All That Glitters

We love jewelry.  It’s no great secret.  Both our hubbies know that it is the easiest present in the world for any occasion.  On top of that, it doesn’t have to be fabulous to float our boat.  We are just as tickled with a plastic dog or cat pin, as we are with gold and diamonds!  Well, within reason!  Because we purchase so much of it at yard sales and scads of it is costume, we really have a lot.  I just recently purchased my SECOND jewelry armoire.  I keep telling Deb how great it is to have more room!  She may succumb yet.  That being said, we have a postful of jewelry that would NEVER make the cut to land in our collection.

The great handkerchief giveaway results are at the bottom of the post.  You may already be a weiner!

We couldn’t decide if this was a DIY gone terribly wrong, or the product of a factory full of mad workers with no taste:

It might have worked with only the center medallion, but why scatter all that other flotsam around it?  Maybe it was advertised as a “stash buster” project.  No thanks, I’ll keep my bead stash.  They are prettier in a pile.

I really can’t see that high fashion is improved by dead things trailing around your wrist:

At least that’s what this looks like to me.  Either that or some leftovers from a miniature herd of cattle.  Just an FYI, this was a ladies’ size, so no doubt it was made to go with your pink frilly prom dress.

Here is a whole collection of bracelet madness:

Maybe one of these at a time could be pulled off, especially the silver one on the end, but is it really worth the effort?  The beads were piled on and glued to the gold-colored one, the brown one looked like laminated paper bags, and I have no idea what those carvings on the wood one are supposed to represent, but they look vaguely naughty, and not in a good way.

At least this made us laugh:

It had a loop on it to use it as a key chain, and metal going through the beads allowed you to form it into goofy shapes.  It probably fails as a key chain—who would want something that big dangling from their keys—but as a toy to keep you amused while sitting at the DMV, it could work.  Deb kinda wanted it, but was too cheap to pay full price for it, and we are notorious for forgetting to come back on half-price day.

All you can say about this necklace is that they tried, not very hard, but they tried:

What is up with the geese with an attitude?  They won’t even talk to each other!  I have seen really pretty jewelry made with wooden beads.  This isn’t it.  At best it is ho hum.

We tried to like this pin.  Heck, it’s a bunny—I love those:

It had such an odd shape that it just didn’t work, and then on closer inspection we noticed it has two pairs of ears!  Look just below the large open ear, and you will another tiny one.  While looking at it, I have come to the decision that it might be a cat with a set of reins coming out of his head.  Yeah, that must be it.  I don’t know, but whoever made it needs to take a class on animal anatomy.

This necklace is big:

Nothing else, just big.  Come on, this couldn’t have looked good even on the rack at the local department store.  I have no problem with statement jewelry, but the only comment this one makes, is “I have no taste, and the salesgirl was told to push the ugly stuff out the door as fast as possible”.

Speaking of ugly:

Pineapples are supposed to be symbols of welcome, but this one clearly says “go away! ”  I am sure the woman who owned this had the harvest gold pantsuit to go with it.  She wore it often hoping folks would inquire about it and she could whip out her slide show of Hawaii, but every time someone saw it they winced, and forbore to mention it thinking she HAD to wear it, as it was a gift from her nearsighted husband.

We think these would be more fun to MAKE than to wear:

I kinda hate to admit it, but I did my share of string art kits back in the day.  It was rather therapeutic carefully wrapping all that thread around the proper spot to make the design.  I could see these fulfilling the same purpose, and overall they really are not that offensive.  With a bright summer dress they would be breezy and fun.

