We’re Failing at Garage Saling

We tried to go to garage sales last week, truly we did, but there just wasn’t that much that was even fun.  We were wandering around to various sales, thinking desperate thoughts about our lack of photos for this week, and what were we going to do about it.  We did have one estate sale marked, but it’s a waste to get there early with this company.  If we wanted to cool our heels in lines, instead of shopping, we would go sit in a cone zone here in town.  Oh wait, we did that anyway.  Well, we finally decided that there was just no hope for it—we would have to “force” ourselves to headlong into the bins at Goodwill yet again.  At least our blog was rewarded for our efforts with plenty of new things to make fun of.

Almost forgot, we did take one shot at a sale.  I really did feel guilty leaving this fellow to brave it on his own, as he was so cute, but I just don’t collect this type of doll:

We adored his little mostacho, and his funny embroidered shirt.  He probably used to play the maracas in a mariachi band on the side, but he secretly wants to be a bull fighter!  ¡Ole!

Shoot, now that I think of it, these were at the same sale.  All that trying to justify why we were bin diving was for nothing!  Anyway, these might have made the trip home, but there were only two of them:

We thought they were a bit unusual with the black embroidery with just touches of red.  Apparently the woman who owned these only worked Saturday through Wednesday and never needed towels on Thursday and Friday.

Then we really did head over to our addiction.  And no, we are NOT starting a 12-step program, so there.  One of the first things that came out were these goofy frogs:

They were attached to the log on springs, so they wobbled with the slightest touch.  The fly on the nose of the one on the far right was also attached with a spring.  So far they were funny, but then Deb decided that the holes in their heads could have been for candles, and from there we were sure that the person who donated them had the good sense not to use them and set the dining room on fire.  If anyone else has any idea what these were for, we would love to hear it.

Then came the bad art.  I think this might have been overpriced at 99¢:

It strongly reminded me of the scene in The Proposal where Sandra Bullock offers up the dog in place of her phone.  BTW, if you haven’t seen that movie, it is at least amusing!  Anyway, I don’t think anyone wants an old cow skull, and we have some serious reservations about the length of this fellow’s arms.  Good thing he doesn’t have to meet those modern school dress codes, or every time he tried to wear shorts, he would find himself sent home to change unless he were wearing trousers.  Oh drat, I am looking again, and this was the same sale as before.  Anyway, a dollar or ninety-nine cents is just too much.  [Editor’s note: What the heck is that symbol on the picture’s price tag?  I vote pricing fatigue!]

This camo bunny really did crawl out of the bins:

He was strangely misshapen, although Deb seems to have caught an angle that made him look better than he really was.  Pink camo eludes me, as unless you are hiding in Barbie’s closet, the hunters are going to spot you every time.

I give most brides a pass on just how crazy they can be, but this is just too much:

What did that poor pair of tennis shoes ever do to you?  Walking in these must have been an adventure in and of itself.  I  hope these were a gag gift for a bridal shower, or bachelorette party.  If it were the latter, there is probably enough alcohol out there to make someone tie these on.  If I wore them, my cat would follow me around pouncing on my feet, as he loves feathers, and things that move on your feet are impossible for him to resist.

We did find several older things hanging around in a few of the bins.  I pulled this Hawaiian shirt out:

My hubby loves these, and has dozens of them, but I spared him this one.  I have always wondered about the style of shirts that is sewn with the wrong side of the fabric facing out.  He has had a couple of them.  In the case of this shirt, it didn’t make it any less eye-popping, so why not go all the way, and just let the whole crazy-colored thing hang out?

I pulled a wonderful formal gown from a bin, and the fur to match (a mink stole for ninety-nine cents, I kid you not!), but I am still cleaning those.  I will try and get a photo for later, but in the same spot we came upon a whole stack of these:

How wonderful that there is a magazine devoted to this.  Even back then.  We didn’t take the time to delve into them, but someone obviously was a devotee of the sport.  Hope their hubby cooperated.  Mine would die before he would even take a peek into one of these, let alone be talked into ballroom dancing.  I took tap dancing for years, and I always told him it was just because I didn’t need a partner to do it!

