Damsels in Distress

We have been shopping twice a week since Kathy started her Friday job.  I’m not sure that poor Fort Collins can take the Dynamic Duo twice as often as  usual.  We were at a thrift store on Thursday, talking to a worker that we’ve known since we started the blog (over ten years ago!!), and the woman standing next to her said, “I remember these ladies from Savers!”  OMG, thanks for calling us ladies and remembering us!

Lately, we’ve seen a ton of stuff with female connections.  Because it’s us, most of it is bad, with just a few fun things sprinkled in.  Seems like it’s time to have a ladies-only post.

These might be THE weirdest pot holders, ever:

We found Mr. Pot Holder first, and then Kathy spied the missus on the next end cap over.  He doesn’t look thrilled to be reunited, and she looks downright woebegone.  Why would you put that expression on a face that you look at in your kitchen?  I think someone has kicked her dog, wrecked her car, and eaten the last donut.  How hard would it have been to stitch a smile and less wrinkle-inducing eyebrows?

A couple of weeks ago, we saw the financial district action figures.  They were weird, but this one is great:

I think it might have gone home with Kathy if it hadn’t been $5.  This societal archetype usually implies that lonely spinsters find companionship with cats instead of men.  What about male sterotypes, hmmm?  I guess that would be crazy reptile guy.  Can’t wait to see the action figure for that archetype; give me cats any day!!!

We were laughing at the chia zebras on the shelf and what a weird idea that was, when we noticed those poor ladies on the upper right:

How do these even still exist?  Did someone fetch them from their 1970s vault?  They are in great condition for a ceramics project; those things always get chipped.  Maybe the damage the universe inflicts is inverse to the quality of the object.  No wonder these are perfect.  I’m pretty sure they will occupy this shelf until it’s time to escort them to the dumpster.  I would rather have the chia zebras—at least they’re funny!

These figurines frequently have strange hand-painted expressions:

I’m glad this gal is sitting because she looks like she is half in the bag, which could be catastrophic in that dress.  She did have something in her right hand, but it’s broken now.  No one will ever convince me that it wasn’t a glass full of wine!  Honestly, I know that Regency romances make females’ lives sound exciting and fun.  My own take on that is: it’s hard to live a life where you are only appreciated for your appearance and breeding capabilities.  A couple of glasses of wine might help with that.

We aren’t even sure what’s going on here:

We were looking in a box called doll parts and saw this head engulfed by green pom-poms.  It’s hard to see, but there are things that look like persimmons at the very top, plus a bit of green tinsel?  I think she is pretty disturbing and can’t figure out why she hasn’t been tossed long before her trip to Who Gives a Scrap?  She has a clown-like vibe that always makes me uneasy.  This has to be some horrible craft fail that shamed the maker so much that it ended up in a box on the top shelf of a closet, never to see the light of day while the maker still lived.

I’m not sure this is true:

I think that if you eat glitter for breakfast, you will poop rainbows all day, which might also be awesome!

This poor little girl:

We love purple hair and have the dolls to prove it!  This dolly isn’t some craft gone wrong; she was made on purpose and sold!  I’m not sure why she has big ol’ man hands, but even more disturbing are the black freckles.  What the what??  I Googled freckles and looked at a hundred pictures of freckled faces.  The freckles were all various shades of brown;  these black freckles look like blackheads–ick–not freckles!

These were a little mystifying:

What’s Mae West doing under an umbrella or a lampshade, and why are there two of her?  Turns out that these are used to scent your boudoir, or wherever, with perfume or your favorite essential oil.  The caps are perforated, and under the cap there is a cavity that can be filled.  There is also a spongy-looking tube inside to bring the scent up to the openings.  I just use tiny vases and reed diffusers to spread my favorite scents around—no need for glass women under umbrellas.

Finally, something fun:

We don’t usually buy ashtrays, but I couldn’t resist this Mid-century modern version complete with rhinestones!  I’m not sure where she is going, or what I might do with her, but home she came.  Can you imagine using an ashtray with rhinestones inside?  I was really careful washing her because water and rhinestones do not mix!!  I did a quick look up of the Kreiss Company, and it’s pretty interesting.  They started in 1939 in San Diego, and became “famous” in the 1960s and ’70s for their “Psycho Ceramics Figurines” which are very strange.  They also did Asian-themed ceramics, and that’s where this ashtray fits in.

