Busy, Busy, Busy

We always say we are busy, and somehow it seems to be true.  Even with Deb off visiting her family, I still don’t seem to have time to get things done.  And now, I have just noticed that school is coming up, (the summer intern is NOT happy) and once that starts, it’s a landslide into the holiday season.  Sorry, I know I should not be mentioning that, but I go whole hog decorating for Halloween, so that seems just right around the corner.  In that spirit, and knowing how busy you all are as well, this will be another quickie post.  We will get back to posting longer diatribes when the weather cools, and we are all huddled inside with more time to read, and to write.

Let’s start off with this odd teapot:

Sea shell teapotThis was a puzzler.  It looks sort of modern and sort of old.  We had to tip it up to see the mark:

Otagiri mark

It’s marked Japan, so it has a bit of age to it.  That is about all you can say for it.  If you had an enemy (surely not a friend?) that collected teapots, you could bet they wouldn’t have one like this.  I suppose if you were REALLY into a seashore theme you might need this as well.  I have a friend who is pretty fond of the beach, but she will be delighted that I resisted this on her behalf.  [Deb here to say that my sister who loves teapots said, “No thanks” to this one!]

Next up, another odd travel souvenir, I think:

Strange wooden pedal carIt is made of wood and designed to hang on the wall.  It’s a good thing you might hang it up, as the way the perspective is shown, there is no way this thing could actually travel down a road.  The back wheel seems pretty wonky to me.  Aw well, it could always be firewood.

For those of you really into world travel, we have the lamp of the world:

Traveling LampIf it’s supposed to make you look sophisticated and globally savvy, it failed.  Miserably.  Don’t be fooled, it just makes you look like all your taste is in your mouth!

And now for something large:

Weird CanisterThat’s it, just large.  We don’t know what it’s for.  Hopefully something more fun than the ashes of your annoying neighbors.  Pretty sure cookies stored in this wouldn’t even taste good.  And to top it all off, the price is going to deter even the most determined thifters.  Bet it spends a good long time on the shelf.

We have been doing some massive grumbling at the prices at thrift stores recently.  Our local Goodwill, sensing this (perhaps by noticing the huge amount of stuff they are NOT selling), has begun a 99¢ room in the back.  Unsorted, unmarked, you dig it, you buy it.  OK, now we are talking.  We have been having a good time dredging through it on occasion.  There are some people who have begun to make a career of it, and they can be a bit annoying, but we still have a good time, as do others.  This is all leading up to this photo:

Shopping BuddiesWe did get a kick out of the ‘6os crewel work kangaroos, but we were more delighted with the two ladies behind them.  The one in the awesome colored hair was practically head first into the boxes, and coming up with some pretty cool stuff.  She and her friend were having even more fun than us … maybe.  Back to the kangaroos.  They are groovy ’60s at their quirkiest best.  Even in the avocado green frame.

While the ’60s lounge music is playing in the background (no really, put on some Martin Denny and groove with me).  We loved the graphics on this serving tray:

Vintage serving trayIt was kind of a strange tray with the glass insert, the tile, and the spot for the knives, but a closeup of the tile areas reveals just how suave it is:

Vintage serving tray graphicsWe would like to think we are the sophisticated women in the little red dresses, our hubbies sporting berets and drinking martinis.  Alas, we are not (hubbies just refuse the headgear!), but we like the accoutrements of the time.

We hope your summer is moving on 33 rpm, or just nice and laid back.  If not, we’re glad you took the time to visit with us.  Don’t forget to catch the extras on Facebook, and we post some other stuff on Pinterest as well.  Lots of vintage postcards etc. so if you have some time, take a look.  Don’t forget to comment and pass us along to those enemies with the teapots!



