Road Trip: Fun at an Estate Sale and Thrift Stores

Well, it’s an exaggeration to say we went on a road trip; it was only the next town over, a little more than ten miles from our homes.  The good news is that there usually aren’t so many folks lined up for estate sales in our sister city.  So, we were practically salivating over this description of an estate sale:

Estate Sale December 2-3

Whole house full of fun vintage and antique items perfect for the holiday collector

  • Furniture: 3 bedroom sets.  Living room and dining room.  Vintage chairs and tables.  Sofa sleeper.  Lamps.
  • Collectibles:  Vintage Barbie clothes and dolls.  Vintage boy toys, children’s books and metal toys.  Kitchen collectables.  Primitives.  Antique bottles and tins.  Tools.  Rocks and minerals.
  • Tools: Metalworking and wood.  Nice assortment.
  • General household… dishes, glass ware, appliances, freezer

Whoo whee, we were going to be there with bells on!  And surprise, surprise, the dolls were right by the front door which isn’t necessarily a good thing.  The sales people said there were some vintage Barbies which got sold right away.  Not being experts, they had no idea exactly what dolls went with all of those clothes; from the clothing, we think it could have been later ponytails, bubbles, or even an American Girl.  We will now fess up to what Barbie goodies we did get.

Deb:  Here is a composite picture of what I bought for $18.50:

There are some homemade clothes, some shoes and necklaces that are for larger fashion dolls, and some strange nondoll things you always find with Barbie stuff–boxes, bobby pins, hair rollers …  But, what you probably can’t pick out from this picture are the shoes from Senior Prom complete with the pearls, and the blue pom-pom shoes from Lovely Lingerie.  There wasn’t another piece of either of those outfits to be found–who knows, the dolls could have been dressed in them.  I didn’t have Fancy Free, and the little “B” pin is perfect.  I gave Kathy the bottoms to the swim suit in my bag as well as the tiara to Sophisticated Lady.  We care, we share. ;- )

And here is Kathy’s haul:

The pile is pretty impressive; Kathy is especially excited by the mommy made blue squaw dress and this next gown:

A minty Junior Prom for just a couple of dollars, and it is so beautiful!!  To ice the cake, the necklace was in the bottom of a bag of stuff marked 10 cents!  Even missing the dolls doesn’t sting much, when there was so much great stuff left behind.

After we went through the clothing and accessories like a plague of locusts, we noticed the other dolls on the table:

They were awfully cute, with lots of well-made mommy clothes.

These kitchen toys were pretty adorable too:

We have to digress here just a bit to talk about the house.  It was 1950’s through and through, with very few updates.  We got a kick out of the bathroom, which for a change wasn’t pink or turquoise:

To the right was the cutest little corner cupboard, but there was no getting turned around to take a picture without annoying a lot of shoppers.

Obviously, the folks who lived there were crafty and handy.  We saw some pretty cool handmade wooden boats near the Barbies.  This room displays the woodworker’s toy-making talents:

Bet the kids had hours of fun with these toys.  The lady picking up the chair in the first picture was interested in why we were taking photos.  Of course, we told her about our blog, which amused her.

Okay, time for another true confession from Deb which fits in with the woodworking crafts.  Kathy says that she is always the one to confess to buying weird things, so here is my contribution :

I bought this  18″ × 16″ wooden flower arrangement for $3.  It’s well made, and so belongs in my 1950’s home (Beloved Husband begs to disagree).  I had to do some minor repairs on it after things kept falling off while I carried it around, but after some gluing and polishing, I think it’s pretty cool.  Anthuriums and Arrowheads are quintessential mid-century modern plants, and I think this crafter recreated them pretty darn well.

Actually, Deb has another confession to make from this sale:

Those vintage deer get me every time!  I did like a couple of his friends too.

After all that fun, we decided to check out the local thrift stores, and just skip our old favorites.  We saw this hanging on a rack at the first thrift store:

We tried to straighten it a little to make a better picture, and then realized that there wasn’t any fluffing that could be done to fix this mess.  It resembles a confetti explosion at a beige factory.

We love bird statues–usually:

We took both a flash and a nonflash picture to see if either would make sense, and the answer was “hell no!”.  We think that this was a typical vintage bird statue with two birds; one of the birds was positioned head-down with its wings spread, and the other was perched.  Then the feathers began to fly, which obscured most of the details of this piece, and voila, much badness ensues.

Right across from the feather frenzy was this souvenir piece from the Grand Canyon (we think):

There is a lot going on here with the two female figures, the tower and the light.  Yes, there is a red bulb in the back, that shines out the opening for the tray or ash try out front, and perhaps the tower windows.  You know that more isn’t always better, and this is a perfect example.

Lastly, there is a bit of a mystery about this next picture.  Like the chicken or egg conundrum, we aren’t sure what came first:

Was this little boy a Damien wannabee who spooked the horse, or was this an evil carousel which caused that strange expression on the boy’s oddly adult face?  Also, we are just a bit worried about the boy’s foot; it’s wrong somehow and contributes to the total weirdness of this oil masterpiece.  A worker at this thrift store compared this picture to those old portraits seen on Antiques Roadshow done by itinerant artists.  She is so mistaken, but we remained noncommittal until she was out of range, and then practically gagged in horror!

Well, from the length of the post, you can see we had a lot of fun.  Keep tuned in for more Christmas posts and our regular Friday posts.  If you come across some terrible Christmas decorations, and want to share–we are just the blog to do it.  Shoot us some email, and we will include your find.

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6 Responses to Road Trip: Fun at an Estate Sale and Thrift Stores

  1. Terri Gold says:

    “a confetti explosion at a beige factory” How do you come up with these gems? Hysterical.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Well, we write just like we talk–things just pop into our heads and out our mouthes ;- ) Our conversations can be pretty strange sometimes.

  2. Connie says:

    Eeeek! The horse in the painting has a grotesque overbite! Itinerant artist…. I think NOT!!! The cute kitchen toys are just adorable. And, I agree with you Deb, the wooden anthirum and arrowhead sculpture is quite cool and definitely belongs in a 50s era house.

  3. Is there any way you can sell me the wooden flower arrangement? I believe it may be my father’s handiwork. Please contact me.

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