Book Review: Beautiful Button Jewelry

We both love jewelry and buttons, so this book is right in our wheelhouse.  Kathy actually bought this at Tuesday Morning, and while walking to her car, realized that she needed to buy me a copy too!  How right she was, and now you can see that we were definitely separated at birth.

The author obviously has a keen appreciation for buttons.  I would love to visit both her store and button museum in St. Francisville, Louisiana, hopefully, I can get there in this lifetime.  If you are interested in a buttons for beginners pamphlet, the author’s website:  Grandmother’s Buttons has a free pdf download called Our Field Guide to Buttons.

These first pages are part of the button history portion of the book:

Not insanely in-depth, but she has enough to satisfy the mildly interested, and encourage those intrigued to read further.

What I like about this book is the author’s idea of using buttons in jewelry, but not ruining them as buttons.  This is important as you start using your Victorian jet buttons, or your fun Bakelite buttons.  The author gives clear directions on how to construct the jewelry, but there is lots of room to make each piece unique through button and bead selection.  I’m including pictures of a couple of her jewelry designs so you can get a flavor of the book.

The jet button earrings directions call for the ear wires to be glued to the button, but if there is a shank on the back, that would be the easier-to-reverse way to construct these earrings.

I also just like to look at her pictures and drool; her Bakelite buttons are wonderful and that little needle book would come home with me too.

Another nice thing about this book is the author’s sense of fun:

Those are plain old pearl (shell) buttons put together with fishing tackle–not sure where she came up with that idea, but it works!

We recommend this book for jewelry makers who would like to make something different, button collectors who would be open to using some of their buttons, and anyone interested in vintage sewing supplies.  Of course, it’s a fun book just to peruse, even if you don’t fit into any of the above categories.

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2 Responses to Book Review: Beautiful Button Jewelry

  1. Matty says:

    This is wonderfully fun! I love seeing an extra post during the week! Ooh…some of those buttons look SO marvelous…total eye candy. Ps. Thank you for having a clown free post.

    • kathydeb says:

      Thanks Matty! This book combines two of our favorite things–buttons and jewelry. We strive for clown-free living, but sadly often fall short. ;- )

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