Ahoy, There Be Garage Sales About!

No, we didn’t garage sale last week when it was raining biblically here in Colorado, but we did the week before.   Not only did we go to garage sales, but they were mostly good garage sales, even if we didn’t buy much.

This first sale had some fun older things that were priced like an antique booth.  We like cool old things that are priced cheaply, but you can’t always get what you want:

Plaid Flap    Nut Pick Set
This nutcracker and pick set were in great shape, as was the vinyl case they lived in.  What a fun giveaway to get from The American National Bank not to mention that the plaid is sooo ’50s.  Too bad that neither of us need nut picks; I have one of those bark nut bowls with the nutcracker and picks in the center and who knows how many nutcrackers Kathy has!   ;- )

This trivet is made from older clothes pins with the springs removed:

Old Clothespin TrivetI might have bought the clothes pins as they are pretty cool, but I definitely don’t need any more trivets.  However, I don’t have anything too snarky to say about it as it’s kind of cute, although, I might have chosen different beads.

I love these sets:

Egg Nog Set

I don’t own one because we don’t drink egg nog or Tom and Jerrys not to mention that it’s like owning a punch bowl when you don’t entertain all that much.  We have so many fun and useful things stored in our kitchen cabinets, that we smile and pass on by punch bowls.  The egg nog set was in wonderful condition; obviously no one ever put it in the dishwasher!  It’s so sad to see vintage kitchenware with most of the decoration gone after being beaten almost to death in dishwashers for 5o years.

This chopper has savoir faire wafting out of the box:


As soon as you get this honey out of the cupboard, you will be cooking like a French chef in no time at all.  I love that they kept the box!  The graphics are so very ’50s or ’60s with our chef wearing a white hat and the Salvador Dali moustaches.  If they had curled just a bit more, I might have said Hercule Poirot!  Sorry about the glare on the top of the box–just squint a little and maybe you can see.

This horse does not meet the high standards of the other garage sale finds:

Pony BottleFirst off, we were a little puzzled by this until someone ahead of us pulled its head off.  Eek it’s a bottle! Then, I was moving it a bit by its leg and almost knocked it right off the table because the LEGS MOVE!  If you were serving booze in this, I’m pretty sure that an accident would occur at some point in the evening because the head comes off (creepy) and the legs move when you touch them.  It startled me, and I was mostly sober.

I wish someone could explain to me why I bought this:

poodle face2     Poodle side

Even the poodle looks surprised that I bought it!  And maybe he was right–just take a look at that facial painting!  It was only 50¢, but that’s not a good enough reason.  I have lots of poodles, and very few of them are black or plastic, so maybe I was just trying to complete my collection.  Somehow, that wasn’t very reassuring. ( Kathy here; I am pretty sure I twisted her rubber arm and made her buy it! )

After garage sale fun, we headed to the thrift store because we’re gluttons for punishment:

Pheasant Soup

Oh my, pheasant soup!  We were laughing pretty hard when we realized that the tail was the ladle; it was all just a bit over the top!  I especially like the mound of flowers and berries on the poor thing’s back; I think they’re supposed to be a knob to pick up the lid.  But really, wouldn’t anyone who was using this just grab the head?  Someone liked it because it was gone the next week.

This pair of candles caused a snort or two as we passed by:

Someone got their feelings hurt

Is it just me, or does that mouse have  a pouty/sarcastic expression?  How could one prevent said expression when standing next to Miss “Can’t Hold a Candle to Me”?  Mr. Mouse seems to be saying, “Come on dadgum it, I’m a purple mouse!”

We like a man who is out standing in his field (sorry):

Tractor art   He's proud of his tractor art

Mr. Shepard was all kinds of proud of his tractor art.  Sad to say that his kids might not have shared his enthusiasm, or one of his patrons’ heirs had the same lack of appreciation for tractor art.

The next couple of things are on the good side.  We had not seen a Florence Ceramics plaque before:

Florence Figural Pictures  Florence MarkThey are pretty collectible and we even have a Florence figure in our Etsy store.  Florence Ward started the pottery during WWII in Pasadena, CA.  Her designs were mostly of women and men dressed in 19th century clothing.  The company was sold in 1964 and started making a different line of pottery merchandise.  These two plaques are very ’50s in their sensibility with the rose color dresses and beige background.  These figures don’t show up all that often in thrift stores–or they’re snapped up as soon as they show their faces.

