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Grumpy Kitties

We’ve had to change our shopping routine for the first time in many moons.  The Goodwill bins now open at 10am officially.  We showed up a few minutes before 10, and waited twenty minutes with no sign of life.  We … Continue reading

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Coal For You

Yes, it has finally arrived.  It is time for our annual look at the worst that Christmas has to offer.  Advertisers spend a lot of time trying to convince us that it is the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, … Continue reading

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Estate Sale Craziness

Fall is trying to sneak its way into Colorado’s back door.  We both love fall, but it means a decline in garage sales.  So far, we are hanging in there, but it is only a matter of time before we … Continue reading

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Not-So-Weird Collection: Silhouettes

I have had a love affair with silhouettes since my childhood.  When I was somewhere between five and seven, and my parents had silhouettes cut of me and my two sisters.  The artist had us sit in profile to him, … Continue reading

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Oh, Happy Garage Sale

We think we have finally arrived at full-on garage sale season.  Oh, Happy Day!  We are so easy to please.  Last week, we had just enough sales to keep us going along with a quick trip to Goodwill.  It was … Continue reading

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In a State

Last week, we tiptoed through the tulips.  This week that would be an impossibility at my house.  I went to bed Saturday night knowing that I would have a lovely patch of tulips open in the morning.  This patch included … Continue reading

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Love Is In The Air

“All you need is love” and that must be doubly true if both the Beatles and Lucy Van Pelt said it; Lucy very sensibly added, “and a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt!”  Trust a female to get it … Continue reading

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