Since we are celebrating (?) the female in this post, we might as well give away some girly hankies.


Metallic flower hanky                                                    Daisy hanky


H is for hanky                                                                 Cutwork hanky

Leave a comment on this or next week’s post, and we’ll hold a drawing on Friday, September 27th at 9pm MDT.  If you have a favorite, don’t be shy, let us know and we’ll try to make sure you get it!  We’ll announce the winners in the October 4th post.  Good luck!

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Bling Is Our Thing

I was thinking just the other day that we don’t post a lot about jewelry and wondering why.  Then it hit me—we almost never think jewelry is weird!  And if we do, well, then we are just as likely to buy it as not.  We both have literally hundreds of pieces of jewelry.  I am on my second jewelry armoire, and Deb is just in denial and refuses to give in.  We actually met and bonded when Deb started coming into my antique store and talking about jewelry.  I knew that if I had a weird wacky piece, especially if it moved, she was my customer for it.  Check out this past post for things that move.  I have purchased several odd pieces recently, so we decided to pair those up with a few finds we haven’t posted, and what do you know, a whole post’s worth!

First up, one I passed on, reluctantly:

This was so darn goofy with the chains and pompoms that I really wanted it.  No, I would probably never wear it, but I would have enjoyed owning it.  I only passed on it because the next thing I found on the rack was this crazy fellow:

Overall, he really doesn’t look that odd.  He is sterling, although the mark is unreadable, and enamel, but if you look at the back, the tail is hinged.  Here is a look at the back:

I really don’t know what it is supposed to do, as when the pin is being worn, the hinge would just flatten out.  The only thing I can think if, is that he will sit up, so you could use him as a display.  It’s still rather odd:

He is only about an inch and a half tall, so not much of a statement sitting on a table, or on your lapel.  I adore enameled stuff, so home it came, even at $7.99, and leaving the pompoms on the rack.  Gotta appease the hubby somehow.

While we are looking at enamel birds, here is another:

As a child growing up in the late ’60s and early ’70s my grandmother made sure I had a subscription to Ranger Rick magazine.  It was (and still is) a great kids magazine with lots of really well written stuff on animals.  One of my favorite things in it were the great illustrations by Charlie Harper, so this pin was instantly recognizable.  I snapped it up for the grand price of a quarter.  It was done by him, as it is signed, but I guess there were not many made, as I was unable to find any others.  I love it, and have already worn it several times.  If you are not familiar with his work, check it out.  Awesome graphic design.

The same sale also yielded the little blue enamel kitty in this photo:

It’s modern, but I love the look on his face.  The one in the middle is from Mexico, and was made in a very specific shop, as I was able to find pix of several others in the same style.  No signature, but the artist had a thing for cats.  This one is brass, sterling and turquoise.  The small gold one with the tiny hat is just cheap aluminum but I was going through some of my stuff and found him.  He needed an eye and a pin back, but an easy fix, so he is ready to meet the world again.  My piles of jewels may only be matched by the piles of stuff I have to be repaired and to do repairs.  Some day, when I go, there is going to be one lucky person who gets all this crap!  LOL!

This one we didn’t buy, as it was about as weird as it comes:

Well, it’s hand made, says so, and made in Poland at that:

We couldn’t figure out why you would want a pin with a guy getting ready to fall off a roof.  I am sure there is some wild folk tale to account for the whole thing, but my hubby is Polish, and he can’t figure it out, so it is probably very local.  On top of that, it really isn’t very pretty.

Neither is this:

Deb was more nonplussed by this than I was.  Probably because I am pretty sure my grandmother had several of these, as she liked bug pins.  (Lucky me, I have all her bugs now and plenty more to add to them.  Did I mention I like bugs?)  I think the ones I have are much nicer, as they did a better job making these earlier on.  More tourist stuff, but better than some things we have seen, plus at least it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space, and you don’t have to leave it out where the giver can see it.  Hide it in the corner of the jewel box, and no one need ever know.  [Deb here.  It really bothers me that the stripes or grooves in the wings aren’t symmetrical!]

