Borrowed Time

Mother Nature decided to give a tiny taste of winter this week.  Just a bit of snow to show she still knows how.  Made us run to the gardens, pick those last tomatoes, and cover the squash in hopes of a couple more weeks.  And it scared most garage sales away!  Last weekend there were slim pickings for sales, so we know we are on borrowed time.  Soon there will be nothing but estate sales and thrift stores to give us our thrills.  Luckily, we are easily amused.  Give us some fun stuff to look at and make sure we get our lunch afterwards, and we are in hog heaven.  Gosh, we are easy!

Of course,  this doesn’t mean we will be even less snarky about things, and who could blame us when you see this:

Oh, my word, that is about the most hideous thing I have seen in ages.  We love dolls, honest, we do, but the fashion for crappy porcelain dolls marketed as “collector” dolls has got to stop.  Nobody really likes them; we can tell by the gazillions of them on the thrift store shelves, so STOP already.  Take all that money you would spend on 20 of these pieces of crap and buy ONE really nice doll.  Don’t care if it’s an antique one, or a fashion doll or what, but don’t fall for the “collector” label and whatever you do, don’t buy this body-less floating head blonde she-devil.

After that, we needed a pick-me-up:

This about did it.  The only way it could be better was if had been filled with the aforementioned cocktails.  There is even one blonde and one brunette. We think they snuck around and took our photos just to use on that glass!  If you believe that, we have a really nice bridge for sale.

After the cool glass, we saw this:

Like we really need any help or fakery to cause this kind of mess?  The two of us should probably never be let loose anywhere, as we can drop, bump, trip, fall, or mangle at the drop of a hat.  Add that to forgetting stuff and we are pretty darn hopeless.  Sometimes I think it takes both of us to make one semi-normal human being.  Good thing our hubbies love us just the same.

Occasionally, the thrift store should just loosen a pin in the shelf and let it all come crashing down:

There really wasn’t much of anything worth saving, but the one with the arrow pointing to it is particularly heinous.  E.T. phone home?  Any self-respecting plant that had the misfortune to be plopped in there would wither and die just out of self-defense.  The thing makes me depressed just looking at it again!  Not that the mob-capped planter hanging out beside it is much better.  Yes, an earthquake would be the kindest solution.  Too bad that we don’t have many of those in Colorado.

Deb kind of likes Staffordshire dogs.  This is so NOT one:

He looks pretty surprised that we would even question his authenticity.  “Moi?  A Fake?  No, it can’t be.”  He might be kind of cute in a super kitschy way, if it weren’t for that big brown blob on his back masquerading as a tail.  All I can say, is thank goodness there wasn’t a pair of them!

Now we have a few leftover garage sale finds.  We did like this sculpture:

I don’t know if it is popular in other parts of the country, but we see a lot of chainsaw art around here.  Mostly, it is bears and raccoons, so this big old hawk was a nice change of pace.  I say if your tree dies, make lemonade … or a hawk.  It sure made a nice focal point in a pretty garden.

On the other hand, not sure you want this as a focal point anywhere:

We were thinking “wow, that is quite the light fixture” then we noticed that we might have been missing the whole effect, as the bottom piece was over to the side:

Put ’em together, and you have quite the bling-encrusted chandelier.  I’m thinking it might be right at home in your average brothel, or basement gaming room with hints of Vegas nightlife as a theme.  What do you think they replaced it with?  The mind boggles.

Guess I should end up with one more cute thing, as we all need a lift for our spirits these days:

How darling are the decals on this old high chair?  You really can’t help but smile when you see these.  To be honest, this is a whole lot nicer than the new ones, so I hope some young mother took it home and it made her smile every time that rotten little kid threw his Cheerios on the floor.  Something has to make it better!

Halloween is coming, so get ready for some scary posts!  Oh wait, we do that every week, don’t we?