Thought I would share one last piece of jewelry with you:

I apologize for the really crappy photo, but my computer is in the shop, and my ancient laptop will not speak to my camera, so I snapped this with my phone.  Even the colors are a bit off, as it is more that forties green and burgundy, but at least you can see what it is.  I spotted this ring at one of the thrift stores a couple of weeks ago, and realized the plastic was definitely vintage.  I sort of balked at the $3 price tag, then I noticed it was the half price color so brought it home.  Spent some time looking it up and these are called Prison Rings.  They were homemade, some possibly in prisons, although I wonder that they would let them have something sharp enough to cut the plastic.  Anyway, they were constructed out of old pens, tooth brushes, and any other celluloid item that came their way.  Many have a clear spot on the top with a photo underneath.  It was cool, and they are actually pretty rare.  Going price seems to be around $200, so I guess I could have paid full price!

We did the drawing for the handkerchiefs, and we need some emails/addresses to get them sent out, so if you are:

Patty Hagar

Wayne R. Johnson

Char being Char ( I’ve got this one, Congrats, will get it right out! )

Please email us your official name and address and we will rush your winnings right out to you.

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A Rummage of Friday Finds

Not much new in our neck of the woods.  It’s been warm, then really cold and snowy, and now it’s warming up again to get ready for snow this weekend.  You know, a typical January week.  It seems that the colds and flu that are hitting other parts of the country are making their way here with the students coming back for spring term.  Time to get religious about the hand sanitizer.

We went to the bins, after avoiding them for a month, and looked around for an hour and found enough to amuse us.

Take this costume, for instance:

Clown suit

They did the right thing sending this to the thrift store.  If you’ve paid even casual attention to our blog, you should know what we think about clowns.  Hint: we aren’t fans.  Looking at this clown suit is sort of like looking at the skin that a snake shed.  Interesting, but I’m always glad that the snake is long gone.

Well, one clown is bearable:

Eek it's a clown

but two are alarming.  According to the interweb, historically, a gaggle of clowns were called a shudder, an alley, or a pratfall.  Personally, a shudder works just fine.  The alley association comes from the circus where a backstage area where clowns got ready was known as clown alley.  Talk about your scary, dark alley that sensible people avoid!  I’m sure when Ma made these outfits for her and Pa to wear to the costume party, they were supposed to be adorable.  Goes to show that Stephen King was right, “Nobody likes a clown at midnight.”

We found this jacket in the bin with the clown duds:

This has to be a joke, right?  No one, besides Uncle Sam, or someone singing four-part harmony, would wear this non-ironically.  It was made of denim, duck cloth, or something heavy like that.  It seems like a lot of trouble to sew a jacket for a Halloween costume, so they must have found it somewhere.  It’s really something, as my mother would say.  By the way, the button says, “Cohere”.  Good advice for those of us ready to fly apart like a dried dandelion flower.

We thought that this was kind of cute:

It would be pretty in a bathroom, maybe more so than a kitchen.  There are lots of patterns on Pinterest for towels and this one ISN’T a fail.  I looked on Pinterest, where I’m perfectly willing to waste hours every day, and found something similar:

from someone’s Etsy shop.  One good thing about these towels is that they will not fall off the rack or kitchen appliance handle.  My family tends to crochet loops for kitchen towels, or use a hot pad to fasten them to their holder.  This almost looks too pretty to use.  Maybe I should use a towel for my next clothespin bag; it’s sure to be more durable.

You can tell that the maker’s heart was in the right place:

I’m just not sure that Kelly green fabric and bandanna material screams butterflies and young girls to anyone.  If they’re making this quilt for any other market, the maker is even more mistaken.  In for a penny; I would have made the butterflies out of pieced-together bandannas.  What do you have to lose at that point?

We saw this whole fleet of office chairs:

and figured that a local business had redecorated their conference room for the first time in a long while.  It’s not that the fabric is awful—I think it’s kind of fun for an office.  It’s just been a while since it was new.  I can’t believe that they got all new chairs instead of recovering them.  Anyone just starting out could get a screaming deal here, and then invest in a little fabric and work to get their office up and running.

A local thrift had all their Christmas things 75% off:

and I still couldn’t justify buying these vintage light replacement sets.  They were made in Japan, so you know that they have been stored for a while.  I showed them to B.H. and he said that they were made for different sockets than what our Christmas tree lights have.  Hope someone found them and had the right string of lights to use them.

