Retail Therapy Leads to Friday Finds

After a busy week, we desperately needed some retail therapy.  For us, that doesn’t always involve buying stuff; we’re happy just to look.  We must have been having way too much fun, because four or five fellow shoppers came up and told us so.  That’s just the prod we need to get our blog business cards finished, so we can hand them out to unsuspecting folks who talk to us at thrift stores and estate sales.  Didn’t their moms tell them it’s dangerous to talk to strangers?

We saw these blue beauties, and knew we needed to talk about them:

I love that they are the same figure right down to the candle holder, and the candy dish sits on top of the holder–that says practicality but probably not quality.  I’m wondering if there weren’t originally two candy dishes, one of which suffered a fortunate accident.  By their color, they look like they have been in the surf for many a year–they have that sea glass patina which can be lovely, but smooths out details.  I went back to Goodwill this week to get a better close-up and they were gone!  On a related topic, someone bought the Venetian 3D picture too.  Hope it’s the same person, to minimize the fallout damage to innocent bystanders.

We love the bad craft projects:

What is it about clothes pins that says “let’s make a something” to bored crafty folk?    We personally think the chair works better than the clock; we can also testify that both were neatly done.  It must be lots of work to take all of those springs out of the clothes pins. Don’t you think Popsicle sticks would be an easier medium to use?

Kathy has a thing for these etched acrylic blocks–when they are detailed like these two:

The fish block was even signed along the right edge.  In case you’re wondering, the ghostly white thing floating above the fish, is the remains of the price tag.  That’s another pet peeve of ours!  The thrift store pricers stick those price tags in the most inconvenient places.

Because we needed just a little more fun, we headed out to the “bad” thrift store; it never disappoints.  Bingo, we saw these two within five minutes:

We think that maybe the young lady in the back got an eyeful of her competition, and knows she is in trouble.  Get used to it, girlfriend, life just ain’t fair.

Since we are trying to stay in the vicinity of a PG rating, it’s hard to know what to say about this pillow:

The pillow maker is not helping, since the pillow is aptly named “Puppy Love”.  I think people need to put their products in front of a focus group before rolling out something that is a straight up double entendre.

One of the things that can make a so-so product go bad, is the fabric used:

What in the name of Coco Channel would you make out of these fabrics?  Even the good quality plaid wool is homely; the polyester stuff is just nasty.

Last up:  as I was checking out, Kathy noticed this:

It’s a 1940’s wood veneer liquor cabinet.  When you pull down the front cover, you see the cool mirror interior.  We aren’t sure if the light in the back works, but it would put this right over the top.  We aren’t really into this kind of furniture; if it had been a 1950’s tiki bar, we might have had to wrestle for it.  ;- )

Our second anniversary is coming up, and we are open to writing any kind of celebratory post that you may want.  Please put your thinking caps on, and help us come up with a nifty topic.

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6 Responses to Retail Therapy Leads to Friday Finds

  1. Connie says:

    Ohhh…. I loved the liquor cabinet. That is so cool. Did it have a sticker shock price tag?

  2. Terri Gold says:

    The clothespins come without springs. Don’t ask how I know.

  3. Linda H Miller says:

    What type of glue do you use for the clothes pin crafts I have tried all kinds but don’t think have found the one that will hold together

    • kathy & deb says:

      Hi, I haven’t done any clothes pin crafts, but I usually use wood glue when I glue wood craft things. Gorilla glue is usually good, too, but you need to clamp things and let them dry thoroughly. Good luck!

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