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We See Weird Things

I’m trying to write this while handing out Halloween candy—it’s been that kind of week.  It was cold and snowy this week so I was planning on getting lots of house stuff done; yay me!  Instead, I was sick with … Continue reading

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Déjà Jug

We’ve had a few rainy, cold days this week getting us ready for what is coming in a few weeks, probably.  I’m closing my eyes and ignoring all that because today is a lovely sunny day, and that’s the way … Continue reading

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Did You Ever See Such a Sight in Your Life?

Fall can’t be too far off.  How do I tell?  Is it the cooler nights, shorter days, leaves turning red, or school starting?  No, the sure sign is when mice try to work their sneaky way into the house via … Continue reading

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Summer Cruising

There must have been something in the water last couple of weeks because there was more than enough crabbiness to go around, starting with us and ending with the folks who run sales.  It could have been the heat, because … Continue reading

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We Will Survive!

I was singing my version of the great Gloria Gaynor anthem last week during the blizzard.  I was thinking of my poor snowdrops, which had already been snowed on and endured subzero temperatures a couple of weeks before.  When the … Continue reading

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Crazy and Not-So-Crazy Craft Patterns X

Well, we did it again.  Yes, we made the mistake of going into our favorite used craft supply store together.  It seems we always find a whole lot more stuff when we are together, and this time was not an … Continue reading

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Homemade Christmas is Best?

Well, it’s that time again when we look at Christmas crafts and laugh because the only other option is to totter over to the liquor cabinet.  Best to keep laughing—at least until it’s five o’clock somewhere. Kathy was so proud … Continue reading

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