Kathy and Deb’s Excellent Adventure, Part 1

Normally, we bombard you with the weird and crazy, but this week, due to an amazing day of yard/estate saling, we are going to bombard your with the weird and wonderful.  And yes, every bit of this stuff made it home with one or the other of us.

We started off heading over to an estate sale that looked pretty good.  When we got there, we found out that the house was pretty small, there was quite a line, and they were only letting a few folks in at a time.  It was a lovely day, but it seemed a shame to waste it standing in line, so we make the mutual decision to head out to some of the alternate yard and estate sales on our list.  We figured that if everyone was in line here, they couldn’t be there!

Popped over to a yard sale around the corner and Deb snapped up this adorable dog picture:

Nothing at this sale was priced over a couple of bucks, so how could you go wrong?  [Deb here.  This dog looks like my sisters’ dog, Belle.  I showed them this photo and they want the picture, surprise, surprise!]

The next sale yielded this darling book:

Deb can’t pass up a children’s book with wonderful illustrations, ever!  Take a look how pretty it is inside:

After doing a bit of digging she found out there is a matching Cowboys book.  Now, that will be on our list of things to find!!

After that, it was on to another estate sale.  This one had also been running the day before, but judging from the state of the junk there, and the prices, we didn’t miss much.  After wading through enough religious pictures to coat the Vatican, and every last card, letter and newspaper clipping that had ever come into that house, we each accumulated a small pile of things.  Deb put back a cute child’s pajama set from China after finding out they wanted $10.00 for it.  No money to be made there, but she did score these:

The hat came from JC Penney, and was awfully fun.  With a bit of steaming it should be cute as ever.  The picture was actually a card, but it was hand-painted on silk, and that will get her every time.

I came up with this small pile:

The strawberry thing is an amazing hat that would be perfect for the first day of spring.  The books are three little give-a-ways from Hallmark about Valentine’s, fall, and teen parties with recipes, decorating, and game ideas.  I was OK till they mentioned the prune cake for a teen birthday party.  Nothing screams nerd like prunes!  It would probably make you the least popular hostess on the planet.  Deb found me the little Colorado photo album.  I am a sucker for any local vintage stuff, and this came from Estes Park, just up in the mountains.

The next estate sale was a little odd, as it really looked more like they were setting up an antique store in the basement of this house, and the prices were more like an upscale mall, so they had delusions of grandeur, but Deb spotted this bark picture:

And was able to talk them out of it for only a fiver.  Not like she needs another one, but hey, she didn’t have one like this.  See this post, for more info on these, in case you missed it the first time around.

After all that, it was finally time to return to the first estate sale.  The line was gone, and there was hardly anyone around.  Good thing, too, as the house really was tiny.  The lady who used to live there was tiny (at least her clothes were) and she had lovely taste.  We loved her, and we found some fun stuff:

My haul was modest, and consisted of this darling kitty apron, a dress length of blue and white fabric in a really odd pattern, the tiny honeycomb Halloween owl, a jaunty wooden pin, and a tiny ivory carved bull.  Here is a closeup of the owl and friends:

You had me at vintage Halloween, and that little wooden pin is so ’40s.  Probably from during the war, as they used lots of other materials when metal was needed for the war effort.  I also found a few books.  Deb handed me the cat one.  We do that so much at sales; that’s why we shop together!

And here is some more local history.  The book in the back was written by a lady who grew up in the hotel my folks own in Old Town Ft. Collins, so that is cool.

Deb had this big haul:

More darling children’s books.  The animal one even had a cute camel valentine tucked inside it.  She nabbed the silhouette, as it was Little Red Riding Hood, and rather unusual for one of those.  A hanky apron, a cute hand-painted chicken hook, and some old bubble lights were added to the mix.

After that, we were nearly dying of hunger (believe that, and buy my swamp land) so we headed to lunch, knowing we had one more estate sale.  After chowing down on Indian food at Taj Mahal, we headed out to one last estate sale … which we will tell you all about in Kathy and Deb’s Excellent Adventure, Part 2, coming to computer screens near you in two weeks.