We did, eventually, make it over to the estate sale.  This was our favorite item there:

It was an antique shoe shine chair.  I have never seen anything other than ice cream parlor chairs in this style, so it was fun to see.  I don’t think we even looked at the price, as neither of us could think of any compelling reason to ever own it, but it was cute.  We came away from there with only a couple of small prints that Deb picked up, (they were posted on our Facebook page, go check it out!) .  I did go back the next day and snag a couple of Halloween things, but I will save them for the season.

Well, I should wander out and see what else needs watering in my yard.  It is a never-ending chore trying to keep things watered with the temp in the 90s and the wind blowing, but I slog on, till Friday, when the sales and the bins beckon.

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Wild and Weird

It’s been such a strange week.  We had company, my lovely S-I-L and nephew, for a week and spent the whole seven days taking turns being sick with a miserable cold.  Now I’m a nurse and a little “earthy” in my physical descriptions, but truly I felt like a snot factory.  We went through I don’t know how many boxes of Kleenexes between the four of us.  I did drag myself out for shopping last Friday as sister Dorothy is a keen follower of our blog and really wanted to shop with the Roses.  It was a poopy day of garage sales, but we had lots more fun at the bins.  We would love to go shopping with you, too.  Just contact us if you’re going to be in Fort Collins on a Friday, and you can be part of our merry crew.

First, I want to show you an old, old weird picture:

Humpty Dumpty times 22

I know why we haven’t published Humpty Dumpties—they give us the willies.  There are two separate egg men here.  The bottom one is missing its top, or, its brain box is a bowl.  The jointed creature is pretty big, maybe about two feet long.  Somehow the size makes it worse.  The lobotomized-looking top Humpty is about a foot tall.  A man pulled them out of his box and, with a shudder, threw them into the box next to us.  We totally agree that they are a creepy couple.  We hope that they didn’t decorate some poor child’s room.  Why didn’t Mom use scary clowns, too, just to complete the trauma.

On to a more amusing couple:

These two look like a parody picture of a romance novel cover featuring a bloodthirsty pirate and a modest young innocent.  What were they doing in a big box together?  Probably something that will lessen her innocence, but we know that they will end up together after 300+ pages of lusty adventures.

Have you heard the saying, “everything but the kitchen sink”?

Well, here’s proof that the bins have everything AND a kitchen sink.  This mess was so heavy that we couldn’t shift it.  The sink was one of those deep ones and was probably snatched up with great happiness.

I think this would qualify for the Faces in Things Twitter feed:

Pareidolia is what psychologists call the pattern-finding phenomenon where we see faces in everyday things.  I’m not sure this R.C. (??) controller qualifies as an everyday item, but it sure looks like a face to me.  Kathy snagged this because you can take a 99¢ flier on something that the Summer Intern might like.

We had a laugh at Prince Ken:

He survived his trip through the bins fairly well.  Poor Ken looks a little doofusy in this incarnation.  I think the current Ken is much cuter.  Of course, the prince costume out of context isn’t helping poor 1990s Ken.

We were so excited about a family-run estate sale.  It sounded so awesome from the advertisement:

It also had amenities—a Porta Potty!  Sometimes the morning coffee makes garage saling dicey.  We had a laugh at that great long couch, so mid-century modern!  It was the best thing there.  The hanging lamp shade with the gold trim was grim, and the pictures nothing special.  And, oy vey, the prices!  They were retail prices at a garage sale and that never goes well.  Dorothy bought a cute clutch for $1, but that was all that left while we were there.

Okay, we sort of giggled about these hats, too:

Obviously the previous owners liked to golf and had a sense of humor about it.  I’ve never seen hats decorated with a china figurine.  Hope that little golfing angel doesn’t use any bad words!  I’m with Mark Twain; Golf is a good walk spoiled.

