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Hey! I Thought it was Spring!!

I was driving into the garage and noticed my snowdrops emerging from the melting snow: They are looking a little sad after having a ton of snow on them, but they will be able to photosynthesize and make food for … Continue reading

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Baby, It’s Hot Outside!

I’m not going to complain about the weather, although we seem to give up on garage sales earlier if it’s over 90 °F.  The glare from the hot, hot sun makes even our snark go away.  Thank goodness we’ve had a … Continue reading

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A Collector’s Mania

We admit it, we are collectors.  We sometimes even confess to the words pack rat and hoarder, although we would like to think we are tidier than the latter two terms would suggest.  On top of being collectors, we are … Continue reading

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Book Review: Pantone The 20th Century in Color

I know that this book seems like a departure, even for us.  Hear me out—I was trying to date something from its color and not having much success.  I thought that a book on colors through the decades of the … Continue reading

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The Art of the Mayo Clinic

I expected the staff of Rochester’s Mayo Clinic to be artists in their fields and my expectations were far exceeded.  Another unexpected side to the Mayo Clinic was how beautiful the buildings were, both in architecture and decoration.  Turns out … Continue reading

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