A Collector’s Mania

We admit it, we are collectors.  We sometimes even confess to the words pack rat and hoarder, although we would like to think we are tidier than the latter two terms would suggest.  On top of being collectors, we are collectors of numerous things.  One collection just won’t do.  Jewelry, dolls, cooking pamphlets, and kitchen stuff we have in common.  Separately, aprons, pottery, books, oriental things, NOT cow creamers and Stieff, bark pictures, crazy wooden things, and that is just off the top of my head.  I am sure there are more.  So this post is dedicated to collecting!

We recently attended a sale of a long-time local resident.  In fact, he was my family doctor from the time I was a tot, till his retirement while I was in my late 30s.  He passed away a dozen or so years ago, but apparently someone else had been living in the house up until just a few months ago, and all the stuff was still there.  It was a magnificent sale, and we had a really good time.  Here is a sampling of a few of our favorite pieces from this long-time collector.

The Mrs. must have really liked depression glass:

There was more than just this table, too.  It’s really too bad that this is not that popular any more, as it really is so dainty and pretty.  It’s still super useful, as well.  I noticed that the glass did not sell at all on the first day of the sale, but on the second day at half price, it flew out the door.

We both had to grudgingly admit to being really fond of this telephone:

Thank goodness someone else snapped it up, before we could become hoarders of telephones.  I am not sure who you would call on this, but it surely begs for a call to Zsa Zsa or Liberace.  A telemarketer would be a sacrilege.

We also thought this stove was downright adorable:

The baby picture behind it is pretty cute, too.  We always look at these things and think how thrilled that housewife was to get something so helpful for her kitchen.

There were not a lot of oriental things in the house, but this beautiful kimono was hanging on the living room wall:

Isn’t it wonderful when clothes are art?

On a side note, one of the first things I spotted at this sale was a copy of the History of Larimer County by Ansel Watrous.  This local history book was first published in 1911, and those early copies are very rare.  This one was a leather-bound edition in wonderful condition.  Called my hubby and asked if he wanted to plunk down the $125 to make it our own.  We have been looking for a nice copy for years.  Of course he did, and after I got home with it as well as several other local history books (did I say we collect books?) he was so excited by it, that he promptly went and purchased the 1972 reprint, which isn’t super cheap either, just so he could read it, and not damage the original.  That’s what book collectors do.  At least this is on his head, not mine.

On a collecting note, we saw this box at the thrifts a bit ago:

Seriously?  We could fill that puppy up with one trip to the thrift store, and not even blink.  If that is all the collectibles you have, you are a PIKER, and not worthy of the name collector.

This is more like it:

This does not only count for dolls.  I don’t care if you collect Rolls-Royces, I bet that you can find a garage somewhere to put one more in.  Just ask a real collector.  And don’t even get me started on jewelry or those other tiny things.  Thousands of pieces of jewelry actually do begin to take up space.  Who knew?

For those wanting to begin their own collection, have I found the thing for you.  Why not art?  Art, you say, isn’t that expensive?  Well, here is how to start out:

I found this brochure on our recent trip to Santa Fe, NM.  They have taken old cigarette machines and converted them to dispense art!  This sent me on a quest to find one of these machines.  Found this one near the plaza:

And found one at the Meow Wolf complex. (By the way, if you get the chance to visit there, it is pretty crazy!)  Had to give it a try, and here is my new art:

Each item is the size of a pack of cigarettes, of course.  They either come in boxes or on wooden blocks.  The box contained the small green print and button, and the block has a cool Zentangle drawing.

The drawing is an actual original work, and my favorite:

The drawing was held in place with photo corners and wrapped in plastic (see the above pic).  On looking at the info on the project, I found out that the artist is paid $2.50 on each sale, and the group of artists that do the Zentangle ones then use the money they make to make microloans to third world artists.  Isn’t it amazing what one tiny drawing can do?  And my dollies get some original artwork, as I will frame it and add it to their collection!

After looking at the site, artomat.org, I found out some more places with the machines.  For those interested, check it out.  You can also find out how to be an Artomat artist.  Noticed that there are eight machines in the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas, and I am heading there for a doll convention this summer.  More art, oh wait, is that a collection?