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Leaves are Falling and Autumn is Calling

Well, we’re finally to my favorite time of the year—fall!  I didn’t think we were going to get one since it was 90°F just a week ago.  Sometimes in northern Colorado we go right from summer to winter, and then loop back to fall again.  We’re scheduled for a freeze early next week, and that’s fine with me.  The summer flowers are holding on, if you don’t look at them too closely.  There are still a few apples on my tree that I need to pick, but after that, I’m ready to let go.

My dog, Koko, and I walked around The Ponds Natural Area today.  I was hoping to see some nice fall colors, such as they are here.  These are the best that I saw:


There is still a lot of green out there.  Maybe the cold snap that’s coming will convince the leaves that they need to change now, before they just fall off.  The picture on the right made me smile.  You just can’t predict how plants are going to grow.  The cottonwood trees (a type of poplar that is native here) have the usual yellow leaves on the right side of the trail and green on the left.  They’re only about five feet apart, and yet look so different.

The other thing I noticed is that the Canada geese are gathering and getting ready to leave for warmer climes:

There was a pretty big flock floating on the pond below.  It’s kind of odd how some of the geese leave, and others stay for the whole winter.  Probably just as well, since there wouldn’t be enough for them to eat if they all stayed.

We’re still catching up on pictures from the summer.  It might take us a while since it looks like we might have enough pictures for two Halloween posts, or one big one.  We have some doozies.

We were laughing at the Klompen on the left, when we found another pair in the right picture:


These are the real wear-them-in-the-garden klompen that still don’t look all that comfortable to me.  I would love to have a pair for wearing and stomping (or klomping) along to the Swedish Chef song from the Muppets.  For some reason, that’s the song I think of when I think about clogging; sorry, clogging fans!

The real story in these pictures is that outrageous pair of wedges with the open toe.  I haven’t seen anything quite like them.  I can’t read the label inside the shoe, so no idea what they are.  But, if you’re going to wear them, you had better paint those toenails red.

From the color and style, this looks like a baby’s dress:

But, it’s adult-sized and so weird.  Why would you want a crochet top, it wasn’t long enough for a dress, with such short sleeves?  It was pretty darn heavy, so I’m assuming it would also be hot.  It isn’t a bed jacket, and you might strangle yourself sleeping with those pompom ties.  Maybe it was a Halloween costume for someone who wanted to be a baby.  You could wear a big diaper with plastic pants under there and look pretty authentic.

I hope this is a learn-to-knit kit:

Otherwise, why would you want to knit a ninja?  They must have picked ninja solely for the alliteration.  We saw a super first knitting kit where you knit a coat for a dog and of course there’s always the old standby, the scarf.  Makes way more sense than this project.  Of course, the buyer did discover that since it’s at a thrift store in an unopened state.

I suppose this craft project works:


It’s a woven rug rolled up into a tube, with flowers and a loop of string to hang it.  I think that if you put handles on it, and didn’t close it into a tube, it might work for carrying firewood into the house and storing it.  Wouldn’t it be easier just to leave it lying on the porch by the front door?  You could even leave it decorated with flowers if it made you feel better.

This is so inexplicable:

Number one, the southwest thing is over, and even if you adore Georgia O’Keeffe, and we do, she would have pitched this faux cow skull out the door.  Number two, which this is, it’s freaking broken!!  The topmost horn is broken, and they still want $6 for it.  I understand that thrift stores are making money for their charities, except maybe Goodwill and their $712, 000 CEO, but this is ridiculous.  Good luck selling it, unless someone wants it for Halloween.

Wow, just wow:

Rarely does a mom deserve this, except for a Mommie Dearest.  This certainly is a passive-aggressive way to say Happy Mother’s Day.  Mom gets kudos for saving it for 40+ years.

Rarely do I regret NOT buying something:


I had a twinge of remorse for not buying this basket made from cards and pictures crocheted together.  Usually these are made from holiday cards.  I have one my grandma made and use it to store my Christmas cards in over the holidays.  I don’t remember ever seeing one like this.  It had a little something for pet lovers—so cute.  I just don’t have a place to display it.  I hope whoever bought it liked it as much as I did.

