Winter Blahs

Ugh.  The holidays are over and now that snow is just wet mushy slop that gets tracked into the house.  On top of that we had a health scare with my mother.  She is still in intensive care, but on the road to recovery.  Sigh …  How many days till spring?  As I am rather busy right now (We are still having to do inventory in my mom’s shop.  She has a bead store.  How many beads are in there?  Don’t ask!), this will be a short, not-so-sweet post.

I love tatting—to the point of even teaching myself to do needle tatting.  Still haven’t learned with a shuttle, but one of these days I will find someone who knows how to do that and can show me, BUT no matter how much I love it, this stuff stayed put:tit-for-tatUnless you are using this as trim on your safety vest, this has no good use.  That yellow could blind you, if you look at it too long, and who knows what inspired that Pepto-Bismol pink.  Even I was not tempted to rescue this entire bag for 99 cents.  Some things are just better left alone.

Now, for some reason this item rather amused us:

old-hair-dryer-caseEveryone needs a pink, egg-shaped, wig holder.  Can’t you just see that ’70s jet-setting mama toting this along with her pink Samsonite luggage through the airport?  I went on a school trip once with a guy who was saddled with that same luggage, as his dad was on a business trip.  If I remember right, he spent the whole trip trying to carry someone else’s  luggage, and get them to carry his.

This fabric might have come from the same attic as the wig holder:

mod-printThis should have never made it out of the attic, closet, or whatever.  No muumuu would be safe made of this stuff.  It could cause traffic accidents at 100 paces.  I have spent some quality time squinting at it, to see if it would be better in different colors, but I really don’t think so.  Vintage or not, the rag bag is the only spot for it.

This poor fellow crawled out of the bins too:

got-those-doggy-bluesWe aren’t sure if he’s a fox, a squirrel, a long-tailed bunny or a whatsis.  About all we can say on his behalf is that he is green and furry.  Come to think of it, that in itself is pretty darn scary.  If the exterminator told you the house was infested with green and furry, you would move immediately.  He really is a tiny bit cute, but we just don’t know what to call him.

Oh no, the unlicensed crafter has struck again:

lepurchan-with-his-bunniesI am going to have to be fair and guess this was a commercial pattern or kit, but that means there are more folks responsible for this.  Really, it’s not cute; it’s not really very Hummel-y looking, and that lace has got to go.  Those poor bunnies are probably spending all their time trying to make a break for it, and go off to a better-looking owner.

Next up a couple of not-so-horrible travel souvenirs:

pictures-running-the-gamut-from-a-to-zThe paper cutting on the right is pretty amazing.  I am not sure what you do with it, but it is intriguing.  The psuedo-tiki beach photo is really rather fun in a super kitschy sort of way.  I think the frame would make a fun reminder of a tropical vacation with a personal photo placed in it.  Sadly, I am going no place tropical any time soon.  Heavy sigh.

After two weeks of aborted attempts to go shopping, Deb and I are heading out again this week.  Wish us good luck, or bad luck sometimes works too.  Gotta have that blog fodder!  Stay warm, and try not to shovel too much.Save


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Deb’s Top Ten

Happy New Year, everyone!  I have to admit that I kind of like this time of the year.  All the pressure is off and it’s a great time to loaf around after all the holiday decorations are put away.

I’m game to show you my bottom and top fives.  Of course, Kathy went first and used two of mine: the spine/pelvis in acrylic and the over-the-couch avocado green clock and lights.  No worries; there are plenty more to choose from.

5). I would like to nominate anything from an estate sale we went to in September.  There were many items to go with, but these were my favorites:


Why, why, why???  There is no artistic merit to these in any way, shape, or form.  They were made from dark wood and huge.  They would look terrible behind a bar at a restaurant, and they looked worse in a basement rec room.

4). As a nurse, I put plenty of dentures in glasses:

Ice Cube Dentures

It makes me sick to my stomach to think about drinking out of said glass, even if they were my teeth!  Again, why would anyone want to see teeth in their beverages?  Ick, ickety, ick!!

3). I’m not a fan of horns in decor:

horny chair Kari Stackhouse

The only places where this might look right is a bull fighting ring in Spain, or a whorehouse in Texas.  You know, I’m leaving it right there and not elaborating any more.

2).  This isn’t even a big thing, but so ugly:

Toad Statue

What a waste of resin, which is a sort of worthless material already.  If you came face to face with her unexpectedly, the encounter could stop your heart.  Conversely, I guess it might bring the dead back to life.  It’s just that bad.

