How the Mighty Have Fallen

Deb has been off this past week visiting family again. I should never be left on my own, as who knows how much trouble I can get into. I had to go to garage sales last Friday all by my lonesome. Most of the morning was pretty blah and I was about to call it quits and go to work (Oh, the horror!) when I stopped at one last sale purported to be an estate sale. For once it panned out; it was a house full of stuff. I started dragging piles of things around with me, and was thankful when the lady working the sale sent her son for a box. It was a good-sized box and I stuffed a lot of things into it, and walked out with the whole box full for $10.00. My kind of day.

I did however, buy some stuff I probably shouldn’t have. Take these plates:

Did I need plates? Are they worth anything? Could I possibly sell them? The answer to all these questions is no, and yet, there they were in my box. For some reason the pattern just spoke to me. From the 1920s or so. The pattern doesn’t even have a name, according to Just JM and some number. I think it needs to be called Ode to a Peacock, Peacock Promenade, Blue Birds on a Rock, something. Feel free to come up with an alternative, and I will gladly call it that, when I get the plates out of the cupboard to have chocolate cake off them.

I also stuck these in my box:

Again, did I need an entire box of placemats? No, but how can you leave work like that sitting there to be touched by the hands of peons who don’t understand? The quality of these was out of this world, and they were taken care of so well. I guess I am going to have to put placemats under my peacock plates!

After the estate sale, I almost didn’t head over to the thrift store, but I decided I did need some more pix for this week, as our loyal readers count on some swill and there was bound to be some. First thing I spotted after hitting the door was this:

Woo Hoo, Barbie score. Nothing earth-shattering, but some things I didn’t have and some things for my Etsy shop, so hey, it was a good thing my thrifting radar was working.

After that, it was all blog all the way. Found this:

Seriously, how bad is that Wedgewood goes for $3.99? I bet it will still be there next week too. Or how ’bout this:

German Rosenthal china, a whole bunch at the thrift store. This one may end up getting bought, as it has a nice Mid-Century vibe to it. But who knows? There was a good portion of a complete set.

Less than 25 years ago, these would have been high dollar items, and now you can barely give them away. Sigh …

At first I thought this was a framed plate:

But it was a nice old Victorian print. Probably an advertising print of some sort, and some very industrious person had carefully painted the outside circle with blue paint. Wonder whose advertising slogan they covered up. It was kind of cute, but not really my style, and for some reason these days, folks would rather hang up a sign with words on it than art. Whose idea was that?

This one made me laugh:

I think this cat is trying to out-Ramses, Ramses. OK, it is just a spotted leopard, but hey. it could be a Bengal. I feel sorry for the artist, as it looks like they are now a bargain-basement commodity. I think it is funny to have that whole blurb about them and have it priced at $9.99. and even then, it headed to the thrift store. I forgot to look and see what sort of value ARC placed on it. Knowing them, it went up in value. Should have snapped it right up and replaced a Live, Laugh, Love sign.

Better that cat than this one:

There is sort of a fad right now for those big ceramic cats Grandma used to make and put around on the floor. At first I thought this was a really ugly example of that, but lo and behold she was a cookie jar. I think your cookies would be safe in there—would you put your hand into a possessed cat jar for the reward of a cookie? I think not. Honestly, the odd-looking bunny beside it was just as scary, but I was too mesmerized by the jar to even notice that.

If that doesn’t float your boat, how about “Space Cat”?

It’s either a space cat or a cat in a fishbowl on a donut. You decide. If I remember right, this was just a sign. It would have been so much better as a box. Better yet, a box of donuts. or a place to keep your glitter, or for cat treats. So many better ideas.

Forgot this score at the sale:

The thing I liked about this was its local history I posted it on a local group, and spent the next two days explaining what it is. Seriously folks, are we that far away from this? I finally settled on telling people it was an accessory for your solar clothes dryer. I thought it was fun that it was a present for the Missus, to make up for spending too much money at the lumberyard. Not that a piece of jewelry wouldn’t have been better, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Since I drug too many crazy things home, it is time to make you suffer, I mean reward you all, with a giveaway. I would like to share some of my pretty placemats, so I will be sending these to our winner:

You get a pretty set of four stunning vintage placemats. Use them as placemats, doilies, whatever, but use them and enjoy them. To enter, just leave a comment, here, on Facebook, or on either doll board. Bonus entries for naming my peacock china pattern! I will pick a winner on the 9th of July, so you have a couple of Fridays to enter. Winner will be drawn from all entries.

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12 Responses to How the Mighty Have Fallen

  1. Lisa A says:

    Placemat preferences must pack a propensity of proper pronouns to pick the proper person to promote the profligate Persian Prussian blue peaceful peacocks perched perfectly upon a platinum rimmed plate of peace and placidity

    • kathy & deb says:

      A peck of praise for the peacock prescriptions and people (us) are partial to a plentitude of Ps. I’m passing out points for perspicacity.

  2. Yvonne Osborne says:

    Wow! I love the pretty placemats. No clue on a name for the peacock pottery, but “low and behold” is a vintage saying and it is spelled “lo.”

    • kathy & deb says:

      You are entered Yvonne! You would think that three editors would have caught the “lo” misspelling. Nope, so thanks for that!

  3. Stephanie J Gazell says:

    The placemats are lovely! I use all my hankies to take pictures of things on – and would probably use placemats the same way. That laundry accessory is a clothespin holder, correct? Seem to remember having one “on the line” when I was little. :>)

    • kathy & deb says:

      You are entered Steph! We both have clothespin holders because we’re just those types of people! I think we even have a couple that we don’t use for their original purpose because they are too fragile. My goodness, they are going to have to clean our houses out with front-end loaders when we join the choir invisible!

  4. Stephanie J Gazell says:

    Oh, and I loved the cat cookie jar and the best buys skirt in the Barbie lot – wow!

  5. Beth in WV says:

    Pretty placemats!! Oh, and I bought you gals something at the bins here in WV. Just a little thing, but if you send me your mailing addy, I’ll get it in the mail post-haste!

    • kathy & deb says:

      You are entered into the contest, Beth. You are so sweet to buy us something! If you send us your email address at:, we’ll send you one of our addresses! We are a little shy about posting them in public, especially with what we say about Grandma’s crochet projects. 😉

  6. Ivy Perez says:

    I enjoy your blog and it’s a great signal to the end of the work week and beginning of my weekend. Please enter me in the placemat give-away.

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