Mama Said There’d be Days Like This

Well, it hasn’t just been a couple of days–it’s been weeks!  Seriously, we’ve had 6.30 inches of rain in the last 30 days and probably most of it has come in two to three weeks.  I lived in Oregon for three years, and mowing the lawn in the rain ranks REALLY low on my list of favorite chores.  Of course, we are mostly unhappy because it’s slowing down the garage sales, and we haven’t gotten our gardens in yet.  My neighbor said to me this morning, as we passed each other in the mist, “Give us a couple of 90°F weeks and we’ll be crying for cool and rain!”   True dat!

We saw this ’50s blond bedroom suite recently at a local thrift:

Mengel Dresser2   Mengel Dresser and Headboard

The label in the drawer said Permanized Mengel Furniture which seems like a fair claim, what with the good overall condition of the headboard and chest of drawers.

Mengel Dresser

A brief internet search revealed that the Mengel furniture company was started shortly after the Civil War in Kentucky.  They made quite a bit of the blond furniture between the ’40s and the ’60s.  My favorite part of the whole shebang are the drawer pulls.  They have that mid-century modern flair.

Speaking of flair, or lack thereof:

Sun Room sofa   Sun Room only

This couch was so bright and busy that the only place you might want to put it would be the basement or your informal sun room.  This picture was taken on a gray day and look how bright it is!  If the sun were shining, you would probably need your sunglasses in the house.  I can’t remember the exact amount they were asking for it, but it provoked the “Yeah, right!” response from us.

OMG, I just found this picture in the April photo files–gasp, you might have missed it:

$129.99    $129.00

What a big tub of crap jewelry that Goodwill had on sale for $129!  We couldn’t believe that anyone would bother going through this pile of plastic in search of something to justify the price tag.  We know from experience that our local Goodwill never puts anything good in the giant grab bags that they price at $8.  Just imagine how disappointed you would be after buying the equivalent of 16-plus grab bags.  Also, you would have to somehow humanely dispose of the remains; I suppose you could rent a Bobcat to excavate a suitable grave in your backyard.  And yet, it was gone the next week, and we doubt that anyone shoplifted it!

I’m not sure what inspired this tile:

Forbidden love

I call it Forbidden Love; once you get your wine goggles on, you forget that you’re a cat and he’s a dog.  They do seem blissfully happy, so who am I to judge?

There were quite a few kitty things at the thrift last week:

Low self esteem kitties

This was the homeliest bunch.  The big white and black sleeping cat in the center isn’t bad, just sort of boring.  It’s the two smaller ones to the right who  probably suffer from low self-esteem.  The one in the front seems to be in a production of Oliver! playing the role of Oliver Twist when he asks for more porridge–he’s that pitiful.  Meanwhile, the gray-green tabby in the back seems to have hyperthyroidism, or he might have had a little too much Red Bull.  He’s wide-eyed and bushy-tailed for sure.

We saw this poodle princess and wondered what her story was:

Princess Poodle   Princess Piggy Bank Poodle

She suffers from the opposite of low self-esteem; confidence seems to ooze out of her.  She makes a nice change from all the piggy banks we run into.

We just had to laugh at this fellow:

Furry Monkeyshines

I hope you can see the fur on his tail, although it kind of looks like squirrel, not monkey fur.  The more I look at him, the less funny and more creepy he gets.  The expression on his face is kind of disturbing.  Of course, being sealed up in a plastic bag would give anyone a funny expression.

Since I seem to be on an animal roll right now, might as well throw this picture into the breach:


We aren’t fans of these poorly executed pieces of resin–it wasn’t even a china swan.  I just don’t understand how such a graceful and lovely bird can be represented in such a clunky and unlovely way.  I much prefer the blown glass swans of my childhood that were filled with water tinged by food coloring.  They were at least fun.

We need something fun right now:


How about a Shrimpmaster?  You can see that it was never used, at least not for its intended purpose.  I wish I were participating in a white elephant gift exchange; the Shrimpmaster would be a perfect offering.  Being a vegetarian, I’m not quite sure why mastering a shrimp would require a tool three times its size, but they must be feisty little buggers.

Here’s another thing that is larger than what you might expect:

Ginormous punch bowl

This punch bowl dwarfs the gallon watering can in the foreground.  We have never seen such a huge bowl.  It would be murder to move when full, and when empty it would take up a whole shelf by itself.  Of course our least favorite estate sale organizers were asking way too much for it.  Sometimes it’s not even worth going to their half-off day, since 50% off is still 20% too much.

