Let’s Have Fun at an Auction

I’m going to admit to a bit of procrastination here, too.  Deb is not the only one adept at it.  My posts usually get written Thursday afternoon sometime, as I am not good for anything after 9 pm.  If I wrote a post any later than that, there wouldn’t be enough proofreading in the world to fix it.

I think I will take off on a little tangent this post, as I had an adventure last week.  I grew up going to auctions.  I have memories of sitting under my folks’ feet at the weekly auction in town coloring my heart out.  My parents didn’t have a lot of money and loved antiques, so they bought old American Golden Oak furniture cheap and refinished it.  Many of the pieces of furniture we both use came from auctions and were treated with love and respect to get to the place they are today.  I like to listen to the auctioneer’s patter, and I get a huge kick out of the characters that you see at most junk auctions.  The guy who will take anything for a buck, the dealer of ____ (fill in the blank), young people just starting out and totally overwhelmed, the curmudgeon who bids on everything, even the cute rocking horse with the five year old hanging on its mane bidding for the first time ever, the rest of the crowd ready to slap said curmudgeon, if he doesn’t keep his bidding number in his pocket and let the little girl have her horse, and I could go on and on.

So, last Monday, I stopped by to visit my folks and found my dad had trundled out to the local junk auction, that for some reason, they were having on a Monday, instead of the usual Saturday.  I decided to head on out and see what they had and what he was up to.

Well, there it was.  An acre or so of junk spread out on the field where they usually have hay and livestock auctions.  I should have taken a picture of that, but didn’t think of it.  Suffice to say, dusty and rusty was the order of the day.  My dad had a list of things he was looking at, mostly fire extinguishers, as he refurbishes them and sells them in his business, but a few other things.  So I decided to hang out for bit and see what was what.  I only lasted an hour or so before I was piling stuff onto his bidding number!  I bought just three things, and I will now share them with you.

First off, an entire lot of shoe-box-size plastic bins for $7.50.  You don’t need a photo of that, but a bargain anyway.  I always need storage.  Then they came to a bunch of mixed lots in bins, and I managed to snag this one for $8.00:

Tub O JunkI was really only going for this:

What I boughtThe key was still taped to the side, and I thought it was cute.  It did clean up very well, and will go nicely with my Barbie vinyl pieces.

The problem is the rest of the stuff:

What I got 1The little Swiss plate with the cow and people on it is pretty cute, and the Christmas girl figural music box just needed cleaned and the music box re-attached.  Not sure about the moldy Last Supper clock or the light up Virgin Mary bust.  The doll is out of a nightmare, and I like the Muppets, but Kermit the bank has to go.

Oh, there was more:

What I got 2Avon bottles, a troll, or Sully, anyone?

Or maybe these two a little closer:

Tony or FurbyThe Furby works, such as it is, and it is an older one.  Not worth much, but I spent an enjoyable 10 minutes freaking out my son with it.  I do sort of like the Tony the Tiger bowl with feet.  I wonder what you would do if your frosted flakes took off walking across the breakfast table.

The kicker in the whole box was this:

LunchThe Alf lunchbox, complete with lunch.  EEEWWWWW.  I don’t know how long everything had been in storage, but I am betting at least 10 years.  Don’t you check the lunch box before you toss it in a box?  Needless to say that hit the trash faster than the speed of light.

Lest you think I have completely lost my touch, and didn’t find any goodies, we come to these:

Abraham Palatnik 2Abraham Palatnik 1I got these in a lot with a couple of nasty resin wolf figures and a rock painted like a panda for the grand sum of $10.  It was everything on a shelf.  I just thought they were kinda cool.  I especially liked the bunny in the back.  We had a little debate at home, as my family was sure the large round one was a snail, but it is clearly a peacock, as it has feathers with eyes.  Each figure was marked made in Brazil, so when I got home I Googled acrylic, made in Brazil and these popped right up.  They were made in the ’60s by a man by the name of Abraham Palatnik, (you can see some of his serious art here) This is the signature on one of the signed pieces:

Abraham Palatnik SignatureAnd what do you know? These pop art figures are worth some bucks.  Check it out.  I was delighted.  I probably got the steal of the day, and no one, not even me, knew it!  There is something to be said for good instincts.  Buy what you like, and you can’t go wrong.  Even if these hadn’t been worth a thing, I would have been happy with my purchase.