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No Matter How Busy, We Make Shopping a Priority

Things are a little hectic for us both. Kathy is off on a short trip with her hubby, and I’m getting ready to drive from here to FL (1915 miles) and then drive my parents to MI where they spend their summers (1200 miles) and then scoot back to CO (1250 miles) when I can bear to put my butt back in the driver’s seat of my car. I’m looking at this trip as a chance to spend some quality time with my parents, which I don’t get often enough.

We look at purses every week. It’s funny that we’ve seen two with “faces” in the last few weeks:


Now, I have to admit that the first purse is more of a Faces In Places kind of face, while the second definitely has a face under all of that hair. We really laughed at the hairy, colorful purse. We would have sooo carried this as girls. I wish that we could have had rainbow hair, too.

We’ve seen a couple of these ultra dainty, feminine ashtrays lately:

I usually think of swans as bathroom decor, probably because I was raised in the 1960s and ’70s. I guess this might also work in a boudoir. I think it’s kind of sad that something this girly and pretty will be full of stinky cigarettes. This next one is also too pretty for its ashy fate:

I guess that it’s not wrong to want pretty things around you, so pretty ashtrays make sense. I have a dirty lens here; I have a collection of vintage ceramic ashtrays shaped like hands. They amuse me somehow and I seem to be able to overlook the ashy part of the equation:

I sold this one a while ago when the collection just got too big and had to be culled. I’m glad it found a good home. Hope the other two we saw at the thrifts got adopted.

Here’s something that I’m not sure deserves adoption:

This is a huge ikebana vase with the metal frog already present in the small round opening. It was nearly three feet long. I thought it was really ugly and felt sorry for any flowers paired with it. Of course, it was gone the next week, so someone felt otherwise.

Well, this could be true depending on how close Mommy is to her class reunion:

This wasn’t how things worked in my house while growing up. That sign would have said, “If Mom is on a diet, everyone is on a diet!” We ate lots of cottage cheese and slice of peach lunches when Mom wanted to lose a few pounds.

Wow, a poodle that I don’t like:


It’s a featureless white mess, or as the bottom said, a downright white poodle. I can’t think of what occasion a white poodle planter would be the go-to gift for. New puppy, maybe?

OMG, there are so many people who need one of these:


I’m all for being prepared to deal with an unexpected future. I’m not sure that this small tin would really hold enough money for therapy. But, if you filled it with Sacagawea dollars, you could probably get yourself some retail therapy. Works for us!

I can understand why this was a retail store closeout:

Is this a Christmas decoration? Why is it made out of a sweater, cut on the bias? Is that its fur, or did it kill another animal and wear its pelt? Those antlers look like jute to me, just another questionable choice.

Okay, we get that people love their chickens, but this is just a decorative and craft fail:

That poor chicken is squished between a board and a wire place; although props to the maker for using chicken wire. That is one broody hen to have accumulated five eggs in her nest; although she isn’t doing a stellar job of keeping them warm. This so looks like one of those 1980s crafts where we had all those country decor things, like blue geese. Maybe a blue chicken was a welcome change of pace.

This is another decorative fail:

If you just stuck this little guy, unadorned, out in the garden, or in your plant-filled solarium, you would be let off scot-free for decorating crimes. What’s with the pink head scarf? New fashion trend among the angels and cherubim? I could almost forgive the greenery, but those huge mauve roses are a bit much. Is the angel praying for rain to help the roses grow? If I bought this thing, I would rip all the extras right off.

Well, stay tuned. Kathy might have something to show from Santa Fe and I’m sure to see something fun in FL or MI. I’m also writing a post about vintage cooking pamphlets, and we’ll have a giveaway associated with that post.

Make time for the important things in your lives. We get so busy with all of the overhead that we forget what’s meaningful.

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This Week’s Gleanings

After missing some shopping for a week or two, we were seriously short of photos.  Panic started to set in.  What would we do, if we couldn’t find anything awful to write about?  Yeah, like that would happen.  Of course the thrifts provided, as always!

Let’s just start out with some poor choices in DIY crafts:

While neither is exceptionally appalling, there really is not much to say in their behalf either.  You had better have a REALLY interesting plant in that duck to justify its existence.  A plain terra-cotta pot would do just as well and be less of a waste of clay.  As for that fish, what sort of prehistoric beast is it supposed to be?  At the least it seems to have some sort of backbone deformity; at worst, well, it’s just ugly.  Add that to the pipe rack beside them both, and you have a recipe for the worst man cave ever.

