Post Thanksgiving Stupor

We figure you are hung over from all the tryptophan from you turkey dinner yesterday, and are well into the shopping frenzy, by the time you read this. So, we will make it a bit shorter than usual, that is, if we can ever figure out how many words are in it, as WordPress removed the word count feature. Yeah, let’s hear it for “upgrades”.

Welp, it happened again, in full view of my husband, no less, I bought another cow. No hesitation, no hemming and hawing over the price, but look at her:

And if that expression is just not the cutest, look at the back:

I mean she has a yellow bow on her butt for heaven’s sake. How cute is that? I know it is on her tail, but it comes out the same. She gives off some Elsie the Cow vibes, and I bet her original maker was thinking of her. She has a couple of tiny chips on the edge, and I had to plunk down fifteen bucks, and I didn’t even dither. Sure, I don’t collect cow creamers.

On the other hand I didn’t spring for this one:

I like this fancy old aluminum servingware, and I thought this butter dish was really pretty. I would totally use it as an everyday item in my house, but I was offended by the price:

Most places you can’t give this darned stuff away. Ask me about the pile of it in my basement I purchased years ago, because I thought it was pretty. Needless to say it was left for someone that loved it more like I loved the cow.

The next item that was being readied to hit the shelves was this:

Frankly, we were horrified. I am not a huge see no evil etc. fan, and why does it have to be ugly monkeys so often? If you were to come around a corner and spot this, you would be forgiven for letting out a yelp of terror. As you can see from the photo, it was a pretty large sin, too. Best use would be for a nice campfire. If it assisted in the making of s’mores, it might be forgiven.

While we are on the subject of perfect haunted house items? How about this:

How do you feel about a doll head and pick to impale her on. Giving off sort of Vlad vibes isn’t it? Actually we were thankful it had never been used, as we have yet to see these particular heads used for any good purpose. The one in back was a little cuter, and might pass muster, but we would have to see the finished craft to pass judgment, and you know we would.

Time for another entry in to our pretty china parade:

There was only the one plate, but just imagine how lovely a whole table set with this would be, using pale pink or blue table linens to set it off. Here is the back for those who would like to know:

Also a price tag worthy of What the hell, ARC?

Now we go to the dogs. This was actually pretty cute:

It was big, so Deb was content with taking a picture and calling it good. You could do much worse on your wall. For instance a sign that says just about anything. I am really tired of that fad. That being said, I will forgive your for this one:

This made us laugh, and anyone with a pet that suffers from separation anxiety can relate.

We like one purse; guess which one:

Could they cram any more stuff on the one on the right? I like animal prints and this was a hard pass. Honestly, my cat would give it the attention it deserved by jumping on it and shredding it until the fur was everywhere. If they had added some feathers, I would have had to buy it as a cat toy. The one on the left, however, was darling. Can’t believe someone bought it and never used it. We ended up passing, as the green is not really my color and it was too small for Deb or her sisters. We hope someone found it who loves it.

Hope your holiday was spent with the family you choose whoever they may be. Don’t hurt yourself shopping and gird your loins, the big one is coming!

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