Last but not least:

that's what you can do with old cabinets

Have you ever wondered what to do with that banged-up old cabinet you foolishly bought at the auction?  Wonder no more–it can be your brand-new fireplace!  We were looking at this while it was unplugged in a garage thinking, “What in tarnation?” when the seller walked over and plugged the cord in.  We did not see that coming!  This cabinet surprise symbolizes what we love most about being Secondhand Roses–we see something amazing every week!

To all of our US readers: please have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!

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Friday Files

Deb had to head back home for some family stuff, Graduation, Christening, Mother’s Day, hey, at least she made the most of it!  BUT … that left me to muddle through shopping on my own in the torrential rain.  In Colorado, we hardly own umbrellas, as with just 15 inches of precipitation a year, we don’t get very wet.  When we get over three inches in just a couple of days, we hardly know what to do with ourselves.  Anyway, I slogged through the rain, it was probably uphill both ways, and found exactly NOTHING.  It is just not as much fun on our own.  Lucky for all you loyal readers, we both have a little stash of unpublished photos to cull from and squeeze out a post.  Hence the Friday, OK it might be Saturday as well, files.

First up, I almost forgot this month’s cake:

May PoleThese days, who would know what a maypole is?  I had a teacher in elementary school, don’t even want to think how long ago that was, that insisted we do a May Pole Dance every year.  It was lovely, but it was considered old-fashioned way back then.  Shudder to think what the kids would say about it now.  Actually, the cake is rather sweet, and not a fail at all, but we are going through the whole book.

Now this next one is a fail in oh-so-many ways:

Cow DivaYou’ve heard of gilding the lily, making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, and putting lipstick on a pig, well they did all that and more to this poor cow.  I kind of like some of the decorated cows, but this one is too far out there for anyone, isn’t it?  On her behalf, she seems to be working it like any B-list actress on a red carpet, but I am pretty sure she will make some of Vogue’s fashion don’ts lists.  Just imagine that black stripe over her face, so you can’t tell who it is.

Here is a “whatsit” for many folks:

Holey SkirtI snapped a quick photo of her, just because you don’t see many of them.  She is a napkin doll.  You placed folded paper napkins in the slits in her dress, causing her to have a case of over-sized skirt disease.  Some of these are very sweet and there are folks that collect them.  This one probably would have been left sitting there by most collectors as she is a pretty ho-hum example.  Just one of those FYI things.

I hemmed and hawed over putting this one in the post, as we probably do have some Southern readers, and we just love lots of things about the South, but here it is anyway:

Forgetaboutit!Really folks, there is a time to just “Let it Go” as Elsa would say.  Honestly, it was over 150 years ago.  Time to move on, and please don’t make a tray out of it.  I really can’t figure out why anyone would WANT a tray with a cranky, cross-eyed veteran on it.  Heck, you could just put a photo of some black-eyed peas and grits on it, and I would be all in.  Or better yet, put some real black-eyed peas, and grits on the tray and bring it to me.  I’ll eat the goodies and recycle the aluminum!

This is also a “not so bad” thing, but we laugh every time we see these:

Grandma GlassThis honking piece of Italian glass probably weighed in at a couple of pounds.  It was a stunning red color and had aventurine in it.  We call these Grandma Glass, because my dear departed Grandma adored these big pieces of bright colorful glass.  I miss her every time I see one, but they make me smile too.  I think that is one of the most fun things about antiquing.  Most everyone has a memory somewhere, and how sweet it is to see a reminder.

OK, I was softening you up, before I got to the really bad stuff:

Infectious DiseaseBand Aid anyone







These two ’60s monstrosities absolutely had to come from the same fabric stash.  Surely there couldn’t be two misguided seamstresses?  To compound their sins, they were both double knit.  That miracle non-wrinkling fabric.  The blue one looks like a field of wild band-aids, and the green one looks like the festering sore you are supposed to place the band-aids on.  I do have to give credit where credit is due: she bought them, but she didn’t sew them up.  What could you make out of them?  Maybe the blue one would be a dandy hospital gown, although it might confound the nurses when they came to reapply the bandages.  However there is no hope for that green one, unless you want to look like a bilious escapee from a Dr. Suess book.