We know why this fella is squinting:

He thinks that if he closes one eye while looking in the mirror, he is bound to look better.  ’Fraid not.  Either that, or he is supposed to be winking at you.  Like he is in on your stealing the last chocolate chip cookie and is on your side.  Just looking at him, you know he is going to rat you out to the first person who will bring him some stylish clothes instead of that plaid pair of coveralls.  Nope, I wouldn’t trust this owl one inch.  [Deb here and B.H. is very sad about the owl’s headgear.  Not a tiny hat, but what is it—a leaf, a flower, a sideways cockscomb?]

We did adore these snack sets:

We have never seen any this shape, and they were awfully pretty.  We don’t need snack sets, and this particular thrift marks anything they think might be even the tiniest bit old very high, so it was easy to leave them there. But, if we had been bridge players, we might have had to succumb anyway, as they were vaguely club-shaped.  Lucky for us, we are not bright enough to play bridge.

I have never been a big fan of artificial collectibles.  You know those limited edition, buy it now at this outlandish price and it will go up in value and put your kids though college kind of thing.  (Can anyone say Beanie Babies?)  Here we have another example:

Well, it sure has a lot of gold on it.  There, is that good enough?  To me, it looks like some coach on Dancing With the Stars is making her practice her hold.  1,2,3, don’t drop the obelisk, 1,2,3, don’t let your headgear fall off.  Watch that skirt, don’t catch your heels.  You get the picture.  Other than that, what is she good for?  She was made by the Franklin Mint:

Those experts in overpriced “decorative” wares.  Bet she had friends, too, that cost an arm and a leg, and yet here she is, flaunting herself on the thrift store shelves.  By the way, just looked and someone is trying to sell her twin on Ebay for $100.  Guess we should have snapped her up and made a killing.  Of course someone else has her for $40 and no one is biting on that either.

This next item was a head scratcher:

Actually scratching your head with it is probably not a good idea.  We were trying to figure out what a person would do with a two-bladed ax in the kitchen.  It did have two blades—look here:

We actually are assuming it’s a meat tenderizer, but it sure looks like it could pass as a fairly deadly weapon.  I bet this woman’s husband was the best behaved man on the planet.  She just had to open the drawer to make him toe the line.  Drat, maybe I should have purchased it?

We suppose you could apply the hatchet to this sofa and do everyone a big favor:

And yes, that ghastly color is spot on in the photo.  Every time I see a couch this ugly, I try and imaging the conversation that happened the day it was purchased new.  Nope, there is no way I can ever see anyone saying, “Isn’t this gorgeous?  It would go so well with the avocado green shag carpet!”  The sad thing is that it is not worn out enough to throw it away with a clean conscience.  Guess they were saving it for the front parlor and the “good” company.  The thrift store wasn’t doing it any favors with those throw pillows either.  Of course, there are not enough pillows in the whole store to properly hide this thing, so they probably gave it up as a hopeless cause.

We have one more that sort of falls between good and bad:

On the one had she is the teeniest souvenir doll I have ever seen.  That is a huge plus in my book, as how much space could she take?  Hardly any.  Easy to fit in the suitcase, too.  On the other hand, sleep eyes that tiny have a little bit of creepiness built in.  Not so bad that I couldn’t see dragging her home, but we can’t save every orphan doll in the world, or our homes would explode!

Looks like we are back on schedule, at least for this week, until it gets crazy again, but we know the stuff is out there, just waiting for us to photograph and share with you!  Tune in next week to see what we find!

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Easter Basket Cases

Easter and April Fools’ Day on the same day?  That’s a waste of a perfectly good holiday, plus now I’m afraid to trust my Easter eggs.  It hasn’t happened in 62 years, but it will happen again in 11 years so hold onto all those Easter-related April Fools’ pranks; you’ll need them again.

When I saw this photo in the Easter 2018 file, I felt like I had used it before.  It wasn’t in last year’s Easter post, so apologies if anyone recognizes it:


I feel compelled to include it, because of the sheer horror of parents giving this to their child on Easter.  WTH, Mom and Dad?  No one wants something like this in their Easter basket!  Chocolate, jelly beans, Cadbury Eggs, heck even a decorated hard-boiled egg if you must.  Just not an angry egg-like thing glaring at me.  Also, I have to ask, “What’s the deal with those shoes?”