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Posting on the Run

I no sooner got home from Las Vegas when I turned around and drove to Michigan for family fun.  My parents don’t have wi-fi right now, so we’re in McDonald’s having a snack and logging into their free internet.  The library in my parent’s town does have internet service, but being a small town, it’s flaky, and the library hours aren’t 24/7.  I actually should have scheduled a time to write the post instead of waiting until the last minute.  This post is going to be short and sweet since I’m writing it while my parents grocery shop.

We were semi-terrified by this bottom shelf at Goodwill:

Terrifying Trio   Terrifying Trio are banks

Neither the duck nor the lion/dogs are what we would call good ceramics projects—it starts with their coloring.  In fact, my inclination is to call the whole pile of them pitiful.  I was wondering if a picture from the top would solidify my opinion, which it did, but I also noticed the squirrel hiding behind the front beast.  Mr. Squirrel is the best of the bunch, but is wisely avoiding having his picture taken with his woebegone friends.

Here is a case of the good with the bad:

Bunny and Toothbrush holder

We went to a wonderful church sale, and I bought the bunny planter on the left and the basket for a dollar.  I was pretty confused by the item on the right at first thinking it was a toothbrush holder for a very strange bathroom decor.  However, after looking at the picture more closely, I think this is a flower frog, which is no less weird than it being a toothbrush holder.  I’m not sure what the two women are doing—it’s not any of my business, really, but I don’t see what it has to do with flower arrangements.

This might be one of the strangest things, EVER:

Instant underpants

I know that Archie McPhee is a novelty company, but this is pretty weird even for them.  I wish the tiny tin hadn’t been sealed, since we were curious what instant underwear might look like.  Probably along the lines of those instant washcloths and towels.  That tin is a very convenient size for travel if the underwear were actually wearable.

This record album cover cracked us up:

Neil Diamond

Oh, Neil Diamond, you’re a good-looking man; you don’t need to channel The Everly Brothers’ hair style.  With that hair, I’m not surprised that you were a “Solitary Man”.

We sort of like these bustier purses as a rule:

Bustier Purse

This one seems more “booby” and less bustier than others.  I’m not sure how much stuff you could get in there, since it’s flat except in the cup area.  How could someone take polka dots and make something that I don’t especially like?

My parents just popped their heads into McDonald’s wondering if I was done, so this is the last thing:

Goofy little Christmas Elf

I love those old Christmas elves—they are so cute in my world!  This one, at the above-mentioned church sale no less, looks three sheets to the wind.  I long suspected that elves might be secret tipplers to deal with all the stress of Christmas deadlines.  Plus, I’ve heard that Santa likes to spy on everyone, so they have to be good for goodness sake.

Thanks for reading; we know you all have better things to do especially in the summer.  Keep tuned to see what we’re up to next, and check out our Facebook page if you haven’t already.


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It Stays in Vegas

As those of you who read our Facebook posts know, we made it back from Vegas safe and sound.  All in all it was a fun trip.  The convention was fun, the driving there and back had only a few minor construction zones, and it has been so hot at home that the 101 degree temps didn’t even seem all that hot.  That last one was not really a plus, but we are going to pretend it was, as we sit and sweat it out back home again.

We have a few other items that we found in our ramblings around Sin City to share with you.  It is so much easier to type a post up on the computer.  Both of us had only schlepped our tablets along, and boy is that a challenge.  Thanks, WordPress, but I digress.

First up, we have these curtains.  These were at the sad bargain thrift store:


It’s pathetic enough to think about these hanging at your window, but when we realized they must have been samples and there was only one of each, we were really depressed.  Imagine having to have the whole lot, just to cover a window or two.  Gack.  That green and gold one really looks like something the cat horked up.

While speaking of cats, here are a couple more:

wp-1468417771473.jpgI loved this little kitty postcard, although we were not sure why you should scratch Mommy kitty.  Still it was cute and for the $1.99, I might have brought it home, but some idiot put it in the frame with some nice clear tape over the top edge to hold it in place.  Ruined the whole thing, as there is no way to get it off.  Tape is a huge pet peeve with us.  Be it the thrift store taping vintage boxes closed, or previous owners fixing books, pictures, post cards, etc. with it, tape really messes things up.  Back away from the tape dispenser, folks.