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Deadline, Shmedline

OMG it’s 8:30 pm on Thursday night and I’m just starting to write the post.  That’s what this week has been like!  I swear that when the weekend gets here, I might not even get dressed!  For sure I should have bought this stamp when we saw it a couple of weeks ago:

If it weren’t for panic and caffeine, I wouldn’t get anything finished.  Kathy’s birthday is Friday and I had an ambitious idea for a birthday present.  I’ve been working on it for two weeks and got it done, today!  Honestly, I should think these things through; I could have given it to her for Christmas and skipped the last minute panic attack at 2 am last night!  We buy stuff for each other all year round and I probably have six or seven things tucked away that would have made awesome presents.  But nooooooo!

We did not pose these two lovebirds:

Just the staff or another shopper having fun, and we joined in.  We got a belly laugh thinking about what it would be like to kiss a chicken.  Actually, the rooster is pretty cute and might be fun in the yard especially if you had a coop full of hens.  They aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, so if you plopped the rooster near the coop, all the hens might start flirting with him.

We were digging through the bins and found a vacuum cleaner:

I was sort of meh about it laughing at the harvest gold color, but thinking it had  pretty cool shape.  Then I looked at the box:

What the heck is a nearly 50-year-old Italian vacuum cleaner doing in the bins at Goodwill?  It probably was an awesome vacuum and the owners should have made varooom-varooom noises while using it so they could feel like Mario Andretti while cleaning.  My motto is: Housework is better if you can have fun doing it.

This was the sweetest set of hankies, still in their box:

We have a question, though.  What are cocktail-size hankies?  Do they mean handkerchiefs that you can tuck in your little black bag when out having cocktails?  Or do they mean you use them like napkins during a cocktail party?  These look a lot like all the other handkerchiefs that are imported from Switzerland—pretty embroidered flowers, and lovely cotton with rolled edges.  Nothing about that says “Cocktail”.

Oh, for the love of Mike!  Why are people being mean to dogs?

His expression says it all, “Hit me with your best shot.  I’ve heard them all!”  That Brillo-Pad hair is really strange being that Snoopy doesn’t have a pompadour.  It looks like the back is open to store something like a toilet brush.  He was over a foot high, so he wouldn’t be sitting on the edge of your sink with a scrubby, although, then the Brillo Pad would make sense.  I feel sorry for him, but not enough to give him a home.  Hopefully, someone is more creative than we are, and can put him to use not storing a toilet brush.

Speaking of toilet brushes:

Even when this had paint, it was hideous!  Now it’s sad and hideous.  The size of the toothbrush that girl is using makes it look like a brush for something else bathroom related.  I don’t care what kind of artist you are, there isn’t a thing even Raphael could do with this metal plaque to make it attractive.  Now that I’m thinking about it, what happened to this that the paint is gone?  It was just hanging on the wall in a bathroom; exactly what kind of cleansers were the owners using?  If I had a crucible, this would be fun to melt and make something useful.

We looked at this for a while, and could never decide what it was:

Big round yellow disc, so it’s the sun, right?  Well, not so fast.  What’s with the green pipe cleaner arms and legs, and red shoes?  Also, usually the sun has some sort of corona around it, all flamey like.  We thought about yellow M&M’s, a yellow pill, a smiley face and decided, “Nope!”  B.H. suggested a banana-flavored manhole cover, and that makes as much sense as anything else.  Those empty soulless eyes are really creepy.

We weren’t really sure what this was, either:

Sure, it kind of looks like a wicker lighthouse, but why?  I guess the black sombrero on top comes off, hence all the tape.  We weren’t curious enough to take a look inside.  It would probably just leave us with more questions, like where is the big light?  Why does the whale by the door say, “Live free”?  Thinking about this kind of stuff would make lesser women crazy; we’re just a little loopy.

Well, if you’re going to display a wicker lighthouse, you might as well have these, too:

All kinds of colorful resin fish made and colored by people who have never even seen a real fish before!  Just display them around the lighthouse, and have fun watching people tiptoe around you with a lot of side-eye thrown in for good measure.  You might even get a couple of questions about whether you’re feeling okay.  It would be fun, and give these poor things a whole new life.

