Friday Fauna

It’s strange how we get in a groove where we keep seeing the same kinds of things.  Sometimes it’s bad lamps, clocks, or vacation tchotchkes; we write about them all the time and have the tag links to prove it!  If you’ve never looked at our tag cloud to the right of the post, you need to know that the size of the font indicates what we write about the most.  Well, the last couple of weeks it’s been animals of all shapes and sizes.  We wonder why can’t it be vintage Barbies, just once, and probably two of everything so we don’t squabble.

Pretty much the first garage sale we drove up to set the tone for the next couple of weeks:

Lion, and Tiger, and Bears

We called this picture: A Lion, a Tiger, and Bears, Oh My.  The ladies at this garage sale were having fun sitting in the driveway talking to the shoppers.  They asked us if we would help them with their laundry, which stymied us at first.  Then I remembered what my grandmother always said and told them, “God helps those that help themselves.”  That got a laugh, and we were able to sneak away without having to explain why we didn’t buy their nice things.  (We’re cheap!)

I bought this sweet little woodcut at an estate/garage sale:

Walking the dogs  Walking the dogs signature

The son told me that his mother had this woodcut for about 50 years.  I thought they were more recent and made with those laser cutters.  Imagine my surprise when I looked online and read about Marlow Woodcuts from Americus, KS.  It was started in 1932 by Margaret Lowe Burke whose father and grandfather were cabinet makers.  She used their scraps to make her woodcuts.  The company has been sold recently but is still going strong.  Of course, I bought this woodcut with the two happy dogs!

The thrift stores were also full of critters:

Wary Elk

This elk print was very nice, although it’s hard to tell from my picture.  If  elk act like mule deer, then they spend all their time eating, sleeping, and rubbing their antlers on poor little saplings that are JUST trying to get established!  Okay, I’m having trouble with mule deer killing trees and eating my green beans!  Honest to Pete, I live in the middle of town!  Deep breath, and back to the blog.  The frame was old and carved, altogether a very nice thing.  It was gone the next week, to the surprise of no one.

This is the most mysterious toucan ever:

Toucan mystery

What is it, why does it exist, who would want it, and what would they do with it?  It must have a purpose, ’cause it sure ain’t  decorative.  It, too, was gone shortly after this picture was taken.  Don’t you think it would be an awesome white elephant gift?

I know a shell isn’t technically an animal, but it was once part of one:

Shellapalooza   One of these things is good

This is so far over-the-top that you can’t even see the top in your rear view mirror.  I’m kind of surprised that there isn’t a saint or some other religious figure sitting on the pinnacle of shells.  We took the second picture because the yellow-sailed boat is about hundred times nicer than the shellapalooza boat.  We like the bamboo and glass frames with cool carved things inside–usually they’re birds.  A boat inside is pretty unusual, and the yellow sails are even more so.

I’m pretty sure these poor Chihuahuas have gone over to the dark side:

Diablo Chihuahuas

Let’s leave the glowing red eyes for later–can we just look at the paint job?  Why would anyone think blotchy brown with globules of green and red would make a pleasing finish for these hellish things?  Looking at them, all I can think is that they resemble the aftermath of a nasty case of food poisoning.  And, finally, there are those devil eyes, glowing and evil.  The owner did the right thing in getting these imps out of the house; now someone has to go the next step and introduce them to the dumpster.  Maybe, just maybe, they could be useful in the garden scaring birds away from your goodies.  Another positive is that crows would steal those eyes on the first day they were set out.

Things that are supposed to be cute, but aren’t, make us sad:

Raccoon Pair

This raccoon couple has had a very hard life.  He’s missing his eyes and most of his tail fur, and her tail has seen better days, too.  I wonder if this mold was supposed to represent several kinds of animals depending on the paint job.  Just imagine them without the masks and tell me if you see Siamese cats, Chihuahuas, or even squirrels?

We see bad chicken figurines all the time and just try to ignore them so they’ll go away.  There’s no ignoring this pair:

Keep the home fires burning  Keep the home fires burning2

It has a disturbing sexual vibe if you take in her crossed legs and open mouth.  I’m pretty sure that’s not how chickens “do it”.  The male is holding a bowl that has the words “Keep the home fires burning” written inside.  That’s a whole ‘nother kind of disturbing considering the fate of most chickens.  If the rooster really wants to make his hen happy, he’d better fill the bowl with mealworms!

Last, but not least, in terms of weirdness:

Shrimp and corn on the cob

At first we thought this was one of those traditional Asian woven hanging things that people pick up on vacations or use to decorate your favorite Asian restaurant.  We still think that’s what it is, but we’ve never seen one decorated with shrimp/fish?? and corn on the cob, of all things.  The googly eyes and antennae put it firmly on the strange side.  However, its maker did a great job making the corn look real–given the materials being used.