My top bad thing really annoyed me:


This cosmic cat: good idea, poor execution.  The idea could have been fun and funky, but now we’re left with this mess.  Boo, hiss.

Really, fifty percent of the stuff in our blog could qualify as the worst, depending on the person writing the list.  We all have different hot buttons when it comes to our sense of taste.  Fun or good stuff is much rarer.

On to the good stuff.

5).  I really like Jadeite:


I love the color and the style of Jadeite, even if I don’t own much.  This unfortunately is a whole shelf of reproductions as my sisters told me later.  They went in to buy a couple of pieces and the tags said “repro”.  They still look lovely and kudos to the seller for being honest.

4). Shiny Brites!


We both love them and own lots and lots.

3). This isn’t the best picture:


but these chairs were lovely.  They had grace, style, and inlay.  What more would you want from a chair?

2). I really like the style of these refrigerator dishes:

Hull China for Westinghouse

They were made by Hall for Westinghouse as a giveaway in the 1940s.  I love the Deco style and utility of them.  I’m on the fence about selling them, as they are pretty cool.

Number one isn’t always about the most valuable or rare:

Hat tipping piggy bank

I do have a thing for banks and this guy almost jumped off the shelf at me.  When I saw what he did, I was sold:

Piggy Bank tipping his hat

I keep telling myself that I can sell him, but deep in my heart I know that I never ever will.  He makes me laugh every time I see him, and that’s valuable, too.

Here’s to another year of great finds.  Happy hunting!

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Kathy’s Top Ten

So, just for fun this week, and possibly next, if Deb feels motivated, we thought we would share our top picks for best and worst from our blog for the past year.  We will do five absolute worst things and five things we like in spite of ourselves.  (That last could be a really long list, if we didn’t limit it to five.  We are impossible that way!).  Here are the worst for me in order of worst to absolute worst, if that makes any sense.

First up the Fake Cake:

Fake Cake

One, it would be impossibly rude to have this around sans cake, and two, you spend most of your time hoping the cake inside does NOT look like this.  Blech!

Fiber optics can just about always make the list.  I know they are fun and all that, but please just stop:

Fiber optic egg1

And just in case you might still think it was harmless, remember, it was well over a foot and a half tall.  Please don’t make the Easter Bunny sorry he stopped by your house.

This one falls into the “please get a license before crafting” category:

Not sure what is going on here

Mostly it screamed the question “why” so many times, it made our head spin.  We just couldn’t come up with one useful thing about this.  Wouldn’t even make a good Frisbee; it would be off balance.

Here is our candidate for WTF of the year, at least if you ask me:

3M Medical Display backside

Bones encased in heavy, and I mean heavy acrylic.  Um … we didn’t know if it was a bad paperweight, or a teaching tool, but it never seemed useful.

And my top in the bad beyond bad category:

HIdeous clock and wall decor2

The picture, lights, clock, flower holder, thingy.   This almost landed in another category, as I had a mad desire to fix it so it all worked, but then it would be much harder to justify the trip to the landfill, if it was in working order.


The best of the worst is a tricky category.  I should just wander around the house and see the items I actually bought, and a couple of these fall into this category.  There are many more things we take a picture and leave, which satisfies us just as well.

First up, the cow bottle opener:

Hefer opener

Yes, this one came home.  So sue me, I’m weird.

This dress was very outrageous, but it really caught our eyes, and we loved it:

Francie's Prom dress

It was handmade with lots of love, and we are hoping that whoever wore it had a fabulous time wherever she went.

What is not to love about the over-the-top-ness of a vintage accordion?


I always thought that they made them fancy to ameliorate the shame of having to take accordion lessons, and of actually playing an accordion.

I believe that we have posted more than once that these appeal to us:

Fun Picture

This is a particularly nice example of these rock picture kits, and whoever did it, did a good job.  Thank goodness we are usually able to take a pic and pass them by.  Not one of these has come home … yet.

And my favorite crazy thing this year has to be the Oxfam tea towel.  Cats and Cleopatra, what’s not to like?


I have this hanging on the wall of my sewing room, and it makes me smile every time I look at it.  That’s what the best stuff does.

