Hello from Las Vegas


We’ve been in Las Vegas since Wednesday morning attending the IFDC doll convention.  But, that hasn’t stopped us from hitting, and missing, some thrift stores while we had down time.  We stopped by Epic Thrift Store (awesome name), but they had evidently closed their doors recently; shoot!  Then we tried the deceptively named House of Bargains, which only applies if you wanted to buy any of their sad, worse than garage sale merchandise.  So, we went to Savers (sob, our sadness is an old story), and our current standby, Goodwill.

Boy, it felt good to go into Savers again.  It’s been a while for us, since the last time we were at one, was the last time we were in Las Vegas.  It was clean, nicely organized, and their prices were reasonable.  We also miss this part of Savers:


The wall o’ bagged goods.  It went on forever, and we each bought something from this display.  For some reason, we both like looking at things stuffed into a bag and hung on a wall.  Go figure!  It looks like we aren’t the only ones, either.

The major difference between Fort Collins and Las Vegas thrift stores lies in the shoes and clothing:


There were lots of rhinestone, sequined, and low-cut outfits, and they had the shoes to match the outfits.  The glitz, glamour, and impossibly high heels both awed us and simultaneously made our feet hurt.  Fort Collins shoe choices frequently involve the words: clogs, mary janes, hiking boots, running shoes, and if you want to get fancy, kitten heels.  There is a whole new world of foot pain out here.

Since we are at a doll convention we thought we would throw in a doll:

We have seen these kits before, but the dolls were different styles.  They have a styrofoam body, with legs and arms somehow attached.  They look sort of corny from the cover picture, and things can get worse than corny depending on the skill of the crafter.  Judge for yourself:


She did a pretty good job, but obviously grew disenchanted before finishing the hat.  It has been around in this state since sometime in the 1970s.  We feel for her, but not enough to buy and fix the poor dear.

Short and sweet is the phrase of the day, so that’s all from Las Vegas.  We have a few more things to show you, but we HAVE to wait until we’re home with our laptops.  This writing a post on a tablet is for the birds.


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