Speaking of Christmas, I thought I would show you what lengths B.H. will go to when wrapping Christmas presents:

He constructed an octahedron as a box for one of my presents (a small bottle cut from stone) so that I couldn’t tell what it was.  When wrapped, it was a lovely shape, and very hard to open since he taped the bejesus out of it.  I had to take over wrapping presents after my sisters reported that our nieces and nephews cried from frustration when opening their birthday and Christmas presents.  I always have my handy-dandy Swiss army knife to hand on Christmas day, so I’m the one tortured.

Don’t forget our hanky drawing this evening.  We have three lovely hankies, and would love to send one your way.  Just leave a comment here or on Facebook if you would like one:


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Who’s Counting?

Who’s Counting?  I am.  My mother owns a bead store.  You would think this would be a wonderful thing, fabulous beads at my fingertips any time, but there is a big caveat here.  You don’t want to know the owner of a bead store when it comes time to do inventory!  Cleaning trays, retagging, counting, counting, counting.  How many pearls the size of a BB, did you say?  Only 257 here this time, next spot, oh joy, 300 of those.  Frankly, sitting down to write a blog post is a nice big break!

First up, we have a couple of thrift store funnies.  We are positive that at least some of the people who work there have a sense of humor when we see things like this:

You know that those tiny stuffed tigers are vicious.  For the good of all mankind, make sure that they are in a dog crate!  While we are at it, I have never seen a pink dog crate before.  Must have been for a Pomeranian, preferably white and a female.  Might emasculate one of those beefy male ones!

We also liked this goofy owl perched on a branch:

I am not sure how they got him to sit up there, but it took more that just throwing him on the shelf, so there must have been some forethought there.  Deb had a little problem with the owl, but I thought he was kind of cute.  On further reflection, I think I know why.  I had a stuffed owl made of Naugahyde when I was a kid.  He looked just like this one.  He reminds me a bit of that, so I supposed that is why he appealed to me.  (On looking at the linked article, I find they are now worth something.  Drat, I don’t think he lives here anymore.)  My Dad used to do local truck deliveries in town, and he brought him home one day.  Must have picked him up from a furniture store.

This next item totally baffled us:

At first we thought it might be some sort of tea cozy, but it had a latch and a handle.?????  Luckily someone had the foresight to place a tag on it.  Bowling Ball Bag.  Huh?  It was a soft-sided bag, and well-padded inside.  Yes, a bowling ball would fit in there, but really?  Flummoxed was the best we could do with it.  I guess if your sweet little baker granny were queen of the alleys, this is what she would carry.  Personally, I think she would carry a leather one with studs; she is a killer on the lanes!

We are standing firm on just plain ugly for these:

We are talking about the red pair of vases, although the one in the middle wouldn’t win any pageants either.  We didn’t pick up the red ones to see if they were someone’s ceramics project, but I don’t really think so.  I think they were just commercial ones available from Bordellos Are Us.  Bad molding, bad color, and too over-sized to hide in a corner somewhere.  Maybe if you had a LOT of really weepy ferns to hang over the side of them you could disguise them somewhat, but you would still have ugly vases covered in greenery.  Just toss them out.  Oh wait, someone did.  Just hope no one else takes them home!

At least this made us laugh:

Must be a picture of the individual branches of a family tree!  We are hoping this was done at summer camp by an enterprising seven year old.  If so, it’s charming.  If it’s an adult, they need to unsubscribe to Pinterest.

Up next may be another Craft Fail:

It was HUGE, horribly pink, and for the life of us, we couldn’t figure out what the white cording running though it was supposed to do.  In the thrift store, it gave it a convenient way to hang it, but I am pretty sure wreath suicide was not the original intent.  I am not sure there is anything you could do to make this hot mess any better.  Maybe unwinding everything and putting it back on the spool, but that means there is still the potential for re-creation of the whole shebang, and no one wants that.