Plus, I got to spend the day with my dad, who did get a couple of extinguishers for $2.00.  Auctions rule!  Got an auction story?  We would love to hear it.  Write or comment and we will share it with our readers.Save


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Procrastinate Now and Panic Later (Thanks Internet!)

Holy crap, it’s Thursday evening and I haven’t even started to write a post for tomorrow morning!  I admit that Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes) describes me when he says:

You can’t just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood.
What mood is that?
Last-minute panic.

I like to think that I’m a much better writer with a panicky fire lit under me, although that theory is never going to be tested because it would involve working ahead.🙂

I have to apologize for this bad picture.  It was taken in the Unitarian Church’s boutique room which is pretty darn crowded:

Camel Head dress Unitarian Church

It was a fancy headdress for a camel with all sorts of beads and froufrou hanging down from the woven cotton portion that fitted over said camel’s head.  I wish I knew what it was doing in Fort Collins CO, which is a high plains desert without a significant camel population.  When I Googled “camels Fort Collins CO”, just to make sure there isn’t a huge camel breeder nearby, I found this story of a couple who quit their jobs in a Denver suburb to start a camel dairy—I kid you not!  I wonder if they would have bought this for their cow, Big Mama?

We saw this in the Christmas/outdoor decoration portion of the Unitarian Sale:

Goofy Parrot  Goofy Parrot Pal, Owl

I was really tempted to buy them both; it’s hard to resist something as goofy as that parrot, and I couldn’t leave her friend the owl behind.  I think the recollection of how much junk decorates my backyard already was the final decider.  I need more stuff for the yard like I need more doll stuff—not at all, but that doesn’t stop me from buying it.  I can just see B.H. wincing while he proofreads that sentence, since truer words have never been uttered.  I’m pretty sure someone with an adventurous taste in decor snapped these two up in a New York minute.

The next three fashion finds were also noted at the Unitarian Church Sale.  First up, a herd of elephants:

Plastic Elephant Necklace

We first found one of the little elephants laying on the table in front of the necklace and thought it was kind of fun.  Looking up, we decided that one was fun and nine were just a bit much. All that judgment seems to be in opposition to our opinion that with the right attitude and some misplaced confidence, a person can carry off almost anything.

This little formal was so sweet:

Lovely Vintage Gown   ovely Vintage Gown 2

I can imagine sweet young thing, a la Gidget, Sandy, or Francie, wearing it to the Spring Fling in the 1960s.  I really like the white embroidery on the bodice.

I’m not sure whom I envision wearing these gloves:

Magic Motion Lavender Gloves

Even if they were “advertised in Life” I’m not sure they were a hit in real life.  Obviously, I’m not alone in that thought since they haven’t been worn to this day.  Sadly, neither of us can wear this color; I used to wear a shirt this color to work, and my coworkers frequently asked me if I felt okay.  Finally, it occurred to me that it was this color that was making me look sick, not the fact that I was at work.

We saw this at Goodwill:

Frame Job

It seemed like a very creative way to frame a picture, however tiny it might be.  I have to commend the person who ever-so-neatly cut a hole in the embroidered doily, and the mat cutter for following the shape of that doily fairly faithfully—that couldn’t have been easy.  Alas, we drag lots of orphans home, but not his one.  It wasn’t there the next week, which relieves our guilt for not adopting everything.

We were so excited to see this box on Goodwill’s shelves:

Cranberry Set

Ever since the great cranberry server kerfuffle of November 22, 2013 when we found out that cranberry servers were really a thing (Who knew?  Our readers, apparently!) we have been on the lookout for these things.  In three years, we have found three and bought two.  The unpurchased one was so outrageously priced that we couldn’t force ourselves to buy it, even for you, dear readers.  We have so wanted to find one and use it as a giveaway for Thanksgiving.  Oh joy, here is the perfect set, in its box, even.  Of course, when we opened the box to make sure it was all kosher, there was only a crystal serving dish and no server.  Isn’t that just the way these things go?  Believe you me, we are going to find one of those @$!& things and give it away; our honor as black belt thrifters is on the line.

