Hoppin’ Down the Bunny Trail

I have a confession to make.  “Oh no, not another one”, you say.  Well, confession is good for the soul.  For some reason, after I have confessed, I feel free to indulge in said sin with free abandon.  Don’t make me look too closely at that, please!  Anyway, I love bunnies.  I try really hard not to drag them home, but I look around the house and notice they have multiplied like, well, rabbits!  Deb is no help at all.  I find a really cute one, and say I really shouldn’t, talk me out of it, and she admits that she doesn’t think she can.  She is probably right and why waste the effort?  That being said, this blog is full of bunnies I was easily able to resist.  You will see why, I’m sure.

You all know our stance on fake chocolate.  Why bother with fake when the real deal is so easily available and tastes so much better?  On top of that you never have the pesky problem of storing the real thing.  I don’t even bother finding space for it on my pantry shelves, much less something like this:

Don't break a tooth on those ears!Total waste of clay and glaze for this one.  Hardly looks any different and just gets your hopes up, only to be let down in the most depressing way.  After all, what’s worse than no chocolate? Fake chocolate.

This one is a total waste of clay as well, although for completely different reasons:

Plaid pottery planter bunny basket2I feel so sorry for the poor kid forced to endure this as their Easter basket.  It had better have been chock full of the best candy and toys EVER, and even then I am not sure candy could have made up for it.  Maybe the eyes were meant to mesmerize you into believing it was charming, and what is up with the polka-dotted eyebrows?  What do you think?

Plaid pottery planter bunny basketWe needed a Geiger counter for this next pair:

Does your bunny glow in the dark, hmm?They looked pretty radioactive to me, and if that didn’t make you run for the bomb shelter, those slightly glowing red eyes could convince you that were a goner for sure.  They must be friends with Bunnicula.

On the decorating front, we were glad to see that Easter didn’t escape the fiber-optic craze:

Fiber optic roses, oh my!The bunny inside is actually pretty cute, but we could have done without the pastel light-up roses.  I think we should start to carry a selection of batteries around with us, as this didn’t work, so we were unable to present it to you in all its glowing glory.  Just use your imagination.

For your homemade Easter decor, don’t forget the plastic canvas:

Plastic canvas bunnyYou know, they tried really hard to make it look like a rabbit, but I think they could have skipped all the bunny appendages, just made a square box, and been more successful.  From the side it is even worse:

Plastic canvas bunny side viewThis one is not even large enough to put in a huge chocolate bunny and 4 lbs of jelly beans to make up for ugly.

This bunny apparently needed an extra spring in his step, and thank goodness the manufacturers were there to help:

Put a spring in your stepIt’s like the Superman of Easter baskets.  Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!  It’s a bird, it’s a plane, oh, it’s just a wild hare!

Speaking of wild hares, if you look closely at this fellow, you can see that he has evil on his mind, or her mind; our villains aren’t gender biased, you know:

With evil intentThat baby duck is getting pelted for sure, the minute the deviled eggs show up on this serving dish.  I know why this one made the thrift store list.  As holiday crazy as I am, I just can not see a spot in the cupboard that I would sacrifice the rest of the year to house this.  My eggs just land on any old plate, and who notices when there are deviled eggs to be eaten?

OK while not a bunny and not strictly Easter related, I felt this girl and her bonnet were worthy of a place in this post.  Hold on tight, this one is a real groaner:

Easter bonnet gone badWell, about all I can say on her behalf, is, she still works and she sure is yellow.  I mean the color, as I am assuming she is as brave as all get out to appear looking like that. She has a lampshade on her head, for heaven’s sake!  Since the sign says not to place items for purchase on the jewelry counter, you would be guessing right if you say she has been at the thrift for several weeks.  Her $45.00 price tag is not helping her cause either.  Even a half price sale will probably not send her home.  Poor little wallflower.

Here’s hoping you all have a lovely spring weekend full of chocolate and flowers, and not too many April showers.