Here is a couple more I had to have:

The frog, because I like frogs.  They sort of go with the bugs.  Personally I like a whole lot of things in jewelry that I would NEVER deal with in real life.  Make me a bracelet in the shape of a snake, and I am all over it.  Keep those real ones for yourself.  The mouse I had to pick up, just because it was a pretty odd mouse, and it has that ’70s style to it.  Both of these are a couple inches tall, so you can’t ignore them, but who would want to?

And lastly this GIANT goose pin:

Probably ’40s, somewhere on either side of the war, as metal was all used for the war effort, and there was not much made into jewelry.  This pin is monumental at over 3 ½” long.  These huge things were made to be worn on coats, and this one has a nice 3-D aspect to it.  Take a look at it from the side:

You can see how the bottom wing sticks out.  It’s a great piece, for something that was really inexpensive costume jewelry.  They took the time to design nice things.

If you collect a certain type of jewelry, why not share it with us?  We love hearing about collections, and would love to share them with our readers!  Maybe we will try and highlight some more fun stuff from our collections as we go along, if our loyal readers enjoy this sort of post.  Let us know.

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“It was a beautiful, bright autumn day …

… with air like cider and a sky so blue you could drown in it.”
Diana Gabaldon, Outlander

We’re heading into my favorite time of the year—late summer and fall.  It’s time for cooler weather, although northern CO didn’t get the memo since it was 100º last weekend, fresh produce from the garden should be pouring in, and hopefully all those big summer projects are done.  It was a mixed bag in my yard this year; for some reason my veggie garden didn’t do much, but the flowers were great!  It’s the best thing about being a gardener—there’s always next year!  We are the eternal optimists.  Both Kathy and I like to garden and trade plants and tips back and forth.  Our friendship is not totally based on thrift stores and garage sales.  😉

We have been meaning to point you all in the direction of Christine McConnell, if you haven’t heard of her before.  She had a Netflix show last year, which was weird and wonderful, but ended up getting canceled.  Now she has a YouTube channel which has even more of her Charles Addams meets Martha Stewart vibe.  If you like peculiar, macabre, and unique projects, you should give her a look.  Her creativity is off the charts!

In my post a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that we were looking for another cranberry server to give away this Thanksgiving:

Kathy reminded me to look in the basket where I keep the goodies that we will be giving away on the blog.  Who snuck that cranberry server in there?  Honestly, I’m getting wiftier by the day.  Good thing Kathy can remember things for more than a minute!  As you can see, there are some darling hankies that need a new home, too.  Stay tuned.

It’s early in the post, but I feel like it’s a good time to endorse this thought:

Almost everything can be fixed by a scrumptious treat, so this works for us.  What’s not to like about kindness, laughter, and cake?  Although, a good stiff gin and tonic has also been known to smooth out life’s little wrinkles.  Life is NOT one size fits all!

I’m not sure how well this hot pad would protect your hand:

But, if you have an old towel that you would like to reuse, this idea could work as a trivet.  I’m pretty sure that the crocheted trim could have been attached with a little more finesse.  Even just using white thread would have been a step in the right direction.  I’ll probably keep cutting up my old towels for rags, but it’s always good to have options.

We feel like there should be a story to go along with this guest towel:

You could add a postscript saying, “Don’t ask me how I know!”  Using that little towel after a bath would be like trying to dry off with a paper towel—a funny story later on, but in the moment, an exercise in futility.

What the hell is this?

We were strolling down the aisle at our favorite craft recycling place, Who Gives a Scrap, when we saw this on the shelf.  I just can’t see anything but that nose and maybe the dead cat on his head!  A couple of questions: why would you make this in the first place, and after you did make it, why wouldn’t you burn it?  It’s just so awful and keeps making me think of inappropriate anatomical comparisons.  It did the impossible; we just stood there staring at it with our mouths open catching flies and no snark to be heard.

I should have saved the cake picture for this spot, but how about a beautiful wicker chair instead?

It was so pretty.  Even now, I wish I had bought it, but there is no place for another chair in my house.  I just love everything about it—especially the curved back.  I told myself to take a picture and move on.  We’re not good at that, but there is a limit on what you can have without a storage unit.  I want to see all my lovely things every day all around me.  If that isn’t possible, then I don’t need it.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

We aren’t sure what they’re smokin’ at the local thrift store:

They have the strangest displays, sometimes.  That bear head with the unblinking eyes is pretty disturbing.  I’m not sure why they’re worried about the head when the mannequin doesn’t have arms or legs, either.  Maybe they were gearing up for the Tour de Fat (sorry about all the ads in the link, but the pics are great!) crowd looking for costumes to wear on their bicycles.  This bear head would fit right in, and nowhere near the strangest costume to be seen.