I was at Michaels the other day and saw this:

Sure they were big and sparkly, but really, $20 for plastic decorative eggs?  Plus, imagine how hard those eggs will be to hide!  OMG, do you suppose that they WANT people to see them?  I’m confused and conflicted by these eggs; the only way they’re coming into my house is if they’re full of chocolate, or at least jelly beans.

I have several Easter craft fails for you.  First up:


Just what everyone needs—an Easter starfish made from bottle brush trees.  It doesn’t help at all that they plastered a pink Happy Easter sign on it, or even the little Easter egg.  This crafter needs help ASAP.  I recommend that they boil some eggs and have a whee of a time decorating them.  At least the evidence of their questionable taste will soon be in the compost.

Then there is this iffy attempt at the decorative arts:

This must have been on the thrift store shelf-of-all-holidays, since I can clearly see Halloween pumpkins in the background.  I think that hats make good … HATS!  Stop decorating them for holidays and hanging them on the door.  You would be better off making an Easter Bunny wreath, and coming from us, with our anti-wreath history, that’s saying something.

I found this bunny on Pinterest.  I hesitated to include him, but he has to be the second cousin of our mascot, Ruffles the Bunny:

I wouldn’t touch his eggs on a bet!  He is absolutely terrifying, and someone had better get Grandma to the eye doctor if she thinks he is decorative.

We hoped that this was a craft project:

The idea that a manufacturer thought that there was a market for a painted egg with hair and a face is just too disturbing to think about.  We absolutely know why this was at the thrift store.  Hopefully, it slipped off its hook and did a Humpty Dumpty.

I’m not sure why this ceramic bunny even exists:

She isn’t all that charming, and if she is the Easter Bunny, her basket should be full of eggs.  However, I included this picture because I love the little teapot in the background photobombing her cutesiness.  I would take him in a heartbeat over her, if forced to chose.

Well, this is kind of sad:

The giver grossly misjudged the recipient’s taste in jewelry, since this ended up at the thrift store still on its card.  It’s kind of sappy, and made of resin, but it isn’t terrible, is it?  If someone had given it to me, I would have gulped and bravely pinned it to my jacket.  I have to say though, the brand name Tiny Trinkets is misleading, since this is neither.

Goodness, I hope someone’s kid made this in pottery class, but I doubt it:

Who would keep an Easter egg cookie jar on their counter, even at Easter time?  And, not to pile on, it’s rather weird-looking to boot. I guess that if your goal is to keep your kids on a continuous sugar high during Spring break, you might need both cookies and candy to get the job done.

We saw this little purse at half-off day:

I can remember carrying something similar when I was a kid all dressed up for Easter.  It would work as an Easter basket, too.  It was in pretty darn good shape for being a 1970s thing.  I bought it and stuck it in my Etsy shop, hoping that someone  would be amused.

We’re hopping that you all have an awesome Easter and April Fools’ Day, however you celebrate it.

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Tuesday Terrors

It’s been a goofy month.  We had one Friday when Deb didn’t feel well, and then I had the cold from hell, and then dear Hubby wanted to take some time off to visit the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.  It was very interesting, but those tiny scraps of paper really don’t say scrolls to me.  If you were that old, you would have a perfect right to be a bit on the tatty side, too.  Anyway, the upshot of all this is that we didn’t shop much for the last few weeks, leaving us with a dearth of pictures to share with you.  But … fear not, we were perfectly willing to sacrifice a Tuesday and hit ARC up for the half price sale for the sake of our beloved readers.  (If you believe that load of bull, I have some ocean front property just outside of Ft. Collins, CO for you all!)

I think that I will start off with this photo, snapped while Deb was ill:

Glad she was already home sick ’cause this might have finished her off.  They put this with the Easter decorations, I suppose in the mistaken belief that this was a warped sort of bunny, but it has a distinct tail and pouch making it a kangaroo of uncertain origins.  I am not sure who is more at fault here, the original maker of the pattern, or the avid crocheter who felt the need to render it in yarn for all to see.  At least she is a well-dressed roo with her ruffled scarf and pink purse.  You have to disguise your flaws somehow, right?