While we are WFT-ing (I am pretty sure that word can be used as a verb!)  What is up with this lamp?

Enough lamp to hang yourselfAre we supposed to think it is a nautical thing, or is it for someone with a noose fetish?  Or maybe it’s from a cowboy’s last lasso?  I guess I can admire the ingenuity that got the rope rigid enough to be a lamp.  Not sure whether they petered out on getting the socket attached, or they got so athletic around it that it broke, but I’m pretty sure why they gave up on it.  Seriously, get a vase, make a lamp.  OK, maybe not:

I guess they would light a roomThe sad thing about these two, is that they were obviously VERY expensive in their day.  Beautifully mounted and trimmed, but they were definitely hit with the gaudy stick multiple times.   Slap down a Persian rug, and scatter a dozen china shepherdesses, and any self-respecting Victorian would be right at home, while the rest of us would be drowning in gewgaws.

I saved the best for last:

For DebI took this photo several months ago, as I knew Deb would love it [I do!!!].  She has a soft spot for these cute little Japanese dolls, but she tries not to buy them, so I took a picture of the sweet thing, and left her on the shelf.  Deb’s house and hubby thank me! Some day, someone will see these sorts of things and think of Deb.  Who and what brings back those memories for you?  Drop us a line; we love to hear from our readers.

Speaking of hearing from our readers, we wanted to share a couple of pictures sent to us by Giarte:

bottle doll 1    bottle doll 2

He was shopping at a thrift store in N.J. and saw this dish-detergent-bottle doll.  The doll’s dress is strange enough without the individual pockets sewn around the hem.  What the heck would you store in all those pockets???

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Sweet Dreams Aren’t Made of These

Garage sale season is in full swing, and while there haven’t been any home runs, we’ve had some good finds.  If you haven’t gone by our Facebook page, you should take a gander at Kathy’s pretty little doily that she bought at a garage sale.  Sometimes, it’s the little things that turn out to be the most rewarding.

Boy, we’ve seen some funky art lately:

Pressed Copper Asian PicturesThis is someone’s pressed copper art that is also tinted.  You’ll have to take it from me that it was much more hideous than my photos convey.  I’m not sure copper is the best choice for skin tone either despite the Coppertone baby ads.

This framed masterpiece was about forty inches tall, which is about thirty-nine inches too much in my book:

Romance book coverIt sure looks like the cover art for some torrid romance novel.  “She was an innocent serving maid in old Seville; he was a rakish Don with a different kind of service in mind.  See what happens when these two strong-willed Homo sapiens collide!”  I have to admit that I enjoy a trashy novel occasionally–brain candy, I call them.

We’re not sure what this is, or what you would ever use it for:

Golf CartIts purpose cannot be decorative!  It was probably about three feet tall and it really rolled on its wheels.  Of what possible benefit could rolling be?  It was heavy enough to cause some damage if it happened to roll into something breakable.  I’m thinking that could be considered a stupidity tax for bringing this horrible thing into your home in the first place.  Of course, it was gone in the next week or two; we’re hoping it rolled right off the shelf and suffered a hard landing.

Another head scratching thing:

Testosterone Test Site

I’m not sure there is a manly enough man cave to merit this sign.  Maybe a garage full of Harleys, football gear, tools, spittoons, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) posters, and dirty tube socks would be appropriate.  Hard to tell from the feminine perspective.  However, I’m pretty sure that  a woman created this; no being with testosterone would ever think of painting a plaque, much less with those jazzy dotted serifs.

We stopped for the flamingo and stayed for the plastic canvas fly swatter:

plastic canvas fly swatter

Poor plastic canvas!  What did you ever do to be the basis of so many failed craft projects?  Can you imagine how nasty this fly swatter would get after a season of flies?  That poor little goose certainly doesn’t deserve that fate.

On the other hand, this purse’s best use would be as a fly swatter:

Just a little too much going on

Beware, you could break a window with it as it was the size of a beach tote!  I guess that we just never got on the fabric animal print purses adorned with plastic bejeweled decorations bandwagon.  I’ve seen this same fabric with hand guns, crosses, guns and crosses, animals, and flowers.  None of it works as far as I’m concerned.  Glad that fad is passed.

Is it a rhino … a cow … or some Island of Dr. Moreau hybrid?

