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Last week, we tiptoed through the tulips.  This week that would be an impossibility at my house.  I went to bed Saturday night knowing that I would have a lovely patch of tulips open in the morning.  This patch included some of my precious souvenirs of my trip to the Netherlands LAST April, so I was dying to see them.  I came out in the morning to find this:

20160428_081210.jpgAll neatly mowed off by the %#*@ deer!  I keep telling my husband, a salt lick, the garage door opener and a club, and we would have a freezer full of venison in no time.  Needless to say, I have been a “tiny” bit grumpier than usual this week.

Luckily, I can take my bad temper out on a few choice items, and share it with you.  First up:

Wyoming plateWhy O Why, Wyoming?  No state deserves to be memorialized in this fashion.  It’s pretty darn ugly, and so inaccurate.  I am positive the wind blows too hard up there to ever have trees as large as the ones by the Capitol building ( nor does the building look like that! )  That cowboy is riding a calf, not a bull, and no self respecting cowpoke would let himself be seen in a rodeo without the requisite hat!  We had to laugh, as according to the mark on the back:

Wyoming plate markThis sucker was vintage, so someone kept it an awfully long time considering it’s hideousness.  On top of that, if you want to remember WY from here in CO, hop in the car, it’s less than an hours drive away!

Moving on to the next aisle, we came across this:

Don't want Nebraska to feel left out2We didn’t want Nebraska to be left out!  No marks on this one, but in case the corn and covered wagon were not a dead give-a-way, they made sure you know the exact spot they were commemorating.

Don't want Nebraska to feel left outSince it was an ashtray, we can only assume it would be improved by being covered in cigarette ashes, just no where near our living rooms.  FYI, not much farther to drive to Nebraska than to Wyoming, so skip the souvenirs.

We came across a couple of funny signs.  These first two are magnets:

Kitty signsI started to turn the first one “right side up” then realized it was!  I actually have the second one on a cabinet near my desk.  This frequently characterizes my life.  Especially, when Thursday rolls around, and it hits me that it is my turn to write the blog.  Maybe, turning my head upside down would improve my outlook.  Nope, deer still ate my tulips.

We liked this one too:

Husband for sale signWe both live in a household where the hubby is in charge of the remote.  Around here he gives me grief because I have no idea how to turn on the TV, DVD, etc., but if I never get a chance to practice, how am I supposed to learn?  Of course, the TV would then always be tuned to Antiques Roadshow, or the like, and he would just be irritated about that, so probably more peaceful to just go about in ignorant bliss.

I spotted these two items on Saturday while garage saling with hubby:

20160423_103551.jpg  20160423_103559.jpg

Lady of Spain keeps playing in my head for some reason!  You have to admit that first one is pretty spectacular.  I think they just made them extra fancy, so no one would notice they were still listening to an accordion!  It sort of mesmerizes you, like a snake charmer.  The second one was pretty plain, although the inlay work was very nice.  Still hard to imagine one sale would have two of them.  In my misbegotten youth, I actually managed a tune or two on the “squawkbox”.  Luckily, the actual instrument lived at the neighbors, and I just took piano lessons.  My parents were pretty smart cookies.

Time for a “goody” just to give your eyes a rest.  Isn’t this pretty?

Estate sale Kimono  Poor Deb almost fell down the stairs getting far enough away to take a picture of it, but we did love it.  I adore clothes that are art.  It was nicely displayed too.  Hope someone purchased it that has a nice bit wall space to continue to show it off.

OK, back to the old grind.  This is a WTF thing for sure:

Owl has diamond eyes  As far as we could tell, this served no earthly purpose.  It wasn’t a bank, not heavy enough for a door stop, or a weapon.  It was made of some sort of heavyish plastic, so it wouldn’t make a good target.  You know, no satisfying shattering on impact.  All it did was stare at us with those over sized rhinestone eyes.  Why this particular shade of blue either?  Of course, I don’t know of too many blue owls anyway, unless they are depressed at the how the portrait sculpture came out.

We have up now another bad craft fail:

Yellow macrame plant hanger         Yellow macrame plant hanger decoration

It’s a plant hanger.  Thought I would get that vital piece of information out there first.  After that, all bets are off.  Instead of making it out of jute, they were thrifty and used bilious yellow yarn, and lots of it.  Not being satisfied with that, they plunked a dead bird in it.  It must be dead, it’s hanging upside down.  Sort of a Monty Python Parrot Sketch thing.  What kind of a plant would be caught dead in such a thing?  Come to think of it, a dead plant just might  improve it.  Probably not though.  We did notice that it continues to hang all by itself in shunned isolation.  Looks like no one is crazy enough to take it home.  Thank goodness!

