Hold My Beer

Deb posted that great picture last week of her cute little snowdrops. Mother Nature took one look at that and said, “Hold my beer”. We got a solid twenty inches of heavy wet snow in less than 48 hours:

Our power went out for over seven hours. Luckily, we have a battery backup on our fireplace and a camp stove that we set up in the sun room. The storm happened on Sunday for the most part, and the majority of town went nowhere on Monday. There are still a whole lot of folks stuck in their driveways, as we did have wind and some pretty heavy drifting. We had a few drifts over three feet just at our place. So much for spring!

Between Covid and weather, we are really not getting out much, so I have been thankful for local online estate auctions. If nothing else, they keep me amused, but I can see me getting into a whole lot of trouble pretty easily. Take this example:

I tried to buy this, as I knew it would be barrels (cans?) of fun for our readers. I was happily bidding away till it got up to 15 dollars, and then I was terrified I would win the bid, and I would have to explain to my husband why I spent 15 dollars, plus a stupid buyer’s commission on a booklet full of tasteless can ideas. Lucky me, some schmuck went even higher, and I gracefully retreated to the sidelines.

I did buy this a few weeks ago:

I do like this awesome Mid-Century Modern cat. I have an adorable dolly scale reproduction of a pair of these, and I really did buy it to sell. Is it listed in my Etsy shop? Nope, and unless I kick myself really hard, it may not be. Thank goodness it’s not a dog, or I would have to give it to Deb. Just send me some strength and it will move along, as it really doesn’t fit in my home.

I have been doing better with buying box lots at these sales, and a recent huge batch of vintage fabrics yielded this little treasure:

I’ve always seen it as “see a penny”, but a pin works just as well. It is just the sweetest little dainty thing. You notice no one else ever had the nerve to actually use it as a hanky. Who would dare to blow their nose on something this thin? No, I call these “wave from the window” hankies. You can look so romantic as the train pulls away, waving it charmingly out the window at your receding beau. This is too cute to leave the house. Oh well, you can’t sell everything, at least I can’t.

I did venture out to the thrift store last weekend just before the storm, as I needed a couple of T-shirts for a project. I found this adorable egg shell, and I mean it is thin, teacup:

I tried to walk past it, but it was calling plaintively to me. I picked it up, and it was marked ninety-nine cents, and I knew if I didn’t rescue it, it would sit there till the cows came home and end up chucked in a bin at the end of its time and get broken. Deb’s mom loves china with bluebirds on it, and I know it will go to a good home. It’s amazing how often we end up thinking of ourselves as rescuers even more than collectors. We just hope when we are gone that there will still be someone to take care of our things and give them a good home.

I also spotted this pair of shelves:

Seriously, this is wholesale cannon fodder. Someone’s entire collection of awful Made in China, ghastly figurines. Thank goodness they got rid of them, but now what? I wish we could nominate things from the thrift store to be donated to one of these places where you break china to get your aggressions out. Think how much better we would all feel when these turned into nothing more than microscopic china fragments. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why so many of these folks are elderly. I am an old lady, and I am not the least bit decorative, then again, these aren’t either.

One more little thing I remembered that I hadn’t shared with you all. I was getting this out to hang up in my craft room, and decided I had better snap a pic:

I don’t know what this cat has been up to, but it is definitely no good. I wouldn’t trust him with the cream even if it was stored tightly in the fridge. I am not sure what this is supposed to be, as it has unfinished edges. It is about the size of a dish towel, but not really very good fabric for that. Too small for a baby quilt, and even if it was the right size, I think your kid would end up learning just a bit too much from this Tom. Even with all its nuttiness, it still cracked me up, and ended up coming home with me. I just left it as is and hung it up. One day, it may decide to be something else, but till then it will make me smile.

Remember those t-shirts I wanted at the thrift store? Well a couple of them were for these designs. I decided to share them with you all as a little gift. If you are into using Cricut and would like a link to the finished and ready to cut files, just drop me a line and let me know which one, or ones you would like. Otherwise, you can download them and use them however you want. Please do not use them to sell, but feel free to give them to as many folks as you would like:

This last one has a graphic gratefully used with permission from here.

And in case you were missing my furry overlord, here is a funny pic of Ramses:

Bengals have a habit of sitting in really funny positions. This one just cracked me up, and as luck would have it, I had my phone on me to take a pic.

Here’s hoping you didn’t get snowed in where you live, and spring is coming at you!

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