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April is the Cruellest Month

It’s spring fever time when a middle-aged woman’s mind turns to … gardening!!!  Well, that and the hope that there will be garage sales this Friday.  The weather has been spectacular here in NoCO with a couple of 70º days with plenty of sunshine and our old friend, the wind.  I was at a local nursery and saw these lovely flowers:

Peach blossoms  Forsythia

Those pretty pink flowers are peach blossoms, while the forsythia on the right are the variety ‘Northern Gold’.  Maybe, finally, winter is over!  Hang on, what is that you say, Wunderground?  It’s going to be in the 70s on Saturday, and on Sunday there is a 90% chance of snow and the low will be in the 20s?  Oh, April is indeed the cruellest month!

Speaking of April’s cruelty, we found this at the thrift store last week:

UrnIt has to be one of the ugliest urns I have ever seen.  What the heck would you do with it?  I wouldn’t use it in the kitchen to hold anything–not even rotten veggies for composting.  If it were going to be used for hold someone’s cremated remains, well you had better be planning on burying it or you’re going to be haunted–forever!  And rightfully so.

We are so hoping that the next three finds were created by or belonged to the same person:

The last straw

This pair deserves a “Put your hands over your head and step away from the straw” warning from the crafting police.  The straw would probably rather be used for animal bedding rather than stuff like this.

Next, and we offer our deepest apologies to our Native American readers:

Dollies with problems

This won’t be the only time we will apologize to Native Americans on behalf of bad crafters in this post.  I think the poor little angel on the left looks horrified by her purpley friend’s secret being revealed.  All this time, everyone thought purple girl just had a big booty.  Really, doll crafter, that’s the best you could do with these two?  Maybe you should just stick to mittens, scarves, and hats.  Consider this a warning shot to get your attention since  you ignored the first warning.

And finally:

Real live fantasy fur

We have done two bad craft posts dealing with Fantasy Fur (here and here).  It was so weird to finally see some of the “Fur” in the flesh, so to speak.  Since we have no desire to make flower dusters, we left it on the shelf for some enterprising crafter to find.  We think that only someone who abused straw and plastic dollies would think Fantasy Fur a fab crafting find.

Since we alluded to insults to Native Americans, let’s just get this over with:

Again, we can't tell you how sorry we are!

It was so big that we could see the backs of their heads while in the adjacent aisle.  We’re hoping that it was someone’s craft project; it couldn’t have been commercially done, could it?  I hold this very pose while trying to read something on a shelf through the progressive lens in my glasses.  Maybe they are so very snooty, or the backs of their heads weigh a ton.  Anyway, it makes for some bad southwest decor that can’t disappear fast enough for us.

It’s big, rusty-red, and perplexing:

Macrame MerdeThis fiber “art” kind of looks like the maker started to macrame and just couldn’t stop, since it was more than three feet in diameter.  It made both of us go “hmmm” at the same time, and not in a good way.  It has some potential for upcycling, think clock, zodiac wall hanging, or lots of little strings to use in the garden.

We liked this next thing even as it confused us:

Fifties Asian whatsit

It sure looks like there was more to this story.  Was it the base to a lamp, part of a shelf, or maybe a kleenex box cover?  It just seems incomplete as it stands now.

This little guy has every reason to look angry:

Angry AngelIsn’t it funny that the line painted for his mouth makes him look sullen (totally understandable) and if it just curved up at both ends, we would have a completely different reaction to him.  Well, that and at first I thought he was making an un-angelic gesture at the world with his right hand.  To paraphrase Jessica Rabbit, “I’m not mad, I’m just drawn that way”.

Angels remain a big seller at thrift stores.  Who knows why since they are almost always bad:

Angels like bunnies better than squirrelsWe first saw the interesting blue color, and yes that is pretty close to reality.  Then we could see squirrels in the tree looking at three angels.  Finally after some close inspection, we could see that there was a bunny being fed lettuce by those little blue cherubs.  It’s just an odd scene and an odd color.  Plus, bunnies are persona non gratis in my garden, even more so than squirrels.  At least squirrels are entertaining while being destructive pests; rabbits are just plain destructive.

Finally, we saw this fun vintage dining room set at the thrift store:

1930-40s dining setVery cool deco lines on the whole thing.  The wood was some light-colored veneer that was in pretty good shape.  The drawers looked to be redone or never used as they had a wooden guide and it wasn’t dinged up at all.  Unfortunately, the price tag was $999, which seems a bit much for a thrift store.  But, we liked it all the same.