Oh, dear God, I hope that this is something a person made, and not a product of a corporation:

I’m calling it a nightmare catcher; I can’t see it being interested in anything else.  And while the bald eagle is a Native American symbol, I’m not sure what the American flag is doing there.  This is so obnoxious that I’m surprised that one of us didn’t knock it off the shelf.  Just like shell “art” and souvenirs, I wish that dream catchers would just go back to being what they were originally.

Hope everyone keeps snug as a bug this weekend.  It isn’t going to be cold everywhere, but autumn is in the air!


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What’s On Your Shelves?

After well over a week of record-setting 90-plus degree days, we have finally fallen back into our normal fall temperatures.  While this is nice, I am sitting here freezing to death, as I am not used to it yet!  No turning the heat on till absolutely necessary, so sweater weather it is.  Luckily, fall is still garage sale weather, so we are not relying solely on the thrift stores yet.  So here is a selection of used wonders (as in we wonder what they were thinking) to amuse you today.

My husband is a hunter.  Yes, I like a bit of venison, but there is no way on God’s green Earth that I would have this in my home:

It seems like a whole bunch of fuss and bother just to put out a photo of a guy with a gun.  For heaven’s sake, buy a photo album.  You can have a lot more photos in the same space and no one will question your taste in artwork.  Thank goodness the gun doesn’t work; it’s not a case of “in case of emergency, break glass” or we would have had to break the glass and shoot the rest of the frame.

I am pretty sure this will never fall in the everybody-needs-one category:

I guess if you had one for Jesus, too, you could make Grilled Mary and Cheesus sandwiches for all your friends, and if your name were Fred, you could even sign them:

The mind boggles at the thought of the great minds who came up with this and thought that it would be a best seller.

Alas, up next, another entry into the bad souvenirs category:

It was missing the hurricane shade, so I was having to hold the top shade over it, so you could get the full effect.  On top of being ugly, I want to know why Elvis made it onto Rushmore.  You tell me if that one on right looks anything like Honest Abe.  I am a bit worried about Washington too, but can’t figure out who he reminds me of.  Maybe John Lennon? I know folks used to collect these little lamps, but it was a huge stretch to make this one.  Why not just make a lamp and slap a picture of the mountain on it?  They had probably moved on to their next brilliant idea, religious toast.

We did think this little case was cute as can be:

What little girl wouldn’t want to carry her toe shoes in this?  I had a couple of these small hat box cases as a little girl and I carried everything from Barbies to blocks in them.  They were great for taking to Grandma’s, or in the car on a trip.  On top of that you get a twofer, and get to see a great Coke sign.  Neither of us have ever been Coke collectors, but this sure is a nice one.  It would brighten up any kitchen.

We decided this cat must have evil designs on the dog in front:

Not that the dog figurine is anything to write home about, but I don’t care how many bows you slap on that cat, there is a vile little imp lurking inside.  I wouldn’t lay bets on the dog not being pitched off the side of the shelf by a quick kitty slap, as soon as everyone’s backs are turned.  Some ceramics projects would be better left undone.

Now we just felt sorry for this owl?

Poor dear seems to have a broken neck, and perhaps paws, so maybe not an owl, but if not, what is it?  We don’t know, but those big eyes still seem to be pleading with you to take him home.  That is probably how the first person ended up with him, either that, or he got a load of the cat, and is running for his life.  We didn’t succumb to the soulful gaze, so he is still there wasting away.

We got such a kick out of these kitties:

Not sure if they were running the sale, or just daring you to take their rug and chair.  They were getting more than their fair share of petting and cooing.  Of course, they took it all as their due, and were not about to budge for anyone.  They probably spent the next day bugging the owner to put out more comfy furniture for their afternoon naps.

We also thought this Little Free Library was darling:

First one I have seen with a convenient bench nearby.  We love the whole idea of these.  More books for everyone, and after all Love Means Sharing your Books!