Finally, I wanted to share a couple of things I bought at the Unitarian Church sale:

Hull China for Westinghouse  Hull China for Westinghouse mark

I love these Hall refrigerator dishes made for Westinghouse in the late 1930s and into the ’40s.  The orange color is called “sunset” and I don’t know what the yellow color is called. The Deco shapes are what make them so cool.  They made a great giveaway to the buyers of Westinghouse refrigerators.  I hadn’t run across one of these before last year; now I have three!

As always, thanks for reading.  I have a few ideas for posts in the near future—if I stop procrastinating!  I actually have taken pictures of my silhouettes for a post and it occurred to me that we could do a pretty amazing post on our paper ephemera that we drag home on a regular basis.  If you have an idea for a post, just drop us a line and we can see what we can do.





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At It Again

You might think that we would get tired of the endless rounds of thrift stores, garage sales and estate rummaging.  In a word, “no”.  Last week, we hit the Unitarian Church sale on Thursday, garage sales and a thrift store on Friday, and on Saturday, when I usually attend garage sales with my family, who should I run into?  Deb.  It just never stops.  Yippee!  This is why there is a never-ending supply of bad stuff to share, and this week is no exception.

Let’s start out with the worst.  I am not saying the rest is top shelf, but this has got to be the bottom of the barrel:

We're so sorry they painted you pinkWhat did this poor girl ever do to the spray-paint can wielding DIYer that had at her?  OK, I know it is not the most attractive sculpture ever, but do you really think painting it pink improved it?  And adding the plastic cameo on the lace ribbon is just adding insult to injury.  I am just glad they ran out of paint before they could make her one of a pair.

We found these in the bins at our local thrift:

Ankle Accessories2     Ankle Accessories

There were multiple examples of each variety.  Now, I love ankle bracelets and wear them often in the summer, but these just seemed like something that would drive you nuts.  The fringe in the back would always be underfoot, and if I wore something like this around the house, my cat would insist that my feet were fair game for pouncing upon.  We did understand why they were not great sellers, and ended up en masse at the thrift store.

Next up, a throw back to the ’70s.  Remember shadow boxes?

deer and bean shadow boxYou could buy the kits at your local hobby store, stain them, and fill them yourself with all sorts of goodies to admire.  Somehow I think the weird plastic deer just didn’t fit the bill.  I am also worried about Atilla the bunny lurking just behind the purple tag.  He looks like he could make a meal out of the deer’s poor little fawn.  Watch out, Bambi!  Just so you know how cute they can be, here is one my grandma made:


It traveled for years with her in their motor-home, and then hung in their house.  I have it in my bath where I can enjoy it every morning.  I think I know where I got my thing for bug pins!

We actually sort of liked this:

Ferocious Fake Tiger HeadIf you must have a trophy, make it an awesome fake one!  Go on a photo safari.  This actually would have been pretty amazing if they had continued it on and made a white tiger rug. Totally PETA-friendly and guaranteed to terrify anyone wandering around your house drunk in the middle of the night.  I could see it in some really kitschy, groovy, ’60s, man cave too.

We got a giggle out of this pattern:

Patriotic CostumesDeb commented that if everyone would dress up for the political conventions, the way they do for comic cons, they would be so much more fun.  At least you could point, stare and take pictures instead of listening to politicians drone on.  Imagine the media coverage.  So much more entertaining.  So for next time, grab this pattern and do some sewing for your local representative.  The viewing public will thank you.

I don’t know why, but old baby stuff always seems cute, or at least amusing:

Metal Baby BuggyThis was quite the baby buggy; it even still had the old mattress tucked inside:

Metal Baby Buggy mattressI am thinking in our almost 100 degree weather the sides of this metal pram would get pretty darn hot, but at least it has a cover to keep the sun off, as long as you are only going one direction.  I had to laugh, as you will notice the arrow Deb inserted (she takes and edits most of our photos).  She is pointing out to you my, oh so delightful, kitty purse that I purchased in Bruges, Belgium.  Everyone goes to Europe and buys a bag.  At least I did.