We saw these eggs at an estate sale:

Now these are decorated eggsI think they were shooting for a poor man’s Fabergé Egg and that’s a pretty high bar.  The eggs were decorated within an inch of their lives with beads, rhinestones, enamel, velvet, knobs, pedestals, and legs which makes them amusing but not breathtaking.  It must be noted that the maker did an amazingly good job; I would for sure have at least a blob of glue somewhere on the eggs.  Especially after applying all those beads; a person could go blind doing that!

Thanks for dropping by and joining in the fun.  If you find any fun things on your rounds and want to share, just email us at thesecondhandroses@gmail.com and we’ll include your picture in a blog post, on Facebook, or both!


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Along the Way

As posted last week, we are back: Deb from Florida and me from Holland!  It was a lovely river cruise with my mom, but the weather was horrific.  The wind blew in sustained gusts of 60 mph one day.  We pointed out that back home, we call that a hurricane!  We still saw some fun things.  I worked very hard to find a thrift store, thinking that would be a wonderful blog entry.  Try explaining to the concierge that you are visiting a foreign country looking for used stuff!  This was my best effort, and it was closed that day:

Window shopping

It had the oddest assortment of “stuff” in the window and probably would have been good for a post, but no luck, as we were there on Monday, and most of the town was shut down.

The tour was called Tulips and Windmills and they tried really hard to get us both.  The windmills were easy:

Daffodils and WindmillsOf course it was blowing so hard that you could hardly stand up.  Luckily I was down on the ground for this shot!

As you can see, it was more like daffodil time, and we did get to see a field or two of those:

Pretend they are TulipsSo just pretend those are yellow tulips.  From a distance, it was hard to see the difference anyway, so this worked.  Notice the rain clouds, and yes, they came and got us all wet shortly after this shot.

While walking around in one of the quaint little towns, I found a piece of home, at least for me:

Right At HomeI will explain it in a minute, but just wanted to note that your eyes are not off, that whole country leans to one side or the other, and sometimes both!  Most buildings are built on reclaimed land, and it makes for an uneasy foundation.

Ever since the summer intern was born, Deb and I have capped our Friday outings with lunch at a nice little Indian restaurant.  It was easy when the intern was smaller and we had to get lunch, and get home in time to get him down for a nap.  They have a great buffet, and that made it quick.  Imagine how delighted I was to see that they had a European cousin:

Sign Of HomeOf course, every third Indian joint is named that, but it still made me smile.

Luckily, we have been back for long enough to have some normal blog post fodder, so we will proceed to the dreck!

As you know, we are both pretty fond of dolls.  Needless to say we left this fine gem on the shelf:

It's all too fabulous!From a distance, she may not look that bad, but just so you know, she was the cheapest plastic available in China, and that is not an outfit, but some body glitter!  Just imagine what the poor girl has to go through every time she comes home from a stint on stage.

We didn’t want you to miss the full effect, so here is a quick shot of the back:

It's a fabulous backsideI still think it was probably not entirely useless.  It would make a fine cat toy.

What has one eye, two beaks, and not much else identifiable?  We don’t know either, but here  it is:

One eye, two beaks, no waitingMaybe they are not beaks, but ears?  Doesn’t really help, does it?  We don’t know what it is, but there it is, and there it will stay, I’ll bet!  (But I wouldn’t put much money on it, as folks buy the oddest things!)

Here is a another in our long list of things that could be good (doilies) but aren’t:

Ick!This was a waste of time and thread on so many levels:

Feeling dizzy yet?Look how close those stitches are.  She must have slaved over it for hours.  Not enough to keep those lines even, though.  And when all is said and done, it was way easier to send it to the thrift store, than to explain something that ugly living in the house.

