May All Your Christmas Bling Be Bright

Last year a reader indicated an interest in our Christmas jewelry–that’s all it takes for us to throw together a post.  Now why the heck didn’t we remember how hard it is to get good pictures of jewelry?  You’ll have to hang in there with us, and remind yourselves that one of you asked for this.  Also, it should be noted for the record that Deb has way more Christmas bling than Kathy; on the other hand, Kathy’s Halloween jewelry has to be seen to be believed.

First up is Deb:  I have a thing for Christmas pins, especially Christmas trees:

Here are 22 of them; that almost takes me through the whole month of December with trees alone.  Of course they don’t all get worn every year!  I play favorites, and some just don’t hang right on anything less than a wool coat.  The nice thing about wearing a Christmas tree pin is that you can wear any kind of earrings with them:

I have a real mix of Christmas jewelry–vintage and modern.  I think it all plays nicely together.

I like reindeer pins (and their friend, the moose) almost as much as trees:

If you’re keeping count, by now you realize that it would be difficult to wear all of this in a Christmas season, without several changes of outfits every day.  I rationalize having this much Christmas jewelry by saying, “I have a pin for every Christmas occasion”.

Then there are pin and earring sets, and some bits and pieces that I have married into sets:

The silver and red earrings in the top left corner are aluminum pieces from Germany.  They look sort of Christmassy to me, so I paired them with a lonely poinsettia pin.  I bought the holly berry pin and earrings separately, but they seemed destined for one another.  Thank goodness I only practice matchmaking with jewelry.  Now, I’m not sure why those vintage Christmas tree earrings are in this picture (top center) but I’m too lazy to take another picture without them.

Then there is the group of Christmas pins without a real unifying theme:

These are mostly vintage, or copy-cat vintage.  The bell in the lower left actually rings and annoys everyone around me.

Finally, being me, there has to be a goofy set of pins (I refuse to believe that any of the previous pins are in any way “goofy”):

The Santa moves back and forth on his rocking horse, if you pull the bell.  I found the vintage plastic bell earrings somewhere else, but they sure go together.  I really have a thing for the vintage corsages, thank goodness they are big, so I don’t have room for them.  And finally, what’s Christmas without our canine pals?

And for those of you wondering where Kathy’s stuff is, here you go:

There are a few more things than that; I didn’t show the earrings, or the jingle bells that I wear all season to annoy everyone.  Notice the tree on the far right and the bell in the corner.  For some reason those two pins are everywhere, which is why Deb and I both have them.  And just in case you can’t read it, the frog is actually a Mistletoad!

We hope this post inspires some of you to dig out your Christmas jewelry, and wear it a couple of times during the season.  People seem to notice when you make an effort to look festive.

And finally, here’s hoping that your Christmas is merry and bright–the white is optional.

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4 Responses to May All Your Christmas Bling Be Bright

  1. Connie says:

    I confess to loving vintage Christmas pins. There is just something that makes me smile when I put on a rhinestone tree.

  2. Nadine says:

    Absolutely great as usual and thanks for the lovely Christmas Card from Kathy – accidentally lost the envelope with the address to send a thank you and my email address for Kathy is old too! Nadine

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