Next week we have the Easter post coming, and while packing Kathy found some fun books we need to review for a couple of posts, so stay tuned.

Barbara Forde: last call for the porcelain flower pin you won in our anniversary drawing.  If we don’t hear from you by Sunday (4/13/14) we’re going to throw the names back into the hat and draw again.


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From the Depths

I am not feeling too blog-ish this week, as moving is a #@*&, and shopping is not much fun by yourself.  But Deb is back in town and Friday beckons, so from past photos and a couple of additions along the way, we will jiggle out a post and hope to bring a smile your way!

I think I will start off with a slam dunk:

Miss Doily and HankiesSee, made you laugh!  We thought the hanky display was rather clever, but the doily pasties put it right on over the top.  If we had only known that this were the preferred use for doilies, we would ALWAYS look for them in pairs.  Somehow, it kind of lacks the Va-Va-Voom that most fellas would be looking for though.  Sort of like your grandma doing a pole dance.  (Sorry for that visual.)

If you are not into pole dancing, how do you feel about the hula?

Hula girl glassAt first we thought someone was being very clever with this glass, but it turned out to be commercially manufactured.  I am not sure why, but then it lost some of its luster.  Guess we like our laughs homemade.  I still think it might be a bit of a distraction at your next luau, depending on the maturity level of the guests.

Since we were talking about homemade, these fit, but we didn’t like them either!

Hopeless ceramic and wood wall plaquesThese were quite elaborate 3-D ceramic plaques, but for the life of us, we couldn’t figure out 1) which way was up, and 2) why they felt the need to pollute some perfectly good wood with the porcelain.  We actually liked the cute little blue bird, and decided that if there was any chance in hell of prying him off the boring background, we might have bought him, but these seemed to be welded together for life.

We frequently wonder why hideousness comes in pairs.  Is it because if you see it twice, it dulls the senses and make it less horrendous?  Let’s test this:

She liked them so much she bought two!Nope, didn’t work.  What is up with ugly purses these days?  For the life of me, I can not understand why big and ugly is in, and cute and fun is out.  Guess I am not cut out to be a fashionista.  On the other hand, fill it with rolls of pennies and you have a dandy weapon.  Who needs pepper spray?

Although pepper spray seems like the only reasonable use for this:

Why would you bring this home?This plaque was made out of all different kinds of chili pods.  Most were dry, brittle, and falling apart.  They probably started doing that in the suitcase on the plane trip home.  Come on, folks.  One word here–SALSA, and I don’t mean go take some dance lessons.  Again, if anyone feels the need to contract with us for our souvenir taste lessons, be sure and get a hold of us BEFORE your next journey!

I must admit to getting a chuckle out of this next pairing:

Pick your persuasionThat has got to be one wild conversation on the shelves after the lights go out.  Or maybe they just say, “Wine?”  “Rum?”  Either way, drinking seems to be the order of the day.   Take your pick, classical or tropical!  [Deb here--B.H. and I were cracking up about the poor koala bear who has obviously passed out after partying with the jugs.]

Here is another duo “don’t”.  Actually a couple of pairings.  When your cool ’60s lamp shade wears out, please don’t find the sparkly lace trimmed one to replace it with.

cool lamp, but that shade!And for heaven’s sake, don’t let the clown see that result.  It makes him sad.  Heck, maybe they should have put the bling on the clown lamp.  That would have cheered him up for sure.  If not him, then us, and we count for waaaaay more.

OK, time for a true confession.  I was just going to take a picture of these and leave them be, but they were perfect for any table setting.  (It says so!)

For the hostess with the mostessThese had to be some of those nifty fifties things you could buy from the back of any magazine.  Slip them around your candles to add fresh flowers to any table setting.  I may even have to give it a try.  If I do, you will be the first to see the wilted wax covered posies.  Here is an up close of the details.

A compliment, it says soI had fifty cents burning a hole in my pocket and a weak spot for housewifely graphics!

Well, I probably should go unpack a few more boxes, so I have done enough work to justify a shopping trip on Friday.  We have some fun Easter posts coming up, so stay tuned!