Hope your fall is treating you well.  Enjoy it now, for winter is coming!

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Whaaat? A Mostly “Good” Post?

We are only about mid-summer as far as our photos go.  We had a couple of weeks where we kept running into interesting or good things.  We are always on the lookout for bad stuff, but we can’t ignore the evidence before our eyes.  It makes for a nice change to talk about blameless objects.

If we didn’t have at least two sewing machines each:

this might have come home with us.  Now that I think about it, Kathy has at least three sewing machines.  This specimen is in an angled cabinet, and was an absolutely perfect vintage Singer.  I’m sure that it sews perfectly and will continue to do so for many years.  I don’t think that the stool with the cabriole legs and tapestry top is too shabby, either.  I hope that the owner didn’t sit on that low, backless stool and sew!  It makes my back hurt just to think about it.  This sale had nice things, but no prices posted, so we moved on.

This little applique quilt was at an estate sale:

It was pretty darn cute with the stitching and buttons, but the price was a bummer—$140!  I think that sweet little vintage quilts like this one have lost a lot of their value.  At least this one is in good shape; we often see quilts from the 1930s or ’40s, in poor condition, that folks think are worth a lot.  I do know, from personal experience, that it’s hard to sell vintage quilts for much of anything.  It’s a shame, because they are expensive to make, and take a lot of work and skill.

This might be the biggest crock we’ve ever seen:

The 20 on the side means it’s 20 gallons.  That’s a lot of sauerkraut, pickles, or other fermented wonders.  It was in great shape, which must mean it wasn’t used much.  It would be so heavy to move around when it was full.  I would have broken it right off the bat if I had owned and used it it.

I picked up this little basket and put it back a couple of times:

I absolutely love the clasp—that fish is so cool.  The handwoven pattern is pretty pleasing, also.  It wasn’t cheap, and I have lots of baskets; I really DON’T need another one.  Plus, it’s a nice thing not to snap up everything; I share, I care!  Lots of people my age are getting rid of stuff and simplifying their lives.  That hasn’t happened to either of us, so far.  We are unrepentant pack rats.

This little wicker baby carriage is totes adorbs:

I would have loved this as a kid to push my babies around in, or maybe a stray puppy or kitten.  $25 isn’t a bad price at all, but what would we do with it?  Barbies would look pretty silly lying or sitting inside.

The seats aren’t great:

but those backrests are absolutely wonderful.  (B.H. says they look like a wooden Jacob’s Ladder.)  Talk about ladder backs!  I think they might be maple, which gets such a wonderful patina as it ages.  I’m not sure about the height of the seat; people frequently change things like that.  At least they didn’t add clunky rockers–ugh!

We didn’t think that this was a good thing from a distance:

It looked like one of those Christmas trees made out of vintage jewelry!  They are pretty, but make us cry because of the jewelry that is often ruined to make them.  This one turned out to be made from buttons, beads, and broken bits of jewelry.  The person who made it did a good job.  I wouldn’t mind having this hanging in my house.

These used to be kind of cute things:

Time hasn’t been kind to them and that mouth on the left one is pretty darn weird.  They are wooden salt and peppers from Japan, which are sold frequently as souvenirs.  These, and many, many different shapes are floating out there, the remnants of hopefully happy trips.  Although, as we frequently point out, there are better things to buy on vacation than salt and pepper shakers, shell art, and spoons.

We saw this hat collection at an estate sale:

OMG, all I could think of was Burt Reynolds when I saw them; he would have looked fab in these hats.  I hope the owner felt like Burt while wearing them.  It was sad to hear of Burt’s passing, but he had a pretty lucky life; he sure looked like he was having fun.

That’s the end of what I could realistically call “good” finds.  Time for some yin for your yang.

What’s white, six feet tall, and has spots?