We are undecided on this last item:

Bronze whatzit from Estate SaleBronze whatzit from Estate Sale2                                                                                                                                                                   This was at the same estate sale as the kimono, and we spent several minutes trying to decide what it was.  We think the round piece in front of the wagon was for a candle, and perhaps the bowl for fruit, but go ahead and mentally put those items in place; I’ll wait.  Now that you have that picture fixed in your mind, can you imagine putting it in the center of your table amidst your fine china?  I thought not.  Those Victorians were experts in useless frou-frous.  It was amusing in a “what the heck” sort of way.  I don’t think we even looked at the price, as we spent so much time trying to decide what to do with it.

Well, I am off to put out my new “scarecrow” sprinkler.  It is supposed to keep the deer out of your yard.  I am figuring I will just manage to soak myself on a regular basis with it, but I am going to try, either that, or we are having a Bar-B-Que; come on over!!

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Tip-Toe Thru’ the Tulips with Me

Well, we had just about every kind of weather last week, excluding tornadoes and hurricanes.  It did snow in our neck of Colorado, just lots less than Denver and the mountains.  Most of my yard was in bloom, but everything just shrugged off the snow and cold temperatures:

Tip Toe Through the Tulips

including the tulips and grape hyacinths.  I might even get apples this year because the apple blossom petals aren’t falling like brown-edged snow.  That’s a definite yay, since friends and family like applesauce bread for Christmas, and it tastes best with homemade applesauce from my apple tree.

I’m pretty sure I’m just procrastinating, so it’s time to get on with it:

Animal Tea pots

For a change we got to gaze on these two CUTE teapots—how weird is that—and they were right next to each other!  The law of averages has finally kicked in; instead of bigger awful things sucking smaller awful things into their orbits, good things made contact.

I’m on a roll because here’s another good thing, at least in my warped opinion:

Fancy Pink Plastic Box  Fancy Pink Plastic Box open

Wouldn’t it look perfect in your pink bathroom?  It’s plastic, of course, and made in the good old USA by Celebrity in New York, New York.  I have a thing for boxes, but vintage plastic tends to have some issues at this point in their life cycle.  This box is in pretty good shape, but not worth $6 to me.  It was gone the next week, so I’m happy someone snagged it.

Now we’re sort of slipping into the weird zone with this straw bag:

Crafty Summer Straw Bag  Crafty Summer Straw Bag closeup

We like it, but we’re both strange that way and have summer straw purses with equally oddball decorations.  I think I have one of those purses with shells under plastic, I’m running back to the purse closet right now to check:

Straw purse and shells  Straw purse and shells close up

Of course I do, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Kathy has something similar.  ( Deb has forgotten, but this purse is one of a matching pair that I purchased, so we each have EXACTLY the same bag! )  In fact I had to decide which peculiarly decorated straw purse I wanted to take a picture of—it’s that bad in my purse closet.  Now I know what I’m writing an emergency post about: Purses, Part Two.

Now I’m just spoiling you all because here’s another picture of interesting, nonhorrible things:

Pricey old tins

They were priced at $4 each, so we didn’t buy any of them.  The only one I really thought was worth it was the cylindrical one in the center containing black pepper.  Its condition is pretty rough, so we passed.  The pipe tin towards the right of the picture has nice graphics too, but the rest of them are kind of blah.

Now we’re back on track: a basket decorated with a duck:

Duck Basket

I’m not sure why there is that strange willow arch over the duck plaque—the plaque certainly doesn’t deserve to be featured.  That duck kind of looks like a cinnamon teal duck minus the teal mask, but really, if you have to go to all that effort to figure out what it is, it’s a fail.

This clock made us laugh:

Fishing Clock   Fishing Clock2

It has real fishing action and sounds—says so right on the front.  You know, if you want real fishing action and sounds, you don’t have to rely on a clock.  Go FISHING!!!  I feel confident saying that whatever that clock does, it’s not going to feel “reel” to a fisherman.

We saw this sitting on top of a bookcase in Goodwill:

4 foot golden plastic monstrosity

There was never anything good about this huge hunk of plastic.  Bad color on top of bad design; of course it was gone the next week.  I’m kind of hoping that a set decorator snagged it for a high school production involving a 1970s grandma.

Dang it, we’re back to something kind of good again:

Chalkware Piggy Bank  Chalkware Piggy Bank2

I’m not sure why this honking big chalkware piggy bank has a morning glory on its chest, but if you have arms of steel to lift it when it’s full, then you could certainly do worse.  I would put it on the floor since Porky was over two feet tall, and at least if it was on the floor, you probably wouldn’t drop it.

This bear has some definite snark to her:

Angry Bear

I totally get it—who wants to be dressed up in lace, net, and pearls all the time?  But there is even more going on to upset her:

Why Angry Bear is Angry

At least snarky bear has a reason to be snarky.  At this point, I’m obliged to admit that I made a couple of these kinds of bears, sans basket, back when I didn’t know better.  But, in my defense, I always dressed the small ones, and I stopped after a couple.  Oh, those crafty 1980s and ’90s have something to apologize for, too.