We haven’t been taking many pictures lately, so this post is short and sweet.  Thought I would end with a picture of my $1 purchase from a garage sale:

The ladies having the garage sale had lots of interesting vintage things.  It sounded like they had been trying to sell these things in a vintage booth without much success.  We were thrilled to see that they were wheeling and dealing.  The hanky is painted chiffon, and is maybe from the 1920s or ’30s.  The little mirror with the painted china back is a 1950s item and supposedly the handle is jade, according to Etsy experts.  The box is just a funny little thing and we adore paper ephemera in any form.  Kathy got a screaming deal on a cool wooden picture frame.  This could be the best garage sale that we’ve been to in a number of weeks.

Well, we hope all our friends in the SW part of the US are keeping cool.  We’ve had some pretty hot weather here, but it’s peaked and should start cooling down for several days and we’re grateful.  All the better to go garage saling!

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Yes, I think vexed is a perfectly good word for it.  I am finding myself on Thursday afternoon trying to crank out a post, in a week where I thought I would have plenty of time to get one done.  How does that happen?  It MIGHT have something to do with a simple purchase, like a nice new freezer (after 32 years of service, our old one thinks it’s time to retire, and so do I!).  Who knew that freezers don’t come in standard sizes anymore?  We knew that it was taller, but we had plenty of space there.  We figured that is how it had more room inside.  Oops.  Now we have a 34″ wide freezer and a 32″ space to get it into.  Luckily, we are able to move the washer and dryer over a bit, but we also have to move a sink cabinet, back splash, upper cabinet, and fix the floor after doing all that.  Yes, where does the time go?  So, if I am a wee bit incoherent, it’s just because I am thinking about cracking out tile in a room that is supposed to be done already!

I would really rather be working on some fun landscaping projects like this:

Look closely on the tops of those stakes.  Yes, those are bowling balls!  I knew they were good for something other than taking out your frustrations on hapless bowling pins.  I sort of feel the need to go collect some fun color balls and have at this one.

I know we have featured these in myriad variations over the years, but here is another, just because he/she made us laugh:

Usually, these are not painted, and we haven’t seen too many with earrings, so we are going to give it an A for effort and some creativity.  We are a little worried that it is horrendously overpriced.  Unless that $1 is them paying you to take it away.  Most people prefer to purchase their own coconuts in a tropical setting where the warm breezes blow away their good taste.

Speaking of bad taste:

I am not even sure where to start, other than the obvious leaning tower quality of this lamp.  The bulbs were fairly far down in here, I suppose for mood lighting, but the only mood I would be in is crabby.  We can only hope a good stiff breeze came up before the end of the day and put the world out of its misery before this thing could pollute someone else’s home.  Knowing our luck, some clueless would-be dealer snapped it up and is going around calling it mid-century modern.  Saints preserve us!

Neither Deb, nor I, had ever seen a square angel food cake pan:

Finally, I know what you put on those lovely square cake stands that I see.  I always thought that a couple of your 8×8 pans would fill the bill, but this is better.  It was a really nice pan with the bottom that comes out and everything, but I have never been the kind of person with overflowing eggs who felt the need to make angel food cake.  Maybe someday when I get some chickens, I will look back on this pan with longing.

We also liked these shoes:

I mean, those are blingy enough, even for us, and you have to know how much we love rhinestones!  These must have been stunning with a sexy cocktail dress.  Heck, they are pretty good just on their own.  Put them up on a shelf and enjoy!  They weren’t even too tall, but sadly would not have fit either of us.  Oh well, saved from grocery shopping in heels, as that is the most exciting place I go.

Sometimes we just want an explanation:

I guess if you stretch it, there is an explanation, just not enough of one.  Yes, they were mini folded paper bow ties, but what does that mean for the doll house?  They were too big to stick in the maids or the children’s hair.  I can’t see them as wall decoration.  Maybe someone was just trying to help Grandma Claudie out, but you can see what she thought of them, as we found them floundering around in a 99¢ bin, and actually the recycle bin was a much better fit.

This one also came with a slight explanation:

This must be what guys like.  Punch someone with the brass knuckles, saw down a tree, cut up something and then dye it.  Poor fellas.  With a choice like this, I would be much more likely to go shop the ladies section.  Although it probably only had pots, pans, and knitting needles.  Of course when push come to shove, a lady can do some damage with all that, too!