I bet you didn’t think the answer is a vase!  It was the biggest damn vase we’ve seen outside of a museum or Las Vegas.  I’m not sure what you would do with this thing in a regular-size house.  It could fill up a corner, for sure.  What would you put in it?  Big feathers, dried grasses, enormous silk flowers?  I can see why it was at a garage sale.  Next stop, thrift store!

Do you remember the picture of the lower half of the mannequin leaning against a trash can?

I guess it’s the summer of the mannequin.  I tried to get a picture before the owner put the two pieces together; they were lying separately on the floor just a couple of minutes before, which looked awfully strange.  I asked her why she had a headless mannequin, but she was kind of evasive.  I guess if you collected clothing that it might be fun to have something to display them on.  Or she could have owned a shop.

Weirdest of the weird:

We get having a doll head without a body; we have some body-less Barbie heads.  But we don’t keep them in fancy hat boxes.  We were pretty creeped out by this; could you imagine if she suddenly opened her eyes and looked at us?  Oh, the start of a scary movie!  On the other hand, maybe this was the head for the headless mannequin in the picture above.

That’s it for this week; see you next with more bad finds.  It’s more fun to be snarky than complimentary.

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Garage Sale and Goodwill Groaners

We are trying to get ourselves back to a regular schedule, really we are, but it’s always something.  The garage sale last week did pretty well.  The first day we got rid of a lot of junk and the second day, we could have stayed in bed, but oh well.  At the end, we put a bunch of stuff out by the curb, and posted in the free stuff on Craigslist and it was amazing the junk that went away that way.  Garage is a bit cleaner, and there is a little money in our pockets, so we did OK.  This weekend hubby and I are going to go see the Ashfall Fossil Beds in NE, so no shopping again.  Summer Intern will hold the fort.  Good thing we have plenty of photos to keep you and us going.

Gotta say, we think these are rather clever:

The bottom two are crocheted using pop tops from soda cans, and to be honest, they actually look pretty good.  I love the folded wrapper type purses on the top, but I already have a couple.  I admire anything that uses up trash, and hey, it’s a purse!

On the other hand, if you are going to get crafty, please avoid this:

We are positive the same person contributed the whole eye-popping display.  I am hoping they were using up scraps, but considering the colors, they probably shouldn’t have been making the main items either.  On a positive note, you can use these as pot holders and hope they catch fire.  At least it won’t hurt your feelings when they begin to smolder.

This garage sale took us in the Wayback Machine:

Gotta say these hampers were never good. Even in the ’70s they were pretty ugly.  All you can say on their behalf is that they were utilitarian.  Of course, what do we know, as we spotted a young millennial snapping these right up, with a huge grin on her face, right after we took the photo.  The thought of her home makes me shudder.  Guess it reminds her of Grandma, and we are as guilty as the next person of taking something home that does that.

We gotta say we liked this rooster’s attitude.  He was going to crow all morning and be darn proud of it:

The thing was huge and some sort of cast metal instead of the ubiquitous plastic, so it was better than average.  I think if I had a henhouse in the back yard, I might hang it up there to keep the old biddies in line, and to give the side of chicken coop a decorative lift.

On the same Goodwill trip we noticed this:

OMG, what were they thinking.  On closer examination it is a quinceañera decoration.  Around here, these celebrations marking the transition of a young Latina girl to womanhood are fairly common.  But, if you must do it, can you at least teach the girl some taste?  We actually see quite a few  of these decorations come through the thrifts and frequently they are too horrific for words.  Poor girl.  Guess that is why they haul them to the thrift store as soon as the party is over.  Heck, some of them probably toss them while the party is still going on!  A close-up, in case it is not appalling enough at a distance:

We have been getting very cranky every time we visit our local Goodwill.  They seem to have put together some sort of deal with Target to take all their leftovers:

While I applaud the lack of waste, I am sick and tired of seeing all the crap I saw on clearance at Target for the same price at Goodwill.  These were cans of seeds, by the way, not food, although that has made an appearance as well.  It has come to the point where the majority of the store is Target castoffs, with very little room left for the normal everyday donations that we want to see to get our thrift store scrounging thrills.  We are never going to find a great collectible in this junk.  We live for the “thrill of the hunt” and this is never going to do it.  We are trying to have a positive attitude, but you know us, if we can grouse, we will.