We were at two estate sales last week and I bought something cool at one of them:

It says, “Cairo prayer near the Great Sphinx” in the bottom left corner.  It’s from sometime between 1906 to 1936 according to the internet, and also came as a postcard.  You can tell it’s old because the Sphinx hasn’t been excavated, and there is nothing around the pyramids.  It was in a nice old frame, too.  It caught my eye because I was in Egypt on vacation, and was astounded by how built up it is around Giza:

This is me and friends posing trying to get into the local paper.  It was a trip to remember, and I’m so glad we went before it became less safe to travel there.

Well, to tell the truth, I’m not quite done with Kathy’s present and card.  Time to get back to work on that, and stop rambling here.  Hope you all get some wonderful spring weather this weekend and are able to get out and enjoy it.

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From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

The title of this post seems a bit out of my league, like I might be writing above my pay grade (considering our pay grade is zero, I would say that is a definite yes!), but looking at the list of photos, it seems there were just two extreme opposites when it came to pictures, so that is where we are going.  I probably should have reversed the order, as I usually start with the worst, and then give our loyal readers a little breath of fresh air at the end to perk them up.  Wouldn’t want to leave you comatose in front of the computer from an overabundance of unbearable crap!

Unsurprisingly, the worst of the lot comes from the bins at Goodwill.  We’ll start off easy:

Gotta say, we know why they discarded the big old box of mimeograph paper.  We just want to know how deep and dark the cupboard was where it has been kept for 40 odd years, that it is just coming back to light now.  Maybe a good old-fashioned turn out might have been in order much earlier.  They probably found a stack of carbon paper, an overhead projector and an unopened box of 3 1/2 inch floppy discs in there too, although we didn’t find those in a bin.

This has been hanging around for a few years, too:

We loved the title.  Who wouldn’t want to go to work everyday as the driver of the “Big Squirt”?  Does the Big Squirt still exist somewhere, and if so, don’t they need the parts manual?  From looking at the book, we were unable to determine what the Big Squirt did, other than squirt, but hey, what more do you need?

Deb found a stack of records, and became wildly amused.  Let’s start with this:

Who knew that one record was all you needed to speak like a native?  Perhaps the cover was to let you know that you would really only succeed in speaking like a tourist.  I could probably handle that.  My grandfather always said he didn’t need to speak Spanish (he lived in New Mexico) as he could point in Spanish.  Apparently the gendarme in the photo can point in tourist, so it’s all good.

We searched high and low for the record to go into this jacket, but alas no luck, so just a photo:

For some reason this looks very familiar to me, but I am not sure why.  According to Wikipedia, this cartoon was on in 1971, which would put in my wheelhouse, but I have no real recollection of it.  It was a Hanna-Barbera  production, and was one of the first cartoons to use a laugh track.  Can’t imagine what was on the album, and now we will never know.

We are probably very well pleased that we don’t know what was on this album:

There is NO WAY this could have been a good movie.  OK, I just went and looked and Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 91%.  It does have James Coburn in it, not that he is a favorite of mine, but for some folks.  It also went by several other titles including Duck your Head, A Fistful of Dynamite, and Once Upon a Time … the Revolution.  It is considered one of writer Sergio Leone’s most overlooked movies.  Who knew?  It still makes for an odd title for a movie or an album.

The rest of the post is about a couple of estate sales we went to.  I will start off with one last odd thing, and then it gets better, I promise.  We spent quite a while trying to figure out why they put an outhouse in the basement:

This was in the laundry room.  There was a washer, a dryer, a shower, and a closet with a toilet in it.  I expected a one-holer when I opened the door.  Wonder if the lady of the house vetoed the moon cut out in the door?  The whole basement was also VERY short–a tall person’s nightmare.  You know the ceiling is low when I can easily touch it.  The summer intern barely made it down the steps, and I noticed him ducking (you sucker!) the whole time he was down there.