That’s it for another edition of Friday Finds.  If you were amused, why don’t you send a link to a friend who could use a good laugh?  The more, the merrier!

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The Lesser Friday Finds

We always have a little let down after the Mega Church Sale (see last week’s post).  I have no idea why, as there are still a few good weeks of summer.  To be honest, the sale was on Thursday, we still went out on Friday, and we still found some fun things, as well as some awful offerings.  I guess we are just spoiled by blogging, shopping and giggling all in one place!  All we ask is that you don’t mention that winter is coming, and we will once again be relegated to only thrift store shopping, with no garage sales to enliven the days.

We spotted this super-jazzy bike at a recent sale:

Bedazzled Bike 1We were pretty sure they bead-bombed it, as well as having at the Bedazzler:

Bedazzled Bike 2I guess that is a perfectly legitimate use for Mardi Gras beads, but you would have to flash a whole lot to get that many.  I am sure someone snapped this right up to ride in our local Tour De Fat.  Actually, the bike is a little tame; hope they have more plans for it!

It’s a really good thing that we don’t feel the need to gather orphan dolls to our bosoms, the way we do orphan linens, or this poor specimen would have had to come home with one of us:

Miss Silver Dollar CityWe have no idea where Silver Dollar City is, or why this blond “bombshell” won the beauty pagent, or even why she has been devalued, and is now only worth 25 cents.   Maybe she is just no longer a “10”.  **We’ve just been told that Silver Dollar City is now know as Dollywood, TN.  Our readers are so darn smart!**Okay, now we are told that there is a theme park near Branson MO that used to be named Silver Dollar City, so there were two places with that name.**

Oh, Pinterest, you have a lot to answer for.  We know there are sites out there just dedicated to Pinterest “Fails”, and I am sure they are hysterical, as there are some folks that just should never be allowed to hold a brush, or pick up the craft glue.  We have here what we think is a pretty prime example:

Jewelry or hat rackI am sure the pattern called for some snazzily dressed gal primping in the mirror while adjusting the stunning hand made jewelry she just picked up off the button encrusted pegs jauntily placed around said mirror.  Nope, didn’t work.  The jewelry hung in front of the mirror, the buttons fell off, and whose bedroom looks great with pink and brown?  A quick trip to the thrift store with it, and no one need ever know.

We actually loved this dainty little coffee set:

Coffee set and China trayIt was hand made, but very well done.  I have no idea where you could store that giant tray, and not have it fall out of the cupboard on your head, but we did enjoy it.  Sometimes we are so thankful for the blog, as we can admire something, take a photo, and move on!

A few weeks ago, we highlighted the inflatable cupcake carrier, imagine our surprise when we found another indispensable inflatable item:

Inflatable Sports BagSeriously, do they think their gym socks need padding?  Is it for an emergency canoeing accident?  You know, pull the cord, and it’s an instant life preserver?  I am pretty sure it doesn’t take up any less room than your average duffel bag, and it seems eminently less practical.  Never mind sealing your workout clothes in something air tight.  Ewwww.

Speaking of not practical:

Goose clockWe couldn’t decide whether she was embracing her goslings, or the weird apple tree clock. (Well, we were deducing those were apples, but if someone tells us different, we would be game!) The gingham ribbon was a feeble attempt to make the whole shebang much cheerier than it really was.  On its behalf, it might keep OK time, but we weren’t going to stick around and see.  [Deb here.  Beloved Husband has just pointed out that is is also an alarm clock.  Who the heck wants apple trees and geese in the bedrom?]

I am not sure why one of us did not succumb to this:

I see dumb peopleIt seems wildly useful, but maybe we still have a touch of class somewhere deep down inside?  Yeah, probably not.  If my husband were a coffee drinker, I would have snapped it up for him, as he can be that kind of passive aggressive grouch.  I suppose his boss wouldn’t have appreciated the sentiment.

We could save it for this week’s installment of the ARC mannequins:

ARC mannequinsDeb has a habit of snapping pix of these, as whoever dresses them must have a sense of humor.  In a pinch, I suppose I could get behind the bikini tops (certainly not IN the bikini tops), but what is up with the blue loin cloth?  An entire thrift store, bound to be teeming with cute skirts or shorts, and this is what they find?  The poor model is having to wear shades to conceal her identity.  Must have been too close to coffee break time, they might as well have handed the skinny thing a fig leaf and called it good.