I’m not sure why we like this picture, but it did make us laugh:

We both commented that it was a good alternative to the bad landscape pictures that people adorn with monsters.  These two odd silhouettes are sort of sweet, and appear to be enjoying the scene, not stomping around destroying stuff.

These next things may be the most useless tripe we have seen in a while and that’s saying something:

This is a fake brown paper bag made of plaster and filled up with mussels or maybe clams.  What the what!!!  How is this even a thing?  Why did someone go to the trouble to haul it to a thrift store?  I guess you could ask that question about lots of stuff we see, but this is particularly bad.  Absolutely useless because it’s not even attractive, as realistic as it appears!

This isn’t much better:

News flash, we aren’t crazy about clowns, or any of their associated brethren like harlequins and jesters.  When I look at this little doll that some nice grandma made, I just think that the netting or tulle could have been better used to make scrubbies for dishes and cleaning, or petticoats for your square-dancing dress.  This little doll is waaaayyyy down the list of useful things.

I’m not exactly sure when we’ll have the hanky drawing, but we should do it before the end of September.  Hankies are so handy to have during the cold and flu season; you look way more elegant pulling one of these babies out of your purse or pocket instead of a crumpled Kleenex.

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All About Town

It must be late summer in Colorado.  This morning it is a cool 48 degrees, and by this afternoon it is supposed to be 95.  My poor plants can’t seem to figure out what to do—the tomatoes are just starting to try to ripen, and by now, I am usually swimming in them.  There are several other things, pumpkins, eggplants, etc. that are just sitting there looking at me, and are never going to do anything this year.  Oh well, look under optimist in the dictionary and you find a picture of a gardener.  Luckily, come heat or cold the sales go on, and if there aren’t any, well, there is always a thrift store or two at the ready.

Deb and I live by this:

Good thing we know when to keep silent, although you might not guess that if you ever followed us around in a thrift store, because when there, we really have no filters.  We just don’t talk about each other!  We have heard folks crack up two aisles over when one of us is particularly clever.  If we could only remember the best snarky comments to write down.  We should probably take a tape recorder, or have paparazzi follow us around.

We also liked this sign:

Hey, works for us.  I didn’t notice till Deb put up the photo the Coors (or Rocky Mountain Elk Water, as it’s affectionately known around here) beer pull knob.  Apparently this was a God fearing, bible reading person and took it all to heart.  Wonder why they reformed?  Lucky us, we don’t choose to.  Our mamas took us to Sunday school, and who are we to question the good book?  Now pass that margarita, and skip the Colorado Kool-Aid (yet another euphemism for Coors).

We saw this at a sale a couple of week ago:

I don’t know if you can read it, but it says this is a rice cooker!  This baby was around three feet tall, so this is no counter-top model.  While I like rice as much as the next person, I don’t think I need this much EVER.  We figured it could be a commercial one, but A. it was rose pink with flower decals, and B. it was sort of flimsy plastic construction.  Now I suppose that the company figured all those pro chefs needed a little perky bit of floral decor in their five-star kitchens, but it seems like a waste of a can of pink paint.  Any ideas on this one are welcome.

One of our favorite things at garage sales is visiting with the pets.  This feline was clearly in charge of the whole show:

They probably could have made more money at their sale by asking for a quarter to pet him, as he demanded his due from every passerby.  This was the same sale as the rice cooker; we should have asked the cat!

We spotted this at another garage sale the same day:

We thought it was adorable, but not for the $5.00 they had on it. Also, while cute, I bet most of these bit the dust when the child tried to mix a mud pie with it, so I guess it might be pretty rare, as, at least when we were kids, mud pies were always on the menu.  This was one of those sales where if had even a modicum of age to it, they put $20.00 on it.  They had a box of salt and pepper shakers that the lady assured us she had been collecting since the ’60s and for the delightful price of $150 you could have had six or seven pairs of them.  We don’t even try to change peoples minds, but we sure do judge!  You should hear us in the car!  Or maybe not, as you might have to become our best friend, too.

