Jewel Tones

Well, we had our snow, and it contained a bit over an inch of moisture which is more than we have had all summer, so we are grateful for that.  It knocked down our fires a bit, but we have had a wind change, and the smoke is coming back in from all those poor folks in California and Washington.  Our hearts break for you, and we are keeping you in our thoughts as we all try to get through this.  If only we could corral a hurricane to drop some of that excess moisture our way.  We also had a freeze scare with the snow.  They were predicting temps in the low twenties which had all us gardeners running for the tarps and buckets, picking fruits and vegetables (which meant some hurried canning and freezing) and generally trying to cope.  Then it only got down to about 31 degrees.  A reprieve for now, and we can have our regularly scheduled fall, at least we hope so.

Deb and I are both avid jewelry nuts, we literally have hundreds, heck we might even be breaking a thousand pieces of jewelry, and yes we wear a lot of it.  I don’t know why we don’t write about it more, so we will try and make up for it this week, with some good and bad.

Let’s start out bad:

Well, thank goodness they put a pearl luster on it, as that made all the difference in the world.  If I remember right, this was a pin.  Sort of looks like someone scraped some bubblegum (remember Dubble Bubble?) off their shoe , after it had been well stepped on, added some dusting powder, and slapped a pin on the back.  Surely no one is desperate enough for a pin to pay $1.99 for it?

We decided that several of these must have come from the same person, who thought they were crafty:

In the photo, this doesn’t look so bad, but you have to know it was a solid four inches across!  It was practically a breastplate for a tiny Amazon.  It’s not even particularly attractive or well made, so unless your American Girl doll needs some armor, this will be a hard pass.

Maybe the owner had a fascination for large pieces of brass?

This was almost as big, and just as ugly.  This one looks like it came from India, or some Middle Eastern country, but they should have kept it there.  I know that many of these countries do amazing metalwork, but they just put out the cheap junk for the stupid American tourists, who fall for it hook, line, and sinker.  Like shooting fish in a barrel.  We think there may be a camel on here, and maybe some other weird anthropomorphic creatures, so maybe it is a representation of aliens who came down and took the owner prisoner in an episode they would just as soon forget.

We thought this was pretty funny:

In case you loose one soccer jersey pin, at least you have extras.  Of course what earthly good even one of them is escapes us.  Why can’t they make souvenir pins like this more fun?  Most of them are ugly and useless and get tossed into a donation bin, and then sent to the trash, as who wants them?  Make ’em with flowers, rhinestones, and cute animals, and they will stay with folks for life, at least they would with us.

Take this one for example:

True confession here: I bought it.  It’s pretty goofy, but it was signed Betsey Johnson.  I didn’t have anything by her, and I think she is a hoot.  The cat is a couple inches across, so I don’t know if I will wear it much, but I will enjoy owning it.  I looked at her things and she has a whole lot of really fun critter jewelry, and if it has a bug, bird, cat, dog, or just about any other animal on it (other than alien camels), we are in.

We also like this piece:

Lots of folks should not be let near a beading needle, but this person knew what they were doing.  Nice eye for color and well executed.  Kind of a nice vintagey piece.  Not really our style, so we left it for the next hippie chick.

We left these for the old lady hippie chick:

How about some nice clip-on love bead earrings?  I don’t think I have ever seen anything like these.  Most of your average hippies had pierced ears, and these are kind of old lady looking at the best of times.  Not to disparage old ladies, as we are a pair of them ourselves, some days more than others, but you know what I mean.  Maybe someone made these for Grandma, as she was way cooler than your average senior citizen, and needed to be an honorary love child.  Let’s stick with those happy thoughts.

We also liked this little lady:

Well at least the felt part of it.  I don’t know why they added the crochet flower backing, as it really didn’t improve anything, and the the little felted portrait is about as cute as they come.  I would like to know the story of the flower pot on her head, but hey, who am I to judge fashionable headwear?  We probably should have rescued her and revamped her a bit, but did I mention hundreds of piece of jewelry.  Think how hard it is to get in the club.  (Apparently not too hard, as we wouldn’t be in this position otherwise.)

Got one more nice one with a cute story.  There is a group of ladies in our town called the Quota Club, who do a lot of charity work with disadvantaged women and children, but one of the ways they raise money is through estate sales.  Last week I popped over to one of their sales and scouted around.  I bought a couple of things, but a few things were priced a bit higher than I wanted to pay, so I came back the next day for half price.  We got the larger item we were looking at, and I was showing this necklace to hubby:

Debating on whether I needed it or not, and the lady at the sale just plucked it out of my hand and added it to our pile!  Needless to say I paid for it with a smile.  It’s a rather stunning example of high quality late ’30s or early ’40s costume jewelry.  It’s heavy and extremely well made, but not a maker’s mark on it anywhere.  Still it’s a cool piece, and yes, make that a thousand and one.

Hoping all our loyal readers are staying safe from fires and floods; please take care!

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2 Responses to Jewel Tones

  1. Stephanie Gazell says:

    Oh my, that necklace is fabulous! Good job! Now to find the right top to wear with it, right? :>)

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