Wooden it be Lovely?

Drat, Drat, Drat,  Sometimes I wonder if this blog is a good idea! While writing, I notice alarming tendencies in me towards the packrat.  Yeah, like that is a surprise, but just this week I realized there is a sneaky little collection forming on my shelves.  How did that happen?  Well, to start off with, this little lady has a lot to answer for.

I spotted her in a random bag of stuff at Goodwill last week, and she was so darn cute, I had to rescue her.  She is only about 2 inches long, and used to have a tag that said souvenir of somewhere, can’t read it any more.  OK, minor purchase, no problem.  Then I continued through the bag and found these.

Now you gotta admit they are pretty darn funny.  Each figure stands about 3 inches tall.  They are marked Made in Japan.   You can just hear Basin Street Blues playing can’t you?  Well, not too much shelf space, now wait a darn minute here.  How many wooden whimsies are already there?  Oh shoot.  Better fess up.  It started with Mom and Dad and their not so bright son Wilber.

Tiny little mice, less than an inch long.  Love the teeth on Wilber ( center )  Then I found the cat.  Gotta keep the mice in line right?

Wilber and the cats tail are about a foot long, and made of leather.  Then just last year, I found a cat and a mouse together.

Had to have him right?  Now while this was going on, other things were creeping in as well.  Found both of these nutty things at estate sales.  Both hand made folksy items.  Love the pig.  His eyes, ears and tail are inserted in such a way, that they are movable.  Again tiny, keep in mind the squirrel is made of walnuts.

Then a couple of years ago at Savers, Deb and I found a whole herd of these crazy carved wooden animals.  I only purchased the Ostrich, as he cracked me up peeking up out of the egg.  Notice the change in position on the head and neck in the two photos.

I can at least feel virtuous about these, as Deb bought the rest of them!  I will let her add her photo here, and you can see how controlled I was!

[Deb]  I had a couple more–a bird and bear, but have given them away.  They are marked Senshukai on the bottom, and all of mine are marked on the sides with the animal’s name.

And last but not least a few more folk items.  Two were tourist things.  Souvenir of Georgia and Alabama, go figure.  One is a moonshine still and the other, a cupboard with a pot in it, and musical symbols on the door.  I don’t get it, but I bought it!  The last item is one of those hand carved things where the chain, free floating balls and cage are all made out of one piece of wood.  I admire the carvers ingenuity and skill, and I can’t leave these.

The piece with the balls is only about 2 1/2″ long, so, still small, and still taking up shelf space.  I am not sure how I am going to justify this stuff, but I think I will just NOT admit it to my hubby, and hope everything stays small!  Here’s to the rescuers in all of us, and a hope for everyone’s “closet” collections!

[Deb]  I’m hijacking Kathy’s True Confession post because I have one wooden item that I got at an estate sale, and it definitely belongs in this post:

He is hand-carved, four inches tall, and has writing on the barrel that says “… Processed … the Hidden q.t.”.  When you slip him out of his barrel, he is “all man” if you know what I mean, which I suppose is the q.t. part.  God alone knows why I bought this; I keep it hidden in my doll room.  There, confession is good for the soul.

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5 Responses to Wooden it be Lovely?

  1. Rhonda W says:

    Your site is always humorous which is why I love it so. OK, that and being able to relate to the thrift saga LOL! Knickknacks and bric-a-brac always fascinated me, so much so that I myself acquired more than should be legal!

    Sure it starts with a cute whimsy item, then another and another and before you know it, they are requiring extra shelf’s in which to house them! Maybe you should send me your address so I can unload….errr I mean send some to you 🙂 By the way, those wood mice and cats were originally from the 60’s (yep, had those as well at one time).

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      Yeah, like I need more stuff! LOL I did know about the mice, as I remember my mom having some while I was growing up. Probably why I NEEDED them.

  2. Terri Gold says:

    These are wonderful purchases…except maybe the still. Hehe.
    You can use some as props with your doll photos. At least that’s what I tell my husband as I send him in search of miniature trees and other junk. I am finding that many of the chachkas (sp) purchased in past years make interesting props. After all, why do props have to be normal? I have a ballerina collection and a pig collection. The ballerinas are starting to show up in Evangeline’s attic. The pigs, not yet.

    • Second Hand Roses says:

      I think that ballerinas and Evangeline’s attic sound like a match made in heaven. Maybe a pig can audition as a footstool?

  3. Connie says:

    I admit that there is a junker in me. Though, my items are generally not small given that I have a cat and anything smaller than about 5″ is considered a toy in his eyes. The cute wooden mice with the tails? Forget about… if I left for a day and came back I know what I would find…. gnawed up chunks of wood with nary a trace of tail, eyes, or teeth.

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