That’s a Curve Ball

No, not a baseball, even though opening day was this week, no, Mother Nature was at it again. This past Monday the forecast said we had a storm moving in, but everyone said it was going to be minor, less than an inch and not super cold. By 8 a.m. Monday morning our deck looked like this:

We ended up with nine inches of heavy wet spring snow, and wind that drifted things up to a foot and a half. Hubby started into work and made it a couple of miles and turned around, as his commute of 45 minutes would have taken at least an hour and a half and who wants that? Deb was trying to get out of town, and she ended up stuck at home, too. Better than out on the road, though. Our local school district believed the weatherman and sent all the tots to school! I bet a whole lot of them didn’t show up, I know I didn’t, so wow, two snow days in one year! Plus the next morning as the storm moved out, it was 3 degrees! I am so done with winter; if anyone has some spare spring, send it along.

We have a fun couple of Easter posts, as how can you not make fun of bunnies and scary chicks, but first I thought I would share some very fun pix of my Grandmother I just came across. I shared a photo of my maternal grandmother a bit ago in a fun flapper dress. These are from the 30s and are of my paternal grandmother:

In the one on the left she is just 16! Love those fun finger waves in her hair. The last photo is quite elegant, and may have been a senior picture. It doesn’t say. Just thought they were cute!

Ok, on to the Bunny Trail. It just wouldn’t be Easter without some Easter crafts, so how about some eggs to start off:

These really aren’t too bad, but I tend to see them smooshed beyond all recognition when they finally make it to the thrift store. The peekaboo egg is actually pretty impressive, and if you could get enough starch into that basket to pull it off, it would be quite the feat. Here is the back, if you are interested:

A better look at the basket, and the peekaboo one becomes less interesting. If eggs aren’t your thing, let’s go all out on baskets:

Itty bitty baskets to be precise. They must be pretty tiny as that red one only holds one lipstick. How often does a bunny bring lipstick? Here is the back of this one, too:

Whoever this Rita Weiss was, she must have cornered the market on starch, or she used glue and ended up gluing her children to everything in sight. I don’t even think I would attempt one of these, as the daunting task of making it stay upright wouldn’t be worth the hassle. You spend all that time crocheting and get a smooshed doily.

At least we liked this:

How can you go wrong with a bunny butt wreath? It’s pretty darn cute, and I am a sucker for these straw sort of animals. Unfortunately, my cat thinks of them as big cat toys. After they have been batted around the house for an hour, they are just some random grass glued to some Styrofoam, and not the least bit decorative. Luckily, this one would hang on the wall, but you have no idea how high this cat can jump! Plus I would have to find somewhere to store it the rest of the year, so I happily left it without even looking at the price.

This was lurking as we rounded the corner:

What are they trying to do, scare us to death? You can stitch a smile on this imp, but I know better. It’s some sort of demonic stand-in trying to impersonate the Easter Bunny and steal all our candy. It even brought a big ol’ basket to take home the loot. She is equipped with bunny slippers for super stealth mode, so we haven’t even got a chance. All kidding aside, is this even slightly fun? It’s a poor use of flannel—make some PJs instead. [Deb here. I just can’t unsee the bunny nutcrackers on the shelf next to the imp. Are they zombies?]

Every year we get a few rabbits that have “seen things”. This year is no exception:

I’m thinkin one look at that bear and there is a hare playing freeze tag. If I don’t move, you can’t see me, and sometimes it works. Depends on how hungry that bear is. My money is on the bear. Of course, it’s like the old saying, you just have to outrun someone else, so maybe he has a friend with no motivation.

The only bunny that should have ears this big is made of chocolate:

If I could nibble those right down, I would forgive the manufacturer anything, but as is, not so much. She has a pretty insipid color palette as well, even for Easter. Let’s just ignore the lopsided foam basket nearby, too. It’s for folks who don’t want to be burdened by eggs. Put more than two in it and the whole bottom falls out and you are free of all that dead weight.

This poor little chick just can’t let go of his egg. He has separation anxiety—no yolk.

You can always tell a ceramics project. For some reason the artist always feels the need to add eyelashes. Have you ever seen a chicken with lashes? A flirty feather top knot, maybe, or even some sassy tail feathers, but the eye adornment, never!

It’s supposed to be in the 60s this weekend around here, but I am going to take that with a grain of salt; I have been burned before! If it does, cross your fingers, and hope I have some yard sales, as I really need a fix! Stay tuned for one more Easter post! See you next week.

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