This last item even made our favorite clerk at the 99¢ room come and take a look:

We really liked the sentiment, but we have grave reservations about that llama man thing.  We couldn’t decide if it was a true hybrid, or just a crazy guy in half a llama suit.  No matter what it was, we didn’t think that part of it was very awesome.  We also spent a few minutes discussing llamas’ propensity to spit, which is not very awesome either.

Well, I think I can cross blog post off my list, and head on back to my tile pounding.  Oh, I wish my laundry room were finished.  Oh wait, it USED to be!  Ack.

Don’t forget to check out what shows up on Facebook, and feel free to send us your photos. We haven’t had any good reader photos in ages.  We would love to make fun of your finds!  Heck, we would love to see a terrific find too, so send ’em along.



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To Thine Own Self Be True?

Any long-time reader knows that we love summertime garage saling.  It’s the best shopping time of the year in our book.  Well, the times they are a-changin’.  We garage saled for about an hour give or take fifteen minutes, and then gave up and went to the Goodwill bins!  I don’t even know who we are any more!  Maybe things will change again when Goodwill’s back room doesn’t have mountains of donations for us to sift through to find the gold, but, I’m not sure when that’s going to be.  Lately, there has been so much to go through that we are stymied trying to shift it all to the next box which is itself full to overflowing.  I guess Fort Collins is collectively going through its closets and deciding that it’s too much trouble to have a garage sale.  Time to haul it off to the local Goodwill.

We did visit a few garage sales.  It’s funny how we get distracted by people’s yards:

PoppiesOld-fashioned poppies and iris are blooming now and they look wonderful together.  Sadly, the picture doesn’t show the mauvey colored poppies at the curb.  They looked great next to the red poppies.

This garage sale had great stuff, lots of it priced about 50¢ when we asked.  We liked the glass covers, but weren’t sure what to do with them:

Giant Glass Covers

There was a glass cake stand, but these babies were way too big for it.  I guess if I had a treasure the right size, this glass dome would make it look more special.  I also considered using one of them for a gardening cloche, but as big as they were, they weren’t tall enough, at least for my plants.  I’m sure someone found these and were thrilled to buy them for $3.

I have several of these old wooden spools, but just use them as pedestals:

Finally, something to make out of old wooden spools

Now, here is another idea of what to do with them.  Do any of you buy these things and then use them creatively?  I just went over to Pinterest to take a look at craft ideas, that should tell you how distractable I am today, and saw someone use the taller spools to hold scissors, knitting needles, and crochet hooks.  I should have used mine to roll my foot when I had plantar fasciitis.  The ends of the orange juice can kept coming off and making a mess.

We were at an estate sale and went into the house.  One item on this shelf annoyed us right off the bat.  Can you tell what it was?

It's the dog

It’s the Dalmatian.  Poor thing is just not good enough to be worth $15.  I decided that too many of his spots are the same size and shape.  I’m not sure those spots at the corner of the eye work either.  Reminds me of those tear drop tattoos that gang members have, and that’s not a good look for a dog!

In the same room was another indication of the owners’ questionable taste:

Leopard fabric covered shelf

They must have liked spotty things; that’s the only explanation I could come up with for this display cabinet.  The ladies running the estate sale were pushing it hard, but we knew that if we tried to sneak this in either of our homes, we would probably end up living in it.  It would definitely be an “it’s going or you’re going” situation with our hubbies. (Kathy here: Not that we even WANTED to sneak it into our homes, but the sale ladies mistook our photo taking for interest.  Before they were done, they were offering to GIVE it to us!)

We headed over to Goodwill and started to dig around.  This is just the thing for that man on your list with a death wish:

Do not ring my bell

We have had several of this kind of contraption on the blog before.  It’s our consensus opinion that if one of our husbands tried to use this infernal thing, the other Rose would be right over to help dispose of the body.  Maybe a fraternity could safely use it with the new pledges.

We found both of these Ed Hardy shoes in one bin:

Ed Hardy shoes   Ed Hardy Shoes side

They are pretty fun, and you can see that she wore them even though they look like ankle breakers.  I looked up Ed Hardy, and his shoes sell for $15 to $40 on ebay, even used!  I would think that you could wear these all over Las Vegas and no one would even give them a second glance.

