What a Difference a Week Makes

Well, last week we were melting in the heat, and this week has been much more pleasant with lots of rain mixed in with lower temperatures. It’s crazy how a third of the world is on fire, another third is under water, and the last third is just right. Someone with more brains than us need to work on this problem; with all that’s going on in the world, being deathly hot or keeping your head, literally, above water shouldn’t be part of a person’s day.

I’m sitting by the window writing, and I have a new friend:

I couldn’t get a picture of her looking in the window at me, but she was happy to check out the feeder with fresh sugar water in it. I had a female hummingbird that came every year for quite a long time. I knew she was the same one because she always came to the kitchen window, hovered, and looked at me even when the feeder was full and fresh. I enjoyed watching her bring her babies to the feeder and to the plants around the yard, showing them what to eat. It seems like I have a new friend and supervisor to keep me on track during the summer. She’s going to be even happier when I plant the trumpet vine my sisters dug up for me.

We always seem to find the saddest of craft fails:

Honestly, where else should these things live other than the thrift store? We aren’t even sure what the heck this is supposed to be. I thought it might be a stack of crochet coasters, but then wondered how you got them off over the arms and head? Now I think it’s something that Granny crocheted for her little ones to remind them of how much she loves them. Unfortunately, I think it will scare them with those arms reaching out to smother them, not hug them. Granny has kind of a grim face; why wouldn’t she be wreathed in smiles instead of a stone-faced expression? No one in their right mind wants a hug from that!!

Well, things aren’t getting better on the crochet front:

Making the center of the face start at the inner circle, plus that pink color, gives this female a porcine look. If that’s the joke, well, shame on you! Pigs are awesomely smart and deserve better. Those eyelashes are just too Tammy Faye Bakkerish to have winking at me from a kitchen drawer. I’ve decided that this pot holder’s best move would be to embrace her fate and melt spectacularly all over the kitchen of her maker. It only seems fair and it would probably prevent another such abomination.

This is also yarn-based, but nowhere near as awful as its stringy companions:

We were at our newer (a couple of years, now) favorite church sale and had fun shopping through the tables of offerings. We saw this fibrous puppy looking mournfully at the shoppers from on top of its stuffed-animal peers. Who knows what kind of battle it took to make it to the top? We’ll never know because that kind of stuff only happens when we aren’t looking. Anyway, the poor thing knows that it will take just the right person, no not me!, to give it a home and that such a person may not make it to the sale. I hope some kid fell in love with it and dragged it home with them. The prices were right so hopefully the universe made it happen.

We are all-in on this church sale because the amazing Unitarian church sale hasn’t happened for a couple of years, even before Covid became a thing. Sales that big take a lot of energy and organization, so we know that things can fall apart when that one person loses interest or moves away. Fingers crossed that the Unitarians regain their garage sale mojo and that sale starts back up. Plus, it takes a while for folks to accumulate enough stuff to want to have a garage sale.

This is a tweener, too. Not awful, but not something I want hanging about:

If I’m honest, this might be one of the cutest planters we’ve seen made out of plastic canvas. I wonder if they made a bunch of them for wedding or quinceanera decorations and the guests took one home? Anyway, we make fun of plastic canvas, a lot, so we have to admit it when we see an okay piece.

We’ve been around the crafting block a time or two, but we’ve not seen this technique before:

They attached lace to a hankie with crochet and also put some crochet around the outside of the lace, too. It’s not awful, but it looks a bit clunky with the fine cotton hankie, and the lace. Maybe if they used a single color and really fine crochet thread it would be a pretty trim. I’m sure it took a bit of time to do this and it’s a shame it doesn’t look better.

We saw this angel food cake pan in a big tub awaiting placement on the shelf:

It looked a little strange with the clasps on the sides, but it was a nice size. When we flipped it over, imagine our surprise to see this:

It reminds me of a garbage can lid more than a cake pan. Angel food cake isn’t one of those desserts that you can leave in the pan and serve, unless you’re going to a party full of barbarians where everyone just reaches in and grabs a handful of food. So, why would you want a lid for your angel food pan? It has to cool before you can hope to get it out of the pan, so again, the lid isn’t a good idea. Maybe it has a removeable bottom, and they thought you could slide it back into the tube to carry it somewhere. I guess that’s why this is at the thrift store; the whole thing just doesn’t make a ton of sense. **Thanks to a faithful reader, Yvonne, we now know that this is a pudding steamer for the British puddings that are kind of cake-like.**

Last up, an apron pattern that was a gift from Kathy:

The apron is super cute, and I might even make one some day, but I was mesmerized by the patterns at the top of the page: matching mother daughter beach skirts! Yes, beach skirts, not cover ups, rompers or something sensible. Good god, look at them! Are you supposed to huddle under the skirts for shade? That material is like a tent awning, and sadly, the little girl looks pretty frumpy in that gathered skirt. Thanks, Mommy Dearest! I have to ask who goes to the beach in high heels or their good Mary Janes? Oh those 1950s when you had to dress up to have fun, no matter where you were going. I also enjoy pictures of old football games where all the men are wearing suits, ties, and hats; nothing says fun like being hot, choked, and worried about getting your clothes dirty.

Thanks for hanging with us for a bit; hope you enjoyed this week’s offerings. Be sure to check us out next week when you know we will have something horrifying, but entertaining.

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8 Responses to What a Difference a Week Makes

  1. OSS says:

    Love hummingbirds! We had a nest this year in the vines covering our pergola. These sad craft items have been the cause of crafting getting a bad name. lol My sister and I used to call them “old lady crafts”, but now that I’m an old lady, that doesn’t seem appropriate. lol Enjoy the cooler weather. It won’t last. This IS Colorado! Hugs, ladies!

    • kathy & deb says:

      Lucky you to have a nest nearby. I’m not sure where our little lady hides her babies. I’m watching for them to come to the feeder. Yeah, crochet can be so beautiful; why is it that a few bad apples are ruining the crafting barrel? Hope you are enjoying your summer, Dawn. Hugs, Deb and Kathy

  2. Paul in Warrensburg says:

    Looks like some of Aunt Juanita’s crocheted pillows! (I probably shouldn’t’ve said that)

    • kathy & deb says:

      That made me laugh!! I always blame Granny, but I’m pretty sure there is an auntie or two in the mix! 😉 Thanks for reading.

  3. Yvonne Osborne says:

    That’s not an angel food cake pan! That’s a pudding steamer (like for plum pudding–more cake than what we Americans think of as pudding).

    • kathy & deb says:

      Thanks Yvonne!! That totally makes a ton more sense than angle food cake pan. I’ve never had steamed pudding, even in G.B., so wouldn’t even know what they make it in.

  4. Ivy Perez says:

    Love your blog, it signals Friday for me and the beginning of a weekend! I can’t believe things that make it to the thrift store. I wonder what the employees there think of the things as they come in. Also thank you for the amazing vintage placemats!

    • kathy & deb says:

      It’s awesome that our blog starts your weekend!! So glad that you enjoy it. I think that a lot of the employees think that the stuff we’re laughing at is just fine and that we are weird. We have told a couple of them what we do, and they just stared at us like we had lost our minds. You’re welcome for the placemats. We’re glad that you’re giving them a good home!! See you next Friday, Kathy and Deb

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