This one also tried to be good.  I imagine the pattern looked just fine and dandy, but here are the results:

Is it a purse or a dress?Sort of looks like a cross between a dress and a purse, and those cute red polka dots are in a constant state of warfare against that boring grey worsted weight yarn.  It so depressing when you work that hard, and just can’t face the results.  Maybe one of these days they can come up with a communal incinerator in each town.  Any hapless craft attempts can be burned at no charge, just to get them off the street.  Kinda like a gun buyback, and they can use the power generated to run the senior center.  Sort of a perpetual motion thing.  (Sorry, couldn’t resist! Just so you know, we are both much more senior than sweet young thing, so we’re laughing at ourselves as well.)

We have to admit to rather liking this last find.  We were delighted with the monsters in a thrift store painting thing as we shared earlier .  Imagine our joy at finding someone who took it just that one step further:

Monster Pitcher

We had to take a photo of this side, so you know there was a chair and a UFO to keep the monster company:

Backside of monster pitcher

It’s still not something you want to bring home to your mother, but it did makes us nearly giddy with laughter.  Of course, you have no idea how little that takes!  I did also see this story a week or two ago, and it fits right in as well.

Well, I came home with the airline cold, and I am still fighting it!  But we will be on the thrift store hunt again this week, come snow (which it is doing all over my daffodils here!), or snuffly nose, so never fear, there will be more to see next week.

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Getting Back to Normal–Whatever that Means

Well, we’re both back home and fixin’ to go shopping on Friday for the first time in two whole weeks.  The weather looks like it will be pleasant, so hopefully that means some garage sales!  Woo hoo!  Kathy has been out on Saturday with her clan, but this will be the first of the season for us.  I’m pretty sure all that anticipation has probably jinxed any chance of Friday being sunny–that’s how the weather rolls in Colorado, especially in the spring.

We’ve got to clean up some old finds from way back.  Like this one:

Belly button cleanerAre any of you old enough to remember Spencer’s Gifts?  There was one in a mall near where I grew up and my friends and I would spend hours looking at the silly and naughty gifts; we thought they were the funniest thing we had ever seen!  This perfumed, jeweled, studded belly button brush would have fit right in with the switchblade combs, whoopee cushions, and over-the-hill humorous “prescriptions” that we giggled/snorted over way too many years ago.  My favorite part of the directions is where it says, “BE POPULAR.  KEEP IT CLEAN.  MAKE MONEY AT HOME.”  Yup, that pretty much sums up my opinion of people’s belly buttons.

This HAS to be decorative–don’t you think?

Age of Aquarius

I cannot imagine making a zodiac molded jello salad unless I was hosting a Hair: The American Tribal  Love-Rock Musical after-party, and then it would be hilarious!  I had no idea that the musical had any other name besides Hair–thanks Wikipedia!  Of course, it’s also hard to imagine any one having a groovy enough kitchen to use the signs of the zodiac as decoration.

We kind of liked these; if only for being a nice change from the plastic squishy ones:

Grapes of Rock

The grapes of wrock, we called them.  While we liked the polished blue stones, I think the leaves could have shown a little more flair.  The whole thing felt wired together.  I can’t imagine drilling and gluing wire onto all of those grapes only to have the whole thing end up in a thrift store.  On the other hand, I can’t really blame anyone who decided to get rid of it, either.

These pieces of glass are kind of hard to see being back-lit and all:

Chihuly on the cheap

We thought they would make a nice decoration for the garden, ala Chihuly.  Unfortunately, they wanted around $15 each for them, which is ridiculous!  Especially considering how they would be smashed by the first hail storm or even the first time mule deer came tromping through the yard.  Someone liked them, as they disappeared–hope they had a coupon.

I recognize that eye roll wise Mrs. Owl is giving her fledgling:

Words of wisdom for teenagers and know it alls

I was (and maybe still am?) a bit of a know-it-all myself, so I probably should have this tattooed on my forearm.  However, it’s still appropriate for every teenager, every where!  Too bad they don’t spend much time reading trivets.  Parents should just serve dinner using the trivet and roll their eyes while sipping a nice Merlot.  Thankfully, kids usually come to their senses sometime in their twenties, or even earlier if you’re lucky.

