What a Difference a Day Makes

Well, Mother Nature is back to her wicked Wednesday ways. It was in the mid 50°s on Tuesday with lots of sun and no wind. It made me think that spring was definitely in the air. I was looking around the yard and noticed that my crocus are up:

I have purple ones, too, somewhere, but these yellow fellows are near the front walk and more noticeable. Tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths are also poking their noses out of the ground which might have been a mistake since it snowed the very next day, Wednesday, with more due this weekend. With this week’s snow, we have had snow on five of the last six Wednesdays, which is why I don’t like hump day any more!

On the other hand, Friday is by far my favorite day—shopping day! And soon it will be garage sale day which is even better than thrift store day in our books! Hopefully, spring will get here and we can have some early sales to whet our appetite. Until that happy day, we are stuck with thrift store fodder.

We aren’t quite sure what the heck is going on with this necklace:

I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be patriotic with the red, clear, and blue beads. That’s the maker’s first mistake since there are white beads aplenty, or use pearls in a pinch. Those eagles are a hoot and have to be a ceramics project. They look really angry that they are on this necklace, and I have to say that I don’t blame them a bit. It’s a very uneasy marriage of styles. The eagles are just way too big to go with those comparatively tiny bicone beads. Don’t you think that some bigger wooden beads might work better? Or maybe just take those big ole eagles and macrame them into a patriotic flower pot holder. That might turn those eagley frowns upside down!

Oh noes:

I hope this isn’t someone’s southwest décor attempt; what did that poor lamb-dog do to you? I would blame a child for this if it weren’t those specific colors! It’s just hideous, but you could always buy it and paint it a blameless white or black. That Laugh rock would then have to migrate down the shelf to taunt another thrift store horror. Plus, I’m sure that you will rack up some points that will help you get into heaven, a la The Good Place, one of the best TV shows ever:

Let us take a small break from crafting crimes to look at a couple of vacation tchotchkes:

You can decide if they fall into the crime category all by yourselves. I will say that I have ridden a camel in Egypt, and once they got up with you still on their back, it was pretty smooth sailing. However, if I ever get to the U.A.E. (doubtful) I would stock up on coffee, spices, chocolate, and jewelry, which seem to be pretty hot commodities there. Can you imagine getting this from someone who went to Dubai? Coffee and spices would be smaller, cheaper, and much more appreciated! If you give me something chocolate, gold, or covered in diamonds, well, who knows how grateful I’ll be?

And now back to our recently interrupted craft fails:

It just wouldn’t be a trip to the thrift store without some mess of a crochet project. What was the goal with these wreaths—trying to make everyone you know avoid you? “Oh God, her she comes with her wreaths, quick, dive into these bushes!” would be my response. I wouldn’t even leave one of these on my grandmother’s grave to be blown away with the next big wind. Crochet socks, mittens, and scarves to give to homeless people and stop wasting yarn on project like these!

This maple chair made me smile:

I call them old lady chairs and I have seen them in the hundreds having worked in a nursing home for 20 plus years. It’s pretty tiny and surprisingly comfortable for those who fit in them. The fabric pillow and skirt are also practical if they are washable. Much easier to throw them in the washer than to clean and sanitize a wooden chair. I hope some little grandma finds this and thinks that it’s “just right”, although that cover might have to go. Maybe Grandma could crochet herself a cover!

We thought that these were kind of interesting:

First off, it outraged our editor with the misuse of the word confetti. I’m not sure that serving food on paper confetti is really an upgrade over platters, plates, or bowls. They are supposedly useful for cheeses, fruits, desserts and “more”. I’m not sold on the fruit thing since putting watermelon on one of these things would be a sloppy mess, while grapes might be okay. I really think that desserts like brownies, cookies, and bars might work the best. However, they are kind of a grey color and how is that superior to all the pretty china we’ve shown you? At $6.99 you could buy a lovely serving dish and artfully pile your goodies to share. Plus, you can use the plate more than once!

This isn’t a thrift store find—we saw it at Joann Fabrics:

It was just so darn cute that we had to share! It was full of fun things, but the cover was the best by far!

Well, hang in there because spring is coming and soon snow will be a distant memory. Can’t wait until all my bulbs are up and blooming; it’s such a happy time of the year.

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2 Responses to What a Difference a Day Makes

  1. Laura says:

    I could see a shelf for laughs with the lamb-dog, wreaths & Miss Apple Pie Slice with, of course, the laugh rock. Love the chair & the fabric. Needs matching arm-rest pads, That drink is adorable.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Oh my goodness, you would have to warn folks before letting them see your shelf; we often feel like we don’t warn folks often enough! I really was tempted to buy the drink book, even though I would probably never make a one of them—so cute. Thanks for reading and commenting. We love to hear what you’re thinking. Deb

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