Dress it Up, Dress it Down

I am a Happy Camper.  Halloween is here, the most wonderful time of the year!  And if it seems like I am confusing my holidays what with the carol title and all, just chalk it up to the stores putting out the Christmas decorations simultaneously with the Halloween stuff.  They need to STOP.  OK, that is my short rant—on to the fun stuff!  Make sure you read to the end, as I stuck in a surprise giveaway at the bottom!

Well, Grandma really did it to these poor kiddies:

For Halloween, they got crocheted pumpkins.  On top of that, the reddish orange really didn’t say pumpkin at all.  It didn’t come out that way in the photo, but trust us, it was an awful color.  You could use them to throw at your baby brother, but when I tried to turn the top one around, we noticed that they were stitched together, which makes it even more strange.  If they were going for decorative, you would think they would have made it one pile, instead of the two smaller ones piling  on the happy one.  Odd that he is still smiling.

We were not sure about this piggy-looking witch either:

She tried desperately to be cute, but I think she failed, as all she says to me is “oink”.  Considering the amount of decorations the thrifts had, you could do better with just about anything.

You know, life used to be a lot easier:

Skeleton, Astronaut, or Devil.  Keep it simple.  Mom could make it in a couple of evenings, and everyone knew who you were.  No video games, or movie characters in sight, and you got candy all the same.  Plus, there is always something charming about a homemade costume.  For the cost of the pattern, a bit of time, and some cotton fabric you were set.  Not like now, when costumes are big business.  I strolled through the Christmas trees to get to the Halloween things and was appalled at some of the prices!

Plus, you might run into something like this:

Gotta say it takes a VERY secure man to pull this off.  How many ways can you go wrong with inflatable breasts?  I know some women who might even try that one, but they would probably be called out on their Instagram account.

We couldn’t decided if this was a legitimate costume, or a reject from Cirque de Soliel:

Either way, it was a “hot” mess.  It wasn’t made well enough to be much of anything, and we didn’t have the nerve to release it from the hanger and see what it might look like spread out.  We found this on a rack to be stocked and were hoping they were heading to the costumes with it and not taking a detour by the evening wear, but you never know at the thrift store.

Ever wonder what Storm Troopers wear on date night?

Casual glam for her and a nightshirt for him?  Guess he thinks he is getting lucky.  With that sexy outfit, I am sure she could do better.  There might be a hot Wookiee waiting in the wings.  Plus, if the best he could do was a trip to the candy dispenser, she needs to trade up.

There is nothing we like more than trolling the yards of racks of costume beginnings at ARC.  We pulled out these two treasures:

That was one B*&%chy bride to insist on that pink monstrosity.  I know you want to look great on your day, but ouch.  The other one just makes you dizzy.  They were the same size and we wondered if they had belonged to the same misguided soul.  We are hoping she had someone to blame for the floral one too.  We also wonder why folks keep these so long.  Come on, look at that pink thing, it was ripped off 10 minutes after the ceremony.  You KNOW you will NEVER put it on again, at least you shouldn’t if you know what’s good for your image, so haul it out to the trash heap, or have a ceremonial burning.  Heck, while you are at it, grab a voodoo doll and hex the person who made you wear it!

It’s a testament to my single mindedness while thrifting that I walked right by this:

Deb had to point him out.  Thank God, I am not in a horror movie, as I would be the oblivious blond bimbo standing near the curtains with the hand reaching out to grab her by her scrawny neck.  It was ginormous!  Hung in the proper tree, he would be an awesome decoration, as would his creepier friend:

I gotta say, I am more of a “cute” Halloween person, but if I did go in for the seriously ghoulish, this would work.

On the other hand, I spent several minutes talking myself OUT of these:

They were made of two hand strainers, (the handles were bent back for the arms of the glasses) and a nice selection of electrical wire soldered together.  I don’t have occasion to dress up for Halloween much anymore, but I wanted to be a mad scientist or a giant insect so badly.  I should have purchased them and just worn them to the grocery store now and then just to see how many folks noticed.  I would probably be writing you from the funny farm if I did that often, but it might be worth it.  I need a vacation, right?  I did leave them at the estate sale, and I hope someone else gave them a good home.

As I said earlier, I am more of a cutesy type decorator for Halloween, and I love vintage things.  This past year Deb’s beloved sister-in-law found this while out thrifting:

It’s a paper tablecloth still in its original package, and I was thrilled to give her some extra bucks for her find.  Added it to my mantel full of my favorite vintage things:

I cheat a tiny bit, as there are a couple of AnnaLee cats and a Oaxacan dog up there, but the majority is fun vintage paper and tin.  The tablecloth fit right in!  Just in case anyone else has Grandma’s old Halloween stuff, you know where to send it!

Now, on to the Giveaway.  I found this kit last summer:

Actually, I found an ENTIRE box of them, but who needs that many?  You would have Pumpkin People galore, and they might take over your entire house.  Sort of like little plastic beaded cockroaches.  I did, however, succumb to two kits.  One to do and one to keep whole.  They were so ridiculously corny that I couldn’t resist.  I sat down this morning and whipped out two pumpkin folks, so they are pretty easy, and I thought, why should I have all the fun, so I split them up and copied the directions and have two mini kits for making YOUR very own pumpkin person!  Add a comment on why a pumpkin person needs to come live with you, here, on Facebook, or any board you use to come here and you will be entered.  We will draw names on Sunday, I will try to mail on Monday, and they might make it there before Halloween.  Sorry I am a procrastinator, but if it doesn’t arrive in time, you will have the fun of it next year!

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7 Responses to Dress it Up, Dress it Down

  1. Nilsa says:

    I think that the piggy-looking witch is actually a squirrel wearing a costume. Her cheeks are full of nuts! LOL

    • kathy & deb says:

      Oh good call. It’s that time of the year, too! Well, we love squirrels, so that thought automatically makes the witch cute—funny how that works ‘-)

  2. Dal says:

    Love Halloween and if course pumpkins!

  3. Stephanie Gazell says:

    Oh, but that pink monstrosity dress on the left – I SO want one just like it for my Barbies! And those pumpkin people are awesome – I would have made them, too, if I’d come across a package. Very cute and fun!

    • kathy & deb says:

      It is a Barbie dress, isn’t it? I wonder if that thought would make the poor bridesmaid feel better? Happy Halloween!

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