We so know why this was at the thrift store, and there were two of them:

Yarn Pillow Corset

It wouldn’t take me long to toss this monotonous corseted pillow.  Off-white pillows are problematic for most households, now add something that will pill and attract pets who chew and claw.  Smart move dumping it at the thrift store!  Now if they had only put a real corset on the pillow and added some color, it could have found a home in someone’s boudoir.

We haven’t seen one of these in quite a while:

Cake of SoapWe know why they didn’t use all this soap–it’s for good, not just everyday.  Gosh, we rip choice stuff open right away and get busy using it.  I’m not leaving “good” stuff for some ungrateful wretch who will just cart it off to a thrift store!  I guess they could have saved it because it was “too pretty” to use; those words make no sense to us whatsoever!

Kathy isn’t much a fan of the color green–except in nature.  But even I had to admit that this was a little much:

Colorful sofaHope they had it in a garden room with plain walls so you didn’t go cross-eyed looking at patterns.  It might have helped if the print weren’t so vivid and quilted!  But of course, what do we know?  It was gone the next week.

We have no idea what’s going on in this picture:

Corona glasses are the least weird part of thisWe were just innocent bystanders, walking into a thrift store and BAM!  Really, the Corona glasses are the least weird thing about the male mannequin.  This could explain the store’s pricing strategy–the whole staff is drunk, high, wasted, wrecked, three sheets to the wind, in their cups, or whatever the kids call it these days.

Let’s end on a good thing:

Falcon ware candlesticks   Falcon Ware mark

We could tell that these were old and nicely made despite being orange, a color that I like but maybe isn’t so popular with the masses.  The windmills look hand painted as does the decoration near the top.  The mark JHW & Sons refers to J. H. Weatherby & Sons pottery started in 1891.  This mark was used from around 1928 to 1936.  There is an ebay auction for a pitcher with the same decoration, which called the glaze “radioactive orange”.  I quite like orange and hope that’s the seller’s description and not the maker’s.  JHW & Sons made some souvenir pottery, so maybe that’s the market it was produced for or maybe windmills were considered exotic and that’s why they were the decoration on these candlesticks.

I was intrigued by the use of “radioactive” orange in interior design and tried to research color use through the decades, online.  This lead to the purchase of  Pantone: The Twentieth Century in Color.  I can see a book review post coming up in the future.

That’s it for this week.  We’ve always got more surprises coming, so keep tuning in every Friday!


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Hoppin’ Down the Crafting Trail

Since Deb did the crazy rabbits last week, it’s left to me to see what has crawled out of the craft room.  Easter is just like any holiday–there are those who should leave the glue gun alone, and just head out to Hallmark.  Fortunately, or unfortunately for us, they didn’t heed my advice, and hit up Michaels crafts instead.  Here are some of the results.

We are going to give this one a few extra points just for being HUGE:

Purple Easter WreathThat is one giant bow, and you know the wreath is supersized when you can put an ordinary stuffed animal on it.  It seems to me that if they had just exercised a little restraint, this could have been good.  Lose the bow and bunny, add a modest-sized bow and few more eggs and “ta-da”, much better.  At least it would give the Easter Bunny a terrific place to hide eggs.  You might be able to get half a dozen in there.

Here is another Easter wreath that didn’t quite know when to stop:

Rabbit hat wreathThe Easter hat bunny might have worked, but he has the oddest case of dandruff ever.  He even looks a bit down in the dumps over it.  Maybe some “Hare and Shoulders” would help.

So if your door can’t handle the wrath thing (Freudian slip, I meant wreath), may be you could go for a topiary?

Easter TreeDrat, this is another of those things that was truly much worse in person.  Honest, it had one of everything slapped onto it with some excess hot glue.  These crafts are always a little more pathetic as they slowly self-destruct.  I am pretty sure that is a defense mechanism, designed to release innocent bystanders from the torture.

On the other hand, these things never seem to disintegrate.  They are in it for the long haul:

Plastic canvas Tissue holder2I might have been able to forgive this one, as I do tend to go a little overboard decorating for ALL holidays, but the colors are just appalling.  That insipid brown and hot pink do nothing for each other, or any one else.