You know us and dolls.  Even though these aren’t our preferred size, we had to take a look:

Franklin Heirloom dolls

They are Franklin Heritage dolls that are made by The Franklin Mint, according to Google.  Looking at the top layer of dolls, you could do a diorama of the Salem Witch Trials, although that number in red would probably have an “A” on her chest.  If you liked bigger dolls, these would be a great deal at 99¢ each–especially for those talented folks who enjoy doing dolly makeovers.

Well, that seems like enough nattering.  Thanks for reading and keep tuning in because you just don’t ever know what we might dig up!



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Easily Amused

You have no idea!  We originally started this blog waaay back in March of 2010 (We sort of let our anniversary slip by this year; not sure how that happened!) because folks would follow us around at the thrift stores just because we seemed to be having so much fun.  What do you know, seven years and 435 posts later, we are still just as silly, and we still get folks thinking we are having way too much fun.  Nah, we are just easily amused!  Here is a sampling of this week’s funny finds.

Deb pulled this out of one of Goodwill’s bins:

We thought it was awfully pretty, and it seemed like silk, then Deb found the label:

Well, at least they were honest: it did feel like silk.  I guess that they can’t just mark it as silky or, “You just thought this was silk; ha, ha!”  I think they might have had more integrity just marking it polyester, but some marketing guru probably thought of this one.

We managed to dig this out of the bottom of one of the boxes, and then wondered why we bothered:

Deb labeled the photo “pervy banana”.  That about sums it up.  We are sure he has nefarious designs on something or someone.  There is a shifty sideways glint to his eyes that makes you wonder.  Rarely do things stay in the back room for more than a week, as they recycle the boxes out, but he was still there and making friends the next week:

I am not sure who is in more danger, the snake or the banana!  Hope that purple anaconda doesn’t down him whole, as that would not be a pretty picture.

Frequently, we are floored by the things that actually live through a trip in the bins:

How in the world did all those feathers survive a Gaylord’s worth of stuff on top of them?  We sometimes rescue stuff, but we just weren’t feeling the need to throw a Mardi Gras party, so someone else will have to do the good deed.

This poor fellow has seen better days:

He is missing a foot, and does he know he has a stick up his butt?  I pity the undeserving dad that was presented with this on Father’s Day.  To his credit, he hung on to it for a while, as it looked to have been tossed around a few years.  Maybe some feathers from the mask above would make a more comfortable tail for this avian?

We always look at dolls.  We try not to bring them home, but we always look.  I pulled this cute little lady out from underneath a bunch of stuff:

I was on my way to show her to Deb, who was head first in another bin, when I noticed she seemed to be smuggling something under her skirt:

I wonder how long she has been wearing the turquoise and coral inlaid silver bracelet as a belt?  I have to admit to snitching her belt and leaving her.  I have probably been cursed roundly for it in fluent dolly.  Hopefully, someone else came along and gave her a new home to make up for being robbed!

These always intrigue us:

Neither of us can imagine walking in them.  Even if only one of us had them on, and the other tottered alongside to hold her up, would we manage more than a few steps?  They are still interesting to look at.  Here is a shot showing how pretty the tops are:

I notice they didn’t sell at the garage sale, so they ended up dumped in the bins.  Oh well, another souvenir fail.  Probably couldn’t figure out how to walk in them, either.

Sometimes, you should just leave the lid on a basket:

These two “kids” were stuffed in tight.  Having had a three-year-old at one time in my life, I get the motivation to stuff them in a basket, but if they are already stuffed, you don’t need a warning, and really, they just aren’t that much trouble.  Take that shirt and put it on a real toddler where it can do some good as a public warning.  This could also have served as a sort of voodoo symbolic stuffing of said toddlers, in which case, we are hoping it helped out a harried mom in need.