We did like this:

It’s a purse made out of an actual record album.  The back was the record and the front was the album cover:

I probably would have bought this, but I just wasn’t too keen on that album cover.  If it had been Herb Alpert’s Whipped Cream,  or the Beach Boys’ Endless Summer, it would have been a slam dunk.  No offense to Barbra, just not my favorite album cover.  I am sure someone paid a fortune for this hand-made bag, but it didn’t look like it was carried all that much, so it was probably not real practical, but then, what cute bag is?  We are queens of carrying crazy bags, so it wouldn’t bother us … much.  Not enough to put it back in the closet, anyway.

I took this while killing time one day, so Deb hasn’t seen it:

I don’t know what the frog did, but it apparently traumatized that bunny beyond recovery. There must be a lawsuit in there somewhere.  I think there are things that go on, during cover of night, on the shelves of the local thrifts, that must never be spoken of in the light of day!  Maybe it was just the employees having a good time again.  The frog was into it, and the bunny was just too stuck up to relax and enjoy.

We haven’t had a Helen step forward and claim the hanky, so we are adding the other H hankies for our give-away.  You don’t have to be a Helen, or even have your name start with H.  Just add a comment here, or on Facebook letting us know that you would like a hanky. We will draw names on the 19th of January, and let you know if you have won a vintage hanky for your collection.  Don’t be shy; they’re cheap to mail, and we want to unite these hankies with their new nasal companions.

Drat, the post is done.  I must go back to counting beads.  1, 2, 3, 4, ……

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Tabula Rasa

Well, here we are at the beginning of 2018 and it’s a blank slate.  This year can be anything we want it to be.  I’m going with laughter, empathy, and personal growth.  The older I get, the less meaningful the rest of the noise seems to be.  I’m wishing you all a year of love, laughter, and being the best you possible.  Good luck!

Now, after all that highfalutin talk, let’s go make fun of stuff!

We ran into a mother lode of our least favorite decorating style—1990s Southwest:


I have to say that the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde are some of the most fantastic housing ideas I’ve ever seen.  The views out your front windows must have been gorgeous.  If you haven’t been to Mesa Verde, you should go; it’s a wonderful place.  Having said that, this lamp does not convey one iota of the glorious aeries that ancient peoples carved out of sandstone.  These cliff dwellings look like what I might be able to recreate using clay and going by the description of a child who had briefly visited Mesa Verde years ago.  Just ugh!

Okay, this picture is barely better:

First off, it’s 3-D, which is strike one.  Hardly any 3-D pictures are what you might call “fine art”.  Second strike is its size; I know you can’t tell, but it was two or three feet tall.  Being on a shelf way over our heads, made it difficult to get perspective in our photo—especially given my photography skills.  The third strike is the fact that they have an adobe house next to a stream and pond.  Adobe can stand up to a little moisture, but the old-style clay adobe is best suited for the arid southwestern US, where there is infrequent rainfall.  It was cheap and easy to rebuild; that’s why it was used.  I know that’s a picky strike, more like a foul tip, but if you’re going to paint a southwestern picture, you should have an idea of what the area really looks like:

It took me less than a minute to Google this and download the photo.  Notice a lack of happy, little, Bob Ross trees around the house, and no running water.  Although, looking back, their mountains are pretty good.  Wow, that was way more analysis than that picture deserved.

I really think that the best of the Southwest decor was this pot:

With the caveat: that’s not sayin’ much.  It was resin, not pottery, which makes it junk.  You can see how bad the other stuff was to say that this was the most attractive doorstop.

This was in the case at the same time the other stuff showed up:

We WANT to believe that it belonged to the Southwest-impaired person that just happened to redecorate for the first time since the ’90s.  I have no idea why it was in the case—it sure isn’t because it’s valuable!  Sorry that it’s hard to see, being in a plastic bag inside a glass case.  She appears to be a handmade doll with an embroidered face and a deerskin dress.  Someone put some work into her; the question is, was it worth it?  We like dolls, but she isn’t our cup of tea.