Once we have hit a few garage sales, we tend to move on to the thrift stores, and in one of them we saw these:

Really?  Rattan baby booties?  WTF.  I have never thought baby booties were very decorative, no matter what they are made out of.  Bronzed baby shoes are a fashion that has thankfully passed (although we see the cast-off ones pretty often), and let’s not start it up again.  I could possible buy that these were for a baby shower.  Maybe one of those groovy ’70s ones with all the natural hemp diapers that you could use or smoke.  But even then, shouldn’t they be pink or blue?  Or yellow or green if the sex is still a surprise?  (I just read that last sentence and was feeling a really inappropriate comment coming on, but I will stifle it, at the cost of yet a few more best friends!)

While we are questioning the existence of things, would someone please explain this:

We couldn’t figure it out.  The fellow just looks surprised and the woman is covering her ears.  Does this mean she doesn’t want to hear about it anymore?  Maybe he is saying “talk to the hand”.  If they were flinging themselves out of buildings and dressed for the roaring 20’s it might make sense, although the taste would still remain questionable.

We also spotted this pair:

Strange bed-fellows indeed.  While the clownish one is not the worst I have seen, I am pretty sure that gal in pink could do better.  Maybe the Wall Street Victim is available?  Actually, we have never seen a clown doll with a mouse? head before, so it’s a first, and  while not great, at least not terrifying.  Looking at the photo, this must have been a garage sale, too.  Nothing like throwing your belongings on the driveway to make for some unusual combinations.

This last item was definitely at a thrift, and was rather terrifying:

She is really hard to see in the bag, but she was made of some sort of plaster, perhaps a chalkware figure.  Here is a closeup of the face, so you can see how bad she was, as the above pic really doesn’t look scary enough:

We thought she had sort of maniacal “Here’s Johnny” from the Shining vibe.  I wouldn’t trust those teeth in a dark room, but the kicker was on the bottom:

We want to know if she dropped Gerald like a hot potato after that gift.  Maybe the tag on the bottom was a reminder to NEVER answer his calls, and for heaven’s sake, don’t open any box he gives you.  Poor Gerald, he should have said it with flowers.

Well, I better toddle along and throw some water at my plants, now that they aren’t shivering and before the sun starts to bake them from the roots up!  I shouldn’t complain; winter is coming.

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Did You Ever See Such a Sight in Your Life?

Fall can’t be too far off.  How do I tell?  Is it the cooler nights, shorter days, leaves turning red, or school starting?  No, the sure sign is when mice try to work their sneaky way into the house via the garage.  We live-trapped two yesterday (I don’t think they were blind).  We released them miles away from anyone in a natural area with food, water, and lots of predators.  If they had just stayed outside, they could live happily in my compost pile, or under the big old rabbit bush in the yard, but noooooo, as the late, great John Belushi said.  To top it off, my dog is totally useless against mice; give him a squirrel, a bird, or a rabbit outside and he’s a killing machine.  Mice where they shouldn’t be—not so much.

Garage sales are still going strong, even if we only go for a couple of hours on Friday mornings.  We’ve switched our thrift store shopping to Thursdays, and it seems to be working out.  Really, how can I complain about shopping twice a week with my fellow Rose?

So, this is labeled a “Baby Tower”:

At first I thought it had to be a Halloween game or something; baby tower was pretty far from my first guess.  Don’t crocheted baby towers look more like this?

I have to say that the colorful tower with the small rings looks like a lot more fun, especially for a baby.  Those giant rings on the first tower look like a lot for a tot to handle, not to mention that the buttons for eyes is a big no-no!  Kathy was really bummed that the Palatnik acrylic statue of a moose in front of the so-called baby tower had a broken antler.  At an auction, she had found peacock and elephant figures made in the 1960s by Abraham Palatnik and has been on the hunt for more ever since.  Another reason to keep shopping and save your money for the good stuff!

Okay, what is with the crazy strawberry stuff?

This giant strawberry eraser is eerily reminiscent of this strawberry pillow we saw at the beginning of the summer:

including the crown of flowers on its head, and those weird duck lips.  Trying to read the eraser package lead me to Shopkins, which are collectible figures based on grocery store items.  Far be it for us to laugh at anyone’s collections; you’ve seen what we buy!