I spotted this last item at a sale with my hubby on Sat.  Deb should get down on her hands and knees and thank me that I DIDN’T buy it for her, as I know how much she loves poodles:

I think this is the most terrifying poodle I have seen.  The cord coming off the collar had something to do with air that made it move, just to make it a little worse.  I know why it survived all these years in such good shape, as no self-respecting kid was going to get near the thing, let alone play with it.  This is the stuff of nightmares!  And yes, we will probably get emails claiming that someone had this and it was their favorite toy.  We are sorry.

The weather and the calendar are finally cooperating to make this coming weekend a bonanza for garage sales.  We are ready and willing to shop another seven years, and tell you all about it!


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Colorado’s Wild Animal Sanctuary

My niece visited in April during her Spring break.  Samantha watches Dr. Jeff on Animal Planet and he had visited The Wild Animal Sanctuary (TWAS) to do some veterinary work on female lions.  She really wanted to make a visit to the sanctuary and it ended up being the highlight of her trip.

The sanctuary was created in 1980 by Pat Craig, just outside of Boulder.  Now, they are out on the eastern plains of Colorado and are the world’s largest carnivore sanctuary with 450 animals on 720 acres.  I highly recommend looking at their website.  The videos are both inspiring and heartbreaking.  It makes me so angry that these animals are taken from the wild to be pets or displayed in a zoo.  To me, the best practice for zoos is to buy animals from other zoos; I think that the wild should remain wild.  Do I even have to say that no private person should own a wild carnivore as a pet?  Sadly, I’m not the queen of the world, so we need rescues for large animals, too.

You travel about the sanctuary on an overhead walkway.  Being face to face with the animals causes them stress because you are at the edge of their territory.  However, the animals don’t think they own the air above them.  For the most part they just ignore the people on the walkway.  The habitats are pretty big, so sometimes the animals are quite a distance from the walkway.  On the other hand, a number of animals were right underneath it.

The visitor’s center was full of interesting displays and videos aimed at the whole family.  After walking 15,000 steps, we really appreciated the delicious meal at the food court, which was reasonably priced.  Samantha was over the moon with the ice cream parlor; especially nice on a hot day.  We also visited the gift shop and each of us bought a pack of picture postcards featuring professional grade photos of the animals.

Just out of the visitors center, you see a leopard habitat:

The black leopard is on the rightmost perch of the aerial platform.  We thought he was the only cat in this area, until on the walk back were we saw a spotted leopard seemingly stalking the black one, sneaking through the taller grass at the edge of the enclosure.  There are lots of hiding places, so there sure could have been more cats that we didn’t see since there are six leopards.  One thing that we noticed right away is that all of the enclosures have “enrichment” features depending on the type of animals.  For example, leopards like high places.  The concrete pipes or culverts are buried into berms for protection from the weather.  These dens stay at about 60ºF all year round.

This is a fairly new area built for foxes:


When animals are diggers, they either put concrete all around the fences, or install a rock moat.  This pen had lots of new trees, and a waterway for the foxes.  I think it will take a while for the trees to get established on the arid plains.  In the right picture, you can see the fox curled around the base of the tree outside of a shelter.  There are fourteen foxes at the sanctuary, of many different types.  They aren’t ALL in this pen, but it’s going to be a nice one.

There are 70 lions at the sanctuary at this time:


The newest, oldest, and sickest ones are kept in the Bolivian Lion House.  This was named after a big rescue in 2011 in conjunction with the Bolivian government, Bob Barker, and Animal Defenders International.  Circuses in Bolivia could no longer keep performing wild animals.  There were about 25 lions that needed homes, so they were moved to TWAS via a 747 jet, according to a volunteer.  Since the climate was so different, they built a separate fabric-covered building to help the lions acclimate to Colorado.  Most of the lions were eventually grouped into prides and they live in open pens.  This is where Dr. Jeff comes in.  You can’t neuter male lions—they lose their manes!  So, the staff captured the females and gave them long-lasting birth control shots.  TWAS does not breed their animals, and tries to use the least drastic form of birth control.

This is a pride eating:

They are fed every couple of days, and they eat chicken, beef, mutton, and pork, mixed with vitamins and other special additives.  TWAS gets some of the meat donated, thank goodness, as it costs about $8000 per year to feed one of the big carnivores.  A volunteer told us that she watches the female lions, and they are so satisfied with their diets that birds and rabbits safely live in their enclosures.