This cat is NOT CUTE:

wp-1468417498337.jpgI am going to say it falls well into the WTF category.  The hat was glued on and the glasses had a spot with a pivot point, so you could raise them up, so we know it was all factory made.  Never mind going into what caused someone to think cats should be pink.  When you lift the glasses, the cat didn’t get any less odd:

wp-1468417501765.jpgI am pretty sure this feline has spent way too many hours stuffing quarters into the slots, or maybe just breathing the air in the casinos.  No matter what caused it, it has a serious case of the uglies.

We did like these:

wp-1468417716791.jpgDeb loved the poodles, and owls worked for me.  Several of the casino shops had variations on these.  The smallest one was around $70.  We kept trying to figure out how to mangle our suitcases so we could get new ones.  It was a lot harder to find someone to blame when we drove the whole way, and toted our myriad luggage up to the room on our own.  So, alas, these stayed in Vegas, too.

I was trying to avoid this as long as possible, as we were flabbergasted by this whole shebang.  When your ceramics project goes terribly wrong, you might get this:

wp-1468417494445.jpgActually, to be fair, this may have been commercially made.  Still doesn’t make it any better.  We want to send our sincere apologies to all Texans, as no one should have their state represented by this.  If the big old blue bonnet bedecked clock doesn’t turn you off, we are pretty sure that the bottom of this being an ashtray should finish up any chance of this being acceptable.

I will leave you with a couple of more fun things.  While drooling on purses, jewelry and the fantastic Chihuly ceiling at the Bellagio,  we found this amazing pair of cloisonné vases in a relatively small back hall:

wp-1468417744840.jpgThis is just one of them, but the other was a matching twin.  That is a honking big old piece of enamel!  We were trying to decide how they ended up there, as we are pretty sure there is some age to these.  No matter how they got there, they were stunning, and larger than life, but I suppose that is the norm for there.  Crazy that they were just sitting in a nondescript out of the way place.  We would have taken them home.  There was one for each of us!

And last, just for fun, here are our travel dolls in front of Caesar’s Palace, just to show we were there:

wp-1468417506626.jpgYou didn’t think it would be a picture of us, did you?  We are no fun to look at.

Till next week, watch for more fun on Facebook.


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Hello from Las Vegas


We’ve been in Las Vegas since Wednesday morning attending the IFDC doll convention.  But, that hasn’t stopped us from hitting, and missing, some thrift stores while we had down time.  We stopped by Epic Thrift Store (awesome name), but they had evidently closed their doors recently; shoot!  Then we tried the deceptively named House of Bargains, which only applies if you wanted to buy any of their sad, worse than garage sale merchandise.  So, we went to Savers (sob, our sadness is an old story), and our current standby, Goodwill.

Boy, it felt good to go into Savers again.  It’s been a while for us, since the last time we were at one, was the last time we were in Las Vegas.  It was clean, nicely organized, and their prices were reasonable.  We also miss this part of Savers:


The wall o’ bagged goods.  It went on forever, and we each bought something from this display.  For some reason, we both like looking at things stuffed into a bag and hung on a wall.  Go figure!  It looks like we aren’t the only ones, either.

The major difference between Fort Collins and Las Vegas thrift stores lies in the shoes and clothing:


There were lots of rhinestone, sequined, and low-cut outfits, and they had the shoes to match the outfits.  The glitz, glamour, and impossibly high heels both awed us and simultaneously made our feet hurt.  Fort Collins shoe choices frequently involve the words: clogs, mary janes, hiking boots, running shoes, and if you want to get fancy, kitten heels.  There is a whole new world of foot pain out here.