We did notice this little fella and he made us smile:

Stuffed bulldogs are so much more endearing than real ones.  At least they don’t slobber on your foot, and how can you resist a dog in bunny ears?

This dog, on the other hand, may need a psychotherapy session:

He seems to have some misplaced affection problems, unless he is planning on eating that fish, but if that is the case then the fish seems a bit too pleased by the whole thing.  While I fully condone mixed marriages, I think this is one cross-species couple that is never going to work.  Just think of the logistics in the living arrangements.  This tile was hand-painted, and it really makes you want to know the story behind the whole thing.  I feel certain that some things should be required to come with explanations.  I think that way often about vanity plates on cars.  You may understand what you are trying to say, but you should add a bumper sticker that explains it to the rest of us!

Well, I must be off to set the hose around the house.  We have been having some unseasonably hot weather here.  Who said it could be in the 90s in September?  Hoping all those on the East Coast stay safe from the hurricanes, and if you could mail a bit of rain to us, the West would be eternally grateful.

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We Get Back On Track, Sort Of

It seems like we’ve had an eventful couple of weeks, and this week isn’t any different.  We’re having a garage sale Friday and Saturday—Kathy is desperately trying to clear some room in her garage and basement and I always have things to get rid of!  It shouldn’t shock anyone that we tend to accumulate stuff, and the only way to keep the roof on is to dig out once in a while.  We’ll probably have a vintage sale later this or early next month and try to move on from some our collections.  That is the big one for us; we’ll see how it goes.  In case you’re wondering how we set up a garage sale, take a look here.

If you’re tuning in to see if you won our giveaway package, read on down to the bottom of the post to find out.

It was the Tour de Fat bike parade last weekend:

It’s a Labor Day weekend  tradition, and the thrift stores get the crazy clothes, wigs, hats, and shoes out a couple of weeks early so participants can get their kooky look going.  Personally, I would spend more time on making my bike awesome, but some of the clothes were … words fail me:

We spent a few minutes trying to decide if these round things were bagels or donuts (B.H. says they’re flowers).  Then we decided that it didn’t really matter, because it’s all bad!  I would have loved to see some tall skinny college guy striding around town in this dress!

Not that this mod top was any better:

That material is really Sgt. Pepper level crazy, and it makes me woozy just looking at it.  Sort of like a bad acid trip!  The good thing about wearing this top is that no one will remember what you wore on the bottom.  I’m convinced that you could be buck naked down below and no one would even notice.

If you wore this jewelry with your Tour de Fat ensemble, no one would blink:


At first we just saw the earrings, and really, how could we miss them?  Glancing at a different rack, we realized that there was a matching necklace—mon Dieu, zut alors, and many other French exclamations as generations of gifted designers roll in their graves!  The only way to wear this combo is ironically.

This crazy little puffer fish pin was there the same day:

That’s a pretty bold color combination and it was hard to get past.  I think if the eye was another color, then maybe (?) the whole thing wouldn’t be so weird.  We also couldn’t get past the price tag for a piece that had plenty of wear on top of being odd.

Man, it would be great to have a memory.  I think I tried to get Kathy to buy this bird.  Was I successful?

My thinking was that she is the only person in all of Fort Collins who would actually be amused by Mr. Feathers and might even have a place to display him.  Plus, he was only a buck! (Kathy here, and yes I did, hangs head in shame, but the lady only charged me a quarter and he needed a home!)

This box of frames and pictures made us laugh:

Like the Spanish Inquisition, no one expects Dolly Parton to show up like this!  We never did figure out what she was doing in there as the rest of the art was pretty mainstream stuff anyone might hang on the wall.