This picture was at an estate sale and it’s not going to sell for their price; check back on half-off day:

Fabric Chinese Pheasants

These kinds of embellished fabric pictures were moderately popular from the 1950s through the ’70s, which this example looks to represent, given its palette of browns.  Some are really well done, but these poor ?pheasants? have a couple of problems.  I’m wondering if that’s a crest or a beige halo on his head, and I hope he realizes how lucky he is that his mate’s branch is on the ground.  It would take some effort to drag that big-ass tail up into a tree.  I’m not a big fan of the colors, or the birds, but if your thing is quirky vintage decorations, this would be a unique addition to your home.

I’m leaving you with a picture of my redbud which also made it through the snow:

Still blooming

Have a wonderful weekend!



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Questions, Questions

Woo-hoo, there were garage sales last weekend.  Not sure we bought anything, but we were definitely in hog heaven looking.  It takes such small things to make us happy!  Of course, this weekend, we have a major winter storm moving in.  Snow, wind, rain, thunder.  I blame our local drive-in,  as they postponed their opening weekend a couple of weeks ago in favor of this one.  Yep, that’s it, all their fault.  I will be there supporting them anyway, just freezing my butt off.  That popcorn had better be good and hot.

Last week Deb posed our mysteries, and this week I am opening up with some more questions, both of taste and purpose.  We have no idea what this is:

It's a turkey, er sea gull, umm whatIs it a turkey on stilts?  A gull with a gland condition? A bad depiction of a passenger pigeon showing why it is extinct?  On top of that, what is it for?  Terrifying the children?  Propping open the shed door?  (You wouldn’t want it propping open a door in the house, would you?)  The world’s ugliest and biggest paperweight?  That poor little duck in the background is having to listen to music from the cellist to soothe his confusion.  One of our perennial questions is why anyone paid good money for items like this in the first place.  We have never come up with an even slightly sensible answer.

On my notes I called this a butterfly plate holder thingy:

Not sure what is going on hereThis one defies the explanation.  There was a tiny bit of space between the front and the back, but they mostly filled it with the plastic lace and flowers, so I am not sure that it really was for holding anything.  It’s not decorative no matter how hard you squint, (and who wants to come into a room squinting all the time to make your wall hangings better?)  Nobody should ever have produced lace in that color green.  I just don’t know, but that craft pamphlet had better been burned after this was completed.

You would not believe the trouble we went to to show you this next item.  Our local thrift has taken to flinging all their jewelry into bins and marking each at $1.99.  The Gordian Knot this engenders takes real dedication, if you want just one item out of the mess.  Our curiosity was such that we decided to take on the pile.  Twenty minutes later, this is what we got out of it:

belt, harness, whatsit2Deb put it on the floor next to her foot, so you could see the scale; here it is close up:

Belt harness, whatsit closeupIt was the plastic flowers and pompoms that got us.  I am sticking with some sort of elephant headgear.  It sounds romantic, even if it is just a cheap tourist belt instead.

Sometimes we do answer our own questions.  Take this for example:

Tiki ArmoireWe could not, for the life of us, figure out who would want something this crazy in their house.  It sort of looks like a refugee from Gilligan’s Island.  High decor at the Howells.  Then we decided if you had a pool, and a cabana, you would be set.  It would be cute with extra towels stored in it, so … mystery solved.

Maybe not so much with this piece of furniture:

Chair built for 3It looks pretty harmless in the photo, and appears MUCH smaller than it actually was.  You, and three of your closest friends, could rest comfortably in it.  It would take up the entire corner of your living room!  I guess it would be ideal if you had a Saint Bernard that liked to lounge on the furniture.  You both could have a comfy place to sit.  We tried to come up with a back story for it, but heading down that road led us to the swingin’ bachelor pad, and we just didn’t want to go there.

We thought this was pretty funny:

Barbie Sized Trojan HorseIt actually was a box, so you could hide something in it.  Not sure anyone is going to fall for it, as that story is pretty widely know these days.  If it hadn’t been missing a wheel, it probably would have made an awesome prop for Barbie, and we might have been tempted.

While we are talking fashion dolls, we found Francie’s prom dress in life size:

Francie's Prom dressIt was carefully stitched by hand in a yummy apricot velvet.  Check out the close-up:

Francie's Prom Dress closeupThis teen was probably the grooviest chick at her junior prom.  Mom worked so hard, and did an amazing job.  I always feel bad when dresses like this come through.  I hope they, at least, kept all the good memories.  Maybe someone will find it and make some new ones too!