This photo came out even funnier than we thought at the time:

Accidental funnyWe were giggling at the upended figure, who turned out to be an Urkel doll, by the way, but when editing the photo, we noticed the filter was a ” Clean Living” dust filter.  Apparently, it hasn’t worked for Steve Urkel, as he is face down, in a bin, under the beer cooler.  By the way, it was pretty amazing we got a clear shot at this photo, as most of the time when the Goodwill Fairies roll out one of these carts of bins, it is consumed by a fleet of what we call buzzards, trying to climb over one another to get the best bits of junk.  They must have come and gone, and left it to the lesser scavengers.

Guess I will leave you with one last “good thing”, as we try not to make it all hurt too much.  We were charmed by this sewing kit:

Antique Sewing Kit?All crocheted and ruffled: a pin cushion, a thimble holder (I kid you not, that purple one had a thimble down in there), and a tape measure.  Ready for the seamstress that has everything.  It was sweet, and we are sure someone worked very hard on it.  It was a good thing our hands were full at this sale, or we might have a ruffled purple thimble holder on our hands.

We hope your summer is winding down in the best way.  Stop in again next week for more.  I am sure we will be here.

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

No, not Christmas, silly!  I’m talking about the Unitarian Universalist Church jumble sale that we salivate over every year.  I’m not kidding, we start looking forward to this sale in May, so when it gets here, we almost fall over ourselves to arrive on time.  This year it was held before school started, so there wasn’t a drop-the-intern-off, nail-drumming delay before the shopping frenzy.

While waiting in line for the start of the sale, we looked up and saw this hat display:

Bird light

I want you to understand that each one of those sections is probably eight feet long!  That’s a lot of hats; Bartholomew Cubbins would be impressed—especially since they were hanging three deep.  All along the other side of this was shoes, so there were almost a pair of shoes for every hat!

The first thing you notice is that this is the cleanest, most organized sale you have ever been to.  Stuff is sorted into categories and placed in its own hallway or room.  Prices and maps are posted all over the place, so you can find your way.  We needed the maps this year because they reorganized, and it was hard to teach old shoppers new tricks.

The collectibles section was moved into a fairly constricted room, and you had to pay on the way out.  Later on, that caused a bottleneck at the door, but since we headed there first, it didn’t bother us.  Kathy bought her darling chintz cup and saucer in there, and I found some Tomy dollhouse furniture and five children’s hankies:

kid's hankies

There are five darling fairy tale story hankies, which have a label saying hand rolled and made in Spain.  The edges are rolled and hand stitched, which seems much too much work for a kid’s hanky.  I think the animal with the big eyes up in the right-hand corner might be a dog, although the ears are sort of bunnyish.  Judge for yourself:

doggy hanky

Kind of a dog/bunny hybrid with a monkey tail!

We got split up for a minute so I ran over to check out the dolls looking for my Number 1 Barbie, but alas she wasn’t there.  Kathy, more sensibly, went over to the linens which is where I found her.  She was musing over this paper tablecloth from the psychedelic past:

LSD bridge

I can just imagine what your bridge ladies would think about this, especially after you gave them some “special” brownies.  Can you play bridge while you’re stoned?  Would that make it fun?  Even if you were sober as a judge, could you concentrate on your cards with this pattern two feet from your eyes?

From there, we headed over to the housewares section, which had a little bit of everything, including a scary clown (just mentioning it to fulfill our verbal contract with a couple of readers) and this mixed-up bird:

Bird light

He’s supposed to cover a candle to provide just a tiny amount of light from between his leaves, err, feathers.  Does his tail look a flower to you?  Poor Birdie gets more confusing by the minute.  His expression is sort of resigned, so he obviously knows he’s a fail.  Unless … you give him a crazy orange and pink paint job and he can be the centerpiece for the psychedelic bridge experience!

I have to admit that we both had a soft spot for Ferdinand:

Ferdinand the bobbing bull

He no longer bobs, and he was pretty dang grubby.  That doesn’t stop him from being cute—and he still has his flower!

We have been told by readers that they now also hate clowns.  We don’t feel too guilty about that since there are roughly 200 bad clowns for every cute one.  Or maybe 201:

Tea bag holder that scares even tea bagsI would never terrorize my tea bag by putting it on this clown tea bag holder.  He doesn’t look too thrilled either.  That expression says that, “I’m just one Tazo from going over the line!”  Killer Klowns from Outer Space has a new crew member and he fits right in.