Rhino Cow looks awfully jittery

Poor thing looks awfully spooked which is never a good thing with either of those critters.  I expect baskets will be flying any minute now.  If I could have thought of a place to put him I would have taken him home; he’s that pitiful.

Here’s another crafty mystery:

Hanging Something    Hanging Hamster Balls!

What the heck is it?  We can tell you that it started life as a hamster ball, but that’s as far as we go.  The rest of my comments start with why.  Why did they paint it gold?  Why did they stick a plastic bead tower on top it?  Why is it bedazzled and braided?  Why are there clock works inside of it?  The questions go on and on with no answers in sight.  Theories anyone?

Let’s look at something cute for a minute and give our eyes and minds a rest:

Everyone needs a friendEveryone needs a friend–especially if you live in a thrift store!  We liked the big-eyed wooden owl and then noticed his companion.  Hopefully someone will take both of them since it would be sad to leave one behind.

Speaking of friends and family, we were amused by this squirrel chain gang:

Squirrels in chains

Ma and Pa squirrel probably have their hands full with these two.  Best keep them right by your side.  They were pretty chipped up, and the thrift store wanted too much for them; besides, we don’t really have a squirrel thing.  If they had been poodles, well, then we could talk.

I think we can end with a couple of fabric follies.  I sure would hate to take a nap on this pillow:

Art Pillow

Can you imagine all the lines on your face after your siesta?  If you could even sleep in the first place.  All that decoration kind of reminds me of a Portuguese man-of-war tentacles, and not in a good way.  The other problem with the pillow is that it fills that chair right up, not leaving any room for the chair’s primary purpose–seating!

I grouped the pillow and this crocheted wind sock together because they both reminded me of a jellyfish:

Crochet Jelly Fish

I don’t know about you, but comparisons to jellyfish aren’t what I’m trying to achieve with my eclectic decorating style.  We really don’t know if this is trying to be a wind sock or not, but however you unravel it, it’s a fail.  Not to mention that you would need a gale wind to move those tentacles!

We want to end with wishing all you mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!  Hope you have a super weekend.Mother's Day Girls


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Don’t Bother, They’re Here

I have been fighting a ridiculous cold/cough for the last month.  Airlines should give you hazard pay for flying around surrounded by all those germs.  I am only putting this out there, so if there are parts of this post that make zero sense, you will know why!  Actually, there is a very good reason why Deb and I do this together, as we sometimes think it takes both of us to make up one coherent brain.  If we didn’t have the other one to proofread, there would no hope for you understanding our insanity!

I am going to have to start out with an apology, and you probably all know what that means.  Yes, there are clowns.  We have had more than one person let us know that they didn’t used to mind clowns till we pointed out just how heinous they are:

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This shirt needs a giant “YES” printed on the back, and it would totally have us covered.  Thank goodness it didn’t come with a clown wig and a giant red nose.

Of course, the same day we saw the shirt we saw this:

OMG NO!They should have come as a package deal.  What are you trying to do to that little tot?  Scar him for life by making him put his most precious toys in this?  Seriously, you deserve to be mentioned in the therapy sessions, if this is what you bring home as a toy box.  And if you have the poor taste to use this as storage in your own room, you deserve the nightmares.  As far as clowns go, I realize the toy box is not the worst, but this is still our reaction:

Close up of the terrified childrenI don’t think that umbrella is going to save you!  Actually, we had to take this photo, as it was another combo deal:

No help for any of it!Maybe they are really huddling under that umbrella waiting for the DT-induced pink elephant to give them a bath.  If so, who gave them the booze in the first place?  Oh yeah, it was necessary after seeing the clown!

OK, enough of that.  I don’t promise it will get better, but the clowns have left the building.

We had a problem with this next piece of art:

Why is he serving a monkey?So what’s up with the monkey?  Is our intrepid top-hatted waiter serving him to a patron?  If so, I think I would prefer him cooked, not that I would prefer monkey in any form.  Or, is he just being waylaid on his way to the table by a monkey with an urge to tipple?  Either way, can’t see the point in this whole picture.  It probably would have been better used as scratch paper.

This poor fella has been languishing on the shelves at the local Goodwill for weeks, with good reason:

Why won't anybody take me home?We love cute bathroom wall things, which this is assuredly not.  He looks a little “Silence of the Lambs” too.  Just slightly deranged, and who wants that watching while you are attending to your personal business?  You know something is truly bad when it hangs around for weeks, because most of the stuff we see is gone the next week.  Can you believe it?  Yeah, we can’t either.

