It Stays in Vegas

As those of you who read our Facebook posts know, we made it back from Vegas safe and sound.  All in all it was a fun trip.  The convention was fun, the driving there and back had only a few minor construction zones, and it has been so hot at home that the 101 degree temps didn’t even seem all that hot.  That last one was not really a plus, but we are going to pretend it was, as we sit and sweat it out back home again.

We have a few other items that we found in our ramblings around Sin City to share with you.  It is so much easier to type a post up on the computer.  Both of us had only schlepped our tablets along, and boy is that a challenge.  Thanks, WordPress, but I digress.

First up, we have these curtains.  These were at the sad bargain thrift store:


It’s pathetic enough to think about these hanging at your window, but when we realized they must have been samples and there was only one of each, we were really depressed.  Imagine having to have the whole lot, just to cover a window or two.  Gack.  That green and gold one really looks like something the cat horked up.

While speaking of cats, here are a couple more:

wp-1468417771473.jpgI loved this little kitty postcard, although we were not sure why you should scratch Mommy kitty.  Still it was cute and for the $1.99, I might have brought it home, but some idiot put it in the frame with some nice clear tape over the top edge to hold it in place.  Ruined the whole thing, as there is no way to get it off.  Tape is a huge pet peeve with us.  Be it the thrift store taping vintage boxes closed, or previous owners fixing books, pictures, post cards, etc. with it, tape really messes things up.  Back away from the tape dispenser, folks.

This cat is NOT CUTE:

wp-1468417498337.jpgI am going to say it falls well into the WTF category.  The hat was glued on and the glasses had a spot with a pivot point, so you could raise them up, so we know it was all factory made.  Never mind going into what caused someone to think cats should be pink.  When you lift the glasses, the cat didn’t get any less odd:

wp-1468417501765.jpgI am pretty sure this feline has spent way too many hours stuffing quarters into the slots, or maybe just breathing the air in the casinos.  No matter what caused it, it has a serious case of the uglies.

We did like these:

wp-1468417716791.jpgDeb loved the poodles, and owls worked for me.  Several of the casino shops had variations on these.  The smallest one was around $70.  We kept trying to figure out how to mangle our suitcases so we could get new ones.  It was a lot harder to find someone to blame when we drove the whole way, and toted our myriad luggage up to the room on our own.  So, alas, these stayed in Vegas, too.

I was trying to avoid this as long as possible, as we were flabbergasted by this whole shebang.  When your ceramics project goes terribly wrong, you might get this:

wp-1468417494445.jpgActually, to be fair, this may have been commercially made.  Still doesn’t make it any better.  We want to send our sincere apologies to all Texans, as no one should have their state represented by this.  If the big old blue bonnet bedecked clock doesn’t turn you off, we are pretty sure that the bottom of this being an ashtray should finish up any chance of this being acceptable.

I will leave you with a couple of more fun things.  While drooling on purses, jewelry and the fantastic Chihuly ceiling at the Bellagio,  we found this amazing pair of cloisonné vases in a relatively small back hall:

wp-1468417744840.jpgThis is just one of them, but the other was a matching twin.  That is a honking big old piece of enamel!  We were trying to decide how they ended up there, as we are pretty sure there is some age to these.  No matter how they got there, they were stunning, and larger than life, but I suppose that is the norm for there.  Crazy that they were just sitting in a nondescript out of the way place.  We would have taken them home.  There was one for each of us!

And last, just for fun, here are our travel dolls in front of Caesar’s Palace, just to show we were there:

wp-1468417506626.jpgYou didn’t think it would be a picture of us, did you?  We are no fun to look at.

Till next week, watch for more fun on Facebook.


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2 Responses to It Stays in Vegas

  1. Karen says:

    Try T. J. Maxx for colorful luggage, should be reasonably priced!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks for the tip; I could use a smaller wheelie bag. My current one is big enough to hold a month’s worth of clothing.

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