Hey, Barbara Forde, you won the porcelain flower pin in our anniversary drawing.  Please contact us so we can get your brooch mailed out.


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Turn on the Dark, I’m Afraid of the Light

Spring has sprung and we’re getting anxious for garage sale season to start–the sooner the better.  Our thrift store finds have taken a turn towards the extremely weird and we blame it on city-wide insanity brought on by cabin fever.  Turns out things are weird everywhere because I’ve seen some strange stuff in Florida, also.

Let’s do some Colorado first.  I wish there were someone who could explain this:

70s bad furnitureIt’s a fake wood door off a piece of that awful, cheap 1970s Spanish colonial style furniture .  How dreadful, right down to the rusty piece of crushed velvet!  It might work as a frame for some outrageously ugly piece of polyester fabric, a big ol’ 1970s mustache, a hideous pair of platform shoes, or even an 8-track tape.  But then you would have to look at it on the wall, so maybe not.  It needs to be in the Museum of Bad Taste or a dumpster–your choice.

Speaking of awful ’70s style, I think this poor dear fits right in that discussion:

in that awful 1970 Spanish colonial style   doll face close up

She is just medium bad until you get to the head.  There is a serious hot mess going on up there.  Her hat is one of those crocheted snowflakes with roses attached.  I think she is winking just to let you know the whole ensemble is a joke or she has just finished off a pitcher of margaritas.  She is still on the same thrift store shelf after a month, and we worry she’ll never find a forever home.

Wouldn’t you think that when you’re setting up displays in thrift stores, you would pair things that complement each other?  We’re not sure who thought this lamp went on this end table:

Where do we start with this lamp and table?

The end table was orange with a tropical thing going on with palm trees behind the faked turned pieces “wood” glued to the door.  The lamp is bronze and funky; it needs a table equally as funky to make it look like it would fit in an eclectically-styled home (and please give it a new shade!)  There’s no hope for that table; it just needs to be sanded down and repainted.

This isn’t necessarily bad, just odd:

Milk glass candy dish candle holder?

It’s one of those milk-glass candy dishes, but what’s with the candle holder added on top?  If you put large candles in it, the whole shebang could tip over–that would be a real live hot mess!

Speaking of candles, we are always amazed by all the candles we see that can’t be lit:

Candles for people pathologically frightened by flame

We call them, “Candles for those poor people pathologically frightened of open flames.”  Are we supposed to light the porcelain wick?  You can’t even turn on a battery-powered flame to make it look like a real-fake candle!

This isn’t bad, far from it, just unusual:

Aunt Jemima Pancake moldIt’s a pancake mold that is shaped like an Aunt Jemima syrup bottle.  The handle is folded up inside the mold.  It took us a minute to figure out what it was and then we gave ourselves a well-deserved head slap–it was pretty obvious.

It’s hard to believe that this purse is commercially made, but it is:

Commercially made purseIt’s diamond-shaped pieces of fake leather, fake-embossed with designs, crocheted together with cream thread.  If that weren’t weird enough, it had yellowish fake leather handles.  Uff da, how did this ever get made?

These are so poorly and unimaginatively made that they are a waste of pottery or resin (I can’t remember which):

3D Asian themed plates

Anyone have a shotgun?  Just say the word (it’s “pull” in case you didn’t know)  and I’ll be happy to whip them up into the air if you promise to hit them.

This might be one of my favorite finds in a while even though it’s pretty strange too:

Sneeze like an Egyptian

It had me singing, “Blow like an Egyptian” for the rest of the day; sorry, Bangles.  It’s almost as bad as those Easter Island head tissue boxes.  

First day in Florida and my mom and I saw this lamp at a thrift store:

Drinking seems like a reasonable response to this lamp

We’re not sure if it’s the lamp they’re on, or even the couch next to it, which is causing all the decorative angst.  Those are some big old jugs of hooch they’re sipping from.  Hopefully the contents can bring on forgetfulness, as well as dulling the pain.

This is for my beloved husband:

Tiny Hats

He loves to find tiny hats in our posts and there was a whole bin of them at the flea market.  That’s my big ol’ finger at the bottom to show you just how tiny they were.  I think normal-sized people must wear them because of the big clips attached.  Not sure what kind of group would wear those teeny-tiny hats or why.