Hope you had fun with these.  Did any make your lists?  Stop in next week, and see what Deb picks out, and don’t forget Facebook and Pinterest, for new items during the week.  And hey, we have been at 99 likes on Facebook for a couple of months.  How about liking us and putting us over 100?  Yeah, we are sad that way.

We also want to wish you a Happy and Peaceful New Year.  May your sorrows be few and your joys be many.







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Do You See What I See?

We know you’re busy—we’re busy, too, trying to get ready for the biggest holiday of the year!  If you’re one of those people who is all ready to roll, well, then I’m jealous of you.  I’m never ready until the exact minute I need to be; the pressure of a deadline is necessary for me to get stuff done.  This will be short and not too sweet in recognition of the time constraints most of us are under.

We felt bad about this poor hand-knit Christmas stocking:


It was nicely done, a great size for lots of gifts, and here it ends up in the 99¢ room at Goodwill.  Alan, I hope you traded it in because your child made you a stocking that you will treasure for the rest of your life.  Hopefully another Alan will find this stocking and give it a happy home.

What in the wide world of sports is going on with this buck?

ahh-thats-the-spot-scratch-me-right-there  close-up-of-copper-burlap-and-fur-deer

First off, this is my dog’s posture when I’m scratching him in just the right spot.  He even does the same thing with his upper lip.  Obviously, Kathy is holding him just where he wants to be held.  I’m not sure why he was made from copper-colored burlap—a weird choice, to be sure.  Then there is the fur stole around the neck, with trailing ribbons.  Gotta call him a total fail.  Maybe you could complete the look if you hung those furry letters that we featured last week from the antlers.  How could you make him look worse?

Here’s a Christmas trinity:


Rudolph, Santa, and the long-suffering Mrs. Claus.  There really isn’t anything too wrong with this decoration beyond Rudolph looks like a dog, and Mrs. Claus looks like she’s missing her lower half.  Santa is way more attractive than either of his companions, so I have to say that he could do better and so can you!  Also, how can you not like a guy with his hands in the air like he just don’t care?

This vintage Santa picture is pretty well done;


It takes some artistic ability to draw a Santa that looks like Santa.  We took this photo at an estate sale and the homeowner was one of the good crafters.  She made things that were attractive and well done with just a small quibble about his skin tone.  If this weren’t marked $30, I probably would have dragged this Santa baby home.

We found these two in the back room of Goodwill:


We looked all over and couldn’t find their brother.  How strange.  They don’t float my boat, but if you’re one of those people who like big manger scenes, you could do much worse than have a trio of Magi like these.

Let’s end up with some fun things.  We found the next ornaments at that crazy huge estate/yard sale this fall:


Most of the stuff was new, but we found some vintage things by digging deep in one of the tubs.  This little set from the ’60s has candles and birds inside of them.  There were two boxes of them and we split them up so both of us had a set of each design.

This was another set that we split up:


It’s a set of hand-painted Shiny Brites.  I really liked the cardinals, but found the deer pretty cute too.  We both have a problem with Shiny Brites, or any kind of vintage ornaments.  We should start a Shiny Brite Anonymous—anyone interested?  They look absolutely fab on aluminum trees:

Aluminum Christmas Tree

This is my aluminum tree with West German glass ornaments, all courtesy of my generous, beautiful sister-in-law.

These last ornaments are not so wonderful:

K-Mart Specials

If you look closely at them, you can see that they are made by wrapping thread around pebbled plastic cones.  Why did someone keep such cheap ornaments so carefully in their original package?  I found them totally irresistible.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them because the thought of them on my tree is painful.  The meticulous preservation of them in their package is what tickles me, not the actual ornaments themselves.

Have a Fabulous Festivus, a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, a Super Saturnalia, a Peaceful Winter Solstice, and a Joyous Kwanzaa.  We hope you are surrounded by those you love.





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Coal For You

Yes, it has finally arrived.  It is time for our annual look at the worst that Christmas has to offer.  Advertisers spend a lot of time trying to convince us that it is the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, but they should pay attention to the crap that they turn out onto the market, and quit with the jingles!  (The term jingle works especially well this time of year, doesn’t it?)  Well, at least we can spend some time laughing, so take a look, and pass it on to your family and friends so they can crack a smile and relieve a little stress, too.

This may be the worst craft fail ever:

oh-dearYes, there is nothing like underwear to butter up the man in your life.  What self-respecting male wouldn’t jump at the chance to own a pair of these?  You can tell they were really hot sellers at the local craft faire, as she seems to have a plethora of leftovers, and is having a blue light special on them for a quarter apiece.  Probably not even a bargain at that price.