I find the velvet picture ad from Antiques Roadshow amusing.  If you haven’t seen it before, it’s a velvet horse picture hanging on a wall with the catch phrase, “It’s not easy on the eyes, but oh the fingers.”  I think of that every time I see an oil on velvet painting:

But oh the fingers

This was a change from the tacky Elvis and matador paintings that abound at roadside stands.  Believe it or not, there is a museum in L.A. that displays velvet paintings both good and bad.  This one might not be an Edgar Leeteg, but it’s better than average.

The panther painting is nowhere near as good as these papercut pictures:

Papercut horses

If they had been dogs or cats instead of horses, one of us would have bought them despite their gargantuan size.  They were about three feet across, so that’s an amazing amount of paper cutting!  Hopefully, a horsey person will snap both of these up and display them proudly.  There were some amazing prints and woodcuts too, but just not in our style.  I should have taken a picture, but it’s hard to remember your camera when looking for the next bargain.

This is some of my haul:

Deb's buys two  Deb's buys

The plastic bag is full of doll hats just begging for embellishment.  Sad to say even if we decorated all the hats, some of our dolls would have to go hatless  There is only one thing that I don’t have a reason for buying—it’s the cloisonné red dragon in the upper right of both pictures.  He is incredibly over-the-top and top-heavy at the same time.  His head had broken off, but it was glued back on.  The man checking me out (I know, at my age!) just gave me the rooster plate because he didn’t feel like adding in one more thing—I was suitably grateful.  The round black box near the peacock tin is lacquered and in need of a good cleaning.  Just what I need, another box!

Kathy found some goodies too of course!  Here is her vintage pile:

Chintzy Goodies

Her chintz cup and saucer are awesome, as is the whole pile, really.  Our friend Connie pulled the kitty dresser scarf out of a pile and made a beeline for Kathy, who loved it.  My favorite part was the tassels on the cat’s cushion.

More Kathy buys:

Crafty Crazies

She called this picture crafty crazies.  The hamburger in the bottom corner is a telephone!  She loves Halloween ever so much, so I’m sure the skull bags will get used.

Finally, we always search the free boxes on the way out.  I got a shirt and a package of white tissue paper.  Kathy got these pieces of clothing:

Freebie Fun

It’s a great place to search for fabric, and if you’re a felter, it’s heaven!, Plus Kathy is gathering props for a photography group, and funky old clothes work great.

Well, that’s it for our favorite sale this year.  It felt a little smaller and more discombobulated than in previous years, but as you can see from the pictures there was plenty to amuse!  Who are we to complain when we filled bags up to overflowing with our wonderful finds?

Have you been to a great garage sale recently?  Did you buy something awesome?  We would love to see what you found—just send us a picture and we’ll share it in a post.

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Friday Finds, Critters and More

Ah, yes, another weekend of garage sale giddiness, and thrift store madness.  We both work really hard in the summer.  We have houses with large yards, and in my case one that was neglected for many years till my family took it over.  There is a lot of dirt moving, mowing, trimming planting, tilling etc, and this on top of all the mountains of laundry, cleaning and cooking that fall to our lots.  Not complaining, just pointing out why Fridays are necessary in our work-a-day lives.  We are so lucky to get to spend this time with each other, and to share it with our loyal readers!

This week, the animals were on parade.  To start off let’s take a gander at a pair-o-ducks:

Plastic canvas duck pictureGuess it never occurred to me to make scads of plastic canvas pieces and attach them to a framed background.  The scary thing about this one is that it was well covered in dust, so it had been hung on the wall at some point.  Either that or the basement was really dusty, but there were no cobwebs gracing the landscape, so I am betting on the wall.  We just hope no one took it home to hang up again.

I think there needs to be an anatomy lesson somewhere on this one:

wpid-20150622_130718.jpgSomeone decided they liked the Lone Wolf so much that they needed to paint their own version of it.  The only mistake here, is that they turned the dog into some sort of pig/dog hybrid.  I think they should have plunked down the money for a calendar, and got their own print.  It didn’t even have a nice frame.  Sigh.

While we are talking anatomy, what is up with this girl?

Baby's ALL back!Baby has some serious back here.  The poor girl can’t even stand up, although she has plenty of padding for sitting on that backside.  I guess I shouldn’t throw stones, there is a little extra cushion on my backside too, but honestly not this much.  You can hardly even see her face for the ruffles and stuff, which is probably not the best fashion choice either.  The only way it could be worse, is a large dose of horizontal stripes to emphasize the girth.