Just in case you found the Shopkins a little too sweet, let’s take a close look at something I’ve titled Ball, Horses, and Mayhem:

This was a kind of beat-up green box on a shelf at the local thrift.  Then we took a closer look at it, and could see that there was some tough stuff going on from all the loose body parts flying around.  I don’t really see polo sticks or mallets, and the ball (on the far right side) is way too big to knock around.  More than anything, there seems to be a lot of arrows, but I’m not sure how that accounts for the amputated arms and head.  We’re guessing that it’s Indian from the painting style, but that’s all we know.  If any of you know something about this, be sure to let us know.

Okay, while editing, B.H. just explained what a Parthian shot is.  Briefly, it is a retreat maneuver used by an ancient Iranian people where a military retreat is covered by archers on horseback.  Now you know!

From one crazy thing to another:

That lamp just cracked us up.  To start with it was huge—over three feet tall!  It kind of looks like gold ribbon, Christmas tinsel, and ornaments were vainly applied to the lamp as a decorative Hail Mary (cue timely American football reference).  I don’t see how you could put a shade on it with that metal lantern shape around the light bulb, so count on being blinded whenever you turn it on.  That could end up being a blessing since the whole thing is unattractive, to be kind.  To add insult to injury, while looking at the picture, I noticed a box of Mexican train dominoes on the table, which I would have bought.  Dang!

I think we owe you something fun after the last couple of finds:

The most shocking thing about these candles is that we like them and aren’t going to make fun of them.  This might be a first in our ten plus years of blogging.  We really don’t care much for most of the candles we come upon while thrifting and garage saling.  Who can blame us, as their original owners gave up on them, too.  But these two have some pizzazz, and the fun decorations give off a Mid-century modern vibe.

We were impressed by this tatting:

It was nicely done and not white, beige, or pink!  I think sticking it on a plain piece of linen was a mistake, but the tatter was quite good.  After trying to learn to needle tat for years, I remain deeply impressed by those who can.  Kathy does a bit of tatting now and then and it’s such a lovely craft.

We see such unintentionally funny signs at garage sales:

This sign might get you life in prison in another context, but is fairly harmless at a garage sale.  Of course we looked!  You never know what you might find in a box of … parts.

We have a couple of birds to share.  First up is Golden Eye:

He’s a duck with tons of attitude, but little else.  We found him rolling around in the bins, and it wasn’t at all surprising that he had been banished.  He looks kind of angry, which isn’t surprising given those weird eyes.  How hard would it have been to give him regular peepers?

This owl looks angry too, and again it’s understandable:

That’s just bad crafting all around.  I suppose the weaving is technically okay, but the whole isn’t attractive.  I think it starts with the huge crest, and those weird eyes.  Owls don’t have black and white eyes!  What the heck!!  I’m just going to say that they had made a real beak and it fell off and is rolling around at the bottom of the picture frame.  That black glob just has to be the glue that held the beak on, right?  I think that no one would blame a person for buying this and starting a nice fall fire with it—think of it as a mercy killing.  I wonder if this owl was from the previous post’s estate sale that was owl-riffic?  We didn’t see it there, but those people had some homely owls in their collection and we didn’t look at them too hard.

We love this sentiment:

If everyone did this, the world would truly be a better place.  It’s sad, but our outlook on life right now is so much more this sign:

Good thing we have this blog as an outlet.  Could you imagine if we saved up all of our snark for our family and friends?  We could end up alone with an apartment full of collections and cats.  Thanks to all of you, we live semi-productive lives in the bosom of our loved ones!

We are currently on the hunt for another cranberry server to give away before Thanksgiving.  We did find a baby one that just wasn’t up to snuff.  We also have a few other goodies that we want to pass on to our readers, so stay tuned.


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Estate Sale in the Boonies

As you might have noticed, we will drive quite a ways for a good estate sale.  Actually, we will drive quite a ways, just for the PROMISE of a good estate sale, or if there are more than one in the vicinity, or if we feel the need for a small road trip, or if the whim just takes us!  We went to this sale a few weeks ago, and I can’t remember for sure how we ended up here, but I think it was because there were a couple in the area.  We went to this one, looked at the line at the other one and went on to something more fun.  But, at least this one provided plenty of blog fodder, so sit back and enjoy an estate sale with us!