If the buggy doesn’t get you, how about a cradle?

wicker cradleThat’s quite the wicker work job.  What really gets me is that apparently this child wanted out of bed so badly that they were chewing their way out.  I don’t know how else to describe what happened to the end of it.  It would still probably be cute with your teddys in it, but not much good for that new tiny tot, unless they needed a new teething ring, if so, have at that lead paint.

I am going to finish up with a couple of oddities:

Interesting dollsWe thought these dolls were pretty darn strange.  Kind of cool, but weird.  I know someone is going to come along and tell us how fabulous they were and why didn’t we buy them, but that is just the way the cookie crumbles.  We can’t buy it all, no matter that our respective hubbies think we do.

[A reader, Vivianne, provided some information about these dolls:  Regarding the two dolls, they are made by a company called ThreeA (3A) and are the creation of Ashley Wood, an internationally acclaimed painter and graphic novel creator/artist from Australia.

The figure on the left is a character known as a “Classic Tomorrow Queen” from the Popbot line of figures (and graphic novels) and the figure on the right is “Little Shadow” from the Adventure Kartel line. Both would have originally retailed for around $120-$130 (USD) and are essentially limited editions as the majority of 3A’s figures are offered as preorders and made according to the quantity ordered plus a few extra. As with other dolls and collectibles they have a world-wide following and their own form of conventions and shows

Vivianne updated her information 8/13/16 with: I asked a friend that collects 3A to look at the photo and below is what she replied: “The Tomorrow Queen figure, called “Princess Tomorrow Queen”, is from 2011 and the “Little Shadow” figure is from 2010. Both are the first editions of their character and in spite of their relative new-ness, a 3A collector finding these figures would be akin to a Barbie collector finding a #1 in similar state; obviously not monetarily worth as much but just as prized.”  She also stated the price I’d given was the amount new figures retail for and that the original cost of these two was $80 each].  Guess we should have bought them–thanks Vivianne!

It’s summer, and we know you have lots of fun stuff to do, so we really appreciate your visits to our blog.  However, we are always looking for new folks to share with.  If you have someone who you think would enjoy reading this, pass it along, and ask them to subscribe, or follow us on Facebook or Pinterest.



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Let’s do the Time Warp Again

I’m back in Colorado after spending two weeks in Michigan with family.  Poor Kathy has been shopping on her own, which is never as much fun.  I made it back in time to get to our favorite sale at the Unitarian Church.  It’s a couple of weeks early this year for some reason, but of course we bought a lot of treasures.  I should probably add a mild clown warning for the post, further down.

In fact, I got to see something that seems to be following Kathy around Fort Collins:

Purple wool coat

Kathy saw this coat first at a garage sale while I was gone.  She is looking for a winter coat and this one was only $5, but she had some questions about whether it would be warm enough, so she passed.  Imagine her surprise when it was waiting for her at the Unitarian Church sale today.  Kathy had no choice but to buy it, since it’s obvious that she will keep seeing purple coat until she gives it a home.  A lady at the sale must have been eavesdropping on us while Kathy told me the story; she came up to us afterward and said it made her happy to know that Kathy was taking this coat home.

We are now taking a jump to the left, all the way back to June:

Bed of Nails sandals   Bed of Nails sandals New Reflex

These shoes don’t look really comfortable to me; in fact, they might be only slightly more comfortable than nails.  Made by the New Reflex company, they must be some kind of reflexology thing.  I had plantar fasciitis, so anything stabby on the bottom of my feet sounds like torture.  The person who was selling them seemed to agree with me, since there wasn’t much wear on the soles.

Taking a step to the right, and here’s something appropriate for the election cycle:

Patriotic Costumes

How funny would it have been to see people at the national conventions wearing costumes?  Everyone talks about trying to get young people into politics; maybe luring them in with the comic convention vibe would help.  Make it seem less boring and dry, and more fun.  Maybe we need to make the conventions PokeStops, too.

