Adios 2021

Whew, made it through another holiday season! The last couple have seemed harder than ever for different reasons. I’m hoping that 2022 will be a Very Good Year! Hey, hope is free and eternal so we might as well indulge. Tonight, I’m planning on raising a glass to the future and watching some football. That’s about where my life is at right now.

I have to apologize to you because this post has not one, but two clown pictures. I don’t know why this happened, but let’s get them out of the way, and leave all their clowny yuckiness in 2021.

What do clowns pray for? Maybe “Please, no more birthday parties” or “Make politicians stay in their lanes!”

I ventured 10 miles south with another friend to take a look at thrift store offerings. The store is clean and well-organized, but I don’t go there very often. This town is very different from Ft. Collins and there are always lots of religious things, lots of angels, and super-cutesy, super-sweet ceramics and other decorations that really aren’t me in the second-hand shops. I usually find blog fodder there, and that day wasn’t any different. Gosh, not only is he a clown, he’s a sad clown, with pants of gold. Connie and I were looking at it trying to decide if I dared make fun of a clown praying, and we decided to at least take a picture. Imagine our surprise while checking out, we saw this very clown being handed to the cashier as if the buyer thought he was made of pure gold! It sure proves the point that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I would love to be a fly on the wall to hear what the rest of the family thought of Saint Emmett of Kelly.

This is how clown addictions start. Baby clowns are a gateway drug:

This is the oddest shelf of dolls. I hate to say it, but the clown dolls might be the cutest—at least the smiling ones. I do not see the point of sad baby clowns; isn’t being a clown bad enough?

Whew, glad that’s over with. We avoid clowns unless they’re egregious because our readers know how we feel about them and we know there are clown lovers out there that disagree with us. We could have clowns in every post if we wanted to torture everyone.

We thought this was pretty funny:

Maybe this is what the clown was praying about!

Most of us have been there, at least once, and have had lots of regrets the next day. Zinning, at excessive levels, is always harder on the head than a couple of mixed drinks. It must be the tannins in the grape skins, because white wines don’t usually have that effect, either. Anyway, fun tile and it would look great on a bar.

This next picture could be a companion piece to the tile:

If you have one, you might need the other, because the phrase, “Oh screw it” leads to lots of zinning! I’m not all that upset about a wine bottle opener being abused this way; this opener looks pretty beat-up and rusty, so this might be its best use unless you want to get tetanus while having a glass.

I was looking at Audrey and then noticed what was next to her:

Beta fish are a curious choice to make with whatever thread craft that is. There is some embroidery, but the fins almost look crocheted, or maybe some sort of sheer fabric with embroidery? Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that subject portrayed with thread before. Boy, Audrey Hepburn was so lovely, she’s distracted me from the fish, again, thank goodness!

I’m not sure what is worse:

The avocado fabric or the crochet doily grafted on top of it. Together, it’s hideous and I can’t even think how you would use this in your house. Were they terrible table runners, or awful anitmacassars? Here’s a close-up of one so you can decide for yourself:

I don’t think I’ve seen one of these projects in any vintage craft book in my collection. I wonder if the maker came up with it themselves? That would be best, since how many could one person make? I think that doilies are mostly benign until I see this kind of project.

I hope this plate was created when a party of friends were zinning:

It sure would explain a lot, like the bad paint job on the plate. It’s hard to hold a brush steady when you have a wine glass in the other hand—just speaking from personal experience. I mostly object to the application of a dog as a means of saving your project. Honey, nothing could save this plate from its eventual fate—the dumpster. Not even the cutest dog or cat in the world; and that dog has a ways to go to qualify for that level. I’m not sure why the thrift store even bothered to price and shelve this; it’s bounced around the plate and ceramics aisle for weeks now. Maybe you could use it to feed your pooch, if the glaze isn’t toxic; dogs are luckily (in this case) color-blind after all.

This poor baby needs help:

He has either seen something horrific, or he has a medical problem. Those eyes just don’t happen without cause, unless you’re a talentless designer making a tchotchke with eyes that light up. We were especially glad that the batteries were dead. There are things that you can’t unsee!

Well, there we did it—left the worst dreck in 2021 so we can start the new year with a clean slate. We hope that you are all looking forward to a clean slate of your own. Happy New Year and go forth and zin no more!

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