Whew, let’s move on from the 1990s and head back in time, to a more civilized era:

Even thought this is wicker, I want to say “rubber baby buggy bumpers” fast, three times at least.  We saw this at a fall garage sale, and thought it was lovely.  If you collected vintage baby dolls, this baby perambulator might be irresistible.

We went to an estate sale before Christmas, and the parlor was full of old furniture:

This is a lovely old sofa and we especially loved the half-scroll arms.  The living room was full of antique settees that were so well cared for and looked so uncomfortable.  The back of the house sported a big old family room full of comfy furniture.  The front room looked like a museum; I sure wouldn’t encourage folks to linger there.  I wonder if they sold any of that furniture?

We saw this poor camel at the thrift store:

I’m not sure if it’s an orphan from a nativity set, or a souvenir from southwest Asia?  Whatever, that poor camel looks like it had someone riding it that loved sawing on the reins like ole Roy Moore on his pony.  The sight of him riding that poor horse gave me chills, and not in a good way.  Even though this poor baby is an orphan, neither of us adopted it.  I save my good deeds for dogs, and Kathy has an obsession with wooly llamas or maybe they’re alpacas.  No room for camels at the inn.

In the Christmas post about crafts featuring The Poinsettia Library of Christmas Handicrafts, I promised to do a show-and-tell about a craft project for Kathy.  I actually finished it in time for Christmas.  Here it is modeled on Style Mantra Eden:

I figured, it’s just a hat and stole and asked myself the fatal question—how hard could it be?  Well, turns out, kind of hard, especially when my sewing machine decided to have tension problems.  The hat was too big for fashion dolls, despite the craft book’s assurances, and the stole is a little thin.  But, turning up the hat and making a brim solved lots of problems.  If anyone wants the pattern, let me know.  I found out that the bottom of a vintage Fiesta cup is exactly  the correct size for the circle portion of the hat.  Lucky me!

Finally, here is the giveaway we promised:

Kathy found a pile of Helen’s hankies.  The one in front even has her name spelled out, while the two initial ones could also work for a Hermine, Hermione, Henrietta, Harper, Hazel, Heidi, Hunter, Hildegarde, or anyone that doesn’t mind carrying a hankie with a name or initial that doesn’t match your name.  The first Helen ( or friend of Helen ) who leaves a comment on this post, or at our Facebook page gets the hankie.  As for the other two, or even Helen if she isn’t claimed, we will hold a drawing January 18th after 7:30 pm MST.  Just leave a comment here, or on Facebook to be entered.  Winners will be notified by email, if known, or by announcement here and on Facebook.  Hope you all play along.  There is nothing like having a hankie, even with the wrong initial, to make you feel all Gone With The Windish!

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What’s in a Name?

Well, the Holidaze has come and mostly gone.  I, for one, am in bed by nine, even on New Year’s.  It can ring in without me; I’ll catch it in the morning!  We both survived so far with minimal effort, and are ready for a new year of old stuff!  Luckily, there are still plenty of crazy things out there just waiting for us to discover and share with you.  We’ve been saving up while writing Xmas posts, so there was plenty to choose from.

Let’s start here:

I don’t even know what to say.  Someone had an old mop and decided to make it into a piggy bride?  At least we are guessing on the pig part, because I am hoping there aren’t too many other things that have a snout that looks like that.  I might be assuming on the bride part too, but just taking a swing at it, since it is white and carrying a bouquet.  As if everything on top were not enough, we turned it over to find this:

Oh yes, it is an air freshener!  I would have to own a house that smelled like an entire herd of pigs had bedded down for a month before I would use this thing trying to make it smell better.  I might just open the doors and bring in a garden hose, if it came to that.  Has to be better than the mop/pig/bride of Frankenstein.