Here is another cute thing:

Cool kettle and cute catWe spend so much time bashing the felines, that it was fun to find a cute one.  We loved the little grin and those big feet.  If he grows into them, he will probably be at least a bobcat!  We also liked the teapot in front.  It had a nice jazzy arc to the handle, and was surprisingly heavy for its size.  Probably would have kept your tea nice and hot, if the cat didn’t drink it first.  Maybe that is the reason for the grin–he already did!

Here is another “why?”:

Gold Plastic LionWhat did this king of beasts just eat that is causing those puckered cheeks?  Why is he painted gold, and why are those eyes bugging out?  Why would anyone keep this, and where was it for all the intervening years since its production?  What’s more, why couldn’t it just leap off the shelf and end it for all of us?  No answers, only questions.

We do understand this one:

Truthful TrivetSeems like a menu I would like to try once in a while.  They also had a sign that said the only reason they had a kitchen was it came with the house.  I know plenty of folks that this would be appropriate for.  Hubby would not be amused, but he doesn’t know what the kitchen is for, at least that must be the reason he is never in it, except to snatch food.

Well, there you have our questions for the week.  Got any answers?  Send them our way, or pose your own conundrums.  We love hearing from our readers.

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Mysterious Friday Finds

Gosh, last week we found lots of mysteries with few answers.  We also spent lots of time saying, “What … ?” and “Why … ?” to each other.  Maybe we need to invite the Scooby Gang to go with us on Fridays to help us solve these vexing puzzles, identify our mysterious finds, and finger those responsible.  Yeah, yeah, and unicorns are hiding in my backyard.

Goodwill had a shoe sale:

Shoe Sale at Goodwill

Although it’s next to impossible to even find a pair of shoes or boots in this mess.  It was also like that around the corner, plus there were giant blue bins full of footwear, too.  Honestly, how do they expect their shoppers to excavate through that mess to locate a PAIR of shoes the RIGHT size that they might want to buy?  A little organization goes a long way towards increasing sales.  Lest you think this picture was taken at the end of a crazy day, we got there within 15 minutes of their opening time.  Smh!

I want to know why these stuffed toys are all lined up when the shoes aren’t even on the racks:

Frightening lineup

Never mind, getting stuffed animals and toys organized is a much easier task than cleaning up the mess in Aisle 1.  It did make for a funny picture, so we should be grateful that someone in that thrift store enjoys a little order.

These two little sweet things were on a shelf together:

China Decals

I found it odd that the small bowl had a gilded pattern on the outside and inside was a fancy flower decal.  Someone’s kitchen wares had been disposed of or downsized, and there were lots of pretty glass serving pieces and some nice pieces of china on the shelves.  We didn’t buy any because we have rescued so many orphans that it takes something amazingly special to make the cut any more.

We saw these two vases and were surprised that they made it to the shelves intact:

Hey wait, these aren't vases

When looking for the inevitable Japan mark on the bottom, we discovered something surprising—they aren’t vases!  We’ve  wracked our brains, but can’t come up with a reason for those holes in the bottoms.  They can’t be lamps since there isn’t a second hole for cords to come through.  Does anyone know what they are, or have a theory?  I guess they could be some strange kind of vase with a plug stopping the hole, but the potential for disaster seems way too high.

[We have gotten an information about the “vases” since publishing this post: Vivianne says, “The vases did not require another hole for the cord because they most likely would have been affixed to a footed wooden stand. The cord would be passed through a hole in the stand then passed between the feet.

There is a tutorial showing the process at  Thanks Vivianne!]

This Japanese wooden hamburger press caught our collective eye:

More honest Japanes hamburger press

Don’t they usually have roosters, or chubby Italian-looking chefs decorating them?  This seems more honest, but I can’t ever recall seeing a cow on one.  A friend describes her mother making paper-thin burgers with a hamburger press; I don’t think that my mom ever had one.

I guess it’s time for a guilty confession:

Fabric covered VHS cases

I have made a few fabric covered photo albums in my day, although in my defense, not a one had as much fru-fru as these VHS tape covers have.  I look at these covers now and just want to say, “Gak!!”.  But, in the 1980s, it was very fashionable to slap a fabric cover on lots of things; we know better now.  I’m very grateful that I haven’t seen one of these things in real life.

Now here is something that I wish I hadn’t seen in real life:

Kira we hardly knew ye   Peeking up Kira's skirts

Poor Kira, Barbie’s friend, has been ridden hard and put away wet, as the saying goes.  She really is a pretty doll, although you would never know from this particular sample.  Kira is supposed to be Asian; I’m not sure what Crocheting Grandma was going for here.  The dress is just plain ugly—that many ruffles should be a real crime, not just a fashion one.