Since we are at a doll convention we thought we would throw in a doll:

We have seen these kits before, but the dolls were different styles.  They have a styrofoam body, with legs and arms somehow attached.  They look sort of corny from the cover picture, and things can get worse than corny depending on the skill of the crafter.  Judge for yourself:


She did a pretty good job, but obviously grew disenchanted before finishing the hat.  It has been around in this state since sometime in the 1970s.  We feel for her, but not enough to buy and fix the poor dear.

Short and sweet is the phrase of the day, so that’s all from Las Vegas.  We have a few more things to show you, but we HAVE to wait until we’re home with our laptops.  This writing a post on a tablet is for the birds.


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Busy as Beavers

I know it will shock you, but Kathy and I didn’t go shopping last Friday—we had a sale of our own, instead.  (In the interest of honesty, we did go shopping independently on Saturday.  There were some killer sales, for Pete’s sake!)  After talking about having a sale for literally years, we jumped in with both feet (four feet?) and sold off some of our vintage “extras” with the help of two intrepid friends who had extras of their own.  We did okay for the first attempt at this sort of thing.  We had people show up expecting garage sale prices, but everyone was nice about that, and for the most part, people didn’t even dicker much.  We are planning to have another sale in the fall at a friend’s house who lives in the middle of town on a fairly busy street.  Of course, that gives us another reason to garage sale, so we can be fully stocked again.  Or, we could just dig through our houses and find plenty to sell.  Our husbands would support that idea wholeheartedly.

As if that wasn’t enough to keep us busy, we are heading to Las Vegas next week for the IFDC (International Fashion Doll Convention) and have plenty of projects to complete for that, plus all the usual yard and house work!  Sometimes, 24-hour days just aren’t enough to get it all done.

We have some old pictures to share.  Let’s consider this a test of my memory as I try to recall why we took these pictures.  Here’s an easy one:

Not even close

While it had a few amusing things, it was nowhere near an OMG sale.  We independently went to an actual OMG sale, as opposed to this picture, last Saturday and have been sharing finds on Facebook.  THAT seller is a collector with the most amazing eye.  Kathy snagged a couple of Arts and Crafts pieces, because she went first thing in the morning.  I went around 1:00 pm, and the lawn was still covered in stuff; I found ephemera, the biggest tea kettle I’ve ever seen, and even an old bird-cage. Now that breadth of collecting deserves an OMG; we are but eggs in comparison.

I need to get back on track, or we may wander all over creation and never finish the post.

We both started laughing when we saw this at the original OMG sale:

Suzy Goose anyone

To those of you who don’t collect vintage Barbie and all of her paraphernalia, this is not all that funny, just some more of that bad white French Provincial furniture that was churned out by the ton during the 1960s.  Kathy and I, however, saw this:

Suzy Goose like cupboard

the Barbie-sized version of that cabinet.  I looked all over this piece of plastic and couldn’t find a maker’s name; Suzy Goose made a lot of plastic Barbie furniture ( Kathy Here, that is a Suzy Goose piece, they just never marked that one! ) in the 1960s, but they plastered their name all over, like this:

Suzy Goose wardrobe

Still and all, if you were a teen-aged Barbie wannabe in the ’60s, you could do worse than furnish a room in that white French Provincial style.

We also saw this for sale, and while it’s amazing, it’s not OMG either:

Back when cars were tanks

Amazing doesn’t always mean good!  We were amazed that anyone had kept this poor car that avocado green all these years.  Kathy wouldn’t get near it on a bet.  I kept telling her that we could use this car to ram all the other cars our of our way on the way to a good sale.  This really shouldn’t be called a car; maybe tank would be closer to it with all that steel.

Even though they are usually not safe for babies, I love these old cribs:

Cute old useless crib

The little decals are so cute.  I guess they can be retrofitted, but that’s beyond most of us. Maybe their best use is for display of dolls, or toys.  I always feel a little sad when I see them at garage sales.

