Regular Friday Swill with a True Confessions Chaser

I’m back, and boy is Kathy happy that she doesn’t have to write a third solo blog post.  We’ve said it before, and we’ll probably say it again (given the state of our memories) that it just isn’t as fun to shop thrift stores/garage sales alone.  We get odd looks when it’s the two of us, but when shopping without my partner in crime, people look like they are considering whether to call for help, as I cackle at nothing discernible.  I find it even more frustrating when shopping alone, and nothing is amusing–what a waste of time and gas.

First, I need to clean up some old business.  We have had such a bumper crop of “finds” lately that we missed a few.  I’m sorry I found them, but they will only hurt a bit.

What can I say about this without cussing?

Nothing!  Thanks for waiting while I washed out my own mouth and put $5 in the swear jar.  I’m pretty sure that this is what CRAZY cat people (Feline-Americanis?) would prefer to look like.  I’m so glad that the fad for these things is over; please, please, please don’t let it come back.

The next picture shows something slightly better, but I don’t want to see the room it lived in:

It had to have been a little girl’s lampshade on her cute, girly lamp–right?  That’s the only way it could have worked without it being a decorating crime.

I like clay pots for plants, especially when they are cute animals, kids, etc. What doesn’t work is this:

Jeez, could you please wash the stuff off your shoes?  It looks like you’ve been strolling through the horse barn and then the chicken coop with a blindfold on.  If I used this pot, I would apologize to my flowers.

Okay, that was the last of old swill; onto the new!  We were at a garage sale and found some cute doll diorama stuff we are taking to IFDC.  But right next to the good, was the bad:

Is this what the Big Bad Wolf looked like when he was done with Red Riding Hood?

We saw this unusual yard decoration after leaving a neighborhood garage sale:

It’s fun, and hopefully a reflection of what the family is all about.  It would make a great project if you had a modicum of artistic talent and a handy log.

We haven’t showcased a clock in a bit; we were on a scary run there for a while.  This one isn’t so much bad, as unusual:

This makes an interesting souvenir from a trip to Ethiopia, and surely it has meaning?  Does anyone have a clue?

You know those postcards and T-shirts with the backside of Mt. Rushmore?  Here is our small homage:

This is what the wrong side of the stuffed animal aisle looks like.

I feel the need to apologize to Native Americans:

Hope I can get through this without another trip to the swear jar.  We did have to move one thing onto this end cap before taking the picture–the bird statue.  The rest of it was there, including the American flag and the Washington D.C. snow-globe.  This could be a visual representation of the book One Thousand White Women (feel free to use it for the ad campaign) but I would recommend reading the book myself (it was really, really good!)  Hopefully, this lot found its way to the nearby landfill; there is just no hope for anything except the flag.

That concludes the finds part of the post.  It’s time for the True Confession portion.  Kathy says that I don’t confess enough; I beg to differ.  Who could forget:  Florida vacation post, Chinese sewing basket, Holiday bling, our December trip to the Estate sale, and Spaghetti poodles for goodness sake!  But in the quest for fairness, I will confess to displaying these two items in my house:


My Hubby loves these gifts from his sister, and they sit in the place of honor on the mantel.  The rocket ship bank (could it be any more phallic?) was from his childhood, and Sis graciously fixed Hubby’s bank by using parts of her own bank.  No, the cigarette holder/ash tray isn’t from Hubby’s childhood; Hubby and his sis believe it belonged to their great-aunt.  She probably bought it in Florida as a souvenir during the 1950’s.  As a strange connection to the rocket ship bank, Kathy took this picture:

of a bank she bought at a garage sale.  Further evidence of the fact that we were separated at birth, don’t you think? (Kathy: In my defense, it was the fellas in the family that liked it.  Figures. )

Now, here is a true confession for Kathy.  ;- )  She saw this little charm bracelet at a garage sale, and couldn’t resist its cuteness.  It was a steal of a deal, and can join all the other charm bracelets in her jewelry box.  The good thing is, that she wears them fairly often, so this isn’t just jewelry box filler.

Don’t miss next week’s post which is going to feature Buttons!  First a book review, and then a post about an amazing auction we participated in, and bought a whole bunch of–you got it–buttons.

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8 Responses to Regular Friday Swill with a True Confessions Chaser

  1. Matty says:

    Thank you for a less scary week…it’s always good to have a break, even if there IS a frightful clown… And the charm bracelet is simply charming! I loved the rocket banks, but could do without the cig/ash tray (LOL).
    I sooo excited about next week I could burst a button with joy! LOL.

    • kathydeb says:

      No kidding, every week can’t be a horror show; we would be exhausted from all the adrenaline! We are so happy with our button finds, but since it’s us, there is a story involved. Thanks for reading Matty 8- *

  2. Connie says:

    Love the totem pole. What a great way to express your creativity and individuality. Though my hubby wants to have totem made from the tree we will have taken down next month. Did I mention that the tree is in our front yard? Where everyone can see it? And our street is somewhat busy, so everyone in town will see the hubby’s creativity on display?

    • kathydeb says:

      Okay Connie what is he planning? I could see a huge circuit board out in your front yard, or maybe it will be his arch nemesis–the squirrel.

  3. Really enjoyed shopping with you guys yesterday! I’ll put my pictures up on Flickr later. We did go to the other thrift store and found a few horrifying things there.

    • kathydeb says:

      It was fun Shelia; glad you made the trek here. We warned you about that thrift store–it can be a horrifying place ;- )

  4. Ruth says:

    Oh dear – I have always said that the ‘cats’ phenomenon creeped me out and this is the perfect example of why!!! That is soooooo freaky!!!!! But …………
    A rocket bank just like your hubby’s still resides in my grandparents house – they had it for us to play with when we were kids and now my Mom lives in the house and has kept it there for the grandchildren!!!!! (Ours is missing its sexy little red rubber tip now but …. !!!!!) That is incredible!!!

    • kathydeb says:

      Those creepy “Venetian” masks are always disturbing. How cool that your family has the same bank–it’s kind of an unusual thing. Does your bank have an arm that shoots the coins into a slot? I forgot to mention that part in the post.

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