The Solo Scene

Deb was off having a jolly good time with her sisters in Portland, leaving me to fend for myself yet again.  It is really hard to get goofy by yourself.  Besides that, the little men in white coats are sent to drag you off, if you have too good a time.  Despite these hardships, I was able to find a few things to share, and I may even have to do a True Confession to round things out.  Deb is going to owe me.  [Deb:  I got you a really cool present!]  Personally, I think I confess waaay more than she does, and believe me, she is just as guilty as I am, or I would not have to twist her rubber arm on a regular basis to buy things.

I found this fabulous hat just as I came in the door.  Now, if Deb had been with me, she might have had to own this, just because these are the most awesome feathers ever on a hat:

That must have been one fancy bird!  Deb looks good in hats, and I muddle through, just because we like them, but she drags home more than I do.  [Deb:  I definitely would have dragged that cutie home, especially since green is my favorite color!  Don’t let Kathy fool you; wearing hats is 90% attitude, and she can wear hats with the best of them.]

Somehow, this just didn’t work.  Unless you are Salvador Dali, and making a perfume bottle, leave it alone.  Plus, he did it first:

If your nose is blue and has stripes, better get it checked out!  That nose looks like it could have belonged to W.C. Fields.

Yes, some shells jumped out at me.  I really can’t make up my mind about this.  I am sure Deb would have something witty to say about it, but it sort of leaves me speechless.  [Deb:  Sorry Kathy; I’m speechless too.]  Can you believe it? Something that shuts me up?  Probably should have bought it as a gift for my hubby.  He could drag it out whenever he is losing an argument:

It was really scary how bad paintings kept catching my eye this week.  I had this overwhelming urge to buy a bad thrift store painting and add a monster!  For those who missed it, see last week’s post.  I settled for snapping this picture:

Add a little photopaint, and here is my feeble attempt:

I could see where this sort of thing could get addicting, but I really don’t need another hobby, and I have always been lousy at painting.  What’s more, I don’t think anyone has enough friends they dislike enough to dispose of the output.  I guess you just need the guts to slap an outrageous price on it, and put it in a gallery.  I am sure they would sell–how could anyone resist?

It’s often a VERY good thing that I shop with hubby occasionally; he saves me from things like this:

Darn it, I liked it.  It’s got a crazy arts and crafts period thing going for it.  The center panel is some sort of celluloid.  Come on, it’s cool, right?  It was a near thing, but I have no wall space as it is, and it’s pretty big.  I walked away muttering, but he knows when to put his foot down.

Now to finish off, a little true confession.  Ages ago, I did a post that mentioned that I DON’T collect cow creamers.  See here, if you missed it, or don’t remember, because really, who would?  Well, for a person who doesn’t collect something, you would think I could walk right by one, and if truth be told, I resist them by the dozens on a regular basis.  OK, a slight exaggeration there, but I do leave them mostly alone.  Then along comes something like this, and I’m doomed:

It even has a faint purple cast to it.  Sigh … I don’t collect cow creamers.

If you have a guilty obsession, let us know.  We would love to share, and promise not to reveal names, just in case you are still hiding it from a significant other.

PS:  Deb here with exciting news from the Portland Saturday Market.  We frequently see paint by number (PBN) pictures at sales and wonder what we could do with them?  A really clever person was making purses and totes using PBNs, old game boards, and pages from old books:

Since it was Portland, there was clear plastic over the paintings to preserve their awesomeness.   Be sure to check out her website–Mugwump.  Special thanks to my baby sister for holding out a tote while I snuck a picture.

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6 Responses to The Solo Scene

  1. Matty says:

    What a cute creamer!!! It’s Moo-velous!!!

  2. Connie says:

    I love the little cow creamer! It is absolutely adorable. I confess that I have a thing for creamers and pitchers. Pretty much… if you can pour something from it… I like it.

    • kathydeb says:

      Yep, you and Kathy would be wrestling for creamers if you shopped together. I just stay out of her way when she spots one!

  3. Okay, I wouldn’t have been able to resist that cow creamer either. And yes, I’m feeling inspired to try a monster painting of my own. 🙂

    • kathydeb says:

      We keep seeing paintings we want to add monsters to; it’s getting to be a real problem resisting the urge. If you succumb, send us a pic!

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