We came across this whole shelf of tiny pitchers:

We tried to like them, honest we did, but every single one of them was some sort of newish reproduction of something older.  It was really weird.  At this point, I am wondering if it was some sort of “Pitcher of the Month” club with a bunch of made-in-China crap delivered right to your door.  Seems no one collects pitchers anymore, and these can only be destined for the rubbish heap.  (I say that, but every one of them will probably be gone next week. It boggles our minds, the stuff that finds its way out of the thrift store.)

Now if you needed some coffee to go with your creamers, you could do a whole lot worse than this:

It was in rather bad shape, missing a handle on the side, and the glass bulb on top, but in its day it was one snazzy percolator.  When I see things like this, I always feel that we have missed the boat in the design department.  When did things have to become only utilitarian, and not pretty too?  I think stumbling out of bed to your morning coffee served out of this would have to make you stand up a bit straighter and stick that pinky out a bit more while holding your coffee cup.  A much better way to start the day than a plastic “one-off” cup of coffee and dash out the door.

Not far from the perky percolator we spotted this fella:

We don’t know what he is for, but he made us laugh.  Looking at the photo, he seems much grouchier than he did when we were just looking at him.  Maybe he doesn’t like his photo taken?

Now this owl should definitely not want his pic snapped, but snap we did:

He puffed out his chest and is trying to put a brave face on the whole thing, but his overall homeliness is still shining through.  Not to mention that he seems to have hit the Starbucks a little hard this morning and looks a bit over awake.  We will give it credit for one thing.  It was someone’s craft project and they used up their whole allotment of clay on one project.  This thing weighed a ton.  As a doorstop it would be unmatched.

Since we are peeking at various ceramics, I guess I will have to inflict this on you:

I love cats, but this is just one big “NO”.  I think it might be a cookie jar, or maybe a canister?  There is no good way to open it, though.  We are sure no one ever used it, because if they had, they would have had the good grace to throw that top on the floor.  The plain basket underneath is much less offensive to the felines of the world.  Take the top off, put it on the counter and wait for your real cat to crawl in.  If I fits, I sits!

This was pretty weird, too:

It’s kind or hard to see, but it is glass, and there are all these scenes around a picture of a plant.  Turning it over we see this:

A rather lengthy discourse on why this particular plant is so useful in all the applications shown on the front.  No offense to the plant or its efficacy in solving the world’s problems, but why put it all on a glass tray?  Just post it on Wikipedia, for heaven’s sake.

It’s nearly time for prom, and we mourn the piles of dresses that go unloved every year at the thrift stores while girls beggar their families for a pricey new one.  I am going to give the girl a pass who walks right by this dress without a second thought:

What sort of hot mess is this?  It was pleated and bunched and had a train and a rhinestone pin, and not one ounce of taste.  The only thing I can think this dress would be good for, is if you happened to own the Pittsburgh Steelers and were required to show up somewhere in the team colors [Deb here, or their throwback uniforms!].  You will still get my sympathy for having to wear it.

Another thing we are constantly amazed at, is the “good ” stuff that ARC puts behind the counter, so it is safe.  The humongous WrestleMania figure is an amazing example:

I am very sure no one would be tempted to steal him, and putting him up there on display is probably just plain mean.  He must have an inferiority complex from all the rejection he has had over the years.  Just as long as he doesn’t take it all out on the hapless vases and overpriced used shoes displayed near by.

We are happy that Spring has sprung, at least in our neck of the woods, till the next snowstorm, but the weather should be good enough that writing an Easter post next week won’t feel too odd, so stay tuned for that!

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I Ain’t Got Nobody … to Shop With

I was on my own last week as poor Kathy had such a bad cold.  She’s a good friend and didn’t share it with me, thankfully.  You know that we don’t have anywhere near as much fun shopping solo, but I did manage to find a few things to laugh at.  In fact, looking at the photo library, I have a bumper crop of things to talk about.

Since St. Patrick’s day is almost upon us:

Leprechaun bowl is magically delicious

Oh dear!  Does he guarantee that everything served in him is magically delicious?  I would much rather have a lovely Belleek shamrock bowl that would be useful and Irish all year long.  Of course, if you drink enough Guinness, maybe Mr. Leprechaun would benefit from the beer goggles.

