Glad to be Garage Saling

I was in MI for my dad’s celebration of life, and one of the ways we celebrated him was to go to all the garage sales we could find! He loved to spend Friday and Saturday mornings picking through people’s garages and had a full-to-the-rafters pole barn to prove it. My mom gets rid of everything, but she never could keep up with Dad’s acquiring ways. I’m a chip off the old block and proud of it!

There is a mild clown warning for this post; nothing too egregious!

I’m afraid that this seller is going to still have a couch at the end of the day:

It was a forest green and cranberry red plaid which is a difficult enough design choice, but the seller put $80 on the tag. I know that furniture is expensive, but this is used, ugly, and you are selling it at a garage sale. You would be lucky to get $25 for it. There were not one, but two pianos with free signs on them, and I think that might be a good price for this beast. It’s so strange that she wanted so much for her couch when she was selling really nice shirts, in great condition, with good labels—Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, and Woolrich for $1. My mom probably bought ten shirts from her, but passed on the couch!

Now, this was just sad:

Not that I wanted any of them, but our thrift store thinks that these kinds of dolls are worth at least $10. Not only were these free, but when I went to the sales again the next day with my sister, no one had taken any of them! I did my part and rescued an old Tammy doll that needs some help. She is an easier size to display, and you can at least find different clothes for her. Plus, I think they are kind of cute; I have a couple and what’s one more?

These days even garage sales have marketing strategies:

This seller had signs all over telling shoppers what they could possibly do with the items on offer. The lavender thingie had me wondering if I could buy it for myself as a gift? Although, it’s a color that I just can’t wear successfully. I used to have a beloved lavender shirt that I finally got rid of after the nth person asked me if I was ill while I was wearing it. Nothing brings out the green in my olive complexion like lavender!

OMG it’s a clown kit!!

I was just idly poking though boxes when my eyes focused on this book. Yikes!! And yes, the box was full of clown accoutrements which leads me to believe that the garage sale host was a secret clown. It was amusing to watch my sister’s reaction to the clown book—she jumped and said, “I hate clowns!” so there is some forgotten clown incident that scarred us kids while growing up. Also, the bag of uninflated balloons had me wondering if they were secretly clown seeds. Just pop one into a pot of dirt, and up springs a tiny clown. You hardly ever see a clown without balloons being involved somehow.

Now, this is a garage sale picture, but it’s from a fun sale that Kathy and I went to in Colorado:

It was a garage sale/estate sale and their father was quite the traveler, while their mother was pretty glamorous, or at least her hats were. Kathy called the feather one a cat toy, and declined to buy it just to watch Ramses tear it to pieces. They were fairly priced, but not so cheap that we could buy them and resell them in our stores. Right next to the feather hat is a hat with the brim covered in flowers; it was absolutely wonderful in person!

In the lower left hand corner is a pass to visit the United States Sugar Corporation in Florida from the early 1960s. I didn’t even notice that until looking at the picture. That pass is the type of ephemera that Kathy and I love to look at. I did buy a letter (for 20 cents) from Delta Airlines telling their customers that the DC3 was being retired in 1960, and be sure to check out their new planes. The envelope and letter are together, it is a reminder of a time when travelers had an almost personal relationship with airlines.

Well, that’s it for garage sales, but no worries, I do have a few thrift store finds to round out the post.

We’ve had this picture forever, and haven’t used it. It’s kind of like now or never:

For some unknown reason, the thrift store had this in a locked display case because it’s worth a whole $2.99 and someone might steal it! I do have to admit that it’s a pretty cute bib (?), bootie, and dress set and wonders of wonders, the crocheter did a very nice job. I’m sorry that I’m not exactly sure what is in the box because we didn’t want to waste an employee’s time asking them to open the case so we could get a better picture. Especially for something that we just weren’t going to buy.

This is so ugly that I wouldn’t even put it on a scarecrow:

It’s a piece of polyester fabric that is printed to look like patched blue jeans. It was just horrendous in person, and as far as I know, it’s still hanging on the fabric rack begging someone to put it out of its misery. If you wanted to waste your time, you could sew it into an apron for your best frenemy and maybe they would use it while cleaning out a backed-up septic tank. Yes, it’s that ugly! What kind of sadist even designs this kind of fabric? You know that it will make the ugliest whatever you sew it into, and some poor victim will have to wear it because Grandma made it.

Okay, as an apology, I will show you something pretty:

We continue to find the prettiest orphan plates that no one wants any more. I will confess that when I was a teenager, I went to the thrift store and bought plates to go under my plants. I have African violets, yes 50 years old!, that still sit on Homer Laughlin, California pottery, and mid-century modern sheaf of wheat plates. I would hate to see this pretty plate go that route. Hopefully, someone will buy it to serve cookies to their coffee klatch, or even their grandkids.

If you haven’t yet, please enter the great placemat giveaway that Kathy is doing. All that is needed to enter is a comment here, on Facebook, or the dollboards. The winner will be drawn July 9th. All the details and a picture are at the end of this post.

Also, Beth in WV, could you send us an email so we can send you one of our addresses? Thank you!!

We hope that all of our U.S. readers have a safe 4th of July.

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6 Responses to Glad to be Garage Saling

  1. Yvonne Osborne says:

    You ladies make my Friday mornings!

  2. Debbie Hunt says:

    Great pics ladies, sounds like a fun time at these crazy garage sales. Hope those porcelain dolls get donated to a thrift store rather than landfill. Take care ladies & keep on thriftin.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Debbie! I think garage sales are so much more entertaining than television, you tube, tik tok, twitter, whatever. The variety is infinite, and you find a real treasure every so often!

  3. Lovindollz says:

    I look forward to reading every Friday mornings . I can totally see my aunt taking those box of dolls! And it’s free, too!!!


    • kathy & deb says:

      Hey Demetria thanks for the love. I wish your aunt had been there, too. They were in great condition and needed a home, but BIG dolls just aren’t my thing. Hope someone adopted them! Deb

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