This little sculpture is commercially made, if you can believe it:

Silverware sculpture

I thought maybe someone with a drawer full of mismatched silverware fired up their welder and went to town.  Turns out, this was made in China.  I still like it; if you were to use it at a barbecue, maybe mustard and ketchup would make more sense than salt and pepper.  That’s where DIY makes more sense; you could make a variety of holders.

We still have time for a few thrift store finds:

Odd Vacation Tchotchke

I want to go with, “This looks vaguely Asian” but that’s all I got.  What the heck is it, and why would someone drag it home from wherever they were?  After a second look, it sort of makes me think of Kabuki, but that’s probably because of the eyebrows.  Anyone have a guess?

What is going on with this?

What is going on here?

It has a shell, which always gets our attention.  But what in the world is coming out of it?  I think it’s supposed to be a flower—it was made of some kind of stone.  Was it an Ikebana fail?  It sure has minimalism going for it.  We saw this, the thing above, and the thing below all in one day.  It gives new meaning to, we take the bad with the good.

What in the blue blazes?

What the blue blazes?

Without the mirror platform, it would be a nasty resin copy of the plaster urn that can be seen in fancy formal gardens.  Even the photobombing bunny knows this ain’t right, and the mirror stand makes it even worse.  If it had been plaster, I would have bought it to tuck in a flower bed, and then put it away safely for the winter.  That resin stuff isn’t worth the plastic it’s made from; one good windstorm and it would blow all the way to Nebraska.

This kind of stuff just makes us go smh:

OMG look what someone did to that clock    OMG clock back

That clock was just fine without all that vintage costume jewelry attached!  This could be captioned by the phrase, “Putting lipstick on a pig”.  The clock isn’t a pig, but it’s plain and serviceable.  It didn’t need to be all blinged out to do its job.  Now it looks ridiculous, if you ask me.  Wow, that came out pretty cranky; maybe it’s time to make a gin and tonic, and go outside to look at some flowers.  ;-)

Thanks everyone for reading.  If you’re interested in what we got at the real OMG sale, take a hike over to Facebook and scroll down a bit.  I’m going to put a couple more pics up this weekend and early next week.

Also, hope all of our friends in the US have a safe and fun 4th of July!





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Here Comes the Bridezilla

We have both been very busy recently tending to our respective yards, lawns, and gardens.  Just when you think all your spring work is done, here comes summer, and you have to move into heat proofing and watering.  On top of that, we are leaving for a trip to a convention in Las Vegas.  Yes, for those of you on the road between Colorado and Nevada, watch out, the Second Hand Roses will be on the loose.  All I am trying to do right now is make up a decent excuse as to why June is almost over, and we have just about managed to forget our annual tribute to wedded bliss.  Fear not, we did save some photos all year, and remembered in the nick of time to share them with you.  So here is a look at some not-so-fabulous wedding fails.

I think I will start with these:

Table Decorations?OK, I get the whole DIY wedding thing.  In fact I am a big fan of it.  I was doing DIY before it was a thing.  Oodles of things for my wedding came from my own hands, including making my veil and dying my own shoes.  But I did leave off torturing innocent Mason jars.  I honestly think you could have left the glitter in the bottle and just plopped a candle in the middle of each reception table and been farther ahead.  We are not sure if the glitter ones came from the same wedding as the lace and burlap ones, but if they did, maybe you should have given the bridesmaids more complete instructions rather than just decorate the jars to put candles in.  I still think I would rather see a jar liked this filled with pickles, but I guess I grew up canning, not wondering what to do with those old jars.

I am hoping this was a DIY thing, too:

20160419_103739.jpgI think it was supposed to be the guest book.  The only thing that made sense to me was that the bride drug two wedding cake toppers home for the groom to make a choice, and then decided that taking the reject back was too much work, so opted to decorate the wooden guest book with it.  I am not sure it even opened far enough, what with all the 3-D decorations, to even get your hand in there too sign it.  Probably why it ended up empty and unused at the thrift store.