We promised we would not grouse any more about the bins.  We lied:

Here is an overflowing cart stuffed with all sorts of goodies for 99¢ each.  Although there are quite a few clothes on top, there are more fun things under there.  (As an aside, this is NOT our cart; we never went quite that far overboard, even with both of us and Deb’s sisters thrown in!)  Well, gone are those days.  Goodwill, in its infinite wisdom has decided to do ONLY clothes back there.  No hard goods, shoes, bags, nothing.  What fun is that?  We whined loud and long, but no one listened to us.  It was fun while it lasted.

The ’70s called.  They want this back:

This cute little bulletin board probably hung in someone’s gold kitchen with all kinds of notes and coupons on it.  I have to say, it would still brighten your day with just a tiny smile.  At least it would still be useful, and heck, it could be worse.  Could be avocado green!

This also seems like a fugitive from the ’70s, or maybe ’60s:

But it’s new.  About all we can say in its behalf, is that it beats carrying your keys and wallet, and hanky, and lip balm and … in your pocket.  I don’t know, maybe with the right outfit, but that is hard to imagine, too.  Maybe we just shouldn’t go there without a good stiff drink.  Taken all together, we get why it was cast off.

As opposed to these:

Aren’t they just the cutest little ones?  We always feel bad when we see photos like this.  I think it is sad that no one wants a picture of Grandma, or Great Grandma.  We might have picked them up just for the frames, but these were priced a little more than we like to pay for frames that will sit around in a box till we decide what to do with them, and what do we do with Grandma?  Write on the back of the photos and make sure someone knows who they are, then keep them folks!!!  One day there won’t be anything like this any more.

We actually hope there won’t be anything like this soon:

Deb entitled the photo Raisin People, but I am pretty sure that is not what they LOOK like they are made of.  I am not going into too much detail, but ugh.  The hand-painted nut faces were actually pretty cute, as I am sure the fella just did something inappropriate, and she is really giving him the side eye.  If they had just put the heads on rag dolls, or clothespin dolls, or something instead of piles of well … you know what, it would have been so much better.

We did like these:

Both pieces were child size, so just cute as a button.  Love that the little coffeepot even had the glass knob on top.  Just like mom’s.  It almost looks like the teapot might have whistled too, but I sure wouldn’t trust it on a real stove to find out.  I am sure that the only reason I left these where they were was because of price, plus I really shouldn’t collect everything, at least that is what my husband says.

We also kinda liked this 3-D horse:

It’s kind of hard to see in the photo, but the horse head was raised from the background.  Sort of like one of those old topo maps from school.  It was a rather nice horse, and for some little girl who was horse mad, I am sure it was a prized possession.  We left it for the next horse-crazy child to come along and take it home.

This is about as crazy as it comes:

We were too lazy to get someone to take it out of the glass case, so we are only going by what was visible through the glass.  We think it was the back of a motorcycle magazine.  The ad seems to be recommending Donda bikes, but if you read the fine print it suggests that folks who ride those get to tour all the best resorts like Folsom, Sing Sing, and Leavenworth.  It further says that you meet the wildest people on a Donda.  I tried googling Donda motorcycles and nothing comes up.  I don’t know whether they failed miserably due to their ad campaign, or they were just playing up on the name Honda.  Guess we will never know if we are wild enough to ride a Donda! [Deb here:  B.H. thinks that this is a Mad Magazine, or imitator, spoofing the 1963 Honda motorcycle ad, “You meet the nicest people on a Honda.”]

We were hoping this last item really worked, because we are often sure we need one:

Imagine our disappointment when we found out that it didn’t grow any money, you have to add your own.  Drat.  What good is that?  On the bright side, you can add gumdrops to for a decorative center piece.  Still not a money tree.

For those heading out to party this New Year’s Eve take care, and have a designated driver. We love ALL our readers.

