A Little Bit of This and That

Summer has finally arrived this week with temperatures hitting the high 80s and low 90s.  We had our doubts when it poured rain on us last Friday, and was cold to boot.  We had to make an emergency stop at my house to towel off after stopping at our first and last garage sale of the day!

In all the hurry of rounding up the treasures that I had bought at the Cheyenne estate sale and putting them in the post, I forgot one of my finds.  It’s pretty fun, so I decided that it should be shown off, too, along with a few other things.  Plus, I went garage saling on Saturday with a friend (not Kathy—she was off with her hubby and The Summer Intern treasure hunting), and we saw some different items that you might enjoy.  The best news is that there isn’t a really bad thing in the whole lot!

First up, my forgotten purchase:

This punches a few buttons.  First off it’s a poodle, and I can never resist cute poodle things.  Second, it’s just so 1950s that it needs to live in my 1950s ranch.  I have a similar pink one, but this poodle is much cuter.  Best of all, it was only $3!  The bad news is that it’s pretty rusty and yucky inside.  I’m going to give it a good steel wooling, and then spray it with some white Rust-Oleum, or similar spray paint.  Good as new!

Neither Kathy or I had ever seen a cookie cutter like this one:

It was in a bag of cookie cutters a friend asked me to sell for her.  She said I could take any of the cutters that I wanted, and this was the one.  It could be a lot of things, but it didn’t really look like anything in particular.  B.H. got curious and looked it up.  In 1937, Pillsbury sold this cutter, along with newspaper comic character cut-outs that you could use to decorate the cookie.  Here is a picture that I found on the internet advertising the sets:According to this article, the sets included Dick Tracy, Moon Mullins, Gasoline Alley, and others.  I can understand why the decorations didn’t last—they look like paper.  But, if you ever see this shape of cookie cutter again, you’ll know what it is!  I’ll probably use the cutter to make snow people and I can use frosting to make them look rounder.

This is the first interesting thing that Vickie and I saw:

It was made in the 1950s, from the look of it.  That stream of air it shoots out looks like it could rip your hair out by the roots!  I wouldn’t want anything with “jet” in the name near my head.  But the design and box are so mid-century fabulous.  The dryer itself looks like it’s from a space serial; must be all that chrome and black plastic.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Flash Gordon use it to fight Ming the Merciless, or at least give him a good blow out.  If you owned a hair salon, it would be cool to have vintage beauty equipment on display.  This certainly would turn heads.

This was sort of an “awww” moment:

A woman was selling her mother’s wedding gown.  She only had sons, and they only had sons, so there wasn’t anyone in the family to use it.  From the picture it was a lovely dress, and was probably made from that gorgeous satin.  I advised her to try and sell it online.  I’m pretty sure there is a bride out there who would be thrilled to wear this dress.

This is a picture of the bookworm in my house, but I bought it at a garage sale that day:

It’s plaster, and probably from the 1930 or ’40s with that green color.  I thought it was so cute and in good shape.  I’ll probably list it on my Etsy shop, so if you’re interested, keep your eyes peeled (ouch!).

Oh, the things that this woman had:


Kathy still can’t believe that I escaped with only a couple of elves or pixies.  Don’t ask me why, but they make me laugh and I have a fair number of them!  The seller only wanted a dollar, or two, apiece, so they were priced to sell.  Some of the flower planters were more, but not ridiculous.  They were mostly pixies that were made in Japan, but I did see one from somewhere else, maybe Germany.  This is the biggest collection of them that I’ve seen in person.  I hope people bought them for their fairy gardens.  Mine decorate my indoor potted plants.

The last couple of pictures are of nice things that I bought for a whole 25¢:

Kathy handed me this Scottie dog Bakelite pencil sharpener when we were at an estate sale.  He is about the cutest little thing ever, and I probably could still sharpen a pencil with him if I wanted to stick the lead into his butt!  That’s a visual that I could live without, plus I have lots of pencil sharpeners, but only one Bakelite Scottie dog!  Thanks, Kathy!

I’ve been looking for a biscuit cutter with a red handle, but this one has a bonus:


It’s either a biscuit cutter if you remove the center piece, or a donut cutter if you leave the center piece in place.  I was happy to give the nice lady a quarter for this handy little thing.  I haven’t made donuts in years, but now that I have a cutter, what’s stopping me besides diabetes?

Thanks for taking a little side trip with me.  It’s strange that I only see nice stuff when on my own; Kathy must be a bad influence! 😉

Next week we have some more estate sales to show you; one of them was on a Centennial farm.  After that, we have a fun set of craft pages from looong ago to share.  Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to A Little Bit of This and That

  1. Sandi Magle says:

    The Oster hairdryer was made in Racine, Wi, my hometown. It was my first hairdryer and it was amazing, and yes had great force—but not too much, It did become quite hot—but I know I used one until the 1980’s, when it finally died because the cord dried out and cracked.

    Oh, wow, those pixie planters can go quite high, what a treasure trove of those. Great for resale, if cheap?

    I use one of those/biscuit/donut cutters all the time. Love the red handle and it cleans up easy.
    Great haul!

    • kathy & deb says:

      I had never seen one of those old blow dryers before. I can believe they get hot after a bit, they look powerful! I was tempted to buy more pixies for resale, but I have so much stuff to list, already. I hope someone came and bought the whole kit and kaboodle. It’s so nice to hear that others appreciate some of the things we like. Thanks for commenting!!

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