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Good Clean Fun

Just when I said things were cooling off last week, this week we hit the 90s again. I really don’t want to complain, as I know what happens when you tick off Mother Nature, but I really would like some … Continue reading

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Getting Grumpy

Ah yes, the joys of Spring in Colorado.  We are going on two days straight of rain, and not to whine, but we have now had over two inches of it.  Don’t get me wrong, “but we need the moisture” … Continue reading

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Crazy And Not-So-Crazy Christmas Crafts

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, as the car advertisements sing.  To me, the craziness is just starting, but the wonderful doesn’t really kick in until right before Christmas.  One of my favorite months is January, when I … Continue reading

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Bad Santa, and Mrs. Claus Isn’t Very Good Either

The season is quickly winding down, the lists have all (mostly) been checked, the cookies made (and way too many of them eaten), the house is as decorated as it is going to be, and I finally have a tiny … Continue reading

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Yee Haw Y’All

I have always been a bit of a country girl at heart.  After all, I grew up in Colorado.  I know what a rodeo is really like, and I will admit to owning a cowgirl hat.  It’s bright red and … Continue reading

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Purse-nally Yours

Be careful what you wish for!  The rain has stopped, but every last growing thing in the area is doing just that–growing.  I have decided to invest in a hay baler for the lawn, or maybe a herd of goats, … Continue reading

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Ahoy, There Be Garage Sales About!

No, we didn’t garage sale last week when it was raining biblically here in Colorado, but we did the week before.   Not only did we go to garage sales, but they were mostly good garage sales, even if we … Continue reading

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Friday Finds, This and That

Deb is our intrepid photographer most of the time.  Mainly because at this point, her point and shoot camera is better than mine, as the flash quit working on mine.  Well, unless I want to carry around a big ol’ … Continue reading

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Turn on the Dark, I’m Afraid of the Light

Spring has sprung and we’re getting anxious for garage sale season to start–the sooner the better.  Our thrift store finds have taken a turn towards the extremely weird and we blame it on city-wide insanity brought on by cabin fever. … Continue reading

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The Turkey Trot

It’s that time of year again.  Time for all things Turkey, and boy did we find some turkeys this year!  We don’t even have to work very hard at these, but we do collect the birds all year, just to … Continue reading

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