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Easily Amused

You have no idea!  We originally started this blog waaay back in March of 2010 (We sort of let our anniversary slip by this year; not sure how that happened!) because folks would follow us around at the thrift stores … Continue reading

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More From The Summer Scrap Heap

We’re still writing about our summer finds, but out the window it looks more like fall.  The temperatures are mild, so people are still having garage sales—yay!  I’m glad that we will have a little bit of extra stored up for … Continue reading

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Here Comes the Bridezilla

We have both been very busy recently tending to our respective yards, lawns, and gardens.  Just when you think all your spring work is done, here comes summer, and you have to move into heat proofing and watering.  On top … Continue reading

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Tales From the Sales

Talk to any avid garage saler, and you will begin to understand that we all see it as a sport!  Really.  We train by hitting the sales every week, we train our families to understand that this is not really … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Spice Blog Post

’Tis the season, right?  If I see one more pumpkin spice whatever, I think I will scream.   I think I saw someone advertising pumpkin spice tires the other day.  That might have been creative, or just desperate, like me!  And at … Continue reading

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Friday Finds Mash-Up

For all of you Glee and Pitch Perfect fans, you know what a mash-up is.  For the rest of the world it’s something created by combining elements from two or more sources [Merriam-Webster].  We have several different things going on … Continue reading

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Unworthy for Regifting

Well, the majority of those gifting holidays have passed yet again, and we have noticed that some particularly heinous stuff has hit the thrift stores.  We figure the recipients took one look at it all, and decided it was too … Continue reading

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