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Sew What?

If you know us, you know we LOVE a really good estate sale.  What makes a really good estate sale, you ask?  Many times, for us, it is getting to see what a really passionate collector managed to accumulate.  We … Continue reading

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Our Top Ten Favorite Finds … So Far

In honor of our 500th post, we’re sharing our all-time top ten finds and having a fabulous giveaway, to boot.  To enter the giveaway, post a comment here, on the Doll Divas link, or on the Second Hand Roses Facebook page.  … Continue reading

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One Sale Is All It Takes

We are simple folks.  All we ask is a decent sale here and there, time to share with friends, and a good lunch.  Well, last week gave us all that in spades.  We always have a good time on Friday, … Continue reading

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Chain Reaction

Do you ever buy something that triggers an avalanche of work?  Kathy found a cool mid-century modern cabinet in a local consignment shop, modestly priced at $140.  It’s light oak, made in Yugoslavia, and originally sold for $32.50!  Well, I … Continue reading

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Medieval Torture Device, or How Did I Ever Live Without It?

Thought we would take a little detour here, as I seemed to be gathering rather a pile of things that fit into this category, and were begging me to make a post of them.  I think we will have a … Continue reading

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A Collector’s Mania

We admit it, we are collectors.  We sometimes even confess to the words pack rat and hoarder, although we would like to think we are tidier than the latter two terms would suggest.  On top of being collectors, we are … Continue reading

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Crazy and Not-So-Crazy Craft Patterns IX

My goodness, when I was trying to figure out the title, it struck me that we were getting into Super Bowl looking numbers.  If you like bad crafts, and haven’t read the eight (!) crazy craft posts, well, your weekend … Continue reading

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