Going back to the wolf, maybe they could have used some reality checks from these:

wpid-20150622_130953.jpgThese were really odd.  They are molds for plaster casts.  You can pour them and paint them yourself.  Why anyone would want a snarling bear or a rabid wolf (just look at that tongue hanging out!) on their wall is beyond me.  Just imagine these craftily decorated by your average seven-year-old at summer camp.  Now, you have the makings of a nightmare for any mom forced to say how charming they are, and hang them up for all the world to see Junior’s accomplishments.  Luckily this pair was unused.  Hopefully the camp counselors opted for moccasins instead.

We almost had to buy the shoes:

cutest shoe box everIf this is not the cutest shoe box in the whole world, I don’t know what is.  Unfortunately, it had the ugliest pair of shoes in the world inside it, and they wanted $5.00.  I don’t know what I would have done with a kitty-covered shoe box, so we just took a photo of it and called it good.  How come the shoes weren’t as cute as the box?  That is just false advertising.

Since we are talking about almost buying—check out the close call Deb’s long-suffering hubby just had:

wpid-20150731_084726.jpgDeb is a big fan of mid-century modern and this modular unit just screams it.  We even liked the color!  Unfortunately, she couldn’t think of a spot to put it in their home, so there it stayed.  It was even a pretty reasonable price, so to make up for it, we found a lot of other cool stuff at this sale, and called it good.  Lucky Hubby.

I found this a while back, and it would have looked right at home on the above-mentioned divan:

wpid-20150704_100225.jpgWe’ve seen multiple variations of this pillow: round, square, tubular.  We’ve even found patterns for making them, but we have NEVER seen this butterfly one.  There were even a pair of them, although I tracked them down in different parts of the house at the estate sale, so didn’t get a photo of them together.  That is a whole lot of gingham stitching to come up with that one, and I guess all you say for it, is that it is a pink butterfly, and your face would look pretty silly after you woke up from your nap.

We are going to have to apologize to our Native American friends, yet again:

wpid-20150622_135501.jpgA teepee lamp?  Are you kidding me?   This had better be another camp project, but I doubt it.  We feel like we spend a lot of time saying sorry for bad imported (and American) native decor.  So, a collective “Sorry” once again.  At least they didn’t make an authentic camp fire in the middle of this; then again, it might have been an improvement.

We were on the fence about this plaque:

wpid-20150731_092710.jpgOn the one hand, it is a pretty crazy owl, but on the other, you gotta give kudos to the person who made it, as it is a very creative use of pine cones.  It came out pretty owl-like, and not too goofy.  The man at the sale told us his mother loved owls.  Most of hers were pretty bad, so this was probably the best of the lot.  She had good taste in other things, as we found some fun stuff at this sale too, which we will share later on.

Here’s hoping you all have a Friday-like outlet for yourselves.  Blow off some steam, have a good time, and if you find something bad, you know where to send the photos.


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Summertime And the Garage Saling is Easy

It’s summertime and we are going to a lot of garage sales on Fridays and Saturdays.  Truth to tell, we generally go to the most interesting ones first, and then others on our list, or ones that we drive by.  When it gets too hot, we head over to the air-conditioned Goodwill, abandoning the list—a girl’s got her priorities.  Lately, it’s getting too hot right around 10:15am.  We’re such wimps when it comes garage saling in 90ºF plus temperatures.

I wanted to start out with something that our neighbor tried to give me:

Blue Vintage Sink

Our neighborhood is made up of 1950s mid-century modern houses.  The neighbor recently remodeled his bathrooms and gave up this sink.  He thinks it was designed for families with small children, as it is long and shallow with the sprayer on the shallow end.  I didn’t take it because I don’t have blue bathrooms or children, and the sink is way too shallow for my laundry tub.  Not taking the sink made me a little sad–hopefully he can find it a good home.  It would make a good dog-bathing sink, but even I DO NOT have a bathroom just for my dogs.

We’ve also been going to a lot of estate/moving sales lately:

I think she liked fish estate sale

We think that this person must have really liked fish, as she had a lot of ocean-themed decorations:

Worried Turtle

That’s unusual for our neck of the woods where people seem to go more generic or cabin-in-the-woods decor.  I always wonder if people who have lots of beach stuff or lighthouses came from an ocean-front part of the world.

This metal bun warmer made us smile:

Keeping your buns warm

It’s obviously well-loved, but still fun.  It was made by West Bend, but isn’t electric; it must keep your buns warm the old-fashioned way with layers.  I ended up buying it for the Etsy shop; I haven’t gotten it listed yet mostly because I can’t get a good picture of it, even in a light tent!

This was an odd picture:

Strange old picture

We looked at it pretty closely and decided that the picture and text were married by someone, since they don’t seem too closely related.  We do like her demand of a “domestic” before marriage, but wonder exactly why said domestic must have new wood work.  Does anyone know what this refers to?  **We have been informed by two readers that a domestic is a sewing machine!  Thanks Terri and Steph for the knowledge.**  The article below the picture talks about German cologne, “the most Fragrant and Lasting of all perfumes.”  Silly me, I always thought the French made the best perfume.