We’ve seen so many different clown things that we haven’t troubled you with them for a while.  This one really drove us insane:

Clown tie

Digging through the back room of Goodwill revealed this thing.  What in the heck were the makers thinking?  The only possible market for this abomination would be a clown—by profession or by inclination.  It’s a definite fail for an up and coming Wolf of Wall Street.

This vase got me in trouble with another garage sale shopper not familiar with our snarky flair:
orifice vase closeup

We were looking at a whole table of milk glass; we don’t collect it, but you know us, we’ll look at most anything.  We weren’t really paying much attention to the people around us which might be a mistake.  I saw this vase and said to Kathy that it sure reminded me of an orifice.  (What can I say?  You can’t take nurses anywhere!)  The man next to me looked at me and said something along the lines of, “You are a bad, bad woman!”  I just laughed and said that garage sale people were a tough breed.

This table of stuff reminded me of the post from Texas:

Lamp making kit

In that post I saw lamps made out of the craziest things including one of those cone ricers.  We laughingly called this one a lamp kit, if you wanted to make an ugly lamp.  Judge for yourself:

Ricer Lamp

Ugh, I would rather look at clowns!

We were at an estate sale and laughed at this box of kitchen wares:

Unique knife display

I don’t know if this is a safety move or an expression of anger; I wouldn’t like to dig through a box and grab a sharp knife.  Things weren’t very well displayed or marked at this sale, so it was probably just laziness.

Just one more thing to show you.  Kathy and I are fascinated by this kind of picture:

Fun Picture   Fun picture close up

It kind of floated my boat because of its Asian theme.  Kathy is always attracted by tiles and beads.  Now that I look at it again, I’m wondering why I didn’t drag this home.  It’s just weird and funky enough to fit into my house.

Thanks for reading; as Kathy says, if you enjoyed this post pass it along to friends or enemies—your choice.

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Busy, Busy, Busy

We always say we are busy, and somehow it seems to be true.  Even with Deb off visiting her family, I still don’t seem to have time to get things done.  And now, I have just noticed that school is coming up, (the summer intern is NOT happy) and once that starts, it’s a landslide into the holiday season.  Sorry, I know I should not be mentioning that, but I go whole hog decorating for Halloween, so that seems just right around the corner.  In that spirit, and knowing how busy you all are as well, this will be another quickie post.  We will get back to posting longer diatribes when the weather cools, and we are all huddled inside with more time to read, and to write.

Let’s start off with this odd teapot:

Sea shell teapotThis was a puzzler.  It looks sort of modern and sort of old.  We had to tip it up to see the mark:

Otagiri mark

It’s marked Japan, so it has a bit of age to it.  That is about all you can say for it.  If you had an enemy (surely not a friend?) that collected teapots, you could bet they wouldn’t have one like this.  I suppose if you were REALLY into a seashore theme you might need this as well.  I have a friend who is pretty fond of the beach, but she will be delighted that I resisted this on her behalf.  [Deb here to say that my sister who loves teapots said, “No thanks” to this one!]

Next up, another odd travel souvenir, I think:

Strange wooden pedal carIt is made of wood and designed to hang on the wall.  It’s a good thing you might hang it up, as the way the perspective is shown, there is no way this thing could actually travel down a road.  The back wheel seems pretty wonky to me.  Aw well, it could always be firewood.

For those of you really into world travel, we have the lamp of the world:

Traveling LampIf it’s supposed to make you look sophisticated and globally savvy, it failed.  Miserably.  Don’t be fooled, it just makes you look like all your taste is in your mouth!

And now for something large:

Weird CanisterThat’s it, just large.  We don’t know what it’s for.  Hopefully something more fun than the ashes of your annoying neighbors.  Pretty sure cookies stored in this wouldn’t even taste good.  And to top it all off, the price is going to deter even the most determined thifters.  Bet it spends a good long time on the shelf.