I stopped to look at the salt and pepper holder (green arrow), but we were all shocked at the skeletal rudeness on display.  I’m not a prude, but I blurred some of the bad words and gestures:

Extremely rude flea market booth

If you’re going to hang a sign like “A**holes Garage” at least do it right–it’s bad enough you’re proclaiming that you’re an a-hole, don’t be a bad speller too!  The chip and dip skeleton table obviously doesn’t want to share since it’s flipping the whole world off.

Just to take the taste of all that badness out of your mouth:


Here’s a picture of my parents’ puppy, Bo.  He’s called a Teddy Bear which is a cross between a shih-tzu and a bichon frise.  He’s only seven months old and adorable!

Thanks for reading.  I’m heading out to a bunch of garage sales tomorrow and Saturday with family.  I’m hoping for lots of good and a little bad just for your sake.



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Signs of the Times

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but this week, you had better pop on those reading glasses, as literacy will be required.  Sometimes what things say is as funny as they look.

Take this, for example:

Just say no to chicken poop chapstickReally?  Seems like the folks in the promotion department went on vacation, and the mail room thought this would be a lark (or a chicken, as the case may be).  I can’t imaging anyone thinking, “cool, chicken poop for lips”  Although, it claims not to actually contain any, would you trust them?  What else DOES it contain?

Here’s another where we are pretty sure not everyone was consulted on the advertising:

If you call me comfort bag one more time you're going to need a cold pack!I think if the man calls her a Comfort Bag one more time, there are grounds for divorce.  Guess it at least gives her the option of being hot or cold.  I think I would opt for cold comfort.  Seems fair, as you never see a woman being carefully wrapped in a heating pad by a man.

The woman in the above ad would probably be thinking this on the inside:

Hey David what's with the finger?Seems like a not so artistic, or subtle, way of telling the world what you think.  Surely the designers of this wall plaque must have noticed, right?  Then again, does it mean the same thing in China?  Anyway, I am sure this will be snapped up by some snarky college student for his frat room, and will deliver hours of endless prepubescent jokes.

We decided this sign was right on the money:

True dat!Unfortunately, that lovely time-saver, the computer, has become the go-to time waster in our homes.  What did we do before this?  Oh yeah, we cleaned the house.  If you believe that, we have some lovely beachfront property down the road for sale.  (For those that don’t know, we both make Colorado our home, and even though we tried massive flooding this summer, we don’t run to beaches around here.)

For some reason this week, we saw signs everywhere.  Here is a whole display that had many that tickled our funny bone:

Signs of the timesThe mouth/brain connection frequently misfires in both of us, especially when shopping.  Sometimes we say things, and then have to take a quick furtive look around to make sure no one heard what we said.  In many cases they have heard and are laughing with us, but one of these days, we are really going to step in it.  Here are some more from the same display:

Signs of the times2Just so you know, we firmly believe in the chocolate one, and we feel there needs to be a lot more of you waving at us, as we, the queens, go by.

We were very thankful that the worst of this pattern was on the cover, and we didn’t have to buy it to share with you:

For all of your decorative swan and geese needsWe were very glad to know they were EASY and Elegant-sort of the high-class hookers of the swan world.  OK, there was a mouth/brain thing, but it was funny, OK?  We did notice that the pattern was totally intact, no cutting of the sewing guides or anything.  Can’t imagine why.

This last item, we saw a couple of weeks ago, and it is getting down the list in our photos. We wouldn’t want you to miss it, even though it doesn’t fit with the theme.  (Like we really pay that much attention!)  Here is another example of why many crafters should be banned from ever setting foot in Hobby Lobby:

What in the name of golden idols is this?We had the same reaction she did: rearing back in disgust and fear.  I don’t even know how they managed to gild this thing, or better yet WHY they did it.  She doesn’t get any better close up either:

Golden idol close upIt was real fabric etc. that had been treated with about 100 layers of gold paint.  Good thing they didn’t have kids.  They probably would have bronzed the baby and thrown out the shoes.

