Rough Winds do Shake the Darling Buds of March

Apologies to Shakespeare, but I love this quote, even if it’s a couple of months early. This week was off to a great start with warm sunny temperatures in the 60s, with just a slight breeze. We got to sit outside and visit with some friends whom we haven’t seen in months. I’ve been cleaning up outside and while picking up trash in my yard I saw some more good news:

Hello Snowdrops, my old friends

Yahoo! They are the first flowers that bloom in my yard every year, by a wide margin. If they show up, then Spring is just around the corner, right? Not so fast, says Mother Nature:

Are you kidding me, Weather Underground? I thought that we were friends! It feels bad complaining about snow with a semi-drought going on, but maybe we could have three nine inch snowstorms and call it good. I actually thought about covering my snowdrops up with a bucket, but what’s the point when we’re going to get so. much. snow! I’m hoping that when the snow melts, they will just pop back up again.

In the meantime, I can console myself with my St. Patrick’s Day Amaryllis:

My neighbor gave me a wax-covered amaryllis bulb before Christmas. It bloomed and was gorgeous. I just kept it to see what it would do. All it did was bloom again this week! Holy cow, that was a great gift. I’m going to try and remove the wax and see if the bulb will send out roots because it’s so pretty. I’m not super optimistic, but hey, what else am I doing?

I had better get going on my post or it might never get done! We still have a few pictures, so that’s a good thing for the blog. B.H. just got his first dose of a vaccine, so mine can’t be far behind. Fingers crossed and the Roses will be out garage saling when Spring finally gets here.

I would have loved to see what the lid of this teapot looked like:

Anything with three feet wearing rhinestone-bedecked shoes must be something special! Alas, I Google “3-footed shoe wearing teapot” and ended up looking at a lot of feet, in and out of shoes, and teapots. I have no idea who made this since I didn’t have the forethought to flip it over and have a look. It has that classic combo of animal stripes and flowers, blondes in sunglasses, and rhinestones. What more could be wanted?

This sign could be a warning signal, or just a funny self own:

I imagine that Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada might have this on her desk facing her staff and visitors. If someone gives this to you it might be a good idea to take a look at the definition of narcissist and see if the shoe fits—you. That’s the problem with narcissists: it’s all about them, but it’s never their fault.

This doll was so pretty, but I’m trying my darndest not to collect any new types of dolls:

She sure was way too good to be at a thrift, with such a nice lacquered base and a silk kimono. Every so often we see beautiful dolls like this, that someone brought home from a trip abroad, at thrift stores and feel sorry for them. They were expensive and probably deserved better. At least now they can go to an appreciative home.

Let’s go from the sublime to the ridiculous:

What the actual hell is going on here? These kind of look like old Michelob bottles that have been gussied up for … I got nothin’! That old saying about putting lipstick on a pig never made much sense to me because why would you do it in the first place? I have a bad feeling that these were somehow associated with wedding décor that failed historically badly. Taking a wild stab here, do you think they were candle holders? Better hope the flame never got near all that braid—whoosh goes your special night.

This item is just as mystifying as the beer bottles:

At first I thought it might be a shoe-shining thingie, but that didn’t appear to be the case, according to an internet search. Then, I thought that the red part looks like it picks up lint, but again, no luck finding a giant tower of lint removal. I dropped the image into Google search and all it could recommend was looking up “cylinders”. Thanks loads, Google! That flesh-colored collar at the bottom felt like it was made from silicone, or something similar, when I accidently touched it. I was trying to release the suction clip at the bottom to see if it had batteries. That gross encounter made me decide that some things were best left as mysteries. If you know what this is, please let me know.

Let me end on an interesting find that I bought a while ago:

I happen to love old chemistry glassware and have various sizes of beakers and flasks sitting on my bar, and I use them as vases. So, when I saw this box, I was excited! It’s not something that you run into often, unless you teach chemistry. When I lifted the lid, lo and behold, there were nine little beauties. Just so you know, 10 ml is about 2 teaspoons:

Oh boy!! I’m keeping a few for fun, and will probably sell the rest after I get them washed up and some better photos taken. Kathy loves it when she finds a big wad of swizzle sticks because she gets first dibs, and then sells the rest. I know these aren’t as collectible as sticks, but hopefully there is someone out there like me!

Thanks for reading along! As far as the caption contest goes, congrats to Demetria, Lovindollz; please email us your address so I can mail your prize.

Hope we get back to Spring-time weather next week, so we can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

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