The lady of the house did have wonderful taste in hats:

That flowered one just makes you smile doesn’t it?  She had something in common with the lady who owned the house for the next estate sale, too:

I think if you look up the word jaunty in the dictionary there might be a photo of the feather in this hat.  I like it much better than the rose-covered one in the background.  It just makes me want to find a green suit and wear it out on the town.  (Not that we purchased any, as the prices were higher than we pay for hats.)  We are very glad we don’t collect hats; we each have a few, and that is good enough.  They take up a lot of room, and it’s really hard to wear them every day.  You get odd looks in the grocery store.

We also like this gal’s idea of proper bathing attire:

The suits were great, but that bathing cap was the living end.  I really want it to be one of a set for a team of synchronized swimmers.  Just imagine.  If Busby Berkeley had only seen it first!  This sale had absolutely amazing clothes, but most of them were a size 2, if that (not sure where the swimsuits came in as they look bigger), so the clothes were going nowhere, as it is a rare gal who can fit in them, these days.

She also owned this:

Be still my heart, a Lalique Ice Bucket.  This is no lightweight either.  It stands about nine inches tall and weighs a solid ten pounds or so.  How do I know this you ask?  I made the mistake of telling my husband about it, and we were back over there the next day for half-price day, and it came home with us.  I do adore it, but we will be eating Ramen for the next month to afford it, even at half price:

Hard to imagine it was a pretty good deal at this price, and a screaming one at half price!

I want to leave you with one last pretty, as it fits with the other stuff.  Take a look at this stunning umbrella:

I know you can’t see it too well, so here is a closeup of the sterling silver handle:

And a closeup of the price tag.  The silk was pretty shot, but that handle was to die for.  Must have been one pretty fancy parasol in its day.  I don’t think I would have ever picked it up, as it would have bothered me not to be able to open it at all.  I am glad someone else took it home.  I will sit and stare at my ice bucket, thank you very much.

Looks like we might have another good estate sale for today, so we will report back if it’s any good, and if there is anything you need to see, as we are ever vigilant on behalf of our readers!

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We Will Survive!

I was singing my version of the great Gloria Gaynor anthem last week during the blizzard.  I was thinking of my poor snowdrops, which had already been snowed on and endured subzero temperatures a couple of weeks before.  When the sun quickly melted all the piles of snow (one of the nicest things about Colorado that you don’t know about unless you live here), I ran out and checked on my poor early bloomers:

They were singing a version of Elton John’s I’m Still Standing loud and clear.  These tiny little flowers are my favorites because they bloom when it seems like spring will never arrive.  Thank you, snowdrops!

We are surviving on the shopping front, too.  You would think that after ten years we would have seen almost everything.  The universe keeps surprising us:

We have NEVER seen this crochet pattern before, and really, hope to NEVER see it again!  It’s supposed to be a hot pad, although it could be a broody hen on top of your biscuit basket, too.  I would be afraid to get it near a hot pan because that type of yarn melts faster than you might think, and does nothing to shield your poor hands.  It isn’t even cute, so three strikes and you’re out!

We were looking at bagged goods hanging on an endcap at ARC and this really confused us:

Why would anyone want a tin of fabric sardines?  We stood there for a couple of minutes until one of us flipped the bag over and mystery solved.  Catnip-infused sardines would probably be a favorite of most kitties.  I’m not sure what it says about us that we couldn’t figure this out.  It must be all the crazy stuff we see because we were thinking it was a kid’s toy, or a gag gift.  The simplest explanation would have worked here, duh.

I saw this coffee pot and mug, and admired the snazzy pattern:

It was sure a cute thing, and it turns out, a good thing.  The maker has a long history of making fine china, and then more modern designs.  There is no room in my cupboards, and Kathy isn’t drinking coffee much any more, so we left it for someone else to love.  It was gone the next week, and I’m glad.

This wasn’t gone, and I’m neither surprised or glad:

I’m not sure how many times we’ve apologized for these kinds of things over the years.  This type of dream catcher is an atrocious example of what should be a cool and personal item.  Why use those awful resin figures and ratty yarn and feathers?  If I could, I would fling them like Frisbees into the sun.  They just shouldn’t be allowed here on Earth.