I really like those ’50s TV tables with “atomic” decorations:

TV tables

These 1970s TV tables just don’t do it for me.  It’s not a great still life, but it’s hardly egregious either.  I’m not a hater of the colors brown, orange, yellow or copper so it’s not that.  Maybe when I’m an old, old lady, I’ll remember the ’70s nostalgically, but I doubt it.

Do we even have to say anything about these 3-D vacation plaques?

Vacation 3D plaques   vacation plaque

My one thought is that if you took a picture, on your digital camera, we might have another gallon of gasoline instead of these plaques that you didn’t even keep or unwrap!  Now that’s pitiful!

I think we took this angel picture just because it’s not white:

Yellow crochet angel

I wonder if she had a small ball of yellow yarn in her stash and decided to use it up this way.  Or maybe this was part of a rainbow angel display which must have been awesome!

You know, the arts are in enough financial trouble without this picture mucking up the works:

Don't hate the arts

It would be easier to say what’s right with this–I don’t hate the background pattern, and the frame is unexceptional.  That’s it for the faint praise.  It makes me shudder to look at the smiling/frowning masks.  What is the deal with the color schemes? They’re hardly P.C., but I suspect this metal foil picture would be hideous even without the paint!

We can’t stop finding bad kitties–first Little Kitty, and now this:

Forgotten Jellicle Cat--Leprosy CatI call her The Forgotten Jellicle Cat: Horrible Skin Condition Cat!  Not to make fun of any specific condition, but why would anyone make a cat candle that makes me think of something like leprosy or psoriasis?  I think that the chandler intended to make a candle with pretty flower petals just under the wax.  The kitty itself is cute, but the extra details make this a definite fail.

This hat made us laugh, and laugh:

Fred Flintstones Water Buffalo Lodge hatAre any of you old enough to remember Fred Flintstone’s Water Buffalo lodge?  That’s what I thought of when seeing this hat.  I must admit to a little confusion about whether it was Fred Flintstone or Ralph Kramden who belonged to the Water Buffaloes.  Thankfully the interweb put me straight!

I would wear the bison hat any day over this gator belt:

Gator beltWe think that it really was alligator leather, too, which makes it worse in my opinion.  It’s an ugly belt; you would do better to leave the skin on the alligator than to waste it this way.  I think gator hides are around now because people are eating farmed alligator a little more often.  I see it on the menu quite often in Florida and I’m sure that’s not the only place.

How about we end on a knock-your-eyeballs-out lamp?

Knock your eyeballs lamp

I personally loved it, but would totally understand if someone thought it was hideous.  This lamp was so big and bold—you might not even have to turn the light on because it’s so bright!  If the people having the garage sale weren’t so insane on their prices, I might have even brought it home.  I imagine B.H. is heaving a sigh or relief that I’m a cheapskate when you get right down to it.

Thanks for reading and we hope you’re having some summer fun, however you like it!

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Weekend Warriors

It’s hard to explain to folks that we have a NEED to go to garage sales EVERY week.  It’s a heck of a hobby: it’s mostly harmless, and sometimes it can be very worthwhile.  This past weekend, between Friday with Deb and Saturday with my hubby, we hit a bumper crop, so I thought I would share just the sort of things you can pick up in a weekend with some leg work and perseverance.  Of course, this tends to elicit comments about how they went to A single garage sale and didn’t find anything.  You’ve got to keep at it folks!!  We’ll make a believer of you yet!

So, the most fun we had on Friday was an estate sale.  This is one of our regular companys’ sales, and for some reason they decided not to send out notices of their sales, so it hit us as a complete surprise.  We were glad we went, as the house turned out to be a time capsule of our childhoods.  We had to laugh at how much stuff there was from both our homes growing up.   There were some pretty funny things too, like this:

So many nutcrackers, so few nutsSeriously, did they have an entire grove of nut trees, or did each individual need their own and refused to share?  OK, now that is the only thing I will share this week that I didn’t buy, so hang on to your hats!

Here is a quick selection of some fun stuff:

Estate sale 1Who could pass up that big-eyed kitty puzzle($1.00), or that fabulous printed tablecloth($5.00)?  My dad sells and services fire extinguishers, so a used one for fifty cents was a no-brainer.  He refurbishes them and sells them at a discount.  Children’s hankies are hard to find, so a pristine one for $2.00 was a deal.  The little yellow thing is a type of stand for a vintage Liddle Kiddle doll.  I told the lady at the sale that I was probably the only person there that knew what it was and she gave it to me.