This is just sad:

one-of-everything-but-tasteWell, yes, they did attempt it, and they did stick one of everything on it.  Some of it has detached from the wreath in self-defense.  Probably another angel; she took one look at the surrounding neighborhood and said, “I’m outta here!”  I am beginning to think that there ought to be a certification that you have to pass before you are allowed a subscription to any craft magazine.  Maybe that would clear up the thrift store shelves of well-meaning, hand-crafted horrors.

Not that bad has to be homemade.  Here we have a nifty ’60s kissing ball:

plastic-christmas-ornamentHang this over a door, and guarantee no kisses for you, as everyone who comes by recoils in horror.  Well … I am probably going to have to do a little confession here, that we find these plastic gewgaws sort of amusing.  Not enough to buy them (most of the time) but enough that we often can at least spare a smile for them.  They are such a product of the times, but the ’60s do have a lot to answer for.

These don’t even have the cachet of nostalgia to improve them:

wth-target-ugly-furry-lettersSeriously Target?  Furry letters as ornaments?  I am giving this a full on WTF?  Here is a photo of them on the tree:


Honestly, I have no idea what the designer was thinking.  What letters are you supposed to buy?  One for everyone in the family?  Just the last name?  Spell out your favorite curse word?  I give up.

I think this next item was a Target special, too:

ugly-sweater-christmas-tree-skirtI think that this showed up after Christmas last year.  Ugly Christmas sweater tree skirt, anyone?  I am as game as anyone for creating an ugly sweater for the fun of it, although the new fad for actually buying pre-uglied ones escapes me.  It’s no fun unless you make it yourself (No certification required for this one!), but do you have to torture your tree, too?  The pink rather clashes with the classic red and green color schemes of most folks, so I can see why this ended up an unloved cast off at the thrift store.

We like Christmas music, in just about all forms, so who says this couldn’t be good?

20161206_090739.jpgI might have bought it, if I had access to a record player and the record hadn’t been so scratched.  When I showed Deb this photo, she pointed out the rather tasteless album in the back.  Sigh.  Let’s just hope we have come further than that.

I truly understand the mold-blown decoration fad, but I try not to succumb to it for a couple of reasons.  I live in Colorado where 40 mile an hour winds are common.  Even the largest mold blown could end up at the end of the street with just the right conditions and there is no way to fasten them down.  They also present a HUGE storage problem, so I admire anyone willing to take on the challenge.  If you were that kind of person this one is for you!

platic-santaThis was just about the biggest mold-blown Santa I have ever seen.  It was over four feet tall.  It only had one small bulb in it, so it would have been a little anti-climactic lit up, but they tried.  I don’t remember if these were at the same sale [Deb here: it was] or just the next one down the road, but we hope the same crazy person came along and purchased both Santa and these:


I sort of feel the need to post a warning for these next two.  Think of them along the lines of a clown alert, only a festive scary Santa alert.

Maybe these aren’t scary, but you should probably still be warned:

20161206_101202.jpgAck … a whole bag of buck-naked Santas.  Is this what happens in the sauna at a Santa convention?  Is it a bachelorette party surprise for the future Mrs. Claus?  At least they have their boots on, but it conjures visions of that jolly old elf in a raincoat on a street corner.  Oh, please, let us not go there.

OK, hold onto your fruitcake, but this is about as creepy as it comes.  We didn’t even have to say it, they figured it out on their own:

well-they-said-it-not-usThis is supposed to be a Santa suit.  Oh my gosh, how long would little Cindy Lou Who have to be in therapy if she woke up on Christmas Eve to see this creeping around the house.  The Grinch was a fairy tale compared to this.  We didn’t have the nerve to remove it from the box to see how bad the rest of it was.  We do have keen sense of self-preservation once in a while.  They didn’t even try to price this.  Personally, I think they should have paid an exorcist to take it away.

Well, that should take care of this week.  Looking through our photos, we realized we were loaded with Christmas stuff, so stay tuned for even more Holiday Horrors next week!




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Last Stop Before Christmas

Winter has arrived with a vengeance this week; last night it got down to -6°F (-21°C) to go along with a couple of inches of snow.  Good thing I got the flannel sheets out at the beginning of November when it was 75°F.  ; -)  Looking out the windows at the white is revving up my Christmas motor to get moving on projects that need to be done, soon.  This will be the last regular post of the year as next week is the start of Christmas in Second Hand Roses land.