We asked a volunteer about the camels, ostriches, and llamas (?) we could see in a barn:

Apparently, the sanctuary doesn’t only take carnivores.  For instance, someone had a herd of alpacas that they could no longer care for.  They wanted to donate the herd to TWAS to be used as food.  The sanctuary took them, but couldn’t bear to feed them to the other animals.  The alpacas now live near the wolves and tigers, and seem none the worse for it.  In this picture, the tigers are being fed and were growling, which attracted the wolves, who in turn were howling.  The alpacas, being herbivores, were watching the whole show from a safe distance.

Speaking of wolves, there are 20 of them at the sanctuary:


They also accept wolf-dog mixes that are too wolfy to live in a home.  They are broken up into several large packs that were unfazed by visitors.  In addition to raw meat, there were piles of Kibble in the enclosures to tide them over.  The wolf pens had dead trees on top of rocks for the wolves to climb on:


I should say here that they aren’t kidding with the fencing on the enclosures.  This has fencing going in at the top to prevent wolves from jumping out or climbing the chain link.  My niece and I were impressed with the height of the leopard and lynx pens; they were over twelve feet high.

A couple of happy wolf pictures:


It’s nice that we’re all winners here—visitors can see wolves up close, and the wolves have some more shade if they want it.

TWAS rescues more bears than any other animal:

They have 110 black bears and 43 grizzly bears.  They eat over 19,000 pounds of fruit, veggies, meat, and pasta per week!  There are a couple of black bear enclosures, seeing as there are so many bears:

This enclosure is being worked on while the bears are, hopefully, hibernating:

There were several teams out there with earth-moving equipment and shovels.  It was warm out so the water looked pretty inviting.

A grizzly bear had been rescued in February or March and when put into its enclosure, it went into the den and started to hibernate.  The volunteers hadn’t seen it, but it came out the day we were there:

That is one honking big bear!  I’m glad his pen was so close to the walkway.

The bears all seem to have water of some sort in their enclosures.  Here is a new pond in a bear pen, but we didn’t see what kind of bear(s) were living here:

It looks perfect to me.  We laughed pretty hard at the gnome at the top of the rock feature.  We saw several gnomes in enclosures.

I gathered that tigers are the most difficult of the big cats to rehabilitate.  A volunteer told us that they usually take up to two years to become acclimated and work their way into a group:

Until this happens, they live at the tiger roundhouse either by themselves or with another tiger they have bonded with.  Right now there are about 55 tigers, including several white tigers.


A lot of them were kept in small cages, so even this outdoor living area seems big to them.  They also have an indoor pen to get out of the weather.

The roundhouse is exactly that with pie-shaped pens all the way around it:

Every enclosure has a big water tank that the tiger can get into, plus logs, beds, and even big balls to play with.

Once they tigers get used to the sanctuary and other tigers, they end up in big enclosures:

This tiger is living the life on his kitty jungle gym.  I would rather be in one of these pens with their big water features:


We really wanted a tiger to jump in the water, but no such luck.

There were some inventive mountain lion pens.  They were fairly small but there was a covered walkway that the lions could get into that lead to a big enclosure.  All of the small enclosures had balls and toys for the mountain lions to play with.  The day that we were there, most of the cats seemed pretty lazy.

The lynxes also had cool pens with towers for them to climb.  The towers were almost as high as the walkway, so there were big Plexiglas screens at the top of the towers to prevent an escape. The lynxes seemed pretty content with their beds:


I loved visiting this sanctuary, and plan on going again soon.  There are many volunteers on the walkways to talk to about the animals; they had lots of great stories.  On their advice, I’m going later in the day to make sure I’m there for feeding time.  That’s when the animals are the most active and vocal.  It was so cool to hear lions roaring at the same time wolves were howling!  I hope you’ll make a visit to the sanctuary to see all the carnivorous awesomeness.


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S is for Spring, or is that Snow?

