The 1970’s are Alive and Well at Goodwill

We braved the snow with our intern in tow; he is getting to the age where he is more interested in shopping for himself than helping us, but that is what tweens do.  We might not have been as excited about shopping, if we had known that we were going to revisit the 1970’s.

Going thrifting can be like archeology; we sift through the fads of the last 100 years.  The front case had a number of good things, but we had to take a picture of these bad boys:

Wowsers, we would love to see the room these monstrous lighters came from.  What do you think–harvest gold shag carpeting, or maybe even orange like this room:

Gak, it makes me shudder even looking at it!  Thank goodness I was a teenager in the 1970’s, so I had better things to do than look at interior decor.  Those lighters would give the room an European flair, right?  By the way, if you are entertained by looking at bad 1970’s decor, check out James Lileks’ Interior Desecrators website, and have a laugh.  Yes he is the same person who wrote the book we reviewed a couple of weeks ago, The Gallery of Regrettable Foods.  We warned you that we thought he was funny.

Of course we headed over to look at the linens, and saw this whole rack of bad crochet:

We know it isn’t all from the 1970’s, but that decade is well represented with the orange and gold mess, the granny squares, and even some avocado green thrown in for good measure.

We quite like these 1960-1970’s dolls:

These are the most elaborate example of those Asian fabric dolls we have ever seen.  If they hadn’t been so big, and my doll room jam-packed already, I might have been tempted by them.  They were much too nice to buy and steal their clothing and instrument; it seemed like a bad thing to do.

Our next foray into 1970’s decor is macrame:

This can’t be a surprise–macrame was all the rage.  And it was super cool to use huge, hideous beads to enhance your design.  We both like birds, but those bird beads are heading in the wrong direction, and will soon be doing a Humpty Dumpty on the floor.

Whew, the rest of the post is thankfully 1970’s free.  That doesn’t mean it’s good stuff, but it won’t be 1970’s bad stuff.  We were totally mystified by this next conical tube–any ideas, loyal readers?

I apologize for making it so big, but it’s really hard to see otherwise.  It isn’t a candle, although it appears to have a beaded wick.  The interior is hollow, and while it looks waxy, it really is plastic coated.

We generally like Mary Engelbreit, but we are not so enamored of her wannabe copycats.  Here is a good example:

It isn’t amusing enough to be decorative, and it isn’t workable as a bird house.  The first time a baby bird gets down into the toe, everyone is going to feel terrible.

We, for the most part, don’t get collecting Jim Beam bottles,

but this Paul Bunyan has a goofy charm.  We just wish the cap didn’t look like a do-it-yourself lobotomy.  Could this be a clever commentary on the effects of too much alcohol?

Lastly, we saw something cool at Goodwill, and it was from a much earlier time than the 1970’s:

Wish the donor had thrown in the phonograph needed to play this music.  They were known as phonograph cylinders, and are the earliest records made.  We didn’t buy them, even though they were very cool.  We hope the person who bought them has the equipment to listen to them, and make sure they still work.  We might have bought one or two just to have them, but the whole tub full was too much.

We are forever looking at cars in the parking lot as we toddle onwards to our shopping goal.  This one seemed a little out of the ordinary:

I guess they like Anime fairies, or needed to hide a few dings and got carried away.  Those are not going to come off without a struggle, so hopefully the car will die of old age before they get sticker shocked (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

Well, thanks as always for accompanying us down memory lane.  We would love to see your “finds” and even publish them for you.  Also, don’t forget that our second anniversary is rearing its ugly head; do you have any requests for that epic post?

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2 Responses to The 1970’s are Alive and Well at Goodwill

  1. Nadine says:

    What a collection this was today – loved it! Would love to have one of those horrid brass lamps! Cousin Nadine

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