These stuffed animals are obviously a close-out from a store:

They still have tags and look relatively unused.  Were these St. Valentine’s Day goods that went unclaimed?  I can totally see why no one wanted them—what’s with the gold hearts and feet?  They look like kids’ toys, but the hearts say things like, “My heart is yours” and “You are always on my mind”, which are kind of creepy messages for children.  Other shoppers must have agreed with me because they were everywhere:

Even in the kitchenware area.  I don’t think Goodwill is ever going to sell them all, even at deep, deep discounts.  I was shopping there on Monday, buy twelve items and they are ALL half off, and no one had these critters in their carts.  And yes, I did manage to find twelve things!

Ever think that some products were designed to fix something that really isn’t a problem?  Exhibit A:


I wasn’t even sure what they were; I just glimpsed their label—Pee-pee Teepee and thought WTH?  Then I thought they were just a joke item, but no, if you read the label they are serious!  I had a hearty laugh that someone would need directions to cover a “sprinkling wee-wee”.  I worked in a newborn and pediatric unit when parents didn’t spend the night and new moms sent their little bundles of joy to the nursery so they could sleep.  I’ve changed a LOT of diapers, and never got peed on, although a couple came close.  I guess you could try these teepees, or just get the new diaper on the front of the wee wee in a big hurry.  I thought it was a nice touch that the teepees were being served up on a silver platter.

You know that we love vintage souvenir odds and ends, and I have a thing for trays, too:

I would not have this tray if it were presented to me on bended knee.  It was the most disgusting shade of avocado green/brown I’ve ever seen.  It made me think of … never mind what it made me think of!  Plus it was huge.  In the picture, it’s on the child’s seat of a shopping cart and is wider than a four year-old.  I do like the places it’s immortalizing, but uff da, that color!

I took this picture because I have a little story about her:

I was walking by this doll, which is bigger than most two year-olds, but just as floppy when they don’t want to do something.  Anyway, I noticed that her bloomers were off, and lying a little ways away from her.  Being a good citizen, I started putting those pants back on and boy did I get the funny looks from people shopping near me.  I was going to defend myself, but decided screw it, let them think I’m a pervert.  Maybe they will scuttle out of my way when I’m trying to dig through a bin.

I’m not sure about this thing:

I think someone hauled it back from Arizona as a souvenir!?  It isn’t that attractive as a chip dish, and if you’re trying to drink margaritas out of it, be sure to have 911 on speed dial; maybe even cue up the numbers 91_ because you’re going to need help.

It’s time for something cute:

It’s bottle/bristle brush art in the form of a duck family.  I kind of like those things, but don’t have room for all of them, especially the big ones.  I like how the big one in back is looking right at me.

What the heck are they doing with these bells?

Why would they advertise that they are “shatter-proof”?  Are people trying to ring them like a real bell?  Hitting them with a little hammer?  I thought that was really weird.

This is a pretty big presentation for a tile that is only about four inches tall:

And that is completely ignoring the fact that the duck is scary looking.  First off, those colors are pretty strange.  Secondly, whatever that blue thing may be, it looks like it’s strangling the duck, or maybe it’s a splint for a broken neck?  I wouldn’t want to look at this tile any more than I already have.  The bristle brush ducks were ever so much cuter.

I never did get a good picture of these birds:


They kind of gave me the heebie-jeebies.  I totally can see a Velociraptor when looking at them, which makes them ineligible for decoration, or lurking on a sofa table behind me!  Chickens can give me the same feeling when they are hunting; it’s super creepy.

I found this cool thing for my awesome S-I-L.  I hate to ruin the surprise, but I HAVE to share it, even if she reads the post:


This giant teaspoon, a Texas teaspoon it’s called, measures 12.75 inches long.  The bowl of the spoon is four inches long and two and a half inches wide.  It’s made by our old friends, Rogers Bros, who made those darned cranberry servers that we can’t find.  I hope she uses it when folks are over and she wants to add a little sugar to their tea.  Just a teaspoon, darlin’?

Happy St. Paddy’s Day, everyone.


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Caught on the Flip Side

Why is it when your ONLY child decides to actually share something with you … it’s a cold?  I had been quietly sailing through the winter, had my flu shot like a good little girl and “wham”—sniffles, sneezing, fever and cough.  The worst is actually over, but the cough is a gift that keeps on giving.  I am only mentioning this to give me an excuse about any incoherent rambles I might wander off on.  I haven’t had a whole lot of sleep.  Today I went to school to pick up my child, totally forgetting he was lunching with his grandmother, and I could have been home taking a nap!

