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Howdy from Hawaii

This week, while visiting the family in Michigan for the holidays, B.H. and I went to Hawaii with friends.  It seems weird to be taking a trip within a trip, but that’s how the vacation crumbles.  The best thing is … Continue reading

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You’d BETTER Watch Out!

I never really thought about that song, but it’s kind of ominous.  I promise that we can’t see you when you’re sleeping and don’t care what you’re doing when you’re awake—we aren’t Elves on Shelves (another creepy idea!)  The fact … Continue reading

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The Early Birds Catch the Worm?

Unless you’re a robin, I’m not sure why on earth you would want a worm!  Yes, you’re right, we’re a day early, but hopefully not a laugh short.  Things just worked out this way so we’re rolling with it.  We … Continue reading

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Gobbling Up Bad Thanksgiving Finds

Well, our Thanksgiving is a little later this year so I think with a little coaxing we can get TWO posts for your reading pleasure!  Plus, we have a giveaway which I’m going to start with since it makes us … Continue reading

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We See Weird Things

I’m trying to write this while handing out Halloween candy—it’s been that kind of week.  It was cold and snowy this week so I was planning on getting lots of house stuff done; yay me!  Instead, I was sick with … Continue reading

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Déjà Jug

We’ve had a few rainy, cold days this week getting us ready for what is coming in a few weeks, probably.  I’m closing my eyes and ignoring all that because today is a lovely sunny day, and that’s the way … Continue reading

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Damsels in Distress

We have been shopping twice a week since Kathy started her Friday job.  I’m not sure that poor Fort Collins can take the Dynamic Duo twice as often as  usual.  We were at a thrift store on Thursday, talking to … Continue reading

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