Aren’t Things Hard Enough?

Whew, I was worried that my snowdrops had pooped out after years of faithful service.  Nope, they were just a little tardy:

They appear before any other bulbs in Colorado, which makes them so exciting to see.  Winter will soon be over, and here’s proof that is much more reliable than a groundhog.  It’s going to snow on them tomorrow, but they won’t mind a bit!  Welcome back!

Not so welcome are the bird feeder marauders of hoofed type:

Totally unrepentant and unapologetic—the nerve!!  I was yelling at him to go eat my green grass and let the birds and squirrels chow down in peace.  I shut up when he shook his antlers at me and made eye contact.  I really wasn’t in the mood to replace all that glass as he made his point that he COULD do whatever he wanted to.  Males!!  The does are much more docile, and will actually move away after making their point that I should keep my feeders full.

Still haven’t gotten around to scanning those craft magazines, but something tells me I will have more time for that kind of project, soon.  As it is, we still have tons of bad things to show you, anyway.

This was a puzzler:

Yeah, we have outhouses up in the mountains; especially in places where there isn’t any running water.  Why would we want a miniature one in our homes?  Of course we had to open it up; it was calling to us:

What is this?  Some worn out joke about bears sh*tt*ng in the woods?  We can’t make heads or tails of the book—Anne of Bear Gables.  Is that the payoff for the whole outhouse?  Seems like a lot of work for a shrug-worthy return.  If it were just a bit bigger, one of us would have snagged it for dolly camping scenes.  Could you imagine your favorite fashion doll perched on a one holer?

Since this part of the post seems to be a bit more “blue” than usual, I should probably throw this find in here:

We dug it out of the bins and were wondering why anyone would want a fuzzy tank pillow/stuffed toy.  Then we got a good look at the barrel:

Hmmm … I think this tank might have a performance problem, if you catch my drift.  It’s not even that old!  I’m not sure starch would stiffen it up enough to make it look functional.  Looking at the tag, it was made by Kellytoy, which seems to make a lot of adorable stuffed animals called Squishmallows.  Hopefully they will stay in their lane after this fabric failure.

Speaking of failures of the fabric kinds:

Bad, grandma, bad!!!  No, no, no!  Do I have to get out a rolled up newspaper to make my point?  I think these are huge 18 inch crochet versions of Ty Beanie Boos.  I find them second-hand a lot for my great niece and nephew who call them “weanie boos” and have hundreds.  They aren’t that expensive, and considering how long it must have taken to crochet these, all the yarn, and the disappointed faces, it probably would have worked out better for everyone if granny had just plunked down the $20.  Plus, here they are at the thrift stores being made fun of by two mean middle-aged women.  No one wants that!

I’ll just throw in a true confession right here since we’re talking yarn follies.  A couple of weeks ago, we were shopping at Who Gives a Scrap during their $5/box sale.  We got lots of cool, useful things, and I bought this:

I know why it was there—just look at it and you’ll know, too.  But, I started smiling when I saw it, not sure why, and decided for the 10¢ it cost, I should take it home.  I have another kind of similar poodle.  They can share the doghouse of shame and keep each other company.  They’ll be safe from mockery in my craft/doll room; no one is allowed in there but me!

Someone was cleaning out a craft room that had been untouched for a long time:

Oh, the double-knit fabric that we saw.  This isn’t all of it by any means, but it’s probably the worst!  Do yourself a favor and click on the picture.  The yellow/green pattern is absolutely putrid.  What would you be able to make out of these that wouldn’t horrify the first person you showed it to?  No really, these were never good, never!  Even in the stretchy Seventies, these would elicit disgust.  They are just awful, and even making four inch patches out of them and sewing a lap robe would not be acceptable.  If you were looking for indestructible material to use for a litter box liner, or maybe a frost blanket for your plants, this could possibly be okay.  I just wouldn’t want to look at them every day.

These are so weird:

They have similar construction in their birdcage body, but the bases and top portions are different.  I don’t even like it enough to have it once in the house.  I’ve been trying to think why you would want to have a cage with some electric candles inside.  These lamps are just so bizarre; the only scenarios I can come up with feature moths.  Anyone out there have a better idea?

We’ve been seeing quite a bit of Holly Hobbie stuff lately:

She was pretty wholesome, so that makes me question myself when I thought this china thingy was an ashtray.  The butterfly seems a perfect place to set a cigarette.  I googled Holly Hobbie ashtray, and son of a gun if there weren’t lots of them!  Someone is selling this for $12 and calls it an ashtray.  Guess it’s for Holly’s ne’er-do-well older sister, Shady Sadie, to use when she visits the old Hobbie homestead.

How about ending on something nice and timely:

This shamrock set is so pretty and springy.  It’s marked Victoria Austria which made some lovely china in the last century.  It almost looks like you could have cereal, toast, and a cup of coffee with this set.  A great way to start your day!

Happy St. Patrick’s day to you all, and thanks for stopping by.


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2 Responses to Aren’t Things Hard Enough?

  1. Anny says:

    The deer on our property are such fraidy cats. Wish mine could get that close. We had to move our deer feeders away because of feral hogs.

    • kathy & deb says:

      Mule deer are bigger than white-tail deer; I wonder if that makes them bolder? I put that feeder there for the birds thinking that deer wouldn’t walk right up to the house. I couldn’t have been more wrong! I don’t feed them because they are nuisances during the growing season. I can’t plant green beans any more. 😦 Glad to say that we don’t have the hog problem right now. I’m right in town living in the densest area of a 175,000 person city between two 4 lane roads. It’s amazing how many deer are here!

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