Most of the time, I adore living in Colorado.  Maybe not so much today:

This is my front flower garden in the process of getting flattened by a predicted five to eight inches of snow.  Mother Nature, did you LOOK at the calendar?  We are in for a rough couple of days, as most of the trees are fully leafed out, and this is heavy and wet.  There will probably be a lot of downed branches and broken trees.  I will be running out to shake my young ones often, but that is no help for the mature cottonwoods that this town is full of.  Sigh.

OK, enough grousing, on to something that is at least mildly amusing:

Who are we to laugh and point fingers at someone’s doll collection, but we did.  We are sure she thought they were all just the prettiest things ever, but as a group, they rather gave us a toothache.  I always feel bad for orphan dolls like this, as you know they are never going to find a new home.  Poor dears.  Of course, we didn’t feel bad enough to bring them home; we are not that crazy.

Here is another dolly find:

Actually, these were cute in a ’70s sort of way.  I am not sure why we felt the need to photograph them on that horrendous fabric.  It’s a used car salesman suit in the making, if ever I saw one.  If those little straw dollies weren’t confined to the plastic bag, they would have been running away shrieking in terror.  Now I feel sorry for them, too.

I can’t remember if we saw this at the same sale or not, but it sure fits:

Someone’s very own version of a big eyes painting.  Looking at it, it was fairly well done (if you can stand that sort of thing), but it would bother me hanging on the wall.  I would always be wondering if that pair of orphans had found their very own Daddy Warbucks, or if they were still out on their own somewhere.  At least, I am quite sure we didn’t leave a masterpiece hanging around waiting to make its debut on Antiques Roadshow!

We saw this at yet another garage sale (You can tell we found a whole bunch of sales last week; I think this week is out of the question!):

Is this about as cute as it comes?  We have seen these Shriners’ cars before and still have a mad desire to take one for a test drive.  This one wasn’t for sale, and I am sure that it still brings joy to a whole lot of kids!  It sure made us smile!  I admire the quality of the workmanship on these.  I am positive they are a labor of love for any Shriner who owns one.

Well, you can’t win them all, and we have a loser right here:

Deb pointed out that the purse in the upper right corner would be a fitting companion to last week’s doggy needlepoint (scroll to last week’s post to see it, if you really feel you must).  We are hoping that she didn’t own the perfect outfit for this bag, as that would have been pretty hard to swallow, too.  We like purses, and none of these were fit to drag home.  We didn’t buy much of anything at garage sales last week, but it was in the mid 70s and the sun was shining, the birds were singing … Oh, I digress.  Blasted snow.

This caught our eye:

We couldn’t decide if this was us HAVING a garage sale, or if this was our favorite type of garage sale to GO to.  Either way, it looked like fun.  Slap in a few more linens, and a vintage Barbie or two, and we would be in hog heaven.  We really were planning to have a garage sale this Friday and Saturday, so I guess we should take the blame for the snow, but it couldn’t be all us, could it?

I know this flower picture was at the same sale as Ol’ Big Eyes:

The flowers were all carefully cut out of paper and applied to the background.  Now this took a little talent, and the pic is cute.  We probably would have turned this into a card instead of something to hang on the wall, as there is less guilt involved in shoving it in a drawer, than getting rid of it at a garage sale.  After all, someone worked pretty hard.









Long pause.  I just had to go out and shake all the trees and loosen my brand-new canvas gazebo top before the snow broke it down like it just did my sun sail.  Just snapped the hook holding it to the house (Broke the weld, mind you!) so the shade is safe, but a quick look at the gazebo top showed some peril there, too.

For heaven’s sake, I was thinking we needed to save this for Christmas:

They may be more appropriate than we think!  These made us chortle, but all in all, could be worse.

This was worse:

Why didn’t you EAT the chocolate, or share it with someone?  Giving it to Goodwill and having it end up in the 99¢ bins is wrong on so many levels.  Waste of good chocolate, or any chocolate for that matter, and as far as Goodwill chocolate … ew!

If you are reading this Friday morning, there is still time to get in on last week’s bird card drawing, just hop over to last week’s post, and comment, or like it on Facebook.  The drawing will be at 8:30pm on May 19th.  Thanks for putting up with my snow rant!  Hope it is spring where you are.




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