around

We had enough of a snow storm yesterday for a snow day!!! Woo Hoo, grown-up snow days are the best. Hubby left for work, but went a couple of miles, turned around, and came home. His usual hour-long commute was … Continue reading

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Jewel Tones

Well, we had our snow, and it contained a bit over an inch of moisture which is more than we have had all summer, so we are grateful for that.  It knocked down our fires a bit, but we have … Continue reading

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I am going beg your forgiveness in advance.  I am just plain cranky right now, and it is probably going to show.  The wind (Maria) has been blowing off and on now for several weeks.  For those of you that … Continue reading

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A Second Hand Rose Visits the Sunshine State

It’s always a good time visiting my parents in Florida.  They live northeast of Tampa and southwest of Orlando; it’s prime flea market, thrift store and garage sale territory.  In fact, you should think of it as a sport there; … Continue reading

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May All Your Christmas Bling Be Bright

Last year a reader indicated an interest in our Christmas jewelry–that’s all it takes for us to throw together a post.  Now why the heck didn’t we remember how hard it is to get good pictures of jewelry?  You’ll have … Continue reading

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Oh Holy Nightmare–Homemade Christmas Disasters

We have so much hand-made Christmas badness, that we have to split them into two posts.  What is it about Christmas that brings out the inner crafter in so many folks, even those without any discernible talent?  We are starting … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Us!

Well, we have decided on our theme for our 100th post, but since this IS our 100th post, we will have an official, and an unofficial 100th post.  So, our theme will include photos from our Loyal Readers of things … Continue reading

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A Herculean Effort

Well, maybe not, but I do want you to know of our tireless efforts to amuse all and sundry, and you have no idea how hard it is to amuse sundry! This first thing tickled Deb no end, and she … Continue reading

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Book Corner

Hi everyone, just got back from a sisters trip to Washington DC.  I had such a good time with my sisters, and just had to tell you about the coolest exhibit in town.  We went to the Smithsonian Castle and … Continue reading

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Friday’s Funtastic Finds

For a change, we are starting off with something GOOD!! I know that it’s almost impossible to believe, but we have our reasons. We need to balance our shopping karma; if we don’t show some nice things, we may come … Continue reading

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