This is the strangest dinosaur statue we’ve ever seen:

Dinosaur Prayers1    Dinosaur Prayers

What in the wide world of sports is it doing?  I have two theories: 1) it’s begging like a dog for some tasty treats (some triceratots and stegasoda?) or 2) it’s praying that the big asteroid heading towards Earth misses.  I imagine that T. rexes were embarrassed by their small arms and hands, but that pose is beyond weird.

So many questions, no answers:

Plastic Clock Horrors

Why are there stairs in this clock?  Why is there a spinning movement when it has batteries?  Why is it made from silver-colored plastic?  Why didn’t someone throw it in the trash?

Why did anyone think that this is decorative?

Clear Resin Rose hip hanging thingie

It’s that clear resin, with what look to be rose hips interred inside, shaped into a wreath.  It looks more like a toilet seat than something that should be hung on a door, or God help you, a wall.

The torture is over.  I want to share something so silly and fun, that it had us laughing all through the store:

Hat tipping piggy bank   Piggy Bank tipping his hat

He is a pretty strange-looking piggy bank at first glance, and he gets stranger and funnier the more you look at him.  That uncolored bow visible behind his hat is a strange feminine touch for a vintage something with a top hat.  I wondered if there are two different piggy banks made from this one mold, and they decided to just ignore the bow.  What makes this guy special is the lever in the coin slot that tips his hat whenever you put a coin in the bank.  It still works, as you can see in the rightmost picture.  I think he might have been made in Japan—he is that lightweight plastic, and his painted face sure looks made-in-Japan strange.  There isn’t a mark on him, so he remains a delightful mystery.  I haven’t made up my mind what to do with him, but until he stops making me laugh, he’s sitting on a shelf in my house.

Thank for coming along for the fun.  See you next week with more strange and wonderful stuff.

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Friday Finds, as Usual

I am not even going to mention the weather this week, other than to say it is spring in Colorado, and it is crimping our garage sale style.  Even the estate sales have been few and far between, and the last one I went to was the most boring thing I have ever seen.  They even had boring sewing stuff.  How is that possible?  All I can say, is let the sun shine, and have at those garages full of junk; we need a fix!

Never fear, though, the thrifts had plenty of the normal kind of stuff to keep us amused, or at least horrified.  You know the person responsible for inventing plastic has a lot to answer for, like this:

Bad Asian PictureMAYBE if this still life was a well executed watercolor, it might be bearable.  I am probably going out a limb saying that, but as a giant petroleum-based wall dust catcher, it is ghastly.  I bet at some time in the past it had a slightly altered mirror image friend.  We can only be pleased that it managed to lose itself before it hit the store.  Surely a blank wall would be a better choice?

Frankly, I ignored this next item last time I wrote a post, hoping my partner in crime would take it to write about, because honestly, it terrifies me:

Nurse ClockIt was fairly large, made of resin, and we were not sure if the head was supposed to move to the ticking of the clock or not, but at this point in its life, it was wobbling rather alarmingly.  Something like this in my doctor’s office would be enough to convince me to never set foot in there again, even if I was having a massive stroke at the time.  Or perhaps this would be the cause of said stroke.  This is another one of those things that really makes you wonder who would buy it in the first place?  As a point of information, it was gone the next week.  Yeah, I am worried too.

Now we thought this was rather fun:

Awesome tin can artI could totally see this on my patio with a nice candle in it.  Preferably citronella, just in case those skeeters can fly in the wind that is howling around here.   (Said I wasn’t going to … I lied.)  We thought that someone was terribly crafty and made this themself.  Imagine our surprise to find a commercial label on the bottom.  It’s still fun.  We hope they used recycled cans to make them, just to make it eco-friendly too.

We swear we don’t set these up:

Least sensitive ethnic displayFor heaven’s sake.  The Native Americans are lovely people with wonderful art and culture, and this is what you do to them?  The two figures in front are pretty goggle-eyed about the whole thing.  Looking at the photo, I remember the animal as being a buffalo, but it is one ODD looking buffalo.  Sort of like a bighorn sheep headed buffalo.  Weird.  Guess you would be pretty wide-eyed, if that were standing behind you too.

Just to prove we have hit a couple of sales here and there, these next two pix came from the same sale.  This little fridge was cute as a button:

Old FrigidaireAnd here are the innards:

Old Frigidaire insideIt was only about 4 and 1/2 feet tall.  Can you imagine that being all the fridge space you need?  This one is old enough, it could have been someone’s first real refrigerator.   My mom remembers still having an icebox in the ’40s, as they lived way out on a ranch.  I always think of how excited that housewife was to have this delivered to her home all shiny and new.  Must have been quite the day.

She was probably pretty excited about this too:

Interesting old mink coatIs that a spiffy coat or what?  A real mink collar and that lovely brocade.  Whip out your little black gloves and nifty hat with a jaunty feather, and you were ready for a night on the town.  I hope someone who was going to wear it picked up this one.  It sure is fun.