Plastic canvas Tissue holderIt really is a good thing there is a bunny on one side, as the side with the supposed Easter Egg, is pretty hard to interpret just on its own.  It could be almost anything: a bomb, a blue haired guy with square glasses, an ink blot, you figure it out.  I think I would rather see a plain old tissue box, thank you very much.

These aren’t handmade, so there are multiple people who should be shot for producing them:

Killer bunniesThey were pretty weird rabbits to begin with, and giving them the Joan Collins Dynasty look didn’t do them any favors.  Pity the poor kid who finds one of these in their basket.

This person tried, they really did.  They were probably frantically putting it together on Easter Eve, so there was no time to run out and find a better offering for the basket, but oh dear:

Knitted no nosThe chick is not so bad but that bunny has a bad case of Snidely Whiplash whiskers.  They just need a little curl to them.  Well, and I suppose you’d better ditch the dress.  No self-respecting villain wears a dress, unless he is the big bad wolf pretending to be Grandma.

We had to laugh when we came across not one, but two of these, at separate stores, no less:

Another Yarn Bunny BasketYarn Bunny BasketThey were kinda cute, although both of them suffer from “wonky eye”.  It is pretty hard to make google eyes sit still on a pom-pom.  They were probably cuter before they spent a couple of years on the bottom of the box of Easter decorations, but we will pass out an A for effort.

Deb here, horning in on Kathy’s post.  I found this basket in Florida:

Chocolat bunny

This poor little chocolate bunny seems to belong right here; can’t let all those boring vanilla bunnies hog the show!  Plus his googly eyes seem to be attached firmly to his pom-pom!

We much preferred this sweet little basket:

Frilly basketDainty and ’50s cute, and just ready to fill with eggs.  Perhaps even these:

Ribbon EggsWe were quite impressed with the dexterity of the person whp carefully folded the ribbon and applied it to these eggs.  They came out really pretty, and hardly deserve the fate of the Bag-O-Stuff at the thrift store.  Maybe they didn’t need all the silk flowers, but we can forgive a little lapse.

Last up … the cake.  I noticed I forgot last month’s one of these, but it actually wasn’t too bad, so it slipped my mind.  This month’s makes up for it:

scan0002You know, if you used licorice for the whiskers and curled them just the tiniest bit, yep, it’s Snidely again!

We realized that we did not include the link to the annual Peeps Diorama contest, so we had better rectify that.  I had a hard time coming up with a really good way to look at all of them, but if you click on one of the brackets you can scroll through them.  Click on each photo for a larger picture.

Washington Post Peeps Contest

Hope you all have a lovely spring day for Easter.  Have a chocolate bunny for us!



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Easter Finds Multiply like Rabbits

Usually we only find enough weird stuff for one post, but lucky you, it’s two this year.  The good news is that they will be shorter posts–we know everyone is busy right now what with the holiday and warmer (hopefully) weather.We just have one rule for Easter: There is no such thing as too much candy, especially chocolate!

We both like to read children’s books, even as supposed grownups.  One of our favorites is Bunnicula:


Well, here he is to the life!  It even looks like he has fangs sunk into the carrot!  My goodness, that poor little carrot must be quaking all the way down to its roots.  If I didn’t have a soft spot for Bunnicula, there is no way I would have this evil bunny near my garden, much less delivering a basket of candy.  His mean looks might curdle milk chocolate.  He even looks evil from the side:

Bunicula is garden artThis picture is just to prove that there’s art out there for every taste, even if it’s only “garden art”.  Seeing these pictures kind of makes me sad I didn’t buy Bunnicula.  Maybe he would scare the real rabbits that are infesting my yard, torturing my drip tubing and the garden.

Here’s Bunnicula’s absolute opposite:

Ahh, Look at that little faceYou know he wouldn’t terrify innocent veggies in your refrigerator, nor would your cat or dog be worried about him hopping about the house.  Honestly, he is just too adorable in that so-sweet-your-teeth-ache sort of way.  But, you could definitely turn your back on him and not have to worry.