At least you could make some s’mores while you’re burning this:

Unless you were at Jamaica Inn and blind drunk, why would you put his huge thing (more than two feet long) in your suitcase and bring it home?  You could be putting that wasted space to better use by bringing back rum, or even better, rum cake!  One of the funniest things to ever happen to me at an airport involved a drug-sniffing dog who loved rum cakes.  First I was arguing with the nice policeman, and then I was laughing, hard, and offering the naughty German Shepard a cake of his own!  The handler didn’t want me to reinforce the bad behavior, but it was hard to resist those big brown eyes.

We see tons of these kids’ kitchens all the time at garage sales and thrift stores:

However, we’ve never come across an avocado-green plastic kitchen that must have been made fairly recently with the microwave and built-in dishwasher.  Those are two things that didn’t exist the last time avocado green was an acceptable kitchen color.  Now that I’m looking at it, the appliances are white, so the green is a little more acceptable.  I just can’t look at a kitchen this color after barely surviving the 1970s without just a little avocado green and harvest gold PTSD.

I know this isn’t appropriate for a kids’ kitchen, but what the heck?

It’s a bad sign if I’m drinking while I’m cooking, because things can get sloppy!  I also used to have a towel or napkins that said: Sure I cook with wine!  Sometimes I even put it in the food.  Have any of you ever watched, “My Drunk Kitchen” on YouTube with Hannah Hart?  This little sign could have been her motto!

We both really liked this frog:

He is so cute, somehow.  I’m surprised that neither of us bought him for the garden or our patios.  Probably because our yards are like our houses, and so decorated that there really isn’t room for anything that isn’t an 11.  We need to have another sale in my garage and cull the herd somewhat.  Then we can keep shopping with a clear conscience!

Thanks for reading and Happy Spring to you all.  Before you know it, we will be complaining about how hot it is, and running for the air-conditioned thrift stores.

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Bombs Away!

Well, we have survived the polar “bomb” in Colorado.  It was a lot of wind, not a lot of snow, but piles of drifts in our neighborhood.  Luckily, Hubby is home to handle the heavy stuff with the giant snowblower, so we can leave the house.  Thank goodness he will get us dug out in time for shopping on Friday.  Whew, that would be just too hard to bear!

We found a tidy little bit of crazy stuff the last few weeks with no particular theme, so we will just dodge around randomly from place to place!  Let’s start out with some gnomes who may have bitten off more than they can chew:

I don’t know why they are so intent on taming a Unicorn.  Haven’t they read the stories?  You need a virgin maiden for that, or so I’ve been told.  Pretty sure none of these fellows qualify as maidens; we have no idea about the virgin thing.  Some things are better left undiscovered.  One poor chap seems to have paid the ultimate price:

That skewering is gonna leave a mark.  Now that we have dealt with the basic imagery, we are left with the question of “why?”  Can’t say as I have ever felt a huge need for a rampaging deadly unicorn as art in my home.  No garden would benefit from these gnomes, either.  Time to knock it off the shelf.

We spotted a whole owl … collection:

How many cookie jars do you need?  There were plenty of salt and pepper shakers to go with them, and if that weren’t enough, there were more:

My grandmother collected owls for years, and I am sure this was not even a tiny fraction of the size of her collection when it was dispersed.  I will just say that I hope they gave someone lots of pleasure throughout the years, and that no one had to get rid of them before their time.  Isn’t that what all this crazy stuff is for?  To make us smile?  I know the owls sure made my grandma grin.

I gotta say that just because Aruba is Dutch, this still doesn’t seem like the perfect souvenir of a beach vacation:

So you know, it really was Delft:

You are lying there on the beach and the first things that comes to mind are wooden shoes.  Yep, that is it.  Might as well bring home a tulip.