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Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful …

We’re finally getting some winter weather just in time for a white Christmas.  I don’t mind it at all; quite frankly, I’m sick of yard work and gardening.  Enough already; let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

We have found lots of frightful and wonderful Christmas things.  We look for and save them all year just so we can write Christmas posts.  We’re just strange that way.

For the Santa on your list:


This pair of old homemade Santa trousers are made from that nice vintage velvet.  The person wearing these would make a proper Santa too, with that waist.  It would most definitely shake like a bowl full of jelly.  We liked the old fasteners in the second picture.  If you couldn’t tell how old clothes are from the fabric, the snaps and hooks are helpful.  We also liked that, before donating, they had them dry cleaned—unless that’s the waist measurement …

This is also handmade, we think, and should land the maker on Santa’s naughty list:

I’m pretty sure that anyone visiting the house with this thing as a decoration would feel worried about their host.  Especially if said host admitted that they created this.  It would have me singing,”O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, Not much pleasure doth thou bring to me.”  There is so much going on and it’s 99% bad.  We have questions.  Why is nothing in proportion?  The snowman is humongous, the angels (?) are tiny, and the lights are just not right.  What’s the deal with the shape of that central tree?  What is the purpose of the tinsel and lights around the base—I’ve ruled out decorative.  Why did they put gold string all around like a cage?  Well, maybe I answered that question; wouldn’t you run if you were in that scene?  I do feel pretty confident in stating that the maker’s favorite color must be red.

This tree is fabulous!


We are suckers for sequins, especially red, and  a whole tree full of them is marvelous.  It’s always nice to see decorations that are in proportion to the tree, even if most of them are missing.  The difference between the previous tree and this one is night and day.  I’m surprised that Kathy didn’t buy this as a prop for dolly photography.  Although, those sequins might be a bit tricky to light.

We have a couple of odd ornaments that would look strange on most trees:

Someone needs to cut back on their coffee.  I’m not sure what about this maniacal expression said “Christmas” to the producers of the ornament.  B.H. thinks it could be an emoji (the cocaine emoji?).  It would either have to hang on the back of the tree, or suffer an accident.  I couldn’t look at it on a daily basis.

This next ornament is just weird:

Is this one saying, “Yay, we have running water” or is it just to make everyone feel like they need to go to the toilet?  Maybe it’s saying, “Let if flow, let it flow, let it flow”.  Now, if there were wine coming out of the spout, then heck yeah, that says party.  We know why this is at the thrift store.

Oh dear, where do I start?  Does she look drunk to you?

On the plus side, if it were snowy out, you might not even see this four-foot tall wicker angel.  Obviously someone loved it and kept it around, but we’re not usually angel people.  Plus, in order to make a decorating splash, you would need several of them and then some spot lights.  Subtle Christmas decorations kind of miss the point in our minds.

This is an Angry Birds meets Christmas mashup:

He’s probably angry because he was left out of The Twelve Days of Christmas song and there aren’t many other carols featuring birds.  For my money, he can take over for the four calling birds.  If you’ve ever heard cardinals calling back and forth you know they would be a great fit for this verse.

For Kathy and me, it doesn’t get much better than this:

Some crazy vintage craft project made from those colored foam egg cartons and glitter.  We aren’t sure what it’s supposed to be, but we had a great chuckle when it was extracted from the bin.  It’s amazing that it has held together all these years.

We didn’t set this up, but we did appreciate it:

We all need a guardian angel to look out for us, especially when doing something risky, like skiing, or driving around town right before Christmas.  If I worked at a thrift store sticking stuff up on a shelf, I could not resist having some fun with the goods.

That’s it for wacky Christmas finds this year.  Thank you for hanging with us for another whole holiday season, and tune in for a giveaway after New Years.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, Festivus, Yule, Winter Solstice, and Kwanzaa, and hope you had a Happy Hanukkah and Bodhi Day or whatever you observe at this time of the year.  There can never be too much celebration and love in our lives.