These might have been DIY, but they are definite winners:

Bridal Party Wine GlassesIt might be a trifle difficult to take that first drink out of them, but think how cute they would look on the reception table.

We also thought that this was delightful:

Asian Wedding Photo albumIt was very elegant and way more tasteful than the bride-covered book.  I am not sure how well it would match most brides’ colors and themes, but maybe they should work on that.  Fewer burlap bedecked jars and more cranes.  Sadly, this also was unused.  Of course, if it had been like most of us, the bride in question had good intentions of filling out that wedding book, adding all the photos, and making a lifelong memory book to hand down to her grandchildren.  The divorce was final before that could happen.

We were a little on the fence about this one:

Honey comb bridal dressOn the one hand, hey, it is a honeycomb table decoration, so what’s not to like?  On the other hand, we are hoping they only used it for the shower, not with the cake or on the reception table.  Seems like a bit much, and not as formal as it could be.  We also hope the groom didn’t look as much like Barbie’s Ken as this one does.  At least he looks happy about the whole thing, so there is a win.

We can’t tell if this group is happy or not:

Wedding TrollsSeriously?  Wedding trolls?  I just don’t know where to go with this.   My dolls have been brides more times than I can count, but somehow the troll under the bridge doesn’t strike me as the marrying kind.  He will probably break your heart when the next goat clip-clops by.  As these were still in their boxes, we figure some poor “happy couple” got them as a gag gift.  We totally forgive the speed at which (we hope) they were deposited at the thrift store.

No bridal post would be complete without one of our pet peeves.  When children marry:

When Children MarryDeb hates these with a passion.  Maybe because there are so many of them.  Seriously, children: grow up.  I think they both look like they are asking a higher power how they got into this mess.  If you don’t know, sweetie, don’t stroll down that aisle, no matter how cute you think he is!  On the other hand, if you turned them back to back, it could look like they are both making a run for it.  Maybe we should do that the next time we see a pair in this predicament.

I have always worried about making your four year-old niece precede you and scatter rose petals.  Seems a lot to ask for a youngster.  It is even worse when you ask her to carry this:

When Doves CryThat is one HONKING big basket, so there must have been a whole lot of roses sacrificed, and it had to be pretty darn heavy.  We are also worried about the fact that the doves seems to be arguing over who gets to carry the rings:

When Doves Cry detailsI don’t know who has a better grip, but it looks to me like neither one is letting go soon.  Maybe we have this all wrong, and it was filled with delightful wedding favors.  I am holding out for candied almonds, or I am taking my gift and going home.  For the right item, I could probably pretend I don’t see the unlove birds.

I spotted these last two at a local thrift earlier in the month.  Just in time for the bride that forgot to order her bouquets.

20160616_143548.jpgAll they needed was a battery pack and a little bit of fiber optics to go as far over the top as you can get and still be within earth’s atmosphere.  Thank goodness they came in those wonderful plastic boxes to preserve them for posterity.  I was trying to decide if they came from the same wedding, as it seems like a rather odd combination of colors, but I suppose every brideazilla gets her say.

We send best wishes to any new brides out there this month, and we hope everything you did was tasteful, and decorative, or you know where you will see it next year!  Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog, like us on Facebook, or just share what you see with your friends.  We love new readers!

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Deeper in the Heart of Texas

Time for round two of the Tyler TX juntique mart.  A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about all the weird and wonderful lamps and lights that we saw there—probably more instruments of illumination than I have ever noticed in my whole shopping career.  But, wait, my sister-in-law, her sister-in-law, and I saw much, much more than just lamps.

Sorry about the general badness of these pictures; it was dark and gloomy, and there were tons of lamps making small pools of light which caused all kinds of problems for my unobtrusive little point and click camera.