We really, really try not to take pictures of shells:

SUV shell

When they are as weird as this one, it’s a losing battle.  What about SUVs says the Philippines to anyone–even SUVs made of shells?  We know why this is at the thrift store, but why did anyone drag it home from Philippines?  No, thank you!

I think this next bag deserves a big “No, thank you”, too:

Plastic flowers from the 70s

Remember those squishy plastic flowers that your grandma used to put in that ugly vase?  They fooled no one then and now they’re just sad.  With all the nice silk flowers around, why haven’t these guys gotten a nice burial in the local landfill?  Unless, they’re out to tempt someone into making the greatest white elephant gift ever—wish I had a frenemy to give this to.

Occasionally, this is what life looks like to us:

Our motto these days

Just nod your head if you feel this way time to time—you know you do.

We have been spending all of our shopping time in the back room at Goodwill.  We do mighty battle with wires, yarn, and coat hangers all tangled up in four feet of stuff to make our way through a bin.  This is what we pulled out last week :


I want to know how long this has been sitting in someone’s closet waiting to be finished.  My guess is probably since the ’70s.  They got sooo close, and then just threw in the towel; very mysterious.

I call the rummaging through the bins at Goodwill “treasure hunting”:


To be honest, it’s more trash than treasure.  What the heck is this foam thingy all decorated with beads?  Our best guess was a pin cushion, but with all those beads on it, there is a distinct lack of room for pins.  I really would like to know why they didn’t cover up the yellow foam with fabric before starting the beading—it might have looked like a purse then, for whatever good that would do.

Lots more homemade fails:


Maybe this is the current state of needlework samplers where girls and boys show off their stitching mastery on one piece.  If so, needlework is a dying art.  Putting on our deerstalkers, it’s obvious that they used this in the kitchen or dining room; there are plenty of stains on the front.  The mystery is for what; it’s too small for a place mat, and too thin for a hot pad.

Kathy unwrapped this unhappy fish:


He wasn’t chipped in all the mayhem, but that is about the poutiest mouth I’ve ever seen.  We found out why he was unhappy later, and then had to go digging through the nearby boxes to reunite these two:


I don’t know what you would do with this lidded bowl besides using it for single servings of bouillabaisse, but he looks much better with his dorsal fin.

This might be a good time to explain the popular method of digging through these four-foot tall boxes.  You find a box that has no one digging in the neighboring box and proceed to put all the big junky stuff from your box into the next box.  If someone shows up at the next box, then stuff is moved down to the next box.  It’s amazing how fast things can move.  Kathy found a metal stand with baskets as drawers, but it was missing a drawer.  We found the missing drawer waay down the line of boxes; our fellow diggers are wonderfully cooperative with helping each other look for things, thank goodness.  If you yell out that you are looking for something, people will look for you in their bin.  It takes a village to find the mate for a pair of shoes.

Like shells, we try NOT to take pictures of crocheted throws:


This find was just too hideous to ignore.  It would have been mostly benign without those furry, multi-colored patches.  That yellow one is particularly hideous.  What were they thinking?

I’m guessing this must have belonged to a showgirl:


It certainly isn’t something you could wear under your little black dress unless you wanted to look lumpy and be attacked by every cat in the neighborhood.  If you were wearing it for fun-in-the-bedroom, you had better hope you don’t start a sneeze attack when the action moves south.

We found these last two things because we cannot leave a box unopened:


This was the nice heavy satin bow tie and cummerbund that you don’t really see any more.  It was still all nice in its box.  By the way, don’t you love to say cummerbund?  It makes me think of Cumberbatch, and we could listen to him read the phone book.

Some boxes are better not opened:


This cassette case is straight out of the 1980s, gag me with a spoon.  I don’t even own a tape player any more, although I do have a turntable.  At least the tape wasn’t pulled off the spools and tangled all over the contents of the case, but that’s the best I can say for this.

Thanks for reading and tune in for our Christmas finds that took us all year to round up.  Have a great weekend and remember there’s only 17 days until the madness is over!


