Deja Vu All Over Again

It’s been a weird week. I had to get a new roof, because my old one had a leak. I’m not great at calling and getting bids—it’s pretty stressful for me. Not to mention that I had an old solar water heating system that needed removing, and no one was interested. So, I had to call more people, until I found someone who would do my roof and remove my solar panels. The kicker was that they found someone else who wanted the panels, so it was a reuse situation, instead of a recycle one. Yay!! Apparently folks want solar panels for heating their hot tubs and for off the grid living. Who knew, although I probably ought to have given the situation a little more thought! Anyhoo, I’m late writing the post because who can concentrate with all that banging, thumping, and barking?

We found a twinsy of an item I put in a post a week or two ago. Maybe instead of deja vu, we should have wished for amnesia:

In fact, the old item hadn’t sold yet, so we can show them side-by-side for your viewing pleasure. If we had only known that the figurine was a Norman Rockwell, we might not have been so mean, but there’s no guarantees on that. We are perfectly capable of gently mocking Mr. Rockwell when he is the inspiration for the syrupy painting scene. Do you think he’s gently mocking the budding artiste’s painting skills since she looks so serious and is painting, dare I say it, a clown?

Well, speaking of clowns, we might as well get this over with:

It kind of fits in here in the china figurine section. Some poor soul ditched their clown collection. We were resolutely ignoring them, but we could not unsee this one! Who in their right mind would turn their toddler over to this clown? You know, when you call a doctor a clown, that isn’t a compliment, right? It says EKJ on his chest (Emmett Kelly Jr) but I think EKG would be funnier. It honestly doesn’t seem like this statue is high enough quality to be a “real” EKJ piece, but who would think it’s financially worthwhile to make a knockoff? EKJ is the son of Emmett Kelly, and was also a sad clown; there was some family drama over the similarity of their clown characters. I really wrestled with myself not to leave poor Kathy with both of the clown pictures we took that day. It just wouldn’t be fair or nice, and we are friends.

Oh, dear God, I have something else that fits into this group, although they’re not as beastly as the clown:

Gosh, these must have come right out of Grandma’s house and were shipped directly to the thrift store, do not pass Go! They aren’t hideous in themselves, just so saccharine, beige, and boring. Everyone who ever handled these must have been super careful—not a chip to be seen. Even the thrift store didn’t manage to take a tiny piece out of all those curlicues. It shows that it can be done, so why are the adorable cat statues, fancy china candlesticks, or other good things damaged at the thrift store? We see this almost every week—a suspiciously clean-looking break in something we might have bought otherwise, and which was probably donated intact.

This made us laugh:

They tried so hard to make a memo holder, this time a duck and not a horse. The more I look at it, the more I think that the M & M photobombing the picture is overreacting. It’s a funny craft project, with a possible use, not a clown! We set it back on the table to await that person who adores ducks, and needs to keep a memo holder handy.

This garage sale had an eclectic group of things for sale:

This highly carved Asia ship was kind of cool; the sail swung around and it took a couple of tries to get the front of it. We just didn’t know how we could justify buying it. I have nowhere to set a casual (not one of my collections) tchotchke without displacing another tchotchke, so the new thing has to pass muster. Sadly, this didn’t for either of us. We set it back down next to its ducky friend in the hopes that someone would adopt them both; best case scenario.

We are always amazed at what the thrift store thinks they should keep behind the counter:

Do you see anything here that would be stolen on sight? People absolutely lose their sh*t over those Mexican carved stone figures, don’t they? I mean, let’s not remember that they are readily and cheaply available at every Mexican resort that you visit while cruising the Gulf of Mexico and probably also found in border towns if you’re making a day trip. Or maybe the staff is worried that the pink plastic guitar might wander off tucked in the baby buggy, which is actually kind of cute! We took a closer look at the klompen ship:

Well, this must be a klomp made for the tourist trade, because this looks kind of hard to wear! I did read that klompen are sometimes safer than steel-toed shoes because they don’t dent, they crack and it’s hard to pierce the sole. Every time I see a klomp boat, I think of Wynken, Blynken, and Nod, which I won’t recite for you this year, since I just did it about a year ago.

You’re getting off easy this week with a shorter post. Kathy is off in Nebraska this Friday with her hubby doing some shopping, so you might get lucky and get another travel post next week! We have a couple of giveaways coming up, so be on the lookout for them.

Happy Fall, Y’all!

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