We spent several wasted minutes trying to figure out who in their right mind EVER thought this was good:

It’s a rabid, macrame looking, wooden beaded, lamp, gone horribly, terribly wrong.  It didn’t look good the day it was installed, and it has been all downhill from there.  Rip it apart and make a beaded curtain, or just a bonfire.  I can’t think of any interior that could be improved by this.  By its very nature, it draws attention to itself when turned on.  You can’t even hide it in a dark corner and hope it goes away.

After that, it may be time for a giggle:

Truly words to live by.  There is not one little thing wrong with this, although I think it would be better as a t-shirt, so you could carry the sentiment around with you.

On the other hand, there is EVERYTHING wrong with this:

I always get my eye patches and pink eye at the thrift store.  Yes, the box was open.  Come on, Target, sometimes you just need to throw stuff away.  We have spent several months grousing about Target’s support of Goodwill.  While we applaud them trying not to discard things, Goodwill uses Target’s clearance prices and hopes someone is dumb enough to buy them.  Make it super cheap and get it gone, and quit cluttering up our thifts with new crap.  OK, rant over.

For those of you more spiritually minded, here we have some “Shells For Jesus”:

In general, we try not to make fun of anyone’s religion.  We are all for folks worshiping anyone and anything they want, as long as it doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s worshiping anyone and anything THEY want.  But I’m sorry, this just needs to be mocked.  Surely even the gentle pious man would not want these lovely shells being tortured on his behalf.  Just leave them in the surf, and wait for someone to come along and walk on water.  We also took exception to the nasty clayish base.  Just a poor use of sushi wrappings, or seashells, if you prefer.

We need someone to explain this:

We have no idea who Little Orley is, but we have grave doubts about Uncle Lumpy.  Not sure that child protective services should not be called immediately.  Assuming that Uncle Lumpy checks out, Little Orley must be quite the tot, as he is celebrated in both story AND song!  Maybe they tell tall tales of suspenders, or his pet worm.  Just a guess by looking at the jacket art.  We know that someone is going to come forward with warm memories of Orley and his lumpy uncle, so just let us know, and we will gladly pass it along to our readers.  Deb here: B.H. was curious and looked up Little Orley and Uncle Lumpy.  Turns out, Uncle Lumpy was Hugh Brannum, who played Mr. Green Jeans on Captain Kangaroo.  He told stories about Little Orley on the radio.  That’s even before my time, but I did watch the Captain.

Thought we might end up with a craft fail:

Thank goodness it has failed to come to fruition, as that is just nasty.  Who hates cats that much?  Please, folks, stick to making vests out of those yo-yos, and leave the feline population alone!

Temps should be returning to the 50s next week, so we will continue to look for signs of spring, and keep an eagle eye out for more crazy stuff to share with you all.  For those of a Celtic persuasion, and those that pretend to be, we wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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Happy Days Are Here Again

What are we happy about, you ask?  We have been visiting the Goodwill backroom bins, and they are FUN again.  They have all sorts of things in them, not just clothes, and they still have the same pricing, 99¢ per item.  They have tightened up on how they count things, though.  It used to be that we could talk them into counting a set of napkins as one item.  That’s not true any longer, and you have to pay for four items if you buy a set of sheets and pillowcases.  It’s still a pretty screaming deal, so we aren’t bitchin’ too much.  I’m also happy that we can take lots of really bad pictures back there.  Sometimes the pickin’s are pretty slim at the thrifts when we’re looking for blog fodder.  The Goodwill bins are just chock-full of terrible things, as well as a few good things.

For instance, here is a terrible bin thingie:

Is it a flower pot? A wastebasket?  A waste of time?  You tell us.  Why anyone thought pieces of stone glued to moss would be decorative is beyond me.  Totally agree with the decision to throw it in the bins.  It might even make it out alive; you wouldn’t believe what folks fill their carts up with!

Here is a bin treasure that I found last week:

This is a 1925 print called Lone Wolf in a vintage frame.  It’s a cool print, and I really liked the frame—that’s what caught my eye initially.  If you’re interested, I have it listed in my Etsy store.  Someone had moved it to the side of a big bin, near the top, which is why the glass was still intact.  We try to do that too, if we come across something vintage and breakable.  Or, we just rescue it and put it in our cart.