I notice, when looking through our photos for today, that the ’70s seem to be showing up a whole lot.  We always wonder where these things have been hanging out for the last four decades.

Take this choice item (please!):

I’ve gotta say that their bar had better have been super deep and had locks on the cupboard doors to let this thing hide out that long.  This was too square for the groovy bachelor pad, and much, much too ugly for any housewife worth her salt to set out where people could actually see it.  Let’s hope it was a wedding gift, and they were waiting for the donor to kick off before they sent it away to languish in the thrift store.

This next one doesn’t even have the hope of it being a gift, at least let’s hope not:

At first we thought it might have been a sewing basket, and were almost able to forgive it on the notion that it might have held cool sewing stuff.  Nope, this was luggage!  To be specific, a train case.  I’m gonna say that this would be one piece of luggage that you could leave totally unattended and no one would look at it twice.  There is no way on God’s green earth that anyone with the poor taste to carry it would have anything worth stealing in there.  Heck, I bet you could carry the Hope Diamond with impunity.

Speaking of no taste:

What’s up with FiFi?  I have to give kudos to Deb here for figuring this out, as I kept wondering why the cat had AA on it.  I figured it was just in case it drove you to drink, but instead, we have FiFi the cat.  Who names a cat FiFi?  A poodle, yes, and I once had a Fiat 850 Spider named that (she was temperamental like a French poodle), but not a cat.  She looks worried about the whole thing, too:

I just want to apologize to the poor thing.

We ran into yet another “lard” candle, as Deb calls them:

This was decorated for a wedding, and what says festive wedding more than this monstrosity of whipped wax.  It was awfully big, and I am not sure you could manage to burn the whole thing during the length of an average reception, so please just toss it in the trash with the rest of the DIY wedding favors that should never happen.  If you must give someone something for the wedding, a nice little bag of candied almonds always seemed like a nice choice.  You could eat them or pass them along to someone who would nibble on them.  No wondering what to do with the mini lard candles, or something even less prepossessing.

We were on the fence here:

On the one hand this swan looks more like a dragon than not.  I am guessing the left hand side is the head, judging from the bow around the neck, but it is not very head-like, so really as a swan it failed, but props to the crazy person that folded that many individual pieces of paper to make this!  I don’t know why they did it, but there you go.  I believe we have seen something like this before, see here.  At least this one didn’t have a glass bowl to go with it, and they tried to be a bit color-coordinated.  Funny, we have never come across these instructions. Knock on wood, probably next week!

While we are getting crafty:

We found a whole drawerful of Grandma’s pot holders.  Most of them were pretty seventies, but we each found a cute tiny older one that needed to be rescued.  It’s not like we couldn’t arm an entire neighborhood in pot holders, is it?  You know the answer to that is yes, but at sixty-nine cents, they needed us.

We also came across this picture:

It’s your basic ’70s burlap plant picture.  These were everywhere you looked back then.  Most of them were embroidered, or commercially done, but we noticed that the actual geranium flowers were made of rickrack.  How clever is that?

They came out looking quite a bit like geranium flowers, so other than being a bit old-fashioned, it could have been worse, so much worse:

Told you.  Golden Idol, anyone?  I guess it is supposed to look Egyptian, but it looks more like a prop from a zombie/mummy B movie from the ’60s.  You know the kind with the really bad stop-motion animation, and actresses who seem to have gotten paid per scream?  “Zombie Tut Meets Midas and Pays the Ultimate Price”!  This didn’t even have the excuse of being a bank, or even anything slightly useful.  Just a big gilded hunk of ceramic.  We have a category in our tags called Golden Knickknacks.  Pretty sure this qualifies in spades.

We did save one cutie for last:

We thought this travel doll souvenir was just so much fun.  Loved the colors of her dress and head scarf, and she had a cute look on her face.  Not too big, and not breakable. The perfect keepsake to bring back.  We were sorry she was there, but you can’t save them all, and we had already filled up on hot pads!

Spring is coming, so they say, and Easter is early this year, so we are gathering those bunny things to share.  If you have a bad egg (or a good egg for that matter, or a bunny or two!) that you want to share, be sure and send it in.  We love to hear from our readers.

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