Other than the garage, which had some pretty ordinary stuff, this is what greeted us as we walked through the door:

I think this might have been the original Angry Bird.  He sure looks pissed about something.  Deb took a pic at more of an angle so you could see how three-dimensional he was:

Not that it makes him any more pleasant, but you should at least have the full effect.  This fellow hung in the dining room, so he could glare at you when you took the second helping of mashed potatoes, or perhaps he would have been more upset about the fried mice!

As we walked around the corner, we realized why the owl in dining room existed:

Whoooooo wants an owl, or two or three?  Actually, I did snag one off of here that fit in another collection I had, and I spent a few minutes looking at them just because my late grandmother had a HUGE collection of owls, and the urge to buy her one has not left my psyche yet.  At a certain point though, just because you collect owls doesn’t mean you need them all; leave that grumpy critter in the wall picture alone.

We decided this was just wrong:

Seriously, what did that sewing machine table EVER do to you to demote it to being a planter?  Watering it is just asking to ruin the finish, and what do you put in it?  A fairy garden for little sewing gnomes?  I have tried to get the gnomes to finish my sewing and it just doesn’t work.  Maybe cactus, so the watering is not an issue and no one will ever touch it, or just rip the planter out and put a nice modern sewing machine in it and enjoy it the way God intended.

We did adore this darling little folding table and chairs:

It was VERY tiny, so we had doubts about it working for anything but a petite little old ladies’ bridge club, but so cute.  We were amazed that the whole thing looked like really nice furniture, but all the pieces were still able to fold up!  Not to mention that the zippy red color gave it a dash of real style.

We also thought this was incredible:

Talk about being born with a silver spoon in your mouth.  If you were lucky enough to sleep in this amazing crib, you probably had two or three spoons in there from the moment you were born.   It needs to be filled with antique dolls and teddy bears now, as who knows how safe it is, but no matter what, it is still something to see, and something you are not likely to see often.  In my family we put the baby in a drawer and called it good.  (The drawer was open—don’t get your panties in a wad.  It makes a pretty good place for a baby in a pinch, and it was my mother’s generation, not mine!)

On the other hand, this just looks like an accident waiting to happen, at least in my house it would be:

You may have to make the photo bigger to get the full effect of the marble birds perching on the lamp.  We regretted that they didn’t have it plugged in, as that was probably a sight to see.  It looks like a really tiny base, and me being the clod I am, as well as having teenagers and a cat in the house means there is no way this would survive.  While thinking on this, I decided that might be a good thing, because really, it’s not that attractive.  It would be no great loss if it did bite the dust, Italian marble or no.

Deb had to snap a pic of this dress:

Raise your hand, if you were a bridesmaid in the ’60s and had wear this style.  Substitute any color you want, or if you were in lots of weddings, do them all!  We were not sure why it was still living with them, but there it was.  It was in perfect shape, too—they always are.  It’s not like you would EVER wear it again!  What is it about brides and that?  Maybe we should all just stand up for our friends in jeans and cool T-shirts.  At least they would be useful!

This gave us hope:

And the sale did not disappoint:

What a bed-full of crazy hats.  Each flowered creation was zanier than the last one.  If we had to choose just one to take home, it would have been an impossible task.  Luckily, we have plenty of hats, and these were priced high enough to make us leave them all there.  We hope they found a good home with some other hat person who will take care of all those artificial roses with love.  Or maybe they went to the ladies’ bridge club and the flowers can stay with the cute folding card table.

We don’t have anything specific coming up for a bit, so I guess you just need to stay tuned for our normal wackiness, and see what we turn up.  Till next time.

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Let’s Take This Show on the Road

As Kathy said last week, I do travel a bit!  Lucky me, we have lots of family and friends all over that need a visit from us now and then.  I’ve written about visiting Oregon and Idaho before; you can read all about the previous trip here.  These are dear, long-time friends, so they made sure I got to visit some thrift stores during our stay.  But, for once, shopping wasn’t the main deal.  We did some fun things as a group, like miniature golf and swimming in Lake Wallowa which is pretty frosty if the air temperature is below 80ºF and the sun hides behind the clouds.  I’ve been in Lake Superior, so I’m familiar with lakes that can take your breath away—even in the summer.  But, there’s something wonderful about your feet and tushy freezing while you float in a blow-up chair, enjoying the hot sun.  We kicked ourselves for forgetting beverages for the cup holders; although the beverages we were thinking of might have resulted in an open container violation!