Looking through our picture library, I came across this pic from last year:

We didn’t understand what the maker was going for, with this pair of weird resin zebras.  Why not make them black and white instead of zombie gray?  The picture is a little confusing because of whatever is behind the zebras.  It makes it look like the little one’s mane is a bronze color, but it’s not.  Speaking of the little one, it seems off, like one of those miniature horses can look.  The body is about 2/3 of the full-sized zebra, with lots of muscles, but the legs are pretty stubby.  Maybe this little zebra is more like a corgi, not a miniature horse.  Oh gosh, now I’ve slandered corgis, some of the cutest dogs out there.

OMG, this poor clock obviously welcomed every animal it could lay its mitts on :

It’s definitely from the country kitchen age of decoration with the geese, the hearts, and that specific color of blue (sorry kitty!).  As Kathy says, “It has one of everything but taste” and I can’t argue.  I’m not sure that it wouldn’t be better to try and tell time with a sundial than to bring this into your house.

This sign made us laugh:

You would be lucky to keep calm with all that going on!  It reminded me of James Bond or some other impassive British hero.  Everything is going to hell around them, but they keep their cool and soldier on.  This would be a great sign to use in a zombie apocalypse movie.

It was hard to get a good picture of this, with how tall it was:

I think it was about three feet tall, with only one leaf on that giant stalk.  The flower isn’t anything to write home about, either.  The flower looks like it was made from something organic that was pressed into sheets (think corn husk dolls) or some thick paper.  If they had used more than one color in the flower and had decreased the size by 75%, it might not be terrible, but still not terribly useful.  With all the cold weather we’ve had, it would probably be good kindling, which is at least practical.  Plus, I wouldn’t be thinking about “Little Shop of Horrors” right now!

This fits right in with the horror film discussion:

Seriously, WHERE IS THE REST OF THE BABY???  I was all by myself when I saw this.  I stood there transfixed with disgust, wondering what was going on, and why weren’t people as horrified as I was.  It was still there the next week, but gone the third.  Do you think that someone might have bought it for making baby mittens and booties?  That’s what I’m telling myself.

We deserve something good after that:

This divided dish, used for feeding kids, has fun exotic graphics.  You could keep the food warm by adding hot water in the hole at the top, or conversely, keep things cold with iced water.  I can’t read the impression on the back, but Mar 1947 is as clear as day.  We didn’t buy it at $8, but I’m sure someone snagged it on half-off day.

My apologies to all cats and cat fanciers:

Why is this still around from the 1980s?  I made several of those hoop pictures with a ruffle around the outside, but NONE of them were this bad!  Even sequins couldn’t save this piece of crafty twaddle.  I guess it would could be fun for a white elephant gift.  I used to love bringing the most outrageous stuff that people couldn’t wait to trade away.

We are getting antsy for spring and garage sales.  It’s been snowy and cold lately, but good times are just around the corner.

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A Trove of Trashy Treasures

I don’t know what it is about alliteration (beginning with the same letter) that amuses us humans, but I just spent ten minutes coming up with that title, and I am semi-proud of it.  Of course, after you have written as many posts as we have, sometimes it takes longer to come up with a title than it does to write the whole post.  I am assuming here that all our loyal readers have read and remember every one of our posts.  Just call me a cock-eyed optimist.  I am also a gardener, so have probably crossed over to the land of make-believe one too many times.  I am positive that it is not too early to start seeds, nope, no sirree; I am going to be ready to plant in May.

On to the trash … I mean treasures!

Let’s start off cute:

Come on, I dare you not to smile.  I really felt the need to go find a table and maybe a tiny tea set, and get the full effect, but I resisted.  Not that there wasn’t a tea set, lookee here:

I can’t say for sure why the set was nestled in a coconut, but hey, it was a tea set.  We have a soft spot for crazy coconut stuff (within reason, of course) and this was kind of a fun use for one.  We really couldn’t tell if it originally came that way, but I am guessing yes, as it was lined to cushion the set.  Use it for your Teddies, and I give this one a passing grade.