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Odder Ends

Oh my gosh, the holiday rush is upon us.  How did that happen?  I am actually not very “rushy” as, being the devoted thrifting fans we are, we shop all year.  Thank goodness most of my family has some sort of vintagey habit that I can feed in my weekly forays.  My gift list is pretty limited as well, so I really don’t panic much.  I still have decorating, wrapping, cards, baking … OK, better panic.  We will probably do one or two more regular posts before the holiday weirdness pops into the blog, so for now, here are some odds and ends that haven’t made it into posts before.

I am going to start with a “goodie”.  Well, I think it’s one:

far-out-tea-towelI absolutely adored this tea towel.  What’s not to love?  Antony and Cleopatra, mod colors and even cats.  I loved it a lot, but not enough to pay the $18 price tag on it.  Betting on others reluctance to pay that much, I came back the next day and was able to snag it for half price, but I had to stand in line for over an hour to pay for it.  I did want it bad.  Doing some research on it, I was able to find out about the artist.  Her name was Belinda Lyon, and she did many designs for Oxfam.  Here is a link to an article about her:  Belinda Lyon.  I have the towel hanging in my craft room.  Nope, not gonna use it.  It’s art.

Next up, a whatsis:

is-it-a-whisk?We are going with some sort of whisk, but not entirely sure.  Anyone with a definitive answer, just give us a shout out, and we will credit you with the info.  Whisks seem to come in all shapes and sizes, but we think it is just designers having some fun, as none of them seem to work as well as the plain old original design.

Now that I think of it, this is probably a whatsis too:

one-of-everything-but-tasteI wrote down in my notes, “pine cone Luau”, seems about as descriptive as anything.  It looks sort of Hawaiian, but not many pine cones come from there, so I am not sure why.  And I definitely have no clue what it is for.  We will bow to our readers on this one, as well.

We sort of liked this, too:

basement-artFor me, it is a love/hate thing. I rather like the lute and the music, but could totally live without old Comedy and Tragedy mucking up the design.  I don’t know why we are both attracted to the do-it-yourself pebble-strewn decor of the mid century, but there you are.  At least we have not started to drag them home.  If I ever find an undone kit though, all bets are off.

I will probably go off on a rant about this one:

all-ready-for-the-4th-of-julyWe both have a mad jewelry addiction.  We don’t even differentiate old from new, as long as it’s cool, a dog, a cat, enameled … the list could go on, we drag it home and wear it.  This junk should be banned on five continents.  Seriously.  They could be rather cool, but they are so poorly made, they fall apart the minute you put them on.  Probably full of lead and other nasty things as well.  For pity’s sake don’t make any more of these—I don’t care how in fashion they are.  Heck, the stones are plastic, and not even good for a Christmas tree out of junk jewelry.  Just say no.

At least this piece was honest:

funky-plastic-necklace-is-3-99Goofy, but honest.  This is the height of that “summer jewelry” which was so popular in the ’50s and ’60s.  The pieces were designed to wear for a season and with one specific outfit.  Lightweight and easy to wear.  Well, if you don’t mind being poked with little plastic spikes.  It’s still silly, but it made us smile, and no, we didn’t bring it home.  A girl has got to have some standards and we don’t have the right outfit.

We dug this out of a 99¢ bin.  Yet another souvenir gone bad:

does-it-play-"roadrunner-the-coyote's-after-you?"Actually, we don’t know if it is good or bad, as it was still hermetically sealed.  The recipient didn’t even care enough to open it.  The box is kinda fun though.  Deb wants to know if it plays the Roadrunner theme song.  If they could manage that, we probably would have had to fight for it!

We have a friend with a travel animal who goes to cons and stuff with her.  Imagine our surprise when we caught him sneaking around the 99¢ bins:

an-old-acquantance-at-the-99-cent-roomEither that or it is Casbah’s evil twin!  I used to know someone who went Geocaching with a travel animal.  There was never a photo of anything but the stuffed animal.  It took us years to find out whether the cacher was a man or woman.  Finally met them at an event and were proved wrong, as we had guessed a woman staying more anonymous.  Maybe the Second Hand Roses should find ourselves some mascots, as you are never going to see our mugs out there.  Our hands, our feet, but that is about it.  We threatened to take a photo of back sides dumpster diving, but figured you wouldn’t want to see that either!

Whether you see us or not, never fear, we are out there, shopping for the best, and the best of the worst.  Don’t forget to check out our Facebook feed, and our Pinterest boards for more fun stuff.  Right now Deb has been pinning some awesome mid century Christmas cards, so go take a peek, and stay tuned for future holiday madness.





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