We just couldn’t figure out what was going on with these:

Weird PotsI understand why you would rather be fishing than looking at this odd pot with bizarre symbols on it and some fake greenery coming out of the top.  I don’t think you have to announce it though.  Just go … and take the pot with you.  I guess the other one is supposed to be a wishing well with some climbing roses.  It’s pretty useless as a pot with that bucket twist-tied in the way.  I don’t remember if we picked it up to check, but it sure looks like your basic Capodimonte.  Sometimes those Italians should be ashamed of themselves.

Frequently footwear is not a pretty thing, or a comfortable one:

Why?Who doesn’t need furry high-heeled zebra boots?  Apparently, a whole lot of folks, as I believe we found these in the 99¢ room at Goodwill.   This is another instance where the photo is not nearly as bad as the actual item.  Take my word for it.  Ugh.  I have never understood high-heeled boots anyway.  Could be that I am from a place where it gets snow and ice, but if you ask me, those are just a broken ankle waiting to happen.  And if I were wearing them, the result would be completely inevitable.

Looking back on my notes, I realized this is another one of those posts where I described most things, as “bad” or ” weird”  Even this next one was listed as “weird”:

Painted Wooden Russian BankPainted Wooden Russian Bank2                                                                                                                                                                We actually thought it was kind of cute, but the fact that it was a bank struck us as rather odd.  It was fairly small, and the hole inside probably wouldn’t have held more that 15 to 20 pennies, so I guess you had better not be saving up for a big ticket item, as you are never going to make it on that pile of change.  The little ladybug on the side still made us smile, but we think those Russians had better stick to their nesting dolls, and leave the banks to your basic piggy variety.

If you have been following our Facebook feed (If you haven’t, why not?  Check out the link and subscribe.  Make sure you mark to get notifications, as otherwise you only see about half our posts!), we have been featuring some fun vintage Valentine and Easter cards.  Since Deb and I are both April babies, we thought we would share some of the birthday cards that came from the same place as the others:

1930s and 1940s Birthday CardsI would have been thrilled to get any of these on my special day!  Heck, I was tickled to buy the whole batch to share with you!

Hope you find some good things this week, and if you don’t, you know where to send the evidence!


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Abounding With Easter Bunnies

Okay, spring has unsprung here in blizzardy Colorado.  I apologize for jinxing it for all of us; we’re supposed to get snow three more days in the next seven days.  Yesterday it was 70°F and today it’s a snowy 29°F with 25 to 35 mph winds.  Springtime in the Rockies can be a trying time of the year:

Snowy Spring 2016

On a happier note, it was a bunnyrific season at garage sales, thrift stores, and estate sales.  We’ve been around more rabbits than the poor folks in that horror classic: Night of the Lepus.

Our first object lesson:

insane bunny planter

Does this over-caffeinated rabbit strike anyone else as insane?  Maybe it’s the crazy, “Here’s Johnny” grin, maybe it’s his pop-eyed expression.  It would not surprise me a bit if that were the wagon from Monty Python’s Bring Out Your Dead skit.  To be fair, he might just be the Energizer Bunny’s younger more hyper brother.

The flip side of the coin from insano bunny, is this poor little guy:

Freaked out bunny

He is totally freaked out, and it escapes me how anyone could confuse him with a decorative object.  He’s seen or heard something that has scared the bejeezus out of him, and now someone kind needs to wrap him in a soft blanket and put him in a nice, safe place.

Every year we see a Bunnicula wannabe.  Here’s this year’s entry:

Bunnicula box

He’s sucking the juice out of a carrot right in front of us!  Those red eyes are a dead (hee, hee) giveaway of his vampiric nature.  Maybe that’s what poor scared bunny above saw.  In addition to a warm blanket, he probably needs some garlic and a crucifix.  We aren’t sure of the purpose of this pottery bunny.  His head lifts off, but we couldn’t explore his insides due to the tape wrapped around and around him.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you like unadorned, pink wicker:

Pink Wicker Bunny

My problem with this bunny is that it’s about two and a half feet tall, so where do you put it after Easter?  It would last all of two minutes outside once the deer or its fellow rabbits found it, and that’s only if it doesn’t get blown away and slammed into something hard.  I could see it being a store display with a cute ribbon or tie, and some eggs in a basket in front of it.  Then off-season storage is their problem.

I know what this bunny is supposed to be holding:

Asparagus Bunny

Asparagus is one of my favoritest things in the whole wide world.  I have even memorized the whereabouts of the wild asparagus patches along our bike trail and check them out every spring.  These pale green, unappetizing stalks don’t look like the delicious vegetable spears that grow in my backyard or the wild.  However, if I had to share asparagus with a rabbit, this is the kind of asparagus I would give it.  I should mention that I’m currently at war with the wild rabbits that infest my backyard.  They’re no end of trouble, no matter how cute they are.  Our backyard fox has moved on, hence the population explosion, but things are looking up since a BIG owl has move into the neighborhood.  Be afraid little rabbits, be very afraid!

