We Had an Art Attack

I don’t know if this happens to any other shoppers, but when we start seeing weird things, we keep seeing the same kind of things over and over. It may be because someone has redecorated so they changed all of their lamps, wall art, or tchotchkes, and golly, there’s no way to pussy-foot around this, their taste is atrocious! So we see lots of bad lamps, pictures, or tchotchkes on one shopping trip and wonder just who is to blame. We’ll probably never know, but it does give us themed blog fodder! I guess it could also be that when people redecorate a lot, they might not buy the nicest things because they know it’s not a lifelong relationship.

I bring all this up, because we saw a few bad pieces of “art” a couple of weeks ago, and we know that two of them came from the same house, so it makes us suspicious of everything we saw that day.

I’m starting you out with an meh one:

It isn’t our cup of tea, but it is marked Lefton, made in Taiwan—I didn’t know that Lefton was manufactured there. A quick check with Mr. Google shows that Lefton moved their production from Japan to Taiwan and Malaysia in the 1980s, but we’re assured that the quality remained good. And, looking at this, it does appear to be good quality Grandma-approved china wall art. I imagine it hung in the bedroom or bathroom, and was taken down for dusting and maybe a gentle washing fairly often. It might have been the cleanest thing we’ve ever seen at a thrift store! Another shocker is that it didn’t get all chipped up after it arrived at the thrift store; that happens with a distressing regularity.

I like shells, I really do. I have baskets of them around the house and several very nice specimens displayed. However:

These giant 3D resin fake-ass shell pictures rub me the wrong way. I suppose they probably looked okay in your Colorado beach house, and they are certainly large enough to make a statement as they measured two feet by two feet. I suppose it’s the whelk shell on the left that bothers me the most because it just doesn’t look right. If they had shown it with the pointy nose part out, they wouldn’t have run into the problem of trying to represent the opening where the whelk lives. The makers made it way harder than it had to be and then failed as the cherry on the top!

Oh gosh, they have his and her clocks:

They are so sugary sweet that my blood sugar quadrupled just looking at it! Honestly, I thought that all these big-hatted-kid home ceramics projects were probably broken by now; sadly I’ve been corrected. So typical, too, that the girl doesn’t have a clock and the little boy does. The French writer Karr, was so correct when he wrote, “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” (the more things change, the more they stay the same) in 1849. He was spot on with his understanding of people.

It’s about to get a little bumpy, because the next thing is also handmade, and it’s a clown!

Quarantined for your protection

Oh goody, one of those salt dough craft projects, and it sadly hasn’t a chip on it. The thrift store had it with the Fall décor because of the colors, but this would have been cuter as a scarecrow and would make for a more appropriate seasonal decoration, don’t you think? I read on a craft page that if salt dough crafts are properly sealed, they can last forever. At $3.99, this guy might have to serve a life sentence in ARC.

We noticed a couple of pictures that had to be painted by the same hand:

They obviously had a thing for birds, and the chicken picture on on the right actually made me laugh, kind of sadly, because those poor chickens aren’t long for this world. You know there is a fox or raccoon hiding in the tall grass waiting for them to come a little closer. These pictures are crying out for a MONSTER, but while I’m no artist, I fortunately can download with the best of them!

Here are the pictures quickly and inexpertly enhanced, with Paint (no Photoshop for me):

While it seems a bit much to call Elmer Fudd a monster, looking at it from the duck’s point of view and yeah, he is pretty scary. Colonel Sanders, on the other hand, is a chicken serial killer, so yeah, cluck cluck scary!

You know that you have a problem when you feel this way:

Don’t be so modest, your inferiority complex is a perfectly good one and you should be proud of it! Don’t let anyone rain on your parade! Sometimes the people who should have confidence don’t, and the people chock full of bravado, maybe could dial it back a bit if they were a bit more introspective. Maybe this would be a good sign for a therapist’s office as a place to start this conversation.

That’s it for this week. Kathy lent me a very interesting book that I plan on writing a book report about for my next post. It ties into a lot of our interests, and hopefully yours, too.

Also, we are planning to do a couple of giveaways with some fun stuff. Please stay tuned.

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2 Responses to We Had an Art Attack

  1. Sandra Magle says:

    For the life of me, I never understood making anything country-=–and then using PEARL finish paint—-sadly! The clown is cute…just so outdated–bread dough???

    • kathy & deb says:

      I’m with you about the pearlized paint it’s just not good on country crafts! I have used it a few times to repaint doll lips—it ends up looking frosted. But, and it’s a big but, you need to have the right color paint! Yeah, that clown could have been made from gem stones and I would still hate it! Scarecrows are okay, as long as they aren’t too clown adjacent! Have a nice weekend, Sandi and thanks for reading. Deb

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