We have been doing some massive grumbling at the prices at thrift stores recently.  Our local Goodwill, sensing this (perhaps by noticing the huge amount of stuff they are NOT selling), has begun a 99¢ room in the back.  Unsorted, unmarked, you dig it, you buy it.  OK, now we are talking.  We have been having a good time dredging through it on occasion.  There are some people who have begun to make a career of it, and they can be a bit annoying, but we still have a good time, as do others.  This is all leading up to this photo:

Shopping BuddiesWe did get a kick out of the ‘6os crewel work kangaroos, but we were more delighted with the two ladies behind them.  The one in the awesome colored hair was practically head first into the boxes, and coming up with some pretty cool stuff.  She and her friend were having even more fun than us … maybe.  Back to the kangaroos.  They are groovy ’60s at their quirkiest best.  Even in the avocado green frame.

While the ’60s lounge music is playing in the background (no really, put on some Martin Denny and groove with me).  We loved the graphics on this serving tray:

Vintage serving trayIt was kind of a strange tray with the glass insert, the tile, and the spot for the knives, but a closeup of the tile areas reveals just how suave it is:

Vintage serving tray graphicsWe would like to think we are the sophisticated women in the little red dresses, our hubbies sporting berets and drinking martinis.  Alas, we are not (hubbies just refuse the headgear!), but we like the accoutrements of the time.

We hope your summer is moving on 33 rpm, or just nice and laid back.  If not, we’re glad you took the time to visit with us.  Don’t forget to catch the extras on Facebook, and we post some other stuff on Pinterest as well.  Lots of vintage postcards etc. so if you have some time, take a look.  Don’t forget to comment and pass us along to those enemies with the teapots!



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Posting on the Run

I no sooner got home from Las Vegas when I turned around and drove to Michigan for family fun.  My parents don’t have wi-fi right now, so we’re in McDonald’s having a snack and logging into their free internet.  The library in my parent’s town does have internet service, but being a small town, it’s flaky, and the library hours aren’t 24/7.  I actually should have scheduled a time to write the post instead of waiting until the last minute.  This post is going to be short and sweet since I’m writing it while my parents grocery shop.

We were semi-terrified by this bottom shelf at Goodwill:

Terrifying Trio   Terrifying Trio are banks

Neither the duck nor the lion/dogs are what we would call good ceramics projects—it starts with their coloring.  In fact, my inclination is to call the whole pile of them pitiful.  I was wondering if a picture from the top would solidify my opinion, which it did, but I also noticed the squirrel hiding behind the front beast.  Mr. Squirrel is the best of the bunch, but is wisely avoiding having his picture taken with his woebegone friends.

Here is a case of the good with the bad:

Bunny and Toothbrush holder

We went to a wonderful church sale, and I bought the bunny planter on the left and the basket for a dollar.  I was pretty confused by the item on the right at first thinking it was a toothbrush holder for a very strange bathroom decor.  However, after looking at the picture more closely, I think this is a flower frog, which is no less weird than it being a toothbrush holder.  I’m not sure what the two women are doing—it’s not any of my business, really, but I don’t see what it has to do with flower arrangements.

This might be one of the strangest things, EVER:

Instant underpants

I know that Archie McPhee is a novelty company, but this is pretty weird even for them.  I wish the tiny tin hadn’t been sealed, since we were curious what instant underwear might look like.  Probably along the lines of those instant washcloths and towels.  That tin is a very convenient size for travel if the underwear were actually wearable.

This record album cover cracked us up:

Neil Diamond

Oh, Neil Diamond, you’re a good-looking man; you don’t need to channel The Everly Brothers’ hair style.  With that hair, I’m not surprised that you were a “Solitary Man”.

We sort of like these bustier purses as a rule:

Bustier Purse

This one seems more “booby” and less bustier than others.  I’m not sure how much stuff you could get in there, since it’s flat except in the cup area.  How could someone take polka dots and make something that I don’t especially like?