Here are a couple of Easter plates featuring bunnies:

Bunny plate and tea cart  Bunny and chick plate

They are both pretty cute, although the egg plate doesn’t even come close to holding enough deviled eggs.  I might eat that many on my own, and then what would the guests eat?  The leftmost picture has a wonderful maple tea cart in the background (look for the orange arrow).  Kathy would love one of these, but the price of this one was pretty crazy, and it didn’t have a big wooden tray on top either.  We’ll keep looking at garage sales; it’s out there, we just have to find it.

This rabbit right here is part of the creepiest Easter display we saw this year:

Super Creepy Chick Stroller

That cracked egg baby stroller is disturbing, and the poor little chick inside of it looks dead.  The zombie bunny pushing the stroller seems strangely unconcerned about the condition of the baby or the state of the stroller’s wheels.  I don’t know what is going on, and I don’t want to.  This resin monstrosity needs to be smashed with a hammer and all the pieces should be buried on hallowed ground.

We have a couple of post-Easter bunny pictures:

Relaxing after Easter   Post Easter Exhaustion sets in

We didn’t set up either of these shots, we swear.  They both are so expressive of the exhaustion and satisfaction the Easter Bunny experiences after getting all the Easter goodies delivered.  Well done, little rabbit, well done.

This poor bunny has taken a different route for Easter egg delivery:

Reduced to throwing Easter eggs

It appears that he stands on his Daddy Long Legs and chucks the eggs at houses.  Watch out E.B., Justin Bieber got in lots of trouble for throwing eggs.

Drum roll, please: here’s our final bunny:

Easter Friends

He’s actually sweet with all the flowers on his side.  Much better than the bunny behind him.  I’m not sure why his Easter duck or chick friend to his side is brown; aren’t they usually yellow?  See, Easter Bunny figurine makers—this is what you were shooting for with all your horrible fails.

We have a few odds and ends pictures of Easter associated things.  We aren’t sure that anyone needs this for a seasonal display:

Fiber optic egg best   Fiber optic egg1

All of our readers should know by now that my camera works really hard to protect you from seeing really awful things clearly.  I took FIVE pictures of this stinking nearly two-foot-tall fiber optic egg and all of them are blurry or distorted in some way.  I blame the camera’s protective urges.  This thing is just hare-raisingly atrocious.  (You didn’t think that you were going to escape pun free, did you?)  We aren’t fans of fiber optic anything.  If you need to add fiber optics to make your product salable, you’ve already failed.  Imagine our surprise when this was gone in a week or two.

We aren’t sure this is strictly an Easter decoration:

Metal Eggstravaganza2  Metal Eggstravaganza

But if it isn’t, just what is this metal eggstravaganza?  If it were supposed to be for Easter, there should be a couple of pastel colors splashed around.  On the other hand, if you have that 1960s white French provincial furniture, you would probably think that this is decorative and Eastery.

Finally, I was looking at something on the shelf, and saw this little guy peeking at me:

Easter Duck

Honestly, it’s kind of cute, and I am amused by rubber duckies appearing in places that you wouldn’t think they belonged.  B.H. has a whole collection that sit on the bathtub, from witches, to Shakespeare, to Brainiac.  They make him smile, and that’s good enough for me.

Kathy here:  Just a quick link added, as we forgot to put in the link to this years Peep Show, and we wouldn’t want you to miss it.  Washington Post Peep Show

Happy Easter to everyone.  Here is the last of Kathy’s Easter cards that we have been featuring on Facebook.  They are mostly from the 1930s and ’40s shared between parents and their son.

Easter Honeycomb cardEaster Honeycomb card unfolded

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False Alarm

When you look in the dictionary, under the definition of “cockeyed optimists”, you will probably see a photo of us.  That is why the first time a daffodil or crocus pokes its head out, we will call it spring.  It’s supposed to snow this Friday.  OK, maybe it was a false alarm.  Nope, we are still going to call it spring, and go fling our bodies over our precious flowers, or at least cut the daffodils and bring them inside, so we can still pretend while the snow swirls in eddies around the house.  However, there is one thing we CAN rely on: a never-ending supply of stuff to keep us, and hopefully our readers, amused.  We were totally caught up on pictures, and were worried we wouldn’t find enough for a post.  Ha, that will never happen, so here we go.

