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Boredom Busters #9

Here we are, still churning these out.  Now you know why Deb and I are never bored—missing thrift stores and garage sales, but never bored.  There is always the next flower bed, the next craft, the next book or movie, … Continue reading

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Boredom Busters #1

The majority of folks were interested in these, so we are going to throw a few things out there.  Lots of this stuff are things that we love, so we hope that you find them fun, too.  But hey, if … Continue reading

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We See Weird Things

I’m trying to write this while handing out Halloween candy—it’s been that kind of week.  It was cold and snowy this week so I was planning on getting lots of house stuff done; yay me!  Instead, I was sick with … Continue reading

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Dress it Up, Dress it Down

I am a Happy Camper.  Halloween is here, the most wonderful time of the year!  And if it seems like I am confusing my holidays what with the carol title and all, just chalk it up to the stores putting … Continue reading

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Medieval Torture Device, or How Did I Ever Live Without It?

Thought we would take a little detour here, as I seemed to be gathering rather a pile of things that fit into this category, and were begging me to make a post of them.  I think we will have a … Continue reading

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Colorado’s Wild Animal Sanctuary

My niece visited in April during her Spring break.  Samantha watches Dr. Jeff on Animal Planet and he had visited The Wild Animal Sanctuary (TWAS) to do some veterinary work on female lions.  She really wanted to make a visit to … Continue reading

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The Earth has Music for Those Who Listen

This election cycle has exhausted and drained me.  I’m not talking about the results, but rather how divided we are right now and how a large group of people were always going to end up feeling disenfranchised and angry, regardless of … Continue reading

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The Chihuly Exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens

This was one of the most daunting posts I’ve ever written.  I had to pick through 144 photos trying to choose the ones that best displayed the genius of Dale Chihuly and the Denver Botanic Garden staff.  All of the … Continue reading

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Let the Sun Shine!

Well, well, well–this is a pleasant surprise!  We’ve received the Sunshine Award for our blog! As with the Good Neighbor nomination, we are excited even to be noticed; there are so many great blogs out there!  Many thanks to our … Continue reading

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Easy Button Earrings

Have some buttons that would make cute earrings, but don’t know how to do it?  Here’s what I do. You need some small pliers (regular and chain nose), wire cutters, eye pins, buttons, and ear wires. This is the time … Continue reading

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