I’m not sure what exactly is going on with this covered dish:

Rabbit in the haystack covered dish

For starters, I don’t think it’s all that attractive as a decorative piece.  There are so many cute bunny candy dishes out there that would make better Easter trimmings.  The hay wagon is kind of clunky, the painting could be better, and what do bunnies and hay wagons have to do with each other anyway?

Haystack Rabbit why are you covering your child's eyes?

We also noticed that the mother bunny on top of the hay is hiding her child’s eyes.  It didn’t make much sense until we saw the child on the ground about to be smushed under the tires (see above picture).  No one wants to witness that!  No, we didn’t set that up; just more antics by those humorous thrift store workers creating quirky vignettes on the shelves.  Of course, if this were sitting in your living room, you would have to make sure to buy the child under the tires, too.

This is our kind of bunny:

Our kind of bunny

Full of helpful advice–eat jellybeans and save rabbits?  Sign us up!  It kind of reminds me of the old joke:

For Codd

Oh the life of a chocolate rabbit!

This plate tries sooo hard to be a charming and old-fashioned:

Trying so hard to be old and fun

The bunnies have strange heads; there’s just something wrong about them.  Oh well, it’s not good enough to be decorative, or decorative enough to be good.  I’m not wasting my money; the world is full of much nicer things.

The thrift store has a huge wall of stuffed animals:

Good and Bad

The bunny with a human mouth is super creepy.  Why would they put human-colored plastic flesh on a stuffed animal?  I also cannot figure out the deal with the little pink button nose either.  If you wanted a stuffed animal, why wouldn’t you pick the little dog with the rabbit ears in the upper left corner?  He’s adorable!

It seems to be the Easter for angry rabbits:

Pissed off bunny

If we hadn’t found the “Garden Art” rabbit at the beginning of the post, this might be our choice for Bunnicula.  That narrowed-eye Clint Eastwood gaze seems to be saying, “What the heck are you looking at?” or “Move along, nothing to see here!”.  He looks like one of  those bunnies who could stare down a rattlesnake without breaking a sweat.  Glad I’m not a carrot!

We’re frequently jealous of clothes and boots they make for kids (probably because we’re overgrown kids ourselves) and we want this boot in our size:

I want these my size

Who wouldn’t feel like splashing around on a rainy day if you had duck feet?  It might even make you look forward to a real downpour!  You could stomp puddles, quack, and probably gather a few worried glances; sounds like fun to me!

Thanks for reading, and come back for Kathy’s post next week.  She’s going to show you some homemade Easter trouble!


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Over the Top

Congratulations to Terri for winning the hanky giveaway–use it in good health!

It’s usually a “good thing” when folks go above and beyond.  How happy are you with a “baker’s dozen”, the wait staff who takes extra care of your kids, that mechanic who doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg for something simple?  Well, we have some examples this week that prove there really is a line that can be crossed over.  Not that we are advocating against those wonderful extras, we just think these folks could have stopped a little sooner.

Take this little souvenir for example:

That's what I call flair!No matter how hard you look at it, it’s still a tacky souvenir plate to hang on your wall, but did we really need the 3-D ruffled skirt to catch all the extra dust? You gotta give the dancer full marks for trying to make the fashion work, but even her partner seems a bit put off by the whole look.  Yeah, Yeah, I know, Flamenco dancers are supposed to look that way, but I still say they look pissed.

Here is an example of the Energizer Bunny of decorating things:

Decals and crochet cannot save these platesFirst they tried adding decals to the plates.  Nope, not quite there.  I know, let’s put some crochet around the edges.  Hmm.  Still needs something.  Hey, how about some rickrack?  Cause everything looks better with rickrack.  Or maybe not.  It might have helped if the decals had less orange and more red to match the crochet, or maybe they should have just left the plates white and put some cake on them.  Pretty sure most folks would prefer that, unless she really couldn’t cook, or it was fruitcake.

While we are speaking of crafting, we found this little lady this past week:

I'm hiding something under my skirt!She kind of made us giggle, and you know how we are about dolls.  About that time, Deb tired to move her to take a photo, and noticed she was hiding a deep dark secret:

How dare you!Yes, her B.O. was so bad, it took a whole air freshener for it!  You know, I never thought those Renuzits were all that decorative, so this was probably better.  But maybe you should just clean the house with some nice lemon juice, and skip the whole thing.