The wind is howling today, I am supposed to be moving, and Deb is out of town, so this will be my mantra this week:

One of our mottosOff to the thrift stores; see ya!

Congratulations to Shelia M. and Barbara F. for winning our anniversary giveaway.  Barbara, please check your email and send us your address so we can get your pin to you.

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Quick, Someone Call the ASPCA!

We love it when a theme for the week’s post smacks us in the face.  Sorry, it’s animals again, but what can you do when thrift stores hand you this kind of stuff:

Cow = LifeSince when did cows = LIFE?  Kathy picked this up, and the price tag was covering the letters FE.  Of course she peeled it back to see what was under there; we were gobsmacked by LIFE.  There are lots of words that would have made more sense: LICK, LIPS, LIMP, LIQUID, LIMPID, LIKE, and LINE.  I guess LIVESTOCK could be your LIVELIHOOD, but those words are much too long.

I would be mad, too, if I were on this huge, unattractive, platter:

Cat trayI’m pretty sure this cat would scratch you to ribbons if you got close enough.  This pottery tray was more than two feet across, and after it was loaded up, you would have to be Superman to lift it off the counter.  Definitely know why it was at the thrift store.

In a weird way, we like both of these cats:

Cat buddies They make for a Mutt and Jeff duo, but they each have their goofy charm.  We knew that the tall one had once been paired with a female cat who snuggled up to him.  We theorized that maybe she left because he wears more eyeshadow than Cleopatra.  We still felt bad for him for losing his mate; imagine our joy when we found her in the next aisle:

Reunited and our love is stronger than ever♫  Reunited and it feels so good
Reunited ’cause we understood
There’s one perfect fit
And, sugar, this one is it
We both are so excited ’cause we’re reunited, hey, hey ♫

                                                                                                           -Peaches and Herb

I hate to be crude, but doesn’t it look like they have hickies on their necks?  Must have been some reunion!

This is an odd topic for a wooden plaque:

Overworked oxen team plaqueI don’t know who looks more tired–the man or the oxen?  It’s not something that I would want to look at day in, day out.  In fact, I don’t want to look at it any more!

Well, I’m not sure it’s an upgrade to look at this weird, freckled, flesh-colored squirrel:

Flesh-colored squirrel vase is sad

These vintage pottery vases can go one of two ways: fabulous or weird.  I think I know which category this one fits into.  As a note to our friend who hates squirrels–no I didn’t buy it to torture you with!   ;-)

Man, the poor animals just can’t catch a break:

Fairly odd duck headI have a couple of questions about this duck.  What happened to his body, and are you sure that’s the color you want to go with for his bill?  If you happened to use this duck for target practice, you would have twice as much incentive to hit it with both barrels!

Oh, it was so tempting to buy this for a friend who keeps chickens:

Don't you like chickensThese foul fowl looked to be possessed by demons what with their red eyes and all, but I think it was just an untalented artist hitting their skill ceiling.  An alternative explanation could be the artist was taking LSD; take a look at those tails!  I don’t have much hope for those poor little chicks.  This plaque is crying out for an upcycle; hopefully a repaint is in its future.

Our animal finds weren’t all bad:

Doggy bowling pinThis bowling pin had a cute makeover.  We loved the goofy flying ear and big, happy smile.  He even had a cute tail painted on his back.  Too bad we couldn’t hunt down this artist and hand them the chicken plaque!  I was so tempted by this dog, but bowling pins are awfully big and heavy.  We were surprised that it was there for a couple of weeks before finding a home.

Kathy took this next picture in a local parking lot:

Doggie on the Dashboard     Dashboard

That vehicle looks like a doggy clown car–how many dogs are in there?  Poor fella has to wedge himself onto the dashboard to escape the mayhem!

If you haven’t entered our flower pin anniversary giveaway you have until noon Friday (3/14) to do so by commenting on this post or our Facebook page.