We have seen some strange art in our time:

This might make a top five list.  Why in the wild world of art would you put glitter on a great white hunter?  I’m sure he feels manly with that big rifle in his hands; does he need to feel fabulous, too?  If you take a close look, you can tell that the embellisher did not take liberties with the tiger.

At least this is artistic and interesting:


Like feathers and other living critter parts, I feel bad for the butterflies used to make this picture.  At least they didn’t die in vain; this piece of art is pretty evocative and striking.  I always feel bad when makers kill something and then use it in an ugly way.  We have seen enough hideous seashell “art” to lose sleep over.

Yep, just reinforcing the idea that not everyone was made to be a crafter:

If this were my quilt as a child, I would never take my eye off of it and most certainly would leave the light on all night.  Maybe Stephen King can use it in his next novel.

Speaking of crafting, has anyone been watching Making It?  We have been blown away by the talent the crafters have displayed.  Not one of them would have ever made that quilt block!

Well, that’s it for this week.  We did the drawing, and the winner is:  Steph in MA!  Please contact us via email to give us your address and we’ll get the box in the mail—after the garage sale!

Thank you so much to everyone that did comment.  We love to hear from you, and it was great reading what you think of the blog and us!  We are all fueled up for another 500 posts.

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Our Top Ten Favorite Finds … So Far

In honor of our 500th post, we’re sharing our all-time top ten finds and having a fabulous giveaway, to boot.  To enter the giveaway, post a comment here, on the Doll Divas link, or on the Second Hand Roses Facebook page.  We’ll announce the winner in the September 7th post.

I realized, as I started thinking about what I would share, that most of my top five fit into my major collecting categories, so that seems fitting.  All of them were bargains in one form or another, and all of them are things I see most every day as I move around the house.  First up is my favorite pin of all time:

When I say that, you have to understand that there are literally 100s if not 1000s of pieces of jewelry in this house.  I have two jewelry armoires, and discovered five boxes of jewelry left over from my antique store still stored in the basement.  That’s a whole lot of bling, but this piece consistently brings me joy.  I purchased it for the grand total of 10¢  when I was a junior in high school, and I wear it often.  I have had dealers follow me around antique shows trying to buy it from me.  It’s Victorian, it’s over an inch across,  it’s enamel on sterling, it’s a pansy, what’s not to love?

You know of our dedicated adoration for the pink princess, Barbie, and this pair of number 3 ponytails are a treasured part of my collection:

The blond was purchased at an estate sale for $100 at the height of the Barbie collecting craze, so I was thrilled with my deal.  The brunette was purchased as part of a collection that Deb and I went in on, and we managed to sell what we didn’t need for enough to cover the cost of the collection, so she was essentially free.

I rarely mention these, as I find so few of them, but I collect antique tiles.  I started with the older Victorian ones, but some newer ones creep in. When I say newer, I mean ’50s or ’60s, so not exactly imported from China new.  These are a couple of those “new” ones, but they make me smile a lot!

The cow is a favorite of both my husband and me.  I brought it home thinking that he would view it as silly, but he loved it as much as I do.  The cat, not so much, but I love that ’60s aesthetic look to the cat.  I have never paid more than a few bucks for any of the tiles I have, so I am sure these were a bargain, too.  They hang in my back hall where they are passed by multiple times a day.

This was another early find in hubby’s and my garage saling:

Found this lovely copy of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz with a dust jacket for a quarter at 10:00 a.m.  Who says the early bird gets the worm?  We were about done for the day, and stumbled on it.  It’s a favorite with hubby too, as he is proud of that buy.  They are hard to find in any condition, so this was great.

This last one may not fit exactly into a collecting category.  I was drawn to the wooden boxes filled with type, and had to find out what they were.  Then, because they were only $10.00, I brought it all home:

This is a vintage Kingsley hot press.  It is used to print gilded lettering on things.  They were originally used for gold lettering on pens, wallets, ribbons, napkins, announcements, etc.  I have spent about $130 getting enough stuff to make the thing work, but it performs great, and I see Barbie ribbons, Christmas cards, etc. in my future, plus you gotta admit the machine just looks cool!  The machines retail for over $600 on Evilbay, and you have no idea how much new ones go for, so it was a grand bargain.