Here is another example of “things we love” but not this one.  Vintage suitcases are fun.  I have one I use when I travel (well, not when I get on a plane, don’t think it would make it!) and they make great decorator items, but this one, not so much:

Oh, my bags are packed and I'm ready to goThis really did look like one of those old-fashioned home hair dryer sets, but we did check and it was just a suitcase.  If that didn’t make you want to reach for the Dramamine, I don’t know what would.  On the bright side, I bet no one would EVER steal your suitcase.  You could put the Hope Diamond in there and be perfectly safe.

On the other hand, we can not find even one good thing about these:

Molded picture magicNothing says class like molded plastic ballerina pictures right?  Not only were they ugly pictures, but the dancers were pretty scary too.  I have heard of fellas having “craggy” features, but these two were positively troll-like, and the girls weren’t much better.  I bet  you could cure your six-year-old whining for ballet lessons with a good long look at these.  She would run screaming from the room and you would instantly become a soccer mom.  I am not sure there is a cure for that, but pick your battles.

We always get a kick out of stuff that manages to hang around for a few decades in their original boxes.  Sometimes, folks are just careful and store them that way, but many times those odd wedding presents get stuck in the cupboard to be forgotten for years.  We kinda liked these, and were sorry they didn’t get used:

LIbby Glass SetThey depicted an old-fashioned ice skating scene done in rather ’60s colors, but bright and cheerful nonetheless.  The presentation box was pretty cool in and of itself.  How could you resist that display?  These will probably never get used, as everyone knows you can’t put them in the dishwasher and keep them this way, but we sure hope someone brave and ambitious bought them to use.

Now we have an entry into our “one of everything except taste” category:

I got your whole world in my handsHands, roses, snow globe, glitter, yes, it’s all there.  Good taste?  Not even in the ball park.  Seriously, China has a lot to be ashamed for, but the resin tchotchke phenomenon is probably the absolute worst.  I don’t think I have ever seen even one that had any redeemable value.

OK, I had better leave you on a high note.  We had a couple Faberge-like eggs last week, so we didn’t want this one to feel left out, as it was pretty, too:

Another pretty home made Faberges eggThis was all done with cut-out layers of paper.  Someone had the patience of a saint, and you can bet it wasn’t one of us.  Luckily, we are able to leave these on the shelf, but I feel bad for all the work languishing there.  We already adopt orphan linens; we can’t do eggs too.  They could hatch and we would have chickens!

Hope spring is coming where you are, and the May flowers are heading your way!  We will be back next week with more garage sale/thrift store shenanigans.

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Ahoy, There Be Garage Sales About!

No, we didn’t garage sale last week when it was raining biblically here in Colorado, but we did the week before.   Not only did we go to garage sales, but they were mostly good garage sales, even if we didn’t buy much.

This first sale had some fun older things that were priced like an antique booth.  We like cool old things that are priced cheaply, but you can’t always get what you want:

Plaid Flap    Nut Pick Set
This nutcracker and pick set were in great shape, as was the vinyl case they lived in.  What a fun giveaway to get from The American National Bank not to mention that the plaid is sooo ’50s.  Too bad that neither of us need nut picks; I have one of those bark nut bowls with the nutcracker and picks in the center and who knows how many nutcrackers Kathy has!   ;- )

This trivet is made from older clothes pins with the springs removed:

Old Clothespin TrivetI might have bought the clothes pins as they are pretty cool, but I definitely don’t need any more trivets.  However, I don’t have anything too snarky to say about it as it’s kind of cute, although, I might have chosen different beads.

I love these sets:

Egg Nog Set

I don’t own one because we don’t drink egg nog or Tom and Jerrys not to mention that it’s like owning a punch bowl when you don’t entertain all that much.  We have so many fun and useful things stored in our kitchen cabinets, that we smile and pass on by punch bowls.  The egg nog set was in wonderful condition; obviously no one ever put it in the dishwasher!  It’s so sad to see vintage kitchenware with most of the decoration gone after being beaten almost to death in dishwashers for 5o years.