Of course, if you are embarking on a spring cleaning binge, this is never going to help:

Mop angelHere we have your basic, bug-eyed, feather-winged, mop angel.  Just what everyone needs.  I don’t know what they were going for.  Trying to make a doll, or disguising the mop and hoping the housework goes away?  Maybe they were just hoping the good floor-cleaning fairy would smile on them, and scrub the floor.  At least, if all else fails with this, you can fasten it to a pole and mop the tile.  What a novel idea.

We both come from the school of overoptimistic gardeners (Is there any other kind in CO?), so we love garden art.  It makes up for the color that we lose every time Mother Nature lets loose with a hailstorm just when all our favorite pretty things are coming into bloom.  But … we draw the line here:

Happiness is a ladybug?Happiness is a fake rock with ladybugs?  I think not.  We like ladybugs, might go so far as to even love them (once had a whole bevy of them clear up the aphids on a hibiscus that I had totally despaired of), so much so that we would never fill them up with fake jewels and put them on a rock.  Best you could do with this one would be to tie a threatening letter to it and chuck it through a window, although I don’t advise it.

Lake Tahoe is a gorgeous place, which just happens to have gambling, so this is the memory you bring home?

They must have been drunk when they bought thisSeriously, why didn’t you gamble your money away, rather than buy this?  Go to the edge of the lake and throw the money into it.  Lose it while hiking in the beautiful mountain areas near by. Take yourself to dinner.  Heck, give it to a passerby and let them gamble it away.  It didn’t work, so we have no idea what it played, but I am praying it was “Something Stupid”.  For the record, I love this song, but the title just works here, plus, if you watch the video, you got a Smothers Brothers extra.

This next item falls into our WTF category:

Throw them both backAnd it only gets worse, as you travel around to the dark side:

Throw them both back2Are we supposed to believe that the fish fought so hard he bit out the back of his pants, or does he just always fish in that attire?  We are pretty sure why his wife sent him out to fish.  Who would want that around the house?  I guess you have to be happy he is not coming home empty-handed.  There will be a heck of a fish fry tonight, but I would say he is already to sozzled to care.  We think the world would be an infinitely better place if this had never been made.  We could break this one, but you know there were more of them, and they are probably not extinct yet.  Maybe not even on the endangered species list.

All righty, I think you all have suffered enough, so here is your reward for slogging through the weekly rubbish:

Paint and ColorAre these just about the cutest graphics you have ever seen?  The coloring pages inside were not that cute, and it was missing the “handy plastic tray of paints and crayons”, so we didn’t bring it home, but it sure made us smile.  Showing my age by saying that this would have about made my month as a kid.  Does anyone color any more?

Here’s hoping that spring is coming to your area, and that all your finds are good ones.  If not, you know where to send the photos.

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Much Ado About Everything!

Well, what a difference a week makes!  Spring is just around the corner and the days are warmer, sunnier, and longer.  The crocuses are up all over the yard and my pussy willows are popping:

Croci        Poppin Pussies

Plus, my snowdrops survived single-digit temperatures and snow to look as lovely as ever:


Of course you know that we get most of our snow in March and April ’round these parts, so you enjoy the sun and warm while you gots it.

Don’t forget to post a comment here or on our Facebook page to enter the drawing for this  hanky:

Give away Hankie

I’ll draw names around 9pm on March 13th.  The winners will be notified by email and we’ll post a note on Facebook and to next week’s bloggy offering.

One of our readers, Steph, sent us a picture and shared a story after our hanky post last week.  It’s so sweet that we would like to share it with you.  Thanks Steph!