Poor Kathy is moving AND shopping alone for the next two weeks while I’m off cavorting in Florida.  Facebook posts may be a little chaotic, but the Friday posts will continue as usual.  I might even do a trip report, depending on what horrors I run into at yard sales and flea markets.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

Vintage Girl and Kitty  Vintage Girl and Dog

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Four Years and Counting

It’s our fourth anniversary (fruit and flowers), but you’re the ones who are in line for a present!  Leave a comment here or on Facebook, and you’ll be entered to win one of these flower pins.  Contest ends a week from today (March 14th) at noon MDT.  I had picked out a flower and a fruit pin, but then I looked up the fruit pin on ebay and found out it was selling for $60!  Sorry, readers, you’re stuck with two flowers:

Anniversary pins

The pin on the left is porcelain and marked England on the back.  The pink pin is metal and has no markings, but lots of polka dots!  We will draw two names, but you won’t know which pin you’ll be getting until you open the box!  It’s more fun (for us) that way.

We’re glad to be going strong after four years, and it’s due to our wonderful readers.  I’m certain we wouldn’t be doing this every week if weren’t for you.  Heck, we talk ourselves hoarse every Friday at the thrift stores; we don’t need a written recap! ;-)

The first sign that spring is coming:


Snow drops are my earliest flowers regardless of the weather.  These poor babies must have popped up last week when it was cold and snowy.  It doesn’t matter, they’re up at the end of February every year beating the crocus, forsythias, and pussy willows by weeks.  Looking at this pictures gives me a twinge of anxiety–I see the tulips coming up at the top of the picture.  Tulips in early March here in Colorado = disaster!  Hope they stay just like that for a couple of weeks, or I won’t have any tulips again!

We saw this crazy daisy and just laughed:

Time to transplant your fabric flowerIt’s not that the flower is bad, but they could have used a bigger pot!  To paraphrase a vulgar saying, “It looks like 10 pounds of sugar in a 5 pound bag”.  Plus you know that thing will fall over any time a person passes by because it’s so top-heavy.

This pot is a great example of why you need to have someone else take a look at your product and give you some feedback:

Path to hell is paved with good intentions

Hey, why not kill two birds with one stone–use a potted plant as a bookend!  Sounds good until you think things through a little.  That’s an awfully big pot to hold a plant that can only be about six inches tall, unless your bookshelves are spaced more than a foot apart.  Speaking about the plant–what the heck will grow on a dark shelf?  So now you have a short plant that needs a grow light so you can hold up your books that probably would be better served by a standard bookend (just think of the pot drying out and sliding causing all your books to fall off the shelf accompanied by your dry, short plant and a pot full of dirt!)  No mystery why this pot was never used and ended up as grist for our mill.

This little gal was shelltastic!

ShelltasticWe usually b*tch a lot about what is done to shells in the name of vacation souvenirs, but we think she’s pretty cute.  You have to admire the little shell flowers in her basket.

On to the fruit portion of the post:

Plastic star fruitThese are the first plastic starfruits that we’ve seen.  Makes for a nice change from the glittery apples, oranges, and pears, or that soft plastic squishy fruit that we usually see.  But we aren’t fake fruit sort of women; give us a bowl of sweet clementines on the counter any day.

This little basket of flowers had us puzzled for a minute:

Glass flowers in a basketThen we realized that they were those glass flowers that you see in ceramic pots at Asian restaurants.  Evidently the pot broke and all the owner could think to do was stick them in an open sided basket.  At least put some moss in there to cover up the flowers’ unmentionables!

My camera made these flower arrangements look ever so much more attractive than they were in person:

Fake red poppiesThe planters were disgusting plastic painted to look like wood, and there was a weird assortment of leaves and things in the arrangements that ended up looking strange and busy.  If I were making a wreath, those poppies might come home because they were better than average–they just need a little fluffing.

My poor camera couldn’t do a thing for this:

Flowery Pottery PlatterWe both liked the iris; I’m not sure why some flower sadist had to stick them on that plate with those tulips.  They surely deserve better!

Last up is this little cutie:

Pressed flower pictureSomeone did a nice job with this pressed flower!  All the more impressive because there wasn’t a background to cover up any boo-boos.  It was languishing on the shelf, and then it was gone.  Hope just the right person came along to give it a good home.

Next year will be an easier anniversary to be snarky about–wood!  We’ll be back to our usual mayhem next week.  Stay tuned for a trip report; I’m going to Florida in a week and that means garage sales galore with my parents!

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