O Savers! My Savers! Part Two

I  have been spending time on the frozen tundra of Rochester MN again; my sister is getting more treatment at the Mayo Clinic, and doing splendidly, thank goodness.  The bonus for being here, besides helping a much-loved sister, is that I get to shop at Savers!  Kathy would be jealous, except for the circumstances.

The strange thing is that, after I looked at my pictures, most of the things I noticed weren’t all that bad, which may be a first for me.  I might have to run back over there to check again; surely they must have something truly hideous!

This little rocking chair might  be the nicest one I’ve ever seen.  It sure is in the best condition:

Clothes pin rocking chair    Clothes pin rocking chair2
We have seen these clothespin crafts before, but usually they don’t come out looking as nice as this one.  It almost looks like a carved wooden rocking chair when you first look at it.  Hmm, now I wish I had bought it!

I really liked the shape of this set of dishes:

Edwin Knowles Yorktown dishes Edwin Knowles Yorktown dishes2
I like the decal too, come to think of it.  These are Edwin Knowles’ Yorktown, and I wish they had more of the set.  I need new dishes, and these would have been fun to use.  A seller on ebay stated this pattern was made in the 1930’s; that seems right given the cool shape of the dishes.

Next up are a couple of vintage ceramics that are seemingly benign, but have some weirdness about them.  Take for instance this little slugger vase:

Rubens Originals Little slugger planter  Rubens Originals Little slugger planter2
The only time I can imagine giving a young boy flowers would be for a hospitalization.  Now if the poor little guy is sick, I’m not sure reminding him that he can’t play baseball is the way to go!  I have some questions about the little slugger here–are all those spots between his eyebrows supposed to be freckles? Measles? Pimples?  Whatever was intended, they are kind of odd.  And exactly what kind of flowers would you put in an arrangement for a boy?  What about these?

baseball_rose_large_standard_bouquet_2_300Believe it or not, these are “roses” stitched together with real baseball leather.  Is it just me, or do they remind you of Frankenstein?  However, if you want baseball-themed flowers, take a look at the website.

Not sure how much saving you could get done with this bank:

Retirement bankUnless Rich Uncle Pennybags is stashing krugerrands in his bank, he isn’t getting a Cadillac, or taking much of a vacation!  This bank is totally misleading–join my class-action lawsuit against the maker! 😉

Sometimes words on objects are totally unnecessary:

Party GirlIf you own a pink shot glass, there is no need to tell anyone that you are a “party girl”.

If you read this blog with any frequency, you know that Kathy and I have a thing for vintage brooches:

1960's broochesBut maybe not these pins.  I have to confess that I have a lampshade full of brooches very similar to the pink and green flower.  I’m not sure whatever possessed me to buy them in the first place, which makes me think I’m a little bit embarrassed that I like them.  Rest assured that I did not buy any of these vintage lovelies, no sir!

Okay, here are the worst things I saw–by far:

His 'n HersI need to believe that they belonged to the same person, but I shudder to think of them in the same room!  The pink number is already sold; I’m hoping they drop it off at the upholsterer on the way home.  That velvet and brocade material gives me the willies.  I guess it would work as a stage prop; things have to be over the top to even register under the bright lights.

Finally, I was just walking through the toy section when I noticed this little vignette:

Oh No, Poor Mr Bill!I’m not sure if that dog is going to hump him or bite him, but I’m pretty sure Mr. Bill isn’t going to enjoy it one bit.  OOOOHHHH NNNNOOOO!

Hopefully I can get one more visit in to savor Savers before I head back home.  It might have to last a good long time; my sister won’t need to come back, and I doubt beloved husband will agree to vacation in Rochester MN so I can visit Savers.

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4 Responses to O Savers! My Savers! Part Two

  1. Connie says:

    The baseball ‘roses’ remind of a dozen, pale venu fly traps who have already snapped shut on their unsuspecting prey.

  2. We have Savers in Aurora, you know…lots closer than Minnesota!

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