My parents just popped their heads into McDonald’s wondering if I was done, so this is the last thing:

Goofy little Christmas Elf

I love those old Christmas elves—they are so cute in my world!  This one, at the above-mentioned church sale no less, looks three sheets to the wind.  I long suspected that elves might be secret tipplers to deal with all the stress of Christmas deadlines.  Plus, I’ve heard that Santa likes to spy on everyone, so they have to be good for goodness sake.

Thanks for reading; we know you all have better things to do especially in the summer.  Keep tuned to see what we’re up to next, and check out our Facebook page if you haven’t already.


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It Stays in Vegas

As those of you who read our Facebook posts know, we made it back from Vegas safe and sound.  All in all it was a fun trip.  The convention was fun, the driving there and back had only a few minor construction zones, and it has been so hot at home that the 101 degree temps didn’t even seem all that hot.  That last one was not really a plus, but we are going to pretend it was, as we sit and sweat it out back home again.

We have a few other items that we found in our ramblings around Sin City to share with you.  It is so much easier to type a post up on the computer.  Both of us had only schlepped our tablets along, and boy is that a challenge.  Thanks, WordPress, but I digress.

First up, we have these curtains.  These were at the sad bargain thrift store:


It’s pathetic enough to think about these hanging at your window, but when we realized they must have been samples and there was only one of each, we were really depressed.  Imagine having to have the whole lot, just to cover a window or two.  Gack.  That green and gold one really looks like something the cat horked up.

While speaking of cats, here are a couple more:

wp-1468417771473.jpgI loved this little kitty postcard, although we were not sure why you should scratch Mommy kitty.  Still it was cute and for the $1.99, I might have brought it home, but some idiot put it in the frame with some nice clear tape over the top edge to hold it in place.  Ruined the whole thing, as there is no way to get it off.  Tape is a huge pet peeve with us.  Be it the thrift store taping vintage boxes closed, or previous owners fixing books, pictures, post cards, etc. with it, tape really messes things up.  Back away from the tape dispenser, folks.

This cat is NOT CUTE:

wp-1468417498337.jpgI am going to say it falls well into the WTF category.  The hat was glued on and the glasses had a spot with a pivot point, so you could raise them up, so we know it was all factory made.  Never mind going into what caused someone to think cats should be pink.  When you lift the glasses, the cat didn’t get any less odd:

wp-1468417501765.jpgI am pretty sure this feline has spent way too many hours stuffing quarters into the slots, or maybe just breathing the air in the casinos.  No matter what caused it, it has a serious case of the uglies.

We did like these:

wp-1468417716791.jpgDeb loved the poodles, and owls worked for me.  Several of the casino shops had variations on these.  The smallest one was around $70.  We kept trying to figure out how to mangle our suitcases so we could get new ones.  It was a lot harder to find someone to blame when we drove the whole way, and toted our myriad luggage up to the room on our own.  So, alas, these stayed in Vegas, too.

I was trying to avoid this as long as possible, as we were flabbergasted by this whole shebang.  When your ceramics project goes terribly wrong, you might get this:

wp-1468417494445.jpgActually, to be fair, this may have been commercially made.  Still doesn’t make it any better.  We want to send our sincere apologies to all Texans, as no one should have their state represented by this.  If the big old blue bonnet bedecked clock doesn’t turn you off, we are pretty sure that the bottom of this being an ashtray should finish up any chance of this being acceptable.

I will leave you with a couple of more fun things.  While drooling on purses, jewelry and the fantastic Chihuly ceiling at the Bellagio,  we found this amazing pair of cloisonné vases in a relatively small back hall:

wp-1468417744840.jpgThis is just one of them, but the other was a matching twin.  That is a honking big old piece of enamel!  We were trying to decide how they ended up there, as we are pretty sure there is some age to these.  No matter how they got there, they were stunning, and larger than life, but I suppose that is the norm for there.  Crazy that they were just sitting in a nondescript out of the way place.  We would have taken them home.  There was one for each of us!

And last, just for fun, here are our travel dolls in front of Caesar’s Palace, just to show we were there:

wp-1468417506626.jpgYou didn’t think it would be a picture of us, did you?  We are no fun to look at.

Till next week, watch for more fun on Facebook.


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