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Holly Daze

I am having a hard time with Christmas this year.  It’s being downright sneaky and creeping up on me without my knowing it.  How did it get this close without me getting the stuff done that should be done this time of year?  I did make Christmas cards and if I am lucky, they will get in the mail this week.  But, unless I have a marathon gift-wrapping session, the gifts are going to be strewn under the tree with the receipts attached and still in their “I’m hiding this” bags.  I still need to bake and take gifts to the neighbors, and somewhere in all that I had better find time for a nice big glass of WINE, or is that whine?  BUT never fear, there is always time for shopping, and sharing with our loyal readers.

We gather Christmas photos all year; still, seeing them again is always a revelation to us as well as our readers.  You know it is blog-worthy when we snort about it the second time around too.  Here is a good example:

Apparently, once they started tying knots (this is macrame), they didn’t know when to stop!  If I remember right, this did have a loop for hanging, so it is not some misguided attempt at a scarf.  We decided that maybe you were supposed to put holiday cards in the pockets, but these days hardly anyone sends cards, so how are you going to cover up all that body?  The face is actually rather cute, but they could have stopped there.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without an appearance by the magazine Clauses

We spot these on a regular basis at estate sales and thrift stores, but what caught our eye here, was Mrs Claus’s face.  I don’t know what Santa did to make himself so jolly, but she is pissed about it.  I am thinking he is bedding down with the reindeer tonight.  From his expression, it was probably worth it.

We actually liked this in a ’70s sort of way:

I think that I remember that this was a tablecloth in the ubiquitous ’70s burlap, and you gotta have that heart border, because there was a whole lot of love hanging around then.  It’s cute, but I might be tempted to cut a hole in the center and use it as a tree skirt.  It’s a little heavy for a tablecloth, for my taste.

We are always grateful that this sort of item is made of wax and infinitely inflammable:

We looked at this and wondered if the other 12 days of Christmas candles existed as well.  We are hoping NOT.  Not sure what Santa has to do with the pear tree, either.  I have never seen these two themes mixed before, but I guess they needed something to slap on the candle under the tree, as it weren’t gaudy enough.  If they had just settled for the tree alone, it might have been bearable, but where is the fun in that?  We also always wonder why you never see these half-burned.  They were saving it for “good”?  At this point, just burn it and be done.

We have some real doubts about this next figure as well:

First off, she looks really worried.  I guess if you had socks to knit for that many elves, you might be stressed too.  The more I looked at the picture, the more I am sure that her feet are off-center to the rest of her body.  What is up with that?  Maybe her feet are tucked up under her and those are just her slippers, but it doesn’t seem right.  The colors are just a bit off as well.  All in all, a subject for the skeet range.

We did think that whoever made this pot holder had a perfectly reasonable crafting gene:

I know it’s crocheted, but it is nicely done, and the colors work well.  I think it would look just fine on your holiday table getting ready for the green bean casserole.  Also, on the plus side, things like this are small and hardly take up any room in the decorations.  Seems like a keeper to me.  The poor thing was cast off, and we didn’t rescue it, as we were too cheap to fork over 99¢ for yet another pot holder to live in our kitchens.

We also think this Pinterest project was moving in the right direction:

It’s a little tattered at this point, but we thought the pine cone topiary thing worked here.  The cones were just carefully glued to each other, no ball in the middle and dusted with glitter.  I might have used a lighter hand on the glitter, and spruced up the bow and pot, but overall, this could work.  Feel free to steal the idea and say you saw it here first!

On the other hand:

This tree just doesn’t work.  The ball on the top is too big, the scattering of the others is not random enough, and the holly is just plain weird.  I’d take the small tree beside it in a hot minute, given the choice.  Not that I took home either one.  I think I have mostly managed not to buy any new decorations this year.  Just a couple of vintage things, so there is hope that it will all still fit back in the boxes at the end of the season.

If you enjoyed the Christmas craft post last week, be sure and check out our Facebook feed for the next couple of weeks, as we will be posting a few more wild and crazy craft items over there.

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