I would like to bet that 97% of you have never seen something like this before:

3 M VIntage Medical Display Lower Spine      3M Medical Display backside

I recognized it as a pelvis and lower spine (thank you four years of nursing school), but at first I thought it was some sort of macabre Halloween candle.  It turns out that it’s a vintage 3M medical display, at least according to its label.  The bones are in some yellowish acrylic cylinder that allows for study from all directions.  The same study could also be done using the classic hanging skeleton which also has the added bonus of being touchable.  This looks like one of those ideas that sounds better in the planning stages.  Unless you want to combine skeletal studies with plant display.

I can see that the maker of this was trying to be creative:

Angel shadow box should go back to the shadows

I have to wonder if they were just looking around a room and said, “Yes, I’ll use this, and this, and this!  It’ll be wonderful!”.  They started with one of those old wooden boxes that produce and canned goods used to be shipped in.  The flying baby head (putto, cherub, ?) isn’t anything special, in fact I really don’t like his expression, or the fact that he’s trying to look as if he were made from marble.  What does a glass serving dish have to do with anything?  Then the artist realized that the shadow box needed something and threw a bit of trim into the mix.  Might be time to rethink your whole plan, and go in a different direction.

I wonder how many people today know what this was used for:

Does anyone remember what this is

This relic of a less technical time is decorative while looking at it from above, but when loaded down with official stamps it was functional in the extreme for the busy accounts-receivable drudge.  Most official stamps that I see nowadays seem to be the self-inking types which seem to end up in messy piles in your desk drawer.

This Neatette cabinet is pretty neato:

Neatette Cabinet with Deco lines - Copy

I love the Art Deco decoration on the glass panels—that little bit of flair goes a long way on a practical item like this.  The ceramic top to the drawers must have been a nice work area in the old-fashioned kitchens with no counter space.  Marble would have been even better!

This funny silver server was labeled a milk pitcher:

Silver Milk Pitcher    Silver Milk Pitcher details

The spout was almost nonexistent, so I didn’t think it was a coffee or teapot.  I liked it a lot, but I really don’t serve milk in big pitchers, and I have a number of glass pitchers that meet my cold beverage serving needs, so I left it for the next shopper up.

I thought the two end stacking canisters were pretty fun:

Snacky Stackables

if useless.  Who buys potato chips, popcorn, or pretzels by the cup?  It’s our old complaint about flour and sugar canisters—they should hold the whole bag or what good are they?  Then there is the middle set of stackables in that 1970s avocado green.  Gee, I hope their kitchen had the matching appliances.

I liked this rose rug:

Red Rose Polyester Rug

It was made from folded pieces of polyester so it should be there with the cockroaches at the end of time.  That’s what you want from a rug though, endurance and resistance to staining.  It’s a bonus that it’s attractive.

Sadly, this picture might also be around at the end of time:

Yellow marigolds of TX

I’m pretty sure that the flowers were created using some long-lasting, manmade materials.  Why are all of the worst things usually the longest lasting?  Give me a picture of The Yellow Rose(s) of Texas any day.

Oh, so this is what you do with all those paint-by-number pictures:

What to do with those paint by numbers

Everything is better with rhinestones, right?  OMG, this made me laugh for far too long.  I’m embarrassed to say that I kind of like it now, in its new, blingier style.  It would be a hoot in a pink bathroom or in your pink boudoir.  If nothing else, you could put it in your giant walk-in closet and be amused by it in private.

Does this tin of bug dust look familiar?

McCormick Bee Brand Insect Powder

It should; it was distributed by McCormick and Co.  You know, the folks that put out the spices and herbs.  I kept looking at the tin thinking that it seemed like something I’ve seen before, then I saw the name McCormick and the nickel dropped.  They also made lubricating oils and household drugs.  I just hope the insect powder tin doesn’t look like Cream of Tartar!

Well thanks for hanging in there during the two Texas posts; everything IS bigger in Texas!  We’re going to try to keep our cool this week while garage saling; it’s only supposed to be 88°F Friday so we shouldn’t melt into a pile of goo like last week.  Please keep checking out our Facebook page as it has different things than the blog.



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