So my Dad once sent me an old hankie – with violets – or as he saw them, pansies – on it, with a note that said, “Steph – The little, purple pansy “hanky” may be suitable for setting off a small piece of china or silver or glassware in your display, or as a shawl for one of your larger, more mature Barbie dolls. Only a “Doll” about my age would carry an item like this for everyday use.
Some day, when you are old enough to understand (and forgive) such aberrant behavior, I will tell you (only in conditions of absolute secrecy) how I came to possess the purple, lavender and green handkerchief. Speaking of crying, Grampa Ralph passed away 25 years ago, April 19th. How I miss him!!! Much Love, Dad”

My Dad had a wonderful sense of humor – so you can hear his smiles and laughter in what he wrote. He never did tell me the story of the purple, lavender and green hankie. I’ve had it on my dresser ever since. In my drawers is a handkerchief from my husband’s father, and a hankie I carried on my wedding day. But this one is on my dresser to see every day, and every day I wonder who gave it to him.

Steph's hankyWe think we know all about our parents, but they have their private lives too!  My husband and a good friend both found out that their mothers had been married before marrying their fathers.  The surprising part of this is that their mothers told them when they (hubby and friend) were in their fifties, and there hadn’t been a whiff of the story before then.  For the record, my mother denies a previous marriage–of course I asked her!

On to our regularly scheduled post.  I need to use the wayback machine and find the pictures that have been moldering on the shelf lo these many weeks:

Don't leave me alone with him  Help!

The poor owl sure looks disturbed by the blocky, wooden saber-toothed cat head next to him.  My, what big teeth you have, Grandma!

Imagine our surprise a couple of weeks later when this owl appeared on a nearby shelf:

another wooden owl

We kind of like these ’70s owls; they make us laugh!  But, they’re never comin’ home with us.  We need another collection like we need more holes in our heads.  Of course, when we find something irresistible you know we’ll cave with scarcely a whimper.

These two coffee cups even look fast:

Even the cups look fast

They were fun, but here’s another thing we need like a hole in the head!  Cups and saucers abound in our cupboards, so these stylish German-made ones will have to go home with someone else.

Oh, it wouldn’t be nearly spring without a bad fake flower, fake bird arrangement:

Nice basket bad arrangement

This surely demonstrates Kathy’s favorite saying, “One of everything except taste!”  There is a fun basket in amongst all that frou frou, but I’m not going prospecting.

We did kind of like this Royal Haeger serving tray:

Orange Vintage Tray    Orange Tray

Royal Haeger did make a lot of orange mid-century modern pieces and this could well be one of them.  It must be a kind of rare because I only saw one with a Google search, and there was no information associated with the picture.  If you like Royal Haeger and would like to see some awesomely cool pieces, click here.

This vintage robe/house dress is nowhere near as cool as the tray above:

Polyester Robe     Robe tag

I think the tag was our favorite part!  The tag acts like no one has ever seen polyester before: “… feels truly more comfortable [debatable], … washes truly more clean, … stays truly more bright [true!], … stays fresh and clean”.  How sad that no one has ever worn this modern marvel!

We saw this cute little vintage frame, but were rather startled by the picture:

Vintage Rasberry picture

I know this is supposed to be a luscious pile of golden raspberries, but it is either badly faded or tinted.  At first glance, I thought it was a bunch of icky maggots or grubs, but that’s just me.  Needless to say, neither of us dragged this home.

You know how much we hate clowns–well, here’s a clown purse:

Clown purse?The corduroy was pieced with outside hems that were then pinked for more interest.  There are two flowers, one on each side–purple and pink!  And then, those giant striped handles were the last straw!  If you carried that purse, you would just need some giant shoes and a red nose to make your costume complete.

This piece of clothing on the other hand is pretty cool:

Bob Mackie does Sunflowers   Bob Mackie wearable art

Kathy likes to wear a button-down shirt over another shirt, especially in the spring and fall.  Imagine our surprise to find a Bob Mackie shirt at the thrift store.  The sunflowers are big and bold, but that’s okay since it’s “wearable art”.  The embroidery is very well done, and the shirt doesn’t even look like it’s been worn much.  Kathy snapped it right up, and I’m sure it’ll look super cute on a Friday morning.

We’re going to be on the road separately over the next couple of weeks.  Kathy is taking a cruise with her mom, and I’m going to Florida.  Never fear; we’re working ahead so that there will be posts.  The tricky part will be putting a link on Doll Divas for our dollyfriends, but I’m sure I will be able to get it done from FL.


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