Here is one for the avid sportsman in your life:

Colorado Pine FishI don’t know why Colorado would have the monopoly on this creature.  I bet he can be caught in other streams besides our pure mountain waters.  I have to admit, I found this funny.  I would have brought it home, but hubby would not have been least bit amused.  Sometimes he has no sense of humor.  I think that all those serious fisherfolk would not care for this.  They take their trout without giggles, thank you very much.

I actually like Bisquick and use it pretty regularly.  I also love their pamphlet cookbooks, and I think I even have a biscuit cutter of theirs somewhere.  They can have this tin back:

Hey Bisquick the 1970s called and they want their tin backOMG, all the worst ’70s colors all in one place—gold, avocado and brown.  The ONLY saving grace to this whole thing was the recipe on the other side.  At least that might have been useful.  I guess I will also give them brownie points for a canister big enough to store an entire box of Bisquick in.  What is it with people making flour canisters that won’t hold a whole five-pound bag of flour?  Same with sugar.  What use is a canister if you still have a bag of said item sitting on your pantry shelf?  Sorry, tiny pet peeve coming to the forefront.

This not only made us laugh, but we got at least one other customer going with our chortling:

You need a book for this?Well, if you have to buy the book, seems like you are defeating the entire purpose.  Now I see it says you should know these techniques by heart, but seriously, this was a pretty hefty book.  By the time I memorized it, I would be so done with cooking that I would never set foot in a kitchen again.  I suppose this just hit me as funny, as I cook without a book all the time; I thought that just came with the territory.  I should probably not make fun of folks who don’t cook, but I do, so slap me 100 times with a wet noodle.

Hold onto your hats, we found another one:

OMG there is another oneRemember last week?

OMG not much betterOne loyal reader suggested this was a holder for wine, but with this week’s totally square model, I think that idea is no good.  I think I am going to go back to the idea that this might be to hold napkins down on a windy picnic table.  Rather than a duck with a broken neck, I think a rock would be just a dandy solution.

We thought this was rather special:

Elegant Covered Serving DishIt was a beautiful gravy boat with a sweet subtle pattern of white on white.  It was dainty, luxurious, and marked Haviland, unfortunately, it had a little accident:

Elegant Haviland Serving Dish repairsThose silver pieces are staples.  This was an accepted way to repair china back in the day.  At least they were still able to match the plates.  We actually love it when something is so precious that folks take the time to lovingly repair it.  In this day of throw-it-away, that is a rarity indeed.

We can bet that no one wore this apron while serving a meal out of the above china:

Crazy old Gingham apronThis seems like a pretty crazy conglomeration of gingham.  We are hoping they raided the scrap bag, and didn’t go out on purpose to buy these colors.  This is one apron that might look better after you cooked a while in it.  Wonder if she used a book?  To cook or to craft!

Someone mentioned that they thought last week’s cat needed jeweled eyes, well we found one to fit the bill:

Poor little kittyWhat made this one particularly funny was the offset placement of the blue rhinestones.  Good thing there weren’t pupils involved, or that would be one cross-eyed cat.  I spent some time squinting at this trying to decide if it would be any better with no eyes at all.  I think it would be a tiny bit better, but still only fit for target practice.  I have seen much cuter calico cats.  Heck, probably even drug some home!

We thought this was pretty funny, too:

Relic of a time gone byAnd yes, it was still in the box:

Relic of a time gone by 2The amazing thing about this was how much it weighed.  I am pretty sure it came in at more than my regular iron weighs!  I know fabrics were less forgiving, and there was no way you were supposed to be seen in public at less than your best, but I think if I had to schlep this through the airport, I would take wrinkles any day.  I bet it does work like a champ, though.  We probably should have snagged it, as many modern irons don’t get nearly hot enough for linens, etc.

While on the subject of travel, we did find a cutie patootie souvenir:

Super cute German BearIsn’t this just the cutest German bear?  We wondered why it was at the thrift store.  Someone FINALLY took our advice, brought home something cute, and it was rejected.  It’s a wonder this poor girl is still smiling.  Seriously people, you are lucky you didn’t get a plastic statue of a beer stein.  You should be grateful!

I thought I would end with something green in honor of the Irish Holiday that just passed.  I warn you now, it is not Irish, just green, and then some:

Over the top lampThe acid green shown in the photo is pretty darn close to the actual color.  It’s OK, just take deep breaths and relax.  The seizure will pass.  I have to admit for a fondness for those nifty fiberglass shades, but I wasn’t tempted by this green one, or the lamp whose topper it was.  I even avoided bringing  home the nice pair shown in the back.  I actually have one almost like those just waiting for me to rewire a lamp for it.  One of these days, I will finish that project, and see about sharing it with you all.

Hope you are not too hung over from all the green beer yesterday, and that spring really is on the way in your neck of the woods.  Our Easter post is coming up next week, as it falls unusually early this year, so be prepared for some crazy bunnies.

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