Let’s look more closely at a couple of items:

Estate sale2This vintage made-in-Hawaii child’s vest ($1.00) is just about as cute as it comes.  They had it in the doll clothes, but I think it was originally kiddie clothes.

Now what, do you ask, are those other thingies?

What the heckI thought about just throwing this out there and seeing what kind of answers I got, but I was too curious to let it go.  These are sterling silver food pushers, c. 1921.  So for all those out there who have resorted to honey to keep the peas on your knife, here is the solution.  For some reason they had a small collection of these, but I only picked up the sterling ones at $2.00 each.

I tried mightily to resist this coffee server, but it came home with me anyway:

Estate sale3It was too mid-century modern for words, and Deb already had one. ($5.00)

I also picked up a Rembrandt.  Well, it is a print, but it was pulled from the original plates, probably in the 1920s:

Estate sale4As close as I will ever get.  Paid $5.00, and they sell for about $125.  Not a bad profit there.

I was also able to find the elusive hoe.  We only had a tiny hoe, and hubby wanted a nice full sized one to use around the house.  We have been looking for over six weeks.  Who knew that would be so hard to find?  I actually plunked down $5.00 for it, as we had been looking for so long.  Bet we will see about a dozen of them this week for fifty cents apiece!

Now, on to Saturday:

Time to GardenFirst up for the garden-a book about arbors ($1.00).  I was thinking of building one, so that will help.  I also got some plant fertilizer for a quarter.  I use this all the time for my amaryllis, so it will get used up, and I don’t have to pay full price.  And to top it off, a little bag of glass stones.  I have been gathering up stuff for mosaic projects at school, so anything that goes for free heads right to that pile.

Baubles and readsThe baubles section included a super sparkly peacock pin for $2.00, the lovely shell heishi and malachite bear necklace for $2.00 (at the same sale they threw in the necklace with heishi and animal fetishes for free, as it was broken).  I fix beads for pin money, so that was not a problem.  The lovely 1930s tree pin for $3.00 and the cook book (light reading!) and magnet for 50¢ each.

Found a sale that had the cardboard 1961 Barbie dream house for sale, and I talked to the lady, wondering if she still had the dolls, as I didn’t need another dream house.  Sure enough, she headed to the storage room and brought out these two.  They are in rough shape but for $5.00 each I can make them presentable again.  Also got a handful of nice hankies for $1.00.  Way cheaper than Kleenex!

Babes and blowsWe tripped over this sale, as it wasn’t on the list, and I dug these two out of some boxes:

Super bargainsMy mom collects carnival glass, and this was a lovely green Northwood piece.  Easy set aside for a Christmas present.  I couldn’t resist the paprika chicken.  Who puts paprika in a shaker?  On further inspection, I think he probably had friends and was part of a whole spice set.  Wish I had the rest of them.  These racked up a total of $1.00.  At the same sale we found a power washer:

Under PowerIt needs a couple of parts and some work, but it started right up, and the price was right (free!) Plus, we had been looking for one of these, and free beats a couple hundred.  You can buy a lot of parts for that price.

I am pretty sure I don’t even begin to have all this stuff in the right order, as after we picked up the power washer, we had to come home and empty the car!  This is pretty rare even for us, but here are a couple more things that came along somewhere in there!

A place for every thingI have no need for this little table, but it was so pretty, and looks to be a handmade piece.  I tried to resist, but for $3.00 how could I not give it a home—it was practically an orphan.

And here is the last group shot:

Getting crazyOops, the cookbook made it in again, I assure you, I only bought one of them.  The boat was just dolly size, and nicely made.  The lampshade is to go on a lamp I have that my grandfather made ages ago.  It had a fiberglass shade that bit the dust years ago.  It was turquoise and awesome, but the white one will probably fit my home better.  The hand-carved Tiki napkin holder was a direct outcome of seeing the crazy tiki stuff at Home Depot (see our Facebook page), and it was oh-so-much cuter.  Now all I need is a good tiki sign, and my bar will be open for business.  All this (minus the cookbook) for $5.00.

So for just a little over $50, we sure had a lot of fun.  We found fun and useful items, so next time we say, we NEED to go to garage sales, you know why.  Give it a try, and please report back.


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A New and Improved Friday Post

Okay, enough with the reruns—it’s time to get back to what we do, whatever that may be.  I’m recovered from a fun 4th of July vacation to Joseph, Oregon and I do have a few pictures to share.  It was hotter than blue blazes, so of course we didn’t go shopping like I usually do: we went hiking, swimming, and even canoeing.