This chopper has savoir faire wafting out of the box:


As soon as you get this honey out of the cupboard, you will be cooking like a French chef in no time at all.  I love that they kept the box!  The graphics are so very ’50s or ’60s with our chef wearing a white hat and the Salvador Dali moustaches.  If they had curled just a bit more, I might have said Hercule Poirot!  Sorry about the glare on the top of the box–just squint a little and maybe you can see.

This horse does not meet the high standards of the other garage sale finds:

Pony BottleFirst off, we were a little puzzled by this until someone ahead of us pulled its head off.  Eek it’s a bottle! Then, I was moving it a bit by its leg and almost knocked it right off the table because the LEGS MOVE!  If you were serving booze in this, I’m pretty sure that an accident would occur at some point in the evening because the head comes off (creepy) and the legs move when you touch them.  It startled me, and I was mostly sober.

I wish someone could explain to me why I bought this:

poodle face2     Poodle side

Even the poodle looks surprised that I bought it!  And maybe he was right–just take a look at that facial painting!  It was only 50¢, but that’s not a good enough reason.  I have lots of poodles, and very few of them are black or plastic, so maybe I was just trying to complete my collection.  Somehow, that wasn’t very reassuring. ( Kathy here; I am pretty sure I twisted her rubber arm and made her buy it! )

After garage sale fun, we headed to the thrift store because we’re gluttons for punishment:

Pheasant Soup

Oh my, pheasant soup!  We were laughing pretty hard when we realized that the tail was the ladle; it was all just a bit over the top!  I especially like the mound of flowers and berries on the poor thing’s back; I think they’re supposed to be a knob to pick up the lid.  But really, wouldn’t anyone who was using this just grab the head?  Someone liked it because it was gone the next week.

This pair of candles caused a snort or two as we passed by:

Someone got their feelings hurt

Is it just me, or does that mouse have  a pouty/sarcastic expression?  How could one prevent said expression when standing next to Miss “Can’t Hold a Candle to Me”?  Mr. Mouse seems to be saying, “Come on dadgum it, I’m a purple mouse!”

We like a man who is out standing in his field (sorry):

Tractor art   He's proud of his tractor art

Mr. Shepard was all kinds of proud of his tractor art.  Sad to say that his kids might not have shared his enthusiasm, or one of his patrons’ heirs had the same lack of appreciation for tractor art.

The next couple of things are on the good side.  We had not seen a Florence Ceramics plaque before:

Florence Figural Pictures  Florence MarkThey are pretty collectible and we even have a Florence figure in our Etsy store.  Florence Ward started the pottery during WWII in Pasadena, CA.  Her designs were mostly of women and men dressed in 19th century clothing.  The company was sold in 1964 and started making a different line of pottery merchandise.  These two plaques are very ’50s in their sensibility with the rose color dresses and beige background.  These figures don’t show up all that often in thrift stores–or they’re snapped up as soon as they show their faces.

We saw these eggs at an estate sale:

Now these are decorated eggsI think they were shooting for a poor man’s Fabergé Egg and that’s a pretty high bar.  The eggs were decorated within an inch of their lives with beads, rhinestones, enamel, velvet, knobs, pedestals, and legs which makes them amusing but not breathtaking.  It must be noted that the maker did an amazingly good job; I would for sure have at least a blob of glue somewhere on the eggs.  Especially after applying all those beads; a person could go blind doing that!

Thanks for dropping by and joining in the fun.  If you find any fun things on your rounds and want to share, just email us at and we’ll include your picture in a blog post, on Facebook, or both!


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Along the Way

As posted last week, we are back: Deb from Florida and me from Holland!  It was a lovely river cruise with my mom, but the weather was horrific.  The wind blew in sustained gusts of 60 mph one day.  We pointed out that back home, we call that a hurricane!  We still saw some fun things.  I worked very hard to find a thrift store, thinking that would be a wonderful blog entry.  Try explaining to the concierge that you are visiting a foreign country looking for used stuff!  This was my best effort, and it was closed that day:

Window shopping

It had the oddest assortment of “stuff” in the window and probably would have been good for a post, but no luck, as we were there on Monday, and most of the town was shut down.

The tour was called Tulips and Windmills and they tried really hard to get us both.  The windmills were easy:

Daffodils and WindmillsOf course it was blowing so hard that you could hardly stand up.  Luckily I was down on the ground for this shot!