Our first stop was Moscow, ID.  The weather was toasty and sunny, but lucky us, we went to the Saturday market:

This card booth could have been mine in an alternative life.  The name is awesome, badpoodles cards, but the motto is the kicker: Life is too short for obedience.  OMG that is breathtaking and hilarious.  If you look carefully at the picture, that bad dog might be breaking every poodle rule in the book.  People are so dang creative and I want to celebrate that.

While I don’t have pictures, we went to a thrift store in nearby Pullman, WA, and I found something that we have been wanting for IFDC (International Fashion Doll Convention) next year.  Stayed tuned because we might even show what we’re up to.  When you thrift shop, you have to give yourself plenty of time to find the things that you’re looking for.  Rushing around just leads to last minute panic, and I’m sure there will be plenty of that next summer.  To toast my good finds we went to WSU’s Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shoppe and had some celebratory ice cream.  I had the divine Huckleberry which might be the best thing I’ve put in my mouth this year!  If you’re within 250 miles of WSU and like ice cream and cheese, you need to plan a visit!

We headed over to Joseph, OR to finish up our stay.  It’s so beautiful there.  I wish that I were in better shape because the hiking is outstanding.  As it was, we did a couple of walks, I’ll call them, instead of the more strenuous hikes we have done in the past.  A favorite is the Iwetemlaykin State Heritage site:

It isn’t difficult, since I can do it, and the vistas are wonderful:

Starting down the trail you get a good look at the mountains in the background.  The mountain on the right is Ruby Peak, I think.  I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong!  My memory is pretty shaky about things like this; it’s why I keep travel journals when I NEED to remember what I did or saw on a trip!

We were sitting in the shade at Knight’s Pond, and this view was before us:

Good placement for a bench; I could look at this scene all day.  This seat can make a postcard photographer out of anyone with a phone or cheap point-and-click camera.  I’ve seen some astounding pictures done by professionals that make you think they’ve used some Photoshop skills.  As you can see, Photoshop would be overkill!

We did end up going to an antique store and looking around.  We window shopped after breakfast (Yum, baked oatmeal.  It’s like eating oatmeal cookies for breakfast!) and decided the shoppe merited a further look.  I wasn’t enamored with their pricing, but this is a tourist area and the locals need to make hay while the sun shines.  On the other hand, there is NO way that I would pay $70 for a four or five inch cast iron griddle!

About the first things that really caught my eye made me think of Kathy’s noncollection of cow creamers:

They were both pretty cute, but the prices were such that Kathy would be disappointed in me if I had bought it.  We delight in getting each other bargains, weird as that might sound.  The best presents cost less than a dollar!  ( Kathy here, I own the spotted one already! Not a collection! ) I laughed at the cottage cheese containers.  The owner of the shop told us that she buys whole estates and sorts through things.  Want to bet that granny kept these two containers to store leftovers, or even buttons?

This whole table made me kind of sad:

The clear glass and cut crystal is nice, but it’s hard to sell, as we can tell you from our Etsy experiences.  That ewer and bowl set just isn’t pretty enough to grab me, and good god, those shoes in the front!  The only person who buys these now, are old ladies, and nostalgic folks, “My grandmother collected these!”  We have seen cases of this stuff at estate sales, and most people walk on by.  I do remember the 1990s, when all of this stuff would have flown off the shelves.  Tastes have changed, and these kinds of vintage items have born the brunt of it.  Hopefully, for the shop owner, a buyer who buys what they like will come in and scoop them all up!

Oh, I was so torn here:

She did have some nice silhouettes, but oof, the prices.  On the right side of the doorway, under the arrow, hangs my main temptation!  It would be a silhouette for each of us—a dog for me and a cat for Kathy!  So cute, and I haven’t found ones like this before.  But again, they cost more than I would have dared charge on Etsy!  So, I take a picture and tell myself to save my moolah for things that really make me happy—dolls!  Actually, it’s okay that I didn’t buy them since I have nowhere to hang even one picture this small.  Time to thin the herd!

I had loaded some local Fort Collins pix to make up for the dearth from the trip, but I think that I’ve nattered on long enough.  Thanks M. and R. for making our trip so much fun.  [Arnold Schwarzenegger voice] I’ll be back!

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