Deb would like to think this sign was made about her:

I would like to say it’s not true, but upon reflection, I am not sure how often I see her in an un-caffeinated state.  [Deb here.  I don’t what I’m like uncaffeinated and B.H. just said he hopes he never finds out!]  I know I have in the past, but it is usually for a very small amount of time first thing in the morning!  Just kidding, she has enough personality for three people, just read her posts!

We got all excited about this for a second:

What do you mean it’s just a dryer ball?  Drat, we were looking forward to something much more stimulating.  I’m sorry, but it’s just not right to get middle-aged ladies all excited, and then insist we should go do laundry.  It’s a good thing the makers of old Mr. Steamy weren’t around to get a piece of our mind, what little is left, that is!  Is anyone else as baffled by the “as seen on TV” stuff as I am?  Is this just where all the half-baked ideas go to die?  Shark Tank wouldn’t touch it, and this is the last gasp?  Who gets to decide what’s seen on TV?  Oh, the questions.

I am not sure these were even seen on TV:

Because, what about corn doesn’t say unicorn to you?  Once they are in the corn, they just look like head butting horses, and I am thinking that just one skewer into a corn cob, and those horns are biting the dust.  I am still betting that we will have a load of SCA folks take one look at these and begin scouring the flea markets for a passel for their next event, so who says they won’t serve some useful purpose.

On the other hand, we could discern no useful purpose for these:

Someone went to a whole lot of trouble to glue flowers and mirrors on a bunch of saucers.  WTF?  Probably just threw away the cups, too, thereby turning something useful and not the least offensive into something that will just clutter up the landfill when these get dumped, as we did notice they were not going anywhere.  If anyone has a clue what these are for, would love to hear it.  Mr. Gay Nineties, beside them, was just a bonus.  Don’t know where the Missus went, as these plates usually come in matched pairs.  I would rather have the plaid pipe smoker than a mirrored saucer any day.

We did love this pink baking dish:

Deb labeled it as irresistible, and I am thinking I did twist her rubber arm into buying it, just don’t remember for sure.  [Deb here.  Yes you did!]  I would be one happy homemaker when cooking with this cutie.  We can’t seem to leave vintage kitchenware alone.  We like to think we buy it to resell, but who are we kidding?  Just look in our cupboards, and you will know we are big fat liars.

Now this next pink item, we were happy to leave where she stood:

At first we thought it might have been a poor example of a DIY ceramics project, but looking at the bottom and back:

We decided it wasn’t.  It’s got to look even goofier with flowers in her panniers.  From the front she looks like a Puritan who has gone bad, as that dress is pretty see-through, but she kept her cap on, good girl that she is/was!  This is another item that we wondered where it had been sitting for 50 years that someone hadn’t determined to throw it out MUCH sooner.  Must have been a really dark closet; she needs to go back in there.

Speaking of DIY, or make that a Don’t It Yourself:

Our local creative re-use center has been inundated with a HUGE selection of green-ware and molds for ceramics.  Some of it is harmless, but get a load of the size of that stein.  We know why they quit painting it.  They noticed that when they finished, they would be saddled with a stein big enough to keep their goldfish in, and the fish were teetotalers, so they didn’t want to swim around in that much beer.  This has been hanging around the shop for a few weeks.  We keep hoping someone will kick it over and solve the problem.  We may have to take it into our own hands, or feet, someday.

We did find this handy item there the same day:

Vintage bar stuff just cracks me up.  Love that you will have “no more frozen lips”.  Says so on the box!  The funny thing about these is that they are only about an inch and half in diameter, so most glasses will just let the ice scoot right around them!  At least they are all different colors, so you know which glass is yours.  I did bring these home.  Ah, me.

Think I will end on one last almost goody:

Gotta say that the donkey himself is pretty cute.  It’s still a velvet painting and yeah, nothing says tacky treasure like that.  Made it easy to resist.  One of these days someone is going to corner the market on velvet masterpieces.  Yep, you heard it here first, not on TV!

Till next week, keep digging, and if you find a trashy treasure to share, be sure and let us know!

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