As you can see, it was more like daffodil time, and we did get to see a field or two of those:

Pretend they are TulipsSo just pretend those are yellow tulips.  From a distance, it was hard to see the difference anyway, so this worked.  Notice the rain clouds, and yes, they came and got us all wet shortly after this shot.

While walking around in one of the quaint little towns, I found a piece of home, at least for me:

Right At HomeI will explain it in a minute, but just wanted to note that your eyes are not off, that whole country leans to one side or the other, and sometimes both!  Most buildings are built on reclaimed land, and it makes for an uneasy foundation.

Ever since the summer intern was born, Deb and I have capped our Friday outings with lunch at a nice little Indian restaurant.  It was easy when the intern was smaller and we had to get lunch, and get home in time to get him down for a nap.  They have a great buffet, and that made it quick.  Imagine how delighted I was to see that they had a European cousin:

Sign Of HomeOf course, every third Indian joint is named that, but it still made me smile.

Luckily, we have been back for long enough to have some normal blog post fodder, so we will proceed to the dreck!

As you know, we are both pretty fond of dolls.  Needless to say we left this fine gem on the shelf:

It's all too fabulous!From a distance, she may not look that bad, but just so you know, she was the cheapest plastic available in China, and that is not an outfit, but some body glitter!  Just imagine what the poor girl has to go through every time she comes home from a stint on stage.

We didn’t want you to miss the full effect, so here is a quick shot of the back:

It's a fabulous backsideI still think it was probably not entirely useless.  It would make a fine cat toy.

What has one eye, two beaks, and not much else identifiable?  We don’t know either, but here  it is:

One eye, two beaks, no waitingMaybe they are not beaks, but ears?  Doesn’t really help, does it?  We don’t know what it is, but there it is, and there it will stay, I’ll bet!  (But I wouldn’t put much money on it, as folks buy the oddest things!)

Here is a another in our long list of things that could be good (doilies) but aren’t:

Ick!This was a waste of time and thread on so many levels:

Feeling dizzy yet?Look how close those stitches are.  She must have slaved over it for hours.  Not enough to keep those lines even, though.  And when all is said and done, it was way easier to send it to the thrift store, than to explain something that ugly living in the house.

This one also tried to be good.  I imagine the pattern looked just fine and dandy, but here are the results:

Is it a purse or a dress?Sort of looks like a cross between a dress and a purse, and those cute red polka dots are in a constant state of warfare against that boring grey worsted weight yarn.  It so depressing when you work that hard, and just can’t face the results.  Maybe one of these days they can come up with a communal incinerator in each town.  Any hapless craft attempts can be burned at no charge, just to get them off the street.  Kinda like a gun buyback, and they can use the power generated to run the senior center.  Sort of a perpetual motion thing.  (Sorry, couldn’t resist! Just so you know, we are both much more senior than sweet young thing, so we’re laughing at ourselves as well.)

We have to admit to rather liking this last find.  We were delighted with the monsters in a thrift store painting thing as we shared earlier .  Imagine our joy at finding someone who took it just that one step further:

Monster Pitcher

We had to take a photo of this side, so you know there was a chair and a UFO to keep the monster company:

Backside of monster pitcher

It’s still not something you want to bring home to your mother, but it did makes us nearly giddy with laughter.  Of course, you have no idea how little that takes!  I did also see this story a week or two ago, and it fits right in as well.

Well, I came home with the airline cold, and I am still fighting it!  But we will be on the thrift store hunt again this week, come snow (which it is doing all over my daffodils here!), or snuffly nose, so never fear, there will be more to see next week.

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Getting Back to Normal–Whatever that Means

Well, we’re both back home and fixin’ to go shopping on Friday for the first time in two whole weeks.  The weather looks like it will be pleasant, so hopefully that means some garage sales!  Woo hoo!  Kathy has been out on Saturday with her clan, but this will be the first of the season for us.  I’m pretty sure all that anticipation has probably jinxed any chance of Friday being sunny–that’s how the weather rolls in Colorado, especially in the spring.

We’ve got to clean up some old finds from way back.  Like this one:

Belly button cleanerAre any of you old enough to remember Spencer’s Gifts?  There was one in a mall near where I grew up and my friends and I would spend hours looking at the silly and naughty gifts; we thought they were the funniest thing we had ever seen!  This perfumed, jeweled, studded belly button brush would have fit right in with the switchblade combs, whoopee cushions, and over-the-hill humorous “prescriptions” that we giggled/snorted over way too many years ago.  My favorite part of the directions is where it says, “BE POPULAR.  KEEP IT CLEAN.  MAKE MONEY AT HOME.”  Yup, that pretty much sums up my opinion of people’s belly buttons.

