Hello Dali!

Last Friday, it poured! A solid half an inch of wet stuff fell from the sky. With our recent spate of drought, this was almost a miracle. I wouldn’t be the least surprised were I to hear reports of folks out dancing naked in it. I was tempted, but we were sitting in the car at the drive-in theater, and I think people would have looked at me funny. Not that strangers don’t look at me funny now and then, anyway!

It was so good to have Deb back last week. If we don’t get a certain amount of time for talking and venting, we go slightly insane, and that is not good for our respective husbands.

This week we present a mishmash or stuff that has caught our eyes in recent weeks. First up the Dali Elephant:

By itself, it is pretty weird, but notice the stack of matching legs beside it. There were more! When they finally got them all out, I think there were 10 or so of them. Must be unsold store stock to have that many. Gee, wonder why they didn’t sell? All the legs of the Dali, none of the grace. They might have been palatable with just the painted elephant, but then they had to go and armor plate the head. Maybe they work better as weapons with the mace-like appendage, then they can be sold as self-defense items. No home should be without one.

Apparently this moose got the memo:

The long leg look is in! Actually, we thought this guy was pretty cute. He has a goofy look on his face, that tells you he is totally aware of the outsize length of his legs, and is just making the best of it, and you should too. Our biggest question, was why waste this cuteness on a platter? It was a honking BIG platter too. It was pretty heavy and really no way to hang it, it was an odd shape, so no roast or turkey (or moose for that matter) was going to fit on it, so what do you do with it? Keep it in the cupboard for a few years and then send it to the thrift store I guess.

Would this really make you feel welcome?

The answer is a big fat no. Sad weird-eyed dogs just don’t say welcome. They say, “come on in, we won’t feed you”, and “the conversation around here is going to make your eyes pop.” But no, where does it say come in, put up your feet, have some coffee and stay a while? Although, if you are trying to keep the nosy neighbors away, this must might be the ticket.

We liked this:

A HUGE set of nice white Oven Serve Pyrex dishes. I think we did look at the bottom, and now I totally forgot what it said on it. It’s a testament to how fun it was that they had it priced individually at 99¢ and up, and it was all gone by the next week. This is a huge set, and so very useable. You could do far worse as a set of dishes for every day. Put it on a red and white checked tablecloth and smile your way through breakfast every morning. It amazes me that so much of it was still intact. Wonder if these were the “good” dishes for someone?

While we are taking about prices, what is up with the prices in thrift stores? Have they gone up a ton in your area? Ours seem to have lost their minds. Since prices are up everywhere and people have less money to spend, let’s make our prices higher. We’ll make lots of money that way, right? I can’t even begin to tell you how often we pick up something fun, and immediately put it back down after looking at the price. Here is a good example:

OK, maybe not fun, but kind of interesting. A couple of years ago, I took over my dad’s fire extinguisher servicing business, so this was vaguely amusing. Not the letter, as that just says they are sending someone some display samples for their business, but I kind of liked the header, and I thought dad would get a kick out if (Why they framed it, is a whole ‘nother set of questions, and something we could not fathom) I turned it over and ARC seemed to think it was worth $16.99? Even at half price, this a full on no. I am probably the only person in town that would even be slightly interested in it, and just because it is dated 1920, doesn’t make it worth a plugged nickel. Sigh.

We are not huge fans of hobnail glass, and these were no exception, but they were kind of odd:

Just a really weird shape, and not much grace to them. I will give them full marks for being sturdy, those candles are not going to tip over, even when great uncle Harry knocks the whole table askew. I actually kind of like the one on the right better that looks like it has a handle from the jug behind it. It would have balanced the bottom a bit more.

From the crafting department, because you know we can’t resist.

I like making mini Teddys, but I draw the line at scary clown bears, and honestly, the whole clan looks more like mice than bears. Change that tail and you are good to go. The teddy in the sweat suit is pretty funny too. Feel the burn.

Deb took exception to the butterfly necklace on here:

I am sort of on the fence on this one. It’s got a cool flower child vibe that I might be able to get into. On the other hand, not crazy about the plain white flowers underneath the tag, so who knows. We got sidetracked by something else (imagine that) and never took a look inside. As long as they didn’t make any clown bears to wear in your ears or something, I think we can give it a pass.

I want to thank all the folks who commented on the placemats for the drawing, and the winner is:

Ivy in MA

Contact us with your address, and I will get your placemats in the mail to you.

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