Busy as Beavers

I know it will shock you, but Kathy and I didn’t go shopping last Friday—we had a sale of our own, instead.  (In the interest of honesty, we did go shopping independently on Saturday.  There were some killer sales, for Pete’s sake!)  After talking about having a sale for literally years, we jumped in with both feet (four feet?) and sold off some of our vintage “extras” with the help of two intrepid friends who had extras of their own.  We did okay for the first attempt at this sort of thing.  We had people show up expecting garage sale prices, but everyone was nice about that, and for the most part, people didn’t even dicker much.  We are planning to have another sale in the fall at a friend’s house who lives in the middle of town on a fairly busy street.  Of course, that gives us another reason to garage sale, so we can be fully stocked again.  Or, we could just dig through our houses and find plenty to sell.  Our husbands would support that idea wholeheartedly.

As if that wasn’t enough to keep us busy, we are heading to Las Vegas next week for the IFDC (International Fashion Doll Convention) and have plenty of projects to complete for that, plus all the usual yard and house work!  Sometimes, 24-hour days just aren’t enough to get it all done.

We have some old pictures to share.  Let’s consider this a test of my memory as I try to recall why we took these pictures.  Here’s an easy one:

Not even close

While it had a few amusing things, it was nowhere near an OMG sale.  We independently went to an actual OMG sale, as opposed to this picture, last Saturday and have been sharing finds on Facebook.  THAT seller is a collector with the most amazing eye.  Kathy snagged a couple of Arts and Crafts pieces, because she went first thing in the morning.  I went around 1:00 pm, and the lawn was still covered in stuff; I found ephemera, the biggest tea kettle I’ve ever seen, and even an old bird-cage. Now that breadth of collecting deserves an OMG; we are but eggs in comparison.

I need to get back on track, or we may wander all over creation and never finish the post.

We both started laughing when we saw this at the original OMG sale:

Suzy Goose anyone

To those of you who don’t collect vintage Barbie and all of her paraphernalia, this is not all that funny, just some more of that bad white French Provincial furniture that was churned out by the ton during the 1960s.  Kathy and I, however, saw this:

Suzy Goose like cupboard

the Barbie-sized version of that cabinet.  I looked all over this piece of plastic and couldn’t find a maker’s name; Suzy Goose made a lot of plastic Barbie furniture ( Kathy Here, that is a Suzy Goose piece, they just never marked that one! ) in the 1960s, but they plastered their name all over, like this:

Suzy Goose wardrobe

Still and all, if you were a teen-aged Barbie wannabe in the ’60s, you could do worse than furnish a room in that white French Provincial style.

We also saw this for sale, and while it’s amazing, it’s not OMG either:

Back when cars were tanks

Amazing doesn’t always mean good!  We were amazed that anyone had kept this poor car that avocado green all these years.  Kathy wouldn’t get near it on a bet.  I kept telling her that we could use this car to ram all the other cars our of our way on the way to a good sale.  This really shouldn’t be called a car; maybe tank would be closer to it with all that steel.

Even though they are usually not safe for babies, I love these old cribs:

Cute old useless crib

The little decals are so cute.  I guess they can be retrofitted, but that’s beyond most of us. Maybe their best use is for display of dolls, or toys.  I always feel a little sad when I see them at garage sales.

This little sculpture is commercially made, if you can believe it:

Silverware sculpture

I thought maybe someone with a drawer full of mismatched silverware fired up their welder and went to town.  Turns out, this was made in China.  I still like it; if you were to use it at a barbecue, maybe mustard and ketchup would make more sense than salt and pepper.  That’s where DIY makes more sense; you could make a variety of holders.

We still have time for a few thrift store finds:

Odd Vacation Tchotchke

I want to go with, “This looks vaguely Asian” but that’s all I got.  What the heck is it, and why would someone drag it home from wherever they were?  After a second look, it sort of makes me think of Kabuki, but that’s probably because of the eyebrows.  Anyone have a guess?

What is going on with this?

What is going on here?

It has a shell, which always gets our attention.  But what in the world is coming out of it?  I think it’s supposed to be a flower—it was made of some kind of stone.  Was it an Ikebana fail?  It sure has minimalism going for it.  We saw this, the thing above, and the thing below all in one day.  It gives new meaning to, we take the bad with the good.

What in the blue blazes?

What the blue blazes?

Without the mirror platform, it would be a nasty resin copy of the plaster urn that can be seen in fancy formal gardens.  Even the photobombing bunny knows this ain’t right, and the mirror stand makes it even worse.  If it had been plaster, I would have bought it to tuck in a flower bed, and then put it away safely for the winter.  That resin stuff isn’t worth the plastic it’s made from; one good windstorm and it would blow all the way to Nebraska.

This kind of stuff just makes us go smh:

OMG look what someone did to that clock    OMG clock back

That clock was just fine without all that vintage costume jewelry attached!  This could be captioned by the phrase, “Putting lipstick on a pig”.  The clock isn’t a pig, but it’s plain and serviceable.  It didn’t need to be all blinged out to do its job.  Now it looks ridiculous, if you ask me.  Wow, that came out pretty cranky; maybe it’s time to make a gin and tonic, and go outside to look at some flowers.  😉

Thanks everyone for reading.  If you’re interested in what we got at the real OMG sale, take a hike over to Facebook and scroll down a bit.  I’m going to put a couple more pics up this weekend and early next week.

Also, hope all of our friends in the US have a safe and fun 4th of July!





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4 Responses to Busy as Beavers

  1. Stephanie Gazell says:

    Fun post! LOVE the clock, with those green knobs – wow! Would save it by trying to remove the *gah* bling. Have a great 4th! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Athivin says:

    Hi this is Athivin from India ,love your blog.The second picture is a kathakali dancer face from Kerala ( South India ).Following your blog for years now and keep up your good work.

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