Will turn it over to Deb now; read on, and don’t forget to look at the end to see our Grand Giveaway items.

Deb here: it’s so hard to chose only five, and we wanted to show you things that we haven’t shown you before.  I wasn’t totally successful with the new-to-you thing, but it’s been a long time since I’ve bought them, so maybe that counts.

It probably won’t surprise anyone that I love this china statue:


All those roses AND a dog—what’s not to love?  She was there at the later stages of an estate sale.  You could see that her previous owner loved her as not one of those roses  has a chip, let alone broken petal.  There is a beehive mark, but I haven’t been able to identify that it’s a Royal Vienna piece or not.  That beehive is actually an upside down shield, but don’t let that stop you from saying, “beehive mark” as that’s what everyone calls it.  I think her quality is excellent, so no matter who made her, she’s a winner.

I bought this screen at my neighbor’s garage sale.  She had two, and I only bought one, fool that I am:

Some crazy carpenter put all those small pieces of wood together by hand.  They move a little when you’re fooling with them, which is kind of scary.  My mom and I oiled it this spring to bring out the beauty of the walnut.  I have no idea what it costs to make this kind of screen, but it’s more than $10 I paid for it, and this is an actual mid-century modern piece.

This piano picture is a repeat from a number of years ago:

At least I’m giving you three items for the price of one.  I love the frame on that picture; the art itself is okay, especially as my husband plays the piano and his dad played the sax.  I found the sconces at the sides this year at a thrift store for $1.99 each, and I love their shape so much, that I don’t want candles in them to mess up the lines.  I also bought the fireplace screen at the bottom center of the picture at a garage sale for $150, which was a lot for me, but it’s wonderful.

I had been looking for a corner shelf for a while before stumbling across this one at a garage sale for $125:


It’s mahogany, and has interesting shaped supports between the shelves.  I have to say that they are an absolute booger to dust around.  The top three smaller shelves also have a scalloped lips that have a pattern cut into them.  It’s so fun to have a place to display all of my wonderful  finds.  I even pile boxes on the bottom shelf because I have sooo many.  On the third shelf, you can see the bronze fisherman I bought for $5 at a garage sale.  I had him appraised, and he’s from the late 1800s and worth much more than $5!

Finally, I bought this at an auction many, many years ago, for $35:


This other bidder wanted it too, but I was determined.  I had this appraised at a fundraiser for our local museum that was based on Antiques Roadshow.  You bought tickets, and local experts gave you some info about your find.  The appraiser said this was from the mid 19th century, probably before 1860 from the design, colors used, and shape.  I wondered if it were for a buffet as it isn’t very wide.  It’s in really good shape, and I’m very careful about sunlight and wear.  I want to leave it out because what’s the fun of owning something you can’t see every day?  BTW, the appraiser wanted to hire me as a picker for their shop, which was very flattering to a younger collector.

Okay, here are the giveaways, minus the swizzle sticks that Kathy is throwing in:

Most of everything is self-explanatory, but I wanted to tell you about a couple of things.  The Calico Kate’s cookbook is a northern Colorado thing.  She lived in Glen Haven, which is on the way to Estes Park, home of Rocky Mountain National Park.  Poor Glen Haven was just destroyed during the last big flood that damaged so much between here and Estes Park.  We both have several of her pamphlets, and they are cute and kitschy.  We might be proudest of the cranberry server as we’ve been looking for one for several years now to use as a giveaway.  There are initials monogrammed on the handkerchiefs, but they are very ornate and hard to read; plus who looks at the monograms when someone is carrying a fabulous hanky?  All you have to do to win this prize package is to leave a comment here, at the Doll Divas link, or on our FB page.  We’ll draw the winners on September 6th, so comment before then!

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