I did put this on Facebook, so I apologize for double posting, but it was so horrifying that I just couldn’t believe it.  We pulled into Twin Falls, Idaho about 7:30 pm due to our alpine start of 9:45am.  It was still 100°F, and we were pretty tired after all the heat and driving.  We tried one hotel, but their dog rooms were full; they recommended that we try the place across the street, since they allowed dogs.  That hotel did have vacancies, and no wonder why since they had fireworks booths around two sides of the building.  However, beggars can’t be choosers, so we checked in with the fatalistic attitude that we would go out with a bang.  Even more disturbing was what was going on next door:

Discount Fireworks

Discount fireworks, not even first rate fireworks, were being sold in a gas station parking lot about 20 feet from the pumps!  Doesn’t that seem like tempting fate?  Oh, those crazy Idahodians.

We did some wonderful hikes along the streams and ponds, which kept things a little cooler:

OR hiking    OR hiking 2

For the 4th of July we had the adventurous idea of hiking up a steep moraine near Lake Wallowa to watch the fireworks:

Lake Wallowa

The sunset was gorgeous and distracted me from worrying about how to get down that steep trail in the dark:


Several of the houses nearby also contributed fireworks before the big show; it always amazes me how much money people spend on fireworks.  The official show was definitely worth the wait:


All those little lights below are boats on the lake watching from another amazing vantage point.  As for hiking down the moraine, all I can say is thank goodness for hiking sticks and headlamps.  It’s an amusing story to tell because none of us got hurt, although there was a lot of falling going on all around!

I did get to do a little shopping.  I was amazed by all the stuff crammed in this shop, and by the prices.  He did business by the book–asking full price for even damaged stuff.  He couldn’t charge us for looking, and he did have some amazing things, like this TV:

Philco TV front

I apologize for the bad picture—I snuck it while the proprietor was otherwise occupied.  No time to check the settings.  I’ve never seen one of these oldsters in person.  And by the way, you can see how crowded the store is even better in this shot of the TV’s back:

Back of TV

He even used the bottom shelf of the TV stand for display!

We also went to the general store in town, which seemed more like a museum than a store. There were a number of wonderful vintage displays like this one:

Rit Dye Display

I had to laugh that they crossed out the original price on the display–I’m sure Rit is much more expensive these days.

Here are a couple of more displays and my favorite thing in the store:

Shopping cart

In the background you can see a salt water taffy display and an Eddy’s bread display.  The thing I coveted the most was the grocery cart in the foreground.  Out front they had put potted plants in one and it was adorable.  Of course, I didn’t take a picture of that!

While canoeing we got to see a bald eagle nest with the young ones still in it.  No pictures of that because I didn’t trust my canoe skills enough to take a camera in one.  I wish I had smell-o-vision on my camera because the wild mock oranges were in bloom and the scent was heavenly.

I still have a little room in this post, so I might as well squeeze in a few finds from around home.  Here are some words that you probably thought you would ever hear from us—a cute clown:

Cute clown

He’s a vintage planter and we just can’t get too worked up about his uncreepy, smiling face.  If you must have clowns in your home, do us all a favor and buy this variety!

We ran into someone’s extensive decanter collection which seemed to feature some American Legion conventions:


I have just one of these kinds of decanters in my house, so I’m not exactly an expert.  If I had to choose, I would take the hula girl in the middle–she would be great on a tiki bar!

These two decanters were even less amusing:

Elephant    Donkey

If you’re excited about the next election cycle, you’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din!  It’s bad enough to be forced to listen to all the hot air on TV; we don’t need to be reminded of it during our shopping/retail therapy sessions!  I suppose that strong drink could help drown out all those orange-skinned bloviators.

This was an interesting pairing on the thrift store shelves:

Does it, DOES IT??

She looks a little quizzical about that advice.  I agree that laughter is the best medicine, but I’m not sure that giggling is the fountain of youth!

I wanted to report on the little wooden kitty I adopted a month ago, especially for Theadora.  Little Kitty seems very happy on top of my refrigerator and I’ve given her a few doll hats so her ears don’t stick out like a sore thumb:

Little Kitty

I guess we’ve bonded since I’m trying to think of a name for her.  Any suggestions from the peanut gallery?

Well, it seems like we’re back in the groove again.  Thanks for looking at the recycled posts—it gave us a much-needed break.  It was the first time in five years that we hadn’t written a new post.  In the meantime, our favorite sale at the Unitarian Church is coming up in a month—I get excited just thinking about it!  Stay tuned because we have more fun on tap.

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