The Usual Friday Finds

By the title, you would expect something normal, but usual for us is pretty far out there, so I guess we did OK!

Do you remember those ads on TV for those “Starving Artist Sales”?  No painting over $20.  I always said there was a reason those artists were starving.  They forgot to keep their day job!  Well, these paintings must have been from someone who was down to their last bag of Ramen, and we know why:

A lot of frame and not much pictureAt least they’re in ginormous frames (at least in regards to the pix, as they are miniatures)  so, if you were lucky, you wouldn’t notice the paintings.  What’s more, they are painted into the actual frames, so they are inseparable forever.

We frequently wonder why people are so desperate to decorate their walls that they will purchase just about anything.  I suppose nature abhors a vacuum, but really wouldn’t a blank canvas be better than this?

Wooden Armor Wall HangingFlattened bamboo armor?   One, it wasn’t much good as armor, and two, what kind of statement can this make on your wall?  I made road kill out of an ancient warrior, and I got this as a souvenir?

I almost like this better:

Who are you looking at?Hey, I said almost.  We came across this hanging backwards on the shelf, and Deb may never forgive me for turning it over.  What we do in the name of blogdom.  I guess when the granny square potholder pattern gets old, you have to do something different with it.

While we are hanging things up, NOT, this one really had us scratching our heads:

3D Olympic Torch Ceremony The runners on this were hand-sculpted in 3D, and whoever did it, did a pretty good job, but it still begs the question, WHY?  If you actually got to pass the torch in the first modern Olympics in 1896, couldn’t there be a better keepsake?  And besides that, this was obviously made more like in the 50s, so we have no idea where they were going with this.  Any ideas would be appreciated, even snarky ones.

This next item just made us laugh:

Honey, the cat's been into the Jim Beam again!Jim Beam bottles come in all shapes and sizes, and we are pretty sure the cat on the outside has been sampling the booze on the inside.  At least the cat was happy before they turned it into a bottle.

You would need some serious drinking, if you woke up and saw this on a face lying next to you:How to give your S.O. a heart attackSleep masks are all very well and good, but we are pretty sure we know why this one was never opened.  Hubby took one look at it, and threatened divorce, if he had to wake up next to it.   I also want to point out how delightful I look modeling it.  I am nothing it not humble.

We have highlighted tin can art in the past, and we found an actual example of it last week:

Tin Can CraftsOther than the silver braid, it is not all that bad.  Rip the braid off, repaint it black, and stick a candle in it, and it could be pretty darned attractive.  Hey, maybe those fifties gals were on to something.  No matter what, it is not nearly as bad as some of the modern gilded stuff we have featured in the past.

This last discovery, I made without Deb, which just goes to show how often we haunt thrift stores, even without each other.  Anyway, I can’t decide if you are supposed to kiss him and make him better, (eewww!) or if someone already did, and this is the best prince he is ever going to be.  Either way, I demand a new frog:

Not so Princely FrogHere’s “hopping” all your frogs are the best princes ever.  We have another estate sale coming up that looks really good, so stay tuned.  Hope none of us are disappointed, except in the best Second Hand Roses way.

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10 Responses to The Usual Friday Finds

  1. Terri Gold says:

    I like those mini paintings wih the maxi frames. I’d put a little mirror over the painting. Then I’d have two more things to add to the pile of items that need to be hung up somewhere.
    Have a great weekend scavenger lady!

    • kathydeb says:

      There you go, we knew that someone would have a good idea about the frames! We are well on our way to a fab weekend scavenging; hope you come across some finds of your own.

      • Terri Gold says:

        God, I hope not. No more. NOOOOOOOOOOO.

      • kathydeb says:

        There speaks a woman who has moved recently. I await Kathy’s attitude after moving all of her collections into the new house; knowing her, she will find 50 cool things that she forgot she owned! 😉

  2. Connie says:

    Love the monkey sleep mask. Devoted hubby would actually get a chuckle out of those.

    • kathydeb says:

      I have to admit that Beloved Husband thought Kathy’s monkey sleep mask picture was adorable. I’m not sure that translates into spousal approval of ME wearing the mask.

  3. Cindy Franklin says:

    My husband was walking by as I sat at the computer and saw the green owl- he thought for a moment it was “a funky swimsuit”

    • kathydeb says:

      LOL, that is too funny! We didn’t even notice the owl’s hourglass shape; it would be a brave, brave woman who donned a macrame owl swimsuit! Thanks for sharing, wish we had thought of that for the post.

  4. I think the itty-bitty paintings need some Jurassic Park dinosaurs added to them. And then you hang them up and see how long it takes people to notice.

    • kathydeb says:

      We like how you think, Shelia! We frequently see pictures that only could be enhanced with monsters/dinosaurs. I wish I was artistic enough to paint recognizable monsters into a picture.

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