This HAS to be decorative–don’t you think?

Age of Aquarius

I cannot imagine making a zodiac molded jello salad unless I was hosting a Hair: The American Tribal  Love-Rock Musical after-party, and then it would be hilarious!  I had no idea that the musical had any other name besides Hair–thanks Wikipedia!  Of course, it’s also hard to imagine any one having a groovy enough kitchen to use the signs of the zodiac as decoration.

We kind of liked these; if only for being a nice change from the plastic squishy ones:

Grapes of Rock

The grapes of wrock, we called them.  While we liked the polished blue stones, I think the leaves could have shown a little more flair.  The whole thing felt wired together.  I can’t imagine drilling and gluing wire onto all of those grapes only to have the whole thing end up in a thrift store.  On the other hand, I can’t really blame anyone who decided to get rid of it, either.

These pieces of glass are kind of hard to see being back-lit and all:

Chihuly on the cheap

We thought they would make a nice decoration for the garden, ala Chihuly.  Unfortunately, they wanted around $15 each for them, which is ridiculous!  Especially considering how they would be smashed by the first hail storm or even the first time mule deer came tromping through the yard.  Someone liked them, as they disappeared–hope they had a coupon.

I recognize that eye roll wise Mrs. Owl is giving her fledgling:

Words of wisdom for teenagers and know it alls

I was (and maybe still am?) a bit of a know-it-all myself, so I probably should have this tattooed on my forearm.  However, it’s still appropriate for every teenager, every where!  Too bad they don’t spend much time reading trivets.  Parents should just serve dinner using the trivet and roll their eyes while sipping a nice Merlot.  Thankfully, kids usually come to their senses sometime in their twenties, or even earlier if you’re lucky.

We so know why this was at the thrift store, and there were two of them:

Yarn Pillow Corset

It wouldn’t take me long to toss this monotonous corseted pillow.  Off-white pillows are problematic for most households, now add something that will pill and attract pets who chew and claw.  Smart move dumping it at the thrift store!  Now if they had only put a real corset on the pillow and added some color, it could have found a home in someone’s boudoir.

We haven’t seen one of these in quite a while:

Cake of SoapWe know why they didn’t use all this soap–it’s for good, not just everyday.  Gosh, we rip choice stuff open right away and get busy using it.  I’m not leaving “good” stuff for some ungrateful wretch who will just cart it off to a thrift store!  I guess they could have saved it because it was “too pretty” to use; those words make no sense to us whatsoever!

Kathy isn’t much a fan of the color green–except in nature.  But even I had to admit that this was a little much:

Colorful sofaHope they had it in a garden room with plain walls so you didn’t go cross-eyed looking at patterns.  It might have helped if the print weren’t so vivid and quilted!  But of course, what do we know?  It was gone the next week.

We have no idea what’s going on in this picture:

Corona glasses are the least weird part of thisWe were just innocent bystanders, walking into a thrift store and BAM!  Really, the Corona glasses are the least weird thing about the male mannequin.  This could explain the store’s pricing strategy–the whole staff is drunk, high, wasted, wrecked, three sheets to the wind, in their cups, or whatever the kids call it these days.

Let’s end on a good thing:

Falcon ware candlesticks   Falcon Ware mark

We could tell that these were old and nicely made despite being orange, a color that I like but maybe isn’t so popular with the masses.  The windmills look hand painted as does the decoration near the top.  The mark JHW & Sons refers to J. H. Weatherby & Sons pottery started in 1891.  This mark was used from around 1928 to 1936.  There is an ebay auction for a pitcher with the same decoration, which called the glaze “radioactive orange”.  I quite like orange and hope that’s the seller’s description and not the maker’s.  JHW & Sons made some souvenir pottery, so maybe that’s the market it was produced for or maybe windmills were considered exotic and that’s why they were the decoration on these candlesticks.

I was intrigued by the use of “radioactive” orange in interior design and tried to research color use through the decades, online.  This lead to the purchase of  Pantone: The Twentieth Century in Color.  I can see a book review post coming up in the future.

That’s it for this week.  We’ve always got more surprises coming, so keep tuning in every Friday!


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