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If I Could Talk to the Animals

I need to be smarter about my procrastination!  I waited until the last minute to write my post, and then the internet is down—duh!  Thankfully, it’s up and I’m making hay while the sun shines to get ’er done, to … Continue reading

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Say Boo and Scary On

We had our first taste of winter (kind of like the Hobbits have first breakfast) last week.  It snowed more than expected and we had sub-20° temperatures.  Now it’s back to fall; today was sunny and in the low 60s.  … Continue reading

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Chain Reaction

Do you ever buy something that triggers an avalanche of work?  Kathy found a cool mid-century modern cabinet in a local consignment shop, modestly priced at $140.  It’s light oak, made in Yugoslavia, and originally sold for $32.50!  Well, I … Continue reading

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A Rummage of Friday Finds

Not much new in our neck of the woods.  It’s been warm, then really cold and snowy, and now it’s warming up again to get ready for snow this weekend.  You know, a typical January week.  It seems that the … Continue reading

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We’re Failing at Garage Saling

We tried to go to garage sales last week, truly we did, but there just wasn’t that much that was even fun.  We were wandering around to various sales, thinking desperate thoughts about our lack of photos for this week, … Continue reading

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Do You See What I See?

We know you’re busy—we’re busy, too, trying to get ready for the biggest holiday of the year!  If you’re one of those people who is all ready to roll, well, then I’m jealous of you.  I’m never ready until the … Continue reading

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Friday Finds From the Mitten State Part 3

I’m in Michigan again on an emergency visit.  This time, my brother became extremely ill and required my nursing assistance.  All is well now, and I’ll be winging my way back to colorful Colorado and my partner in crime, Kathy, … Continue reading

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