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We Get Back On Track, Sort Of

It seems like we’ve had an eventful couple of weeks, and this week isn’t any different.  We’re having a garage sale Friday and Saturday—Kathy is desperately trying to clear some room in her garage and basement and I always have … Continue reading

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One Sale Is All It Takes

We are simple folks.  All we ask is a decent sale here and there, time to share with friends, and a good lunch.  Well, last week gave us all that in spades.  We always have a good time on Friday, … Continue reading

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A Collector’s Mania

We admit it, we are collectors.  We sometimes even confess to the words pack rat and hoarder, although we would like to think we are tidier than the latter two terms would suggest.  On top of being collectors, we are … Continue reading

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Tuesday Terrors

It’s been a goofy month.  We had one Friday when Deb didn’t feel well, and then I had the cold from hell, and then dear Hubby wanted to take some time off to visit the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at … Continue reading

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No More Kvetching

We have been told by our grammarian (our resident proofreader) that we must stop complaining about the opening hours of the Goodwill bins.  Doesn’t he know that whining is one of our main raison d’être?  What will we complain about now?  … Continue reading

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Shades of Miss Havisham

The post is going to be short and sweet this week.  I had a lot going on, and here it is Thursday already, and no post!  At least I had the idea for it, and took the pictures, so you … Continue reading

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Crazy And Not So Crazy Craft Patterns VIII

It must be that time again; the craft patterns are stacking up!  We probably would not have this problem, but a year